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Author: Antonio G aka DJMONK

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Beats Unlimited Podcast is a fusion of all of my main projects TRANCE NIGHTS, HAUSLVRS, UNRESTRICTED, BREAKFAST BLEND, TRANCEPORT and DEEP NIGHTS,
Beats that will make you dance!!
IG: djmonk_Official
Twitter: @djmonkinthemix
155 Episodes
This is becoming addictive, More Progressive beats on the BRKFST BLND Series, Techno, Trance, House I don't even care, this set will make you move. Beats Unlimited Podcast presents Breakfast Blend Volume Thirty Five | Progressive Sessions << Tracklist >> 1. Miss Monique, Pavel Khvaleev - Rider (Original Mix) 2. Bonsai (US) - Forward Unto Darkness (Original Mix) 3. Matan Caspi - Skeleton Bay 4. Anima, Sheera - Moon Feat. Sheera 5. Aio - Ancient Tales 6. F.A.R - Dushan (Original Mix) 7. Virak, Junior Jack - Sugar (JJ Rework) (Original Mix) 8. Alar, Nobe - Stockholm (Original Mix) 9. Tone Depth, Groj - Walls 10. Kamilo Sanclemente, Dabeat, Jerome Isma-Ae - Canis (Jerome Isma-Ae Remix) 11. Junior Mi - Say Hi (Original Mix) 12. Nebs Jack - Echoes (Original Mix) 13. Alan Cerra - Namatik (Original Mix) 14. Miss Monique, Supacooks - No Way (Supacooks Remix) 15. Vanita - Slowly (Original Mix) 16. Bonsai (US) - Rule Of Two (Original Mix)
One more for the Progressive lovers. Beats Unlimited presents Breakfast Blend Volume Thirty Four | Progressive Sessions << Tracklist >> 1. LO'99 - Acid Worldwide (Original Mix) 2. Mode Apart, Space Motion - Voyage (Space Motion Remix) 3. York, Kryder - On The Beach (Kryder Remix) 4. Adana Twins - Origo 5. Robert Babicz, Jerome Isma-Ae - One Mind (Jerome Isma-Ae Remix) 6. Space Motion - Right On (Original Mix) 7. Nopopstar - Giving Up (Original Mix) 8. OIBAF&WALLEN - My Blame (Original Mix) 9. Lifelike, Kris Menace, MEDUZA - Discopolis 2.0 (MEDUZA Remix) 10. Miss Monique, Two Are - Andromeda (Original Mix) 11. Collective States - Lonesome Ghost 12. CamelPhat feat. Yannis Foals - Hypercolour (ARTBAT Remix)
Finally back! After a while Hauslvrs is back with another edition, A set with a great vibe from Tech to Funky and some groovy beats House Music meant to make your day better. Beats Unlimited presents Hauslvrs Volume Nineteen << Tracklist >> 1. Akeos, Lumc House - Something (Original Mix) 2. ANOTR - Forever (Original Mix) 3. Steve Kelley - In My House 4. Sonoma (MX), Delator, Ray Mono - Meraki (Ray Mono Remix) 5. Peter Brown, Mijangos - Happiness (Original Mix) 6. Beatchuggers, Earth N Days - Forever Man (How Many Times) (Earth n Days Remix) 7. Milk & Sugar, Paul Gardner, Peyton, Qubiko - You Can't Hide from Yourself (Qubiko Remix) 8. Blaze, UDAUFL, Barbara Tucker, Alaia & Gallo - Most Precious Love (Alaia & Gallo Remix) 9. ANOTR - Everything You Say (Original Mix) 10. Chris Stussy, Toman - Ardent (Original Mix) 11. Kled Baken - Pucon (Original Mix) 12. James Bradshaw, Meredith O - Got You (On The Run) (Original Mix) 13. James Bradshaw, Meredith O - Can't Give You (Original Mix)
Another delivery of BRKFSTBLND progressive sessions, the 33rd edition of this Series is as energetic that will make you dance or at least nod your head. Beats Unlimited Presents BREAKFAST BLEND VOLUME THIRTY THREE | PROGRESSIVE SESSIONS << Tracklist >> 1. Matteo Bruscagin, Angelmoon, Visnadi Feat. Danny Losito - Rain 2. Nopopstar - Ambaham (Original Mix) 3. Matthias (RU) - Anturage (Original Mix) 4. Dosem, Marsh - Eternal Summer (Original Mix) 5. Bock & Fuchs, Sabura, Clap Codex - Impact (Sabura & Clap Codex Remix) 6. Gabriel & Dresden & Sub Teal - All I've Got (Lumïsade Balearic Mix) 7. Daniel Jaeger, Carbon - Solveig (Carbon Remix) 8. SUZé, Heerhorst - Urban Butterfly (Heerhorst Remix) 9. Cherry (UA) - Mantra (Original Mix) 10. Mia Mendi, Thomas Gandey - Cultum (Original Mix) 11. Darin Epsilon, Alice Rose, Miss Monique - My Own Time (Miss Monique Remix) 12. Dylhen, Yeadon - Lucid (Yeadon Remix) 13. Miss Monique - Dark Forest (Original Mix) 14. Marc Holstege, Moonwalk - Boy in the Garden (Moonwalk Remix)
