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Author: Michelle Bishop

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I want to welcome you to the BE THAT WOMAN podcast.

This podcast was created for the woman who knows there is MORE, wants MORE, and desperately wanting to BECOME more.

For The woman who is ready to rid the pressure of having it all together, ready to conquer her beautiful chaotic life, and ready to blaze her own unique trail by owning her past, channeling it as her super power and breaking through anything and everything that steps foot on her course to greatness

This podcast is for EVERY woman who is ready to embrace the can’t stop, won’t stop, head held high, undeniable - CONFIDENCE.
16 Episodes
Today’s podcast is FIRE! Heather Suchma is the epitome of CONFIDENCE, and BOY will she light a fire in your soul. She is a wife, mother and straight BOSS. She is the Co-Founder of Blue Lion Salon Studios, and after today’s podcast you will learn the heart and grit behind having a thriving life at home while building an epic empire in your workplace. I LOVE YOU, WOMAN! You can find all things Heather below! Instagram Podcast: Lady Heather
Are you ready for this power packed episode? Boss Lady, Robbie Page dives head first into all things WOMAN. She uncovers the truths about business, success and marriage. What an honor it was to finally link up with powerhouse. I can't wait for you to hear what she has to say – enjoy! FREE GIFT! Robbie wants to give YOU a FREE gift! Click HERE to snag her E-Book! Make sure you run and subscribe to her podcast: Successfully Significant with Robbie Page Robbie is always pouring out wisdom through her social medias; make sure you go follow her and share with your friends. Facebook Instagram Website
This interview was special for so many reasons: I am so honored to have gotten to share an hour with my dear friend Ashley Shepherd as she poured her heart into this podcast episode. She is an amazing example of what it looks like to love Jesus! You friend are something so rear, and I cherish you deeply. Love you, BIG! Check her out HERE! PODCAST FACEBOOK PAGE INSTAGRAM Books can be found on the Bible App or ordered HERE - Daily Jewels Devotional - Aiming for Victory - Beautifully Designed
Is there something in your life that brings you a SILLY AMOUNT of pure joy and happiness? I'm sure! Do you have anyone in your life who doesn't understand why you are the way you are, maybe thinks its unnecessary or tries to dim some of the funnest qualities that make you, YOU? Well, this message is for you friend!
This is the awkward episode where I tell you I was afraid to take my first ever visit to the VaJayJay Doctor & address the gingivitis that had taken over my mouth.  I'll just leave it at that. Enjoy. 😂
11. This is UGLY

11. This is UGLY


Have you ever struggled celebrating others because they are achieving something you're striving SO hard to achieve? GUT CHECK- I'll be the first to admit, I HAVE. You are not a bad person and it is more normal than you realize, but it's ugly & needs to be put to rest. Be who you say you are. Okay, now going to hide under a rock until someone says they have been in this season too.  ... Kinding (only kinda)  LOVE YOU ALWAYS. XOXOXOXOXOXO
It’s been FOREVER! Okay, not really.. But it’s been awhile & here WHY. It’s day 10 of the new year and many are already falling off the wagon. Quit playing games with yourself & do the work. 2020 does not have to repeat 2019. Have integrity with yourself. Lets go!
In today's episode I breakdown the term "you reap what you sow" & share some valuable stories about the heartache & frustration sowing in my flesh has caused. We all know sowing in our flesh can be a lot of fun, but what we don't realize is a lot of the heartache in our life is due to our lack of self control.
8 Do, Become, Have

8 Do, Become, Have


I'm back and boy have I missed you!  In todays episode we take a walk down memory lane and talk about some of the deep struggles over the last decade of being an entrepreneur. Being on the forefront is not an easy task and comes with a huge responsibility. Today we talk about past business and the vision / future for The Ladies Edge.  Enjoy! 
7. Let's Talk About SEX

7. Let's Talk About SEX


In today’s episode we talk about SEX. I LOVE talking about this because SEX is such a powerful tool and gift we have been given. When used right, the marriage bed can light marriages on fire and rekindle LOVE. As women we can allow our insecurities to rob us of amazing sex! Remembering who we are in Christ and learning how to overcome tough times AKA Life is SO important when fighting to keep your marriage intimate and on your sex life on FIRE. It takes WORK, but boy is it worth it! Scripture Reference: 1 Corinthians 7:4
6. Mom Guilt

6. Mom Guilt


M O M  G U I L T - Something I think ALL of us Momma’s feel from time to time! Today I dive into MOM guilt and unleash the secret weapon to crushing it ALL. I pray today blesses you greatly. YOU’VE GOT THIS, MOMMA! Go squeeze your little ones a little bit tighter today. XOXO
5. Lukewarm Loyalty

5. Lukewarm Loyalty


Have you ever had a relationship in your life that disrupts your peace? You can never figure out if they are for you or against you? In today’s episode we dive into relationships and the importance of HOT, loyal friendships and what that looks like. Scripture Referenced: Fruits of the Spirit - Galatians 5:22-23 The Armor of God - Ephesians 6:10-18
Off The Cuff, a Moment w/ Michelle. “OTC” Is something I am going to incorporate in my podcast. It simply means the episode is Off The Cuff. It’s not planned, it’s just a moment when I feel the Holy Spirit say “speak”. Today we DIVE in, first we chat about SEX, marriage, and JESUS! Yassss. John and I have been in a fun, character building season and I believe this message will relate to you in some way! Book Referenced: What’s True About You By: Holley Gerth Scripture Referenced: Luke 6:27 Luke 6:43 Luke 6:46 1 Peter 3:8
3. Living "Uninvited"

3. Living "Uninvited"


It took a long time to find my place & realize I was never meant to “fit in”. My whole life I felt like the black sheep and struggled to find my place. In today’s episode I dive into some of the ugly, relatable stories of my past in hopes of sharing some commonalities to encourage you to remember you're  NOT alone. We don’t have to operate out of an uninvited or offended heart any longer. It’s our time to blaze your own unique trail and encourage those to do the same. Remember, you’ll always have a seat at my table.
2. Just Freaking DO IT.

2. Just Freaking DO IT.


Be a DO'ER. Do not let another minute go by allowing your dream and passion to scare you from taking action. You have to embrace the suck & walk through the "hard". The time is now. YOU CAN DO THIS! I did my "one thing" today... Have you?
It is finally here! Welcome to the Be That Woman podcast!  This podcast was created with YOU in mind. I truly feel my calling on life is to uplift and encourage women to become more. To walk in authority and claim their best selves. I can't wait to go on this journey with you as we both journey to becoming THAT woman.
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Nazaneen Soltani

I'm really proud of you ♡ I really want to set my soul on fire :)) but Idk why at some point I just gave up.

Oct 28th
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