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Be Yourself, Do It Yourself

Author: A.J. Chiarella

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A podcast where I, A.J. Chiarella, interview community driven people that have strong ethics based in Do It Yourself (DIY) culture. On this podcast I interview musicians, artists, business owners, and creatives of all types to discuss their lives and how they focus on authenticity and happiness.
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7 Episodes
Kelly Chiarella (My Mom)

Kelly Chiarella (My Mom)


This episode of the podcast was a really special one where I had an awesome conversation with my mom, Kelly Chiarella. My mom has been such a driving force in my life and has taught me so much. On this episode we discuss everything from growing up in Yonkers, overcoming addiction, running the PTA for the state of New York, her current position as the Director for the Office of Aging for the city of Yonkers, and being a leader in general. Hope you enjoy this one! My mom is a great resource for many people and truly has been such a role model for my life. Thanks again for hopping on with me, Mom <3 Check out all the episodes and more at: --- Support this podcast:
Phil Gigante (Maintenance)

Phil Gigante (Maintenance)


This episode is from a few weeks back with one of my oldest buds, Phil Gigante, guitar player of Maintenance (@maintenance914). Phil and I met over a decade ago at Yonkers High School and have been close friends ever since. This episode is awesome and we talk about everything from music in Westchester, to him moving to LA, and so much more. Hope you enjoy! Please check out Maintenance, they are some of my best friends and an amazing band. Cheers! The 914 Collective Yonkers, NY --- Support this podcast:
Candice Alcantara

Candice Alcantara


On this episode of the podcast from a few weeks back, i spoke with my awesome friend Candice (@champagneyogini). We talked about local music, yoga, and how freeing it is to take solo trips. Candice is such an inspiration and someone i consider to be great at just going with the flow and always fully being herself. Hope you enjoy! Please subscribe and review the podcast! The 914 Collective Yonkers, NY --- Support this podcast:
Robin Alcantara (Blazay)

Robin Alcantara (Blazay)


On this episode I speak with my buddy Robin Alcantara, aka Blazay. Robin is a local artist from Yonkers who really truly embodies DIY ethics. In this conversation we talk about everything from skateboarding to art, as well as an in depth discussion of how authenticity can truly impact the world. Follow Robin at @blazayny, as well as And check out The 914 Collective website: Cheers. --- Support this podcast:
This week I chatted with one of my oldest and closest friends, Donald Perdomo. We talked about growing up together in the same music scene, how music has connected us, and of course COFFEE. Donald is an amazing drummer and barista and one of the people who introduced me to local music. I very much so anticipated having him as one of the first guest's of the podcast.   This podcast is presented by The 914 Collective.  Yonkers, NY --- Support this podcast:
I sat down and chatted with one of the best dudes I know, someone who has worked extremely hard over the years and has great insight into DIY punk rock, Mike Terry of the Jukebox Romantics. We chat about music, authenticity, growing up in Westchester, and a whole lot more. Hope you enjoy! Please subscribe and leave a review of the podcast. Cheers! --- Support this podcast:
This is the trailer for the new weekly podcast that I will be doing. Stoked to jump into this. Presented by The 914 Collective. --- Support this podcast:
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