Stronger than ever the Breakfast Blend Series is back, Another Progressive session that will take you on a journey of sounds and beats that only progressive has. Beats Unlimited Presents Breakfast Blend Volume Thirty Two / Progressive Sessions << Tracklist >> 1. Tranquility Base, Above & Beyond - Oceanic (Jerome Isma-Ae Mix) 2. Dezza - Cosmos (Bryn Liedl Extended Remix) 3. Stan Kolev - Redemption (Q.U.A.K.E & Aaron Suiss Remix 4. Morttagua - Plato (Original Mix) 5. Spada - Euphoria (Original Mix) 6. Gabriel & Dresden - Something Bigger (feat. Sub Teal) [gardenstate Mix] 7. Teklix - Yage (Original Mix) 8. Cherry (UA) - Mantra (Original Mix) 9. Sandeep Pai - Fade (Jerome Isma-Ae Remix) 10. Armin van Buuren - Euthymia (Original Mix) 11. Einmusik, Stereo Express - Endurance (Original Mix) 12. Miss Monique - City Night, City Lights (Sean & dee Remix) 13. K.I.R.A., Cubicore - Circles feat. K.I.R.A. (Original Mix) 14. D-Nox, Spuri - Orbital Signs (Original Mix) 15. Elysian - Beyond The Comfort Zone (Maor's Deep Room Mix) 16. Carsten Halm - Siebengebirge (Original Mix) 17. Miss Monique, Two Are - Emerald (Original Mix) 18. Gabriel & Dresden - Coming on Strong (feat. Sub Teal) [Fatum Mix] 19. ANUQRAM - Sirocco (Lee Coulson Remix)
Another edition of the series thst started all, Trance Nights on its 310th Edition is full of energy characteristic of this genre Beats Unlimited presents Trance Nights Volume Three Hundred and Ten << Tracklist >> 1. Daniel Wanrooy - Back For More (Original Mix) 2. Holbrook & SkyKeeper - Distant Hill (Original Mix) 3. Darkness Falls - Absent Mind (Original Mix) 4. Fonzerelli - Lunar 9 (Original Mix) 5. Ahmed Helmy - The Unchained (Original Mix) 6. Claus Backslash - Legendary Places (Original Mix) 7. Ali Wilson - Angelic State (Original Mix) 8. Danilo Ercole - Scroll (Original Mix) 9. Daniel Wanrooy - Endless Universe (Original Mix) 10. Super8 & Tab - Treasures (Original Mix) 11. Cosmic Gate - Your Mind (Original Mix) 12. Purple Stories - Melosoul (Original Mix)
90 Minutes of the best progressive beats taking you on a trip that will make your day better in a year full of losses, Sit back, Listen & Relax, Raise your glass for all the love ones that left too soon. Beats Unlimited presents Breakfast Blend Volume Thirty One | Special Progressive Edition << Tracklist >> 1. Sandy Rivera, DJ Rae, Chicola - Hide U (Chicola Remix) 2. Jan Blomqvist, Boris Brejcha - Our Broken Mind Embassy (Boris Brejcha Remix) 3. Rich Vom Dorf - Feeling the Pain 4. Romina, Franck Dona, Tone Depth - No Education (Tone Depth Remix) 5. Tinlicker - Sleepwalker (Original Mix) 6. Hot Since 82 - Make Up 7. CASSIMM, Chus & Ceballos - Dances with Wolves (Chus & Ceballos Remix) 8. Nick Warren, Black 8 - Freedom Call 9. Rosario Galati, Yves Murasca, Gorge - Kalura (Gorge Remix) 10. Rich Vom Dorf - Tell Me Something (Original Mix) 11. D-Nox, Baya, LENN V - Silence (Original Mix) 12. Erly Tepshi - Mesmerize (Original Mix) 13. Hidden Empire, Artche - Hiding 14. Tinlicker, Robert Miles - Children (Original Mix) 15. Stan Kolev - Sela (Original Mix) 16. Yotto - Another Riff For The Good Times (Original Mix) 17. Jan Blomqvist, Budakid - Maybe Not (Budakid Remix)
