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Be Wise, Be Wild

Author: Bianca Witte

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Are you having issues at times to take a decision?! You have a gut feeling, but never knows if such an emotional decision might be valid, huh?! In my podcast I ask mainly females how they took decisions in life and what kind of result they got out of that. And what spoke first: gut feeling (emotions) or the cognitive brain.
11 Episodes
My first male guest in the show is an amazing Coach with very deep & insightful learning about his own journey: James Woodeson. James is leading the ICF Chapter in Zürich with his yellow heart and beautiful mind as well as he is running his own business. Knowing how troublesome life can be, James is telling us his story how he became who he is today. The importance of connecting the voice and feeling of our body with our busy minds. Slowing down and dare to listen - one of the things I definitely learnt from this podcast episode. And that it can be a comfort to not know - let it come versus pull it up. Enjoy James wonderful story with embodied butterflies of real joy.
My guest today is an amazing woman with super powers in neurobiology and mindfulness. Claudia Thali worked in the corporate world within Marketing and decided then to radically change her life: her career as well as her private life! Her insights on how we take decisions and what happens in our brain are really inspiring. Not taking a decision is actually taking a decision - the decision to accept the status quo...Enjoy our conversation and Claudias advise to not take life too serious. 
In this episode I have the delight to talk to Sonja Sinz, entrepreneur, creative spirit and part of the new work network "Les Enfants terribles". Sonja is sharing her story of the dream career in corporate, climbing up all the ladders and being as successful as one can imagine...when she realized, she might live the dream of others. Her insights on how to realize the current path needs to be adjusted and reviewed by listening to your body and inner voice is truly inspiring.And I loved her hints how to overcome spontaneous reactions by using your finger tips. Something you might find helpful as well...And in case you are interested to hear why Grandpa and a figure out of a childhood story, influenced her way till now - listen in and enjoy Sonja`s story.
In this episode I have a special guest: Sari Brody. Sari gives us insights on human rights and equalityand shares her personal experience of dealing with and constantly fighting for fairness and inclusion. Sari has worked at IKEA for nearly 20 years, with her most recent role as the Global Head of Diversity & Inclusion. With her passion, knowledge and experience, she is a known speaker focused on inclusive leadership, diversity and human rights. She uses her voice to increase awareness and minimize unconscious bias and shares her insights on equality, fairness and inclusion.  With her influence Sari speaks up for those humans who are not able to speak up and be heard.With sincere admiration I am honored she shares some vulnerable insights of her life with us today and  our secret how we actually got to know each other.  :-)
Talking about decisions and how they impacted her life, Authentic Alex will give us insights on her wild and wise moments. And how the dream of working successfully in corporate, located in a high building overseeing a big river turned out to be a nightmare...stay curious and listen in.
In this episode I have the delight to talk to Silja Flury. Her profound knowledge in gender studies combined with her amazing way of storytelling, allows a different perspective on decision making. Having been raised in an arty, Italian rooted family of nine, her way of decision making is very unique. Balanced between her analytical skills and an amazing big heart she gives amazing insights on how important it is to listen to your guts. Especially when life offers certain situations that cross boundaries one would not have imagined. And that forgiving is also a decision we take.
"No one is giving you career!" Something Tracey learnt early in her career. Having been brought up under challenging circumstances, she knows what it means to standup for herself. In our podcast episode Tracey shares with us her experience of the "university of life" and her way from a portfolio career to an artist way. And her view on creativity and curiosity as important ingredients for life to reframe our own values & principles. If you are curious to understand how to change from "if" to "how" listen on to our inspiring conversation.
My guest in the episode is the lovely Petra Blume. Petras story is unfolding in such a lovely way that I couldn't stop listening to her. Her start into her professional life has not been that easy. Her parents haven't had the money to afford their daughter to study. Having a character of a survivor and people "passionieer", Petra was bold and brave to ask her first boss to change her job as translator into an IT employee back in 1998. As she succeeded! She made her way up on the career ladder, even swopped towards HR before she was made redundant. And guess, what: nothing could stop her. As a curious person, with the gift to look at the bright side of things, Petra found her destiny as a coach. Having attended courses of Toni Robbins in the US and just recently "Positive Intelligence" by Shirzad Chamine, she shares some of her knowledge with us. And reminds us that decisions shall be connected to our values. 
Ich habe die grosse Freude heute mit Claudia darüber zu sprechen, welche Entscheidungen sie weise oder wild trifft und getroffen hat. Was das Ganze mit Tätoweriungen und Vertrauen zu Tun habt, hört ihr in unserem Gespräch. Und Claudias Einsatz als Coach, Podcastern, Buchautorin wie auch WOL Mitglied um Frauen zu stärken. Freu dich auf ihre spannenden Insights und ihre Erfahrungen im Entscheidungen treffen.Claudias Buch "Kreative Methoden im Business Coaching" findet ihr hier: oder ganz normal im Buchhandel.Wer mehr Lust auf interaktive Kurse hat, schaut am Besten hier vorbei: In English:
Ich habe das grosse Vergnügen in dieser Folge mit Suna Elbasi über ihre Erfahrungen aus der Selbstständigkeit, wie auch ihrem kurzen Intermezzo als Angestellte zu sprechen. Suna bringt spannende Perspektiven in die Diskussion und auch Themen, die wahrscheinlich jeder kennt: die Angst vor dem was sein könnte, wenn man etwas Neues wagt. Warum für sie Freiheit wichtig ist und sie nie wieder in ihrem Leben eine Entscheidungsliste ausfüllen möchte, hört ihr in unserer gemeinsamen Folge von "Be wise, be wild". 
My lovely guest in this episode is Sarah Gilleard. Her life was as international as one can imagine, which has quite an impact on how she sees and perceives the world. Currently she works as General Manager in a pretty much male dominated organization. In our honest talk Sarah is giving insights regarding decisions that formed her career, as well as thoughts on how it can feel getting back to work to "continue" career after giving birth.  A term I learnt from Sarah is "Jungle gym" and I think some thoughts she is sharing on work perfectly resonate with this word. Enjoy our conversation and find out more how kids might influence indirectly decision taking....
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