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Author: Hector Navarro

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To motivate and inspire an entire generation so that our future is a more desirable destination Support this podcast:
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In this episode, I interview Dave Gallo, the owner of the Wing Chun Academy in Berlin, CT. We discuss the value of honesty, integrity, and the role of a good teacher and a good student. Please let me know what you think of this episode. Don't forget to support my guest: Facebook: Instagram: YouTube: --- Support this podcast:
If you are a person seeking advice on finances than this is the episode for you. My next guest is a professional financial advisor that recently published his first book on mentorship. Make sure to check out his book available now on Amazon: --- Support this podcast:
Its been a really difficult couple of weeks recently but I have learned so much. There are so many interesting moving parts in building a business. Specifically working with people with different perspectives, thoughts, and ideas. Just being raw and unfiltered here. Let me know your thoughts and comments below. --- Support this podcast:
Had an amazing time with my next guests Chad and Ehstephanie from the School of Rejecks. The mission and goal of their organization is truly something inspirational. Make sure to support them and their movement. website: --- Support this podcast:
Had an amazing time with these super talented and inspirational ladies. Make sure you tune in to this live session we had last week. If you want to know how to overcome the challenges of entrepreneurship this is the episode for you. Let me know your thoughts on this one, hope you enjoy. Thank you all for taking the time to listen. --- Support this podcast:
A Chicago native who was raised in Hartford, CT., Zulynette is an alchemist. As a creative change agent, she uses art and poetry as social work tools to inspire others to heal and empower themselves. After ten years in the non-profit world, Zulynette made the bold leap to work as a full-time artist and poet. She combines her academic (Master’s in Social Work, University of Connecticut) and research background with her artistry to create one-of-a-kind experiences. Now she does it all - commissioned artwork, performances, speaking engagements, mentoring, facilitating creative workshops, and producing and directing transformative storytelling shows. She seamlessly delves into topics from poverty to feminism, self-esteem to Latinx identity, privilege to LGBTQ identity, family issues to politics. Recognized as the first Hartford Iron Poet champion and a 100 Women of Color honoree, she has made a name for herself in the poetry and art circuit. In the fall of 2017, she released her first book --- Support this podcast:
Very excited to have my next guest on the podcast. This is my 20th episode having dinner with my brother Akitunde Sogunro. Award-winning director, producer, and filmmaker, and also an author. Very inspiration conversation and blessed to have met him in my life. Join us as we speak about Football, discipline, family, hustle, and God. Don't forget to support this great human being in the link below: --- Support this podcast:
Want to know how to remain resilient during difficult circumstances? This is the podcast episode for you. Mike Harrison, a freelance music engineer, audio producer, and entrepreneur shares his story with us and how he persevered regardless of the difficult times. --- Support this podcast:
Having a hard time focusing on finals this week? Need a boost of motivation? Tune in for your weekly motivation to help you get through the week. Have a wonderful week and good luck to all the students out there working on their finals. --- Support this podcast:
There is no one solution for success. Success is defined differently for everyone. However, there is are practical principles that must be practiced on a daily bases in order to accomplish your goals. These principles are consistency and self-discipline. --- Support this podcast:
Trying to find your calling or purpose in life can be a difficult journey. So many exterior influences may cloud your judgment from your true identity. Do not allow yourself to be consumed by the noise of an unfulfilled life. The pursuit of happiness is a path that every human must travel and the road to success can be a very difficult task to accomplish and also distinguish. Please join me in this podcast as I further analyze what true success is and what it means to apply it on a daily basis. Hope you enjoy. --- Support this podcast:
Competition at times may cause fear. Don’t be afraid to do something you are passionate about. Do what you love! --- Support this podcast:
How to over come a negative state with a positive mindset --- Support this podcast:
A breakfast interview with one of the most inspirational leader and entrepreneur in Connecticut. --- Support this podcast:
Diversity - Episode 3

Diversity - Episode 3


The importance of being different --- Support this podcast:
Bearded Bio Episode 2

Bearded Bio Episode 2


Bite-sized Biography of the BeardedEggHead --- Support this podcast:
--- Support this podcast:
How can you stay disciplined in your daily tasks? Find out how on my new podcast episode --- Support this podcast:
Ep.11- Life Management

Ep.11- Life Management


Want to know how to effectively manage your life in order to achieve your goals and dreams? This is the podcast for you. --- Support this podcast:
Talking a little bit about perspective --- Support this podcast:
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