A Delicious blend of beats with a lot of that Redspace sound with some of the Fonzerelli's best, this set became one of my favorites instantly Beats Unlimited presents Breakfast Blend Volume Thirty << Tracklist >> 1. Redspace, The Great Dane - Call Me Baby (Original Mix) 2. Dabeat, Kamilo Sanclemente - Tremble (Original Mix) 3. Redspace & Robby Castellano - New World (Original Mix) 4. Aly & Fila & JES - I Won't Let You Fall (Original Mix) 5. Fonzerelli - In My Dream (Ampish Remix) 6. Gai Barone - Unicorn (Original Mix) 7. Redspace, The Great Dane - Seduction (Original Mix) 8. Redspace & Robby Castellano - Red Hot Lips (Original Mix) 9. Redspace, The Great Dane - Desert Trip (Original Mix) 10. Pavel Khvaleev, Avis Vox - Everything (Original Mix) 11. Redspace - Downshifting (Original Mix) 12. Galestian - Another Chapter (Original Mix) 13. Andre Sobota - Current (Original Mix) 14. Redspace - Confession (Original Mix)
A brand new episode of the Techno Series Unrestricted brings a 80 Minutes set at at 130 bpms of the best techno, as usual, my favorite producers are featured here. Beats Unlimited presents UNRESTRICTED VOLUME NINETEEN << Tracklist >> 1. Jules Wells, Mason Rubinstein, Drunken Kong - Revolutionary Time (Drunken Kong Remix) 2. Green Velvet, Layton Giordani - La La Land (Layton Giordani Remix) 3. Guilou, Duc De Mourgues - Dusza (Original Mix) 4. Kenny Dope, Axxis, Avision - All I'm Askin' (Avision Remix) 5. Guilou, Duc De Mourgues - Schron (Original Mix) 6. Frankyeffe, Teenage Mutants - Run (Andre Winter & Lilly Palmer Remix) 7. Valerie Pontone - Dogma (Original Mix) 8. DRUNKEN KONG - The Signs Within (G Flame Remix) 9. The YellowHeads, SAM WOLFE, Andrea Garcia - Unhinged Lullaby (Original Mix) 10. i_o - Warning 11. Drunken Kong, Stive Hey, The Southern - Peace (Stive Hey, The Southern Remix) 12. Christian Nielsen - My Turn 13. Sam WOLFE, Kreecher - Lebanon (Original Mix) 14. Polli Ji - Loverdose 15. Danny Tenaglia, Oscar L - Dibiza (Oscar L Remix) 16. Oliver Lieb - Ricochet (Original Mix) 17. Lilly Palmer - All Things Fall (Teenage Mutants Remix)
This time we are bringing the beats from the other side of the world, France to be precise, A very talented DJ who is already making noise on the scene. Beats Unlimited Presents Hauslvrs Volume Eighteen | Duc de Mourgues Guest Mix -- Duc de Mourgues is a French DJ and producer. The 24 year-old musician used to play the piano and the violin conducted by jazz partitions. His versatility made him discover and appreciate many musical styles, particularly electronic music for whom he switched his instruments for turntables six years ago. After joining the collective Beats & Koko from 2014 to 2016, he quickly saw his name on famous parisian clubs such as Batofar, Badaboum, Faust, Rex Club, Wanderlust... But also in Berlin, Barcelona, and more recently in England. Therefore, he played alongside international artists such as Agoria, Popof, Kölsch, Benoît & Sergio or Anna. Since 2017, Duc is resident in the Karoussel agency and has just released his first EP on berlin based label Code2 Records. A second EP was released on Reload Records in March 2019 and has been in the top techno charts during several weeks. << Tracklist >> 1. Weiss–ManGone 2. TianKarl–Relate(DaleHowardRemix) 3. CozzyD&TimmyP–MeatFeast 4. DaleHoward–Vacant 5. DaleHoward–NoLimit 6. DaleHowardBackonTrack 7. Wade–Discobreakin 8. Dosem–Projection 9. MartiIkin–WarriorCall 10. J Fellowes – Would You (Rik Fransens Remix) 11. Sante Sansone – No More 12. Darius Syrossian – Moxy 13. Eats Everything & Dajae – The Tribute 14. Jay Lumen – Rock it Up 15. Eli Brown – Sumatra 16. S’Expres – Theme from S’express (Detlef Remix) 17. Chesus – Decisions 18. Adrian Hour – Kickback 19. KlangKuenstler – Remember Way Back 20. Venice Calypso – Axis 21. Darius Syrossian – Moon Buggy 22. Cere Alba feat. Zahra – Taking Over Me (Tiger Stripes Remix) 23. Reboot – Saltea 24. Adrian Hour That’s It 25. Sidney Charles - Unchained
