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Be you, Unapologetically.
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Be you, Unapologetically.

Author: Be you, Unapologetically.

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Self love, personal development, empowerment & growth.
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Hindsight IN 2020

Hindsight IN 2020


How are you going to look back on 2020? I pray it’s making YOU PROUD, if not, change it.
WHY 75 Hard

WHY 75 Hard


It had been a GAME CHANGER for my mind & my body> maybe take a listen if you’re trying to start YOUR journey to a better you, TOO
We can convince ourselves of anything, make sure you’re showing up for you Goals not your excuse
Your dream is YOURS to go after. One step at a time! Don’t stop yourself before you even start it
Learn why you’re getting stuck, and how to get unstuck and how to KEEP GOING
I have always been afraid of planning because I thought I wasnt good at it, turns out I was just doing it like everyone else & not like ME. Hopefully this brain dump will help YOU plan YOUR schedule
Make sure that you’re ACTUALLY resting during your SCHEDULED rest
You can’t keep up if you’re not being honest with yourself.
You don’t have to have it all figured out, you just have to know what you’re showing up for!
Maybe you can’t do it PERFECT but you can do it SOME> you’re never going to be ready but you can start! Don’t do nothing, because something is always better than nothing
You, won’t have more time. You won’t be able to control everything, you won’t be able to DO everything, but you can control how much time and energy yoj put into you so you CAN give back without draining you!
Ask the HARD question!

Ask the HARD question!


You have not because you ask not. How many times have you wrote off your own goals, because you didn’t think it was possible? You are so much closer than you think, you just have to ASK!
There is no one way to be successful except to not quit! Sometimes it’s the little small steps that leads to be success, even if it’s Messy!!
Don’t give up because you’re close to the end, KEEP GOING because it’s the end!
No more showing up like someone else to try and be successful! Share YOU to find more like you!
You can’t SKIP THE HARD> and you can’t show up as any other version of YOU if you want to FEEL YOUR BEST, you have to show up as YOU
You’re not only going to be TOO MUCH but dang it you’re also going to NOT BE ENOUGH FOR OTHERS!
Timing doesn’t mean when, it means how sometimes. The littles things add up the time biggest blessings of your life if you let it
You’re only going to be where you WANT TO BE by failing your way to success
Quit being let’s down by your goals when You’re meant to THRIVE through them!
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