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Author: Spencer Cohn

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Helping Employees, unemployed workers and employers navigate in the workplace.
5 Episodes
Lisa and Spencer discuss why claimants aren't receiving their benefits, Arbitration clauses with special guest Gretchen Carlson former anchor with FOX News, and how being unemployed affects the unemployed, family and friends. Unemployment tip and listener emails.    
Numerous employers share their secrets to bringing out the best in their employees.   
Are co-workers your friend or foe? We discuss what co-workers can do to adversely affect your employment. Guests celebrities Actress Gina Gershon and Reza Farahan weigh in.  Tip of the day and questions from listeners.   
What is good cause to quit your job? 10 things not to do if you quit. Tip of the Week. Celebrity guests weigh in.  
Celebrity guests, top ten cases, questions and answers, anecdotes, employer policies. 
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