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Jason A. Churchill with insight and analysis of Seattle Mariners and Major League Baseball with a special eye toward scouting, player development, the draft, and breaking news. Get Access to FULL episodes here See for privacy and opt-out information.
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George Kirby Update

George Kirby Update


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Churchill talks truth about J.P.Crawford.
Churchill talks Ty France's defense.
Churchill talks bullpen usage, specifically the one situation where the decisions didn't stack.
Churchill explains why it's not imperative for the Mariners to make even gradual win-loss improvement in 2021.
Churchill discusses the difficulty in assessing Scott Servais' qualities as a manager.
Churchill lays down his law on the Mariners and Jarred Kelenic's service time situation.
Check out the rest of the episode to hear Churchill discuss four other contending teams and moves they can makes, as well as a great interview with Joe Doyle.  Subscribe HERE for full episodes 
Joe Doyle of and joins Jason A. Churchill to talk draft, and Churchill makes 5 trades for 5 good teams that could make them elite.
What has Churchill seen in Crawford's swing this spring?
Churchill ranks the recent big-league graduates with the top prospects. Where would Kyle Lewis rank?
One of the issues in baseball is the lack of modernly-informed, forthcoming color analysts.
Churchill mocks the entire top 12, through the Mariners' pick at No. 12.
Churchill's take on Justin Dunn's keys to success as a starting pitcher in Major League Baseball.
CLIP: NL West Preview

CLIP: NL West Preview


Jason A. Churchill goes around the league in division-preview style, plus offers 13 prospects that have a great chance to impact the race for the postseason. 
In the latest episode of Baseball Things, Jason discusses the Paxton deal and what it may mean for the rest of the Mariner's rotation. He also updates the rebuild status, looks at possible service time changes, looks at a player the M's may have dodged a bullet on, and his favorite seats at T-Mobile Park. Podcast Showsheet:• Pax is back, what does this mean?• Updating the rebuild status• Service time changes?• Did the Mariners dodge a bullet?• My favorite seats at T-Mobile ParkSubscribe HERE for full episodes Get Access to FULL episodes here See for privacy and opt-out information.
CLIP: Why Ken Giles?

CLIP: Why Ken Giles?


Churchill on why the Mariners signed Ken Giles. Get Access to FULL episodes here See for privacy and opt-out information.
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