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Baseball Tonight with Buster Olney

Author: ESPN, Buster Olney

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ESPN MLB Insider Buster Olney leads the baseball discussion alongside other top analysts.
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Boog Sciambi joins Buster to discuss, how he’s adjusted to getting up at 3 a.m. calling KBO games, why he loves watching Lee Jung-hoo, the Mets fanbase, pumping music or crowd noise into a stadium during games and ignoring medical professionals (5:59). Plus, Todd Radom on Yankee Stadium and the weekly quiz (29:35).
Marly Rivera joins Buster to discuss the completion of MLB’s intake process that yielded a 98.2% negative test rate for coronavirus, player comfort and accountability as summer camp is underway, and the Yankees looking like they’re having a good time playing baseball (3:48). Plus, Karl Ravech stops by to talk about Steve Cohen emerging as the favorite to buy the Mets, why he thinks baseball will be played, Kris Bryant’s trepidation about returning and his observations covering KBO as MLB’s return is on the horizon (15:16).
Tim Kurkjian joins Buster to discuss how refreshing it is to see Terry Francona and Francisco Lindor pulling pranks, the challenge of keeping players focused and the need to hear from Rob Manfred as issues with the restart arise (4:20). Later, ESPN’s senior manager of MLB programming Rick Mace talks about what it’s been like scheduling games for TV (16:19). Plus, Hembo on which teams have scheduling advantages and why he’d take Juan Soto on a 10-year contract (26:00).’s Anthony Castrovince joins Buster to discuss the Cleveland name change, the history of the name “Indians” for the team, why he favors the Spiders for the new name, the inspiration for his book “A Fan’s Guide to Baseball Analytics” and what he thinks happens with Francisco Lindor this season (5:33). Plus, Todd Radom stops by to talk about the work involved with a team changing its name and creating a new logo (21:46).
David Schoenfield joins Buster to discuss Cleveland’s decision to review its name, possible names to replace the Indians, Freddie Freeman getting sick, Mike Trout, Sean Doolittle and Buster Posey’s skepticism about playing, and what the tipping point could be to shut the season down (7:16). Later, Sarah Langs drops by to talk about her aversion to spiders and what losing David Price means to the Dodgers (26:02).
Matt Vasgersian joins Buster to discuss the possibility of calling Sunday Night Baseball at home, Sean Doolittle’s apprehension of playing, continued mistrust between the players and MLB, what seems unrealistic under the health and safety protocols, and field mics (4:01). Plus, Todd Radom drops by to mourn the loss of the minor league season, talk Tropicana Field and administer the weekly quiz (27:36).
Buster is joined by Hembo to discuss the Minor League Baseball season's cancellation, the existential threat to the minors and why taking Kenesaw Mountain Landis’ name off the MVP trophy is a no-brainer (2:20). Then, Karl Ravech drops by to talk about the differences between covering MLB and the KBO, and keeping an eye on the COVID-19 positive test rate as players report to camp. Finally, Joon Lee joins the show to get into the lack of diversity in front offices, treating players as financial assets and how it all contributes to labor tensions (31:49).
Tim Kurkjian joins Buster to name-drop his meetings with presidents and trips to the White House (7:07). Then the guys discuss the players who have opted out of the season, the need for complete transparency with testing results, Ian Desmond's decision not to play and his thoughts on race in baseball, and changes that need to be made to make baseball more accessible.
Sarah Langs joins Buster to discuss which players might be able to finish the shortened baseball season batting .400 (2:36). Later, Alden Gonzalez hops on to talk about his series examining how baseball has already been lost for the season for so many across the country, bracing for positive tests across baseball as players begin reporting, and what it would take for the commissioner to shut down the season (14:08).
A's reliever Jake Diekman joins Buster to discuss his decision to play despite being high-risk for coronavirus. Diekman discusses why he didn't consider opting out, players policing their bubble and pitching relief with no crowd (2:20). Then, Eireann Dolan, wife of Nationals reliever Sean Doolittle, hops on to talk about her concerns living under the baseball umbrella after growing up with respiratory issues, and MLB making players decide between salary and service time and family members who are high risk (13:12). Plus, Todd Radom on the Rogers Centre and the weekly quiz (27:02).
Fantasy and Reality

Fantasy and Reality


Marly Rivera and USA Today's Bob Nightengale join Buster to talk about the fantasy of baseball getting started smoothly and the reality of playing during a pandemic. Rivera talks about why youth may prevail in a short season and shares players' concerns about spikes in coronavirus across the country (3:04). Nightengale says he thinks every game will be treated like the postseason when it comes to pitching decisions and shares his advice for the next time the players and owners get into the negotiating room (16:02).
Hardcore Baseball Talk