Pure Trance Energy compacted in 90 minutes of tracks from the best producers around the world Beats Unlimited presents Trance Nights Volume 0305 << Tracklist >> 1. KhoMha - Hydra (Original Mix) 2. Patrick White - Flowing Dream (Original Mix) 3. John Grand - Moondrifter (Original Mix) 4. Farius - Kechno (Extended Mix) 5. Steve Brian, Patrik Humann - Eivissa Ultima (Original Mix) 6. Alex Sonata, TheRio - Nebula (Original Mix) 7. Tritonal, Brooke Williams - Someone To Love You (Zack Evans Remix) 8. Anske, Ellie White - Loving U (Original Mix) 9. Miguel Angel Castellini - Trina (Ben McConnell Remix) 10. M6, Mark Sixma - Never Forgotten feat. M6 (Original Mix) 11. John Grand - Echo Memory (Extended Mix) 12. Christina Novelli - It'll End In Tears (Original Mix) 13. Johan Gielen - Balearic Reflection (Original Mix) 14. Adam Sobiech, John Grand - Timefall (Original Mix) 15. Kyau & Albert, Steve Brian - Candy (Original Mix) 16. Markus Schulz, Adina Butar - Indestructible (Original Mix) 17. The Madison - Come Back (Original Mix)
Five Months after the last edition of Deep Nights, Fresh and Groovy sounds are coming to you on this brand new edition of Beats Unlimited. Prepare to dance with more than 90 minutes of the best Deep House. << Tracklist >> 1. Stoto, Ahmet Kilic - Start Again (Ahmet Kilic Remix) 2. Herr Krank - Lockdown Things 3. Ahmet KILIC, Stoto, The Distance, Igi - Good Ones Go (The Distance & Igi Remix) 4. DuBeats - Mesmerized (Original Mix) 5. Kevin Yost, Peter Funk, RawBeetz - Trust (RawBeetz Luvin Remix) 6. Rawdio - Kokoro Dub (Original Mix) 7. Saison - Say Something (Original Mix) 8. Tom Leeland - It's Time (Original Mix) 9. Discosteps - Lost 10. Ross Couch - Gravity 11. Mo'Cream, Kevin Yost - Drop It (Kevin Yost Remix) 12. B&S Concept - Got To Know (Original Mix) 13. Ahmet KILIC, Stoto, Adeba, The Distance, Igi - Stumblin' In (The Distance & Igi Remix) 14. The Journeymen - Just Bump (Original Mix) 15. Lisa Millett, Lesny Deep - Closer (Lesny Deep Remix) 16. Saison, 84Bit - One Day (84Bit Remix) 17. Ryan Truman - Live It (Original Mix) 18. Random Soul - Turn On The Radio (Original Mix)
A very energetic session of Trance, the 303th edition of the Beats Unlimited Podcast is here << Tracklist >> 1. Anske - Space Howl (Original Mix) 2. Nifra, Mia Koo - Forever Forever (Club Mix) 3. Purple Stories - Secret (Original Mix) 4. Mike Efex - Fireball (Original Mix) 5. Farius - Trancist (Original Mix) 6. Markus Schulz - Sunrise Over the Bay (Daxson Remix) 7. Eximinds, Norni - Land Of Dreams (Original Mix) 8. Beatsole - MIR (Original Mix) 9. AMTM - Horizon (Daxson Remix) 10. Pobsky - Dawn of Sephiroth (Original Mix) 11. ReOrder - Right Time (Original Mix) 12. Lee Coulson - Mr. Chunks (Beatsole Remix) 13. Purple Stories - Breathless (Original Mix) 14. Markus Schulz, Adina Butar - Indestructible (Original Mix) 15. Claud9, Mr Sam - Cygnes feat. clAud9
Let's miss those festivals a little more, this edition of the Beats Unlimited brings that sound that makes you jump and dance all the time. Hauslvrs Volume Seventeen is dedicated to the Electro House we like to dance. << Tracklist >> 1. Bricklake, Purebeat - Big Band 2020 (Original Mix) 2. Steve Angello - KNAS (BROHUG Remix) 3. Deadmau5, Shotty Horroh, J. Worra - Are You Not Afraid (J. Worra F No Remix) 4. Steve Aoki, Will Sparks - Send It (Original Mix) 5. AMY MIYU, Smack - Like This (feat. AMY MIYÚ) (Carta Edit) 6. Anne July, Damien N-Drix, MorganJ - Sing Swing (feat. Anne July) (Original Mix) 7. Dino Warriors, Leony, Dimitri Vegas - Show Me Love (Dimitri Vegas Edit) 8. Kaskade, Kosha Dillz - Sexy (Original Mix) 9. Will Sparks, The Similou - Rainbow Stylin' (Original Mix) 10. WYVERN (KOR) - Get The Fuck (Original Mix) 11. Kaskade, Chemical Surf - POW POW POW (Original Mix) 12. Average Citizens, Silver Allen - Like A Prayer feat Silver Allen (Original Mix) 13. The Sponges - Gotta Move On (Original Mix) 14. Luciana, Smack - Tik Tok (Original Mix) 15. 3LAU - Apocalyptic (Original Mix) 16. Amedeo - African Jungle 17. Julian Jordan, Daijo - Oh Lord (Original Mix) 18. Lemarroy, Artelax - That Feelin' (Club Mix)
From the Archives of 2 of the best label around the globe (Mena Music & Deepalma) and inspired by the beach at Los Cabos MX, Beats Unlimited presents BREAKFAST BLEND 029, Beats that will make you wanna sit back, relax and listen. << Tracklist >> 1. Dabeat, Kamilo Sanclemente - Maia (Orginal Mix) 2. Keyano - A Voule (Orginal Mix) 3. Matthew1626, Jeff Brown - Under the Sun feat. Jeff Brown (Vocal Mix) 4. Chasing Kurt - Let It Run (Momo Khani & Meindel Remake) 5. Dark Matter - Deep (Original Mix) 6. Yves Murasca, Chasing Kurt, Rosario Galati - Time (Keyano Remix) 7. Alex Kentucky, Rayco Santos - The Gift (Original Mix) 8. Acid Pauli, Monolink - New Morning (Original Mix) 9. Frame of Mind - Together (Original Mix) 10. Levthand - Cadillac Track (Meines Remix) 11. Arco - Mountain Talk (Orginal Mix) 12. Lounge Loafers - Losing U (Original Mix) 13. Digital Glitter - Oh My Ra (Deep Mix) 14. Yves Murasca, Rosario Galati - I Don't Need You (Simone Vitullo Remix) 15. Meines, Valentina Franco - Another Night feat. Valentina Franco (Orginal Mix) 16. Mika Olson - With You (Orginal Mix) 17. Aaron McClelland - Sound Of Silence (Original Mix)
It took me 10 Years and 7 Months to get here, I can't tell how many tracks have been featured in this show but I can tell that I've always tried to bring the best tracks from the best producers. This time I wanted to make a trip down to memory lane and play some of the tracks that left a mark in me, I probably would need a few more sets to play all of my favorites but in the meantime here are the last sixteen tracks. Beats Unlimited presents TRANCE NIGHTS VOLUME THREE HUNDRED | Part Two << Tracklist >> 1. Aly & Fila feat. Tiff Lace - Paradise (Club Mix) 2. Shogun feat. Emma Lock - Imprisoned 3. Dark Matters feat. Jess Morgan - I Don't Believe In Miracles (Shogun Remix) 4. Fabio XB - Stay (feat. Adina Butar) [Anske Remix] 5. Ilan Bluestone ilan Bluestone & Maor Levi Maor Levi - Shake The Air 6. Above & Beyond - Another Angel (Original Mix) 7. Armin van Buuren feat. Jaren - Unforgivable 8. Christian Burns with Maison & Dragen - Perfectly (MaRLo Remix) 9. W&W - Moscow (Original Mix) 10. Gareth Emery - Sanctuary feat. Lucy Saunders (Myke Smith Remix) 11. Norin & Rad - Pistol Whip (Original Mix) 12. Above & Beyond feat. Zoe Johnston - Alchemy (Above & Beyond Club Mix) 13. Above & Beyond - On My Way to Heaven (Above & Beyond Club Mix) 14. Airscape & JES - My Love (Nifra Remix) 15. Dave Neven - Drifter 16. Nifra, Fisherman - The New Breed (Airwalk Festival 2019 Anthem)
It took me 10 Years and 7 Months to get here, I can't tell how many tracks have been featured in this show but I can tell that I've always tried to bring the best tracks from the best producers. This time I wanted to make a trip down to memory lane and play some of the tracks that left a mark in me, I probably would need