Hardcore Baseball Talk


Tim Kurkjian joins Buster to talk actual baseball (2:38), including the biggest baseball challenge for all teams getting started, why they're high on the Rays in a short season, pitchers and hitters to watch, and which teams may surprise the league. Plus, they share reactions they've heard around baseball to MLB's plan to start the season, and give their reactions to the new rules and health protocols.
MLB is implementing a 60-game season. Buster and David Schoenfield react (4:33) to the news and discuss what the lack of an agreement between the two sides means going forward, sub-negotiations for things like universal DH and an expanded playoff, and the dynamics within teams during a shortened season. Later, Hembo stops by to talk about which players may sit out, Trevor Bauer's tweets and the folly of the players pursuing a grievance (20:55).
Buster goes full distraction by asking Sarah Langs (6:12) and Karl Ravech (15:54) about the Hall of Fame candidacies of Yadier Molina, Justin Verlander, Barry Bonds and Roger Clemens. Plus, Ravy gives his thoughts on the latest financial and health negotiations between players and owners.
Rays pitcher Tyler Glasnow joins Buster to discuss getting the latest labor negotiation news from his mom, why he's not on social media, having free time in June for the first time since 7th grade, throwing live innings, why he thinks Tampa Bay would be dangerous in a shortened season and his his personal level of concern with the coronavirus (8:34). Plus, Jesse Rogers on the latest between MLB and the players (4:37). And Todd Radom on Wrigley Field and the weekly quiz (26:16).
Yahoo! Sports' Hannah Keyser joins Buster to talk about Rob Manfred and Tony Clark's face-to-face meeting and her story on the feelings of rank-and-file staffers around MLB as negotiations drag on (3:18). Later, venture capitalist Roger Ehrenberg gives his read on the situation, and shares how he'd advise both the players and owners (19:20).
Clinton Yates joins Buster to talk about spending time with LaTroy Hawkins, average baseball fans realizing the sport is in a bad place, the owners using the pandemic as a bargaining chip, why it seems like the owners don't actually like baseball and the players being over the drama (3:20). Plus, Hembo compares Rob Manfred to Adam Silver and Roger Goodell, and which players have the most to lose from missing a season (17:41).
Burn It All Down

Burn It All Down


The podcast leads off with Mike Greenberg's full interview with Rob Manfred, who says there's a real risk of no baseball being played in 2020. Then, Tim Kurkjian joins Buster to discuss what he's hearing from players and why they're feeling emboldened in these negotiations, the likelihood of the owners digging in and waiting for the union to collapse, this possibly being the start of a three-year labor war, and scenarios for what happens next (9:24).
Karl Ravech joins Buster to discuss ESPN's "Long Gone Summer" and their memories of the summer of 1998, other factors that revitalized baseball after the 1994 strike, and the latest impasse between players and owners in restarting baseball (8:17). Later, Sarah Langs on Buster Posey's Hall of Fame candidacy (34:26). Plus, SVP's conversation with Sammy Sosa (2:44).
ESPN's Tim Keown joins Buster to reflect on covering the home run chase of 1998 (14:46). The guys get into the weariness of Mark McGwire and how he never really embraced the moment, the crowds that showed up every game for batting practice, Keown's mental image of a cross-armed Barry Bonds that summer, trying to rundown the steroids story, and Keown's thoughts on baseball's restart negotiations. Plus, Todd Radom on Busch Stadium and the weekly quiz (3:22).
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Stu Cook

Another informative podcast team. Thank you. I can see why Cleveland are looking to change the name of the team, especially when the history of the name is taken into consideration. With the current climate being what it is, it's understandable why they would want to distance themselves from that. Some of those names do sound like they belong in the minor league, as you have suggested so we'll see what the outcome is.

Jul 10th

Stu Cook

Great job on the podcast team 👍 I'm from the UK and have been a baseball fan for a few years now. I'm looking to get more into it having decided that football (that's the soccer variant) is just not worth my time.

Jul 4th

Armando Chinchilla

fuck mlb... done with baseball... fu manfred

Apr 27th

Armando Chinchilla

those Roid Sox sure where a great team

Mar 23rd

Austin Brown

@castbox please fix the episode list so I can less time of my day scrolling through to find the most recent episode because i literally can't be bothered - going to literally anywhere else for my podcasts

Feb 29th


this is hilarious. sounds like one of those crime podcasts about the Zodiac killer or something. garbage.

Jan 17th

Emi Llanio

Please, fix the feed. The only way to access new episodes through auto download.

Jun 19th

SJ Chapman

There are no episodes here I have to set to auto download and then access through there. Can someone please fix this??

May 1st
Reply (1)

Daniel Siggers

Episodes are now not auto downloading and not appearing in my downloads, so there is now no way for me to access the episodes in this app. Is the issue with the feed being addressed?

Apr 19th

Don Bean

One of the better podcasts........ Especially for baseball ⚾....

Mar 19th

Sean Reilly

i can't see the episode list, great podcast

Mar 6th

Christopher Capiau

this podcast feed not working recently for anyone else?

Feb 28th
Reply (6)

James Kesser

awesome podcast. its great to hear about baseball again.

Feb 7th

Greg Molumby

I wonder why they are doing the scoreboard podcast during the world series. isn't one podcast enough to cover one game?

Oct 26th

Todd Parson


Aug 17th

Sleep Phace

Good comments on pitching by one of the greats

Jul 13th

Brad Newberry

Wow, awkward moment with Keith Hernandez.

May 11th

K Man

Great Podcast

Apr 17th

Jason Osborne

I like this show. I miss the Jayson Stark segments.

Feb 19th


great podcast

Feb 11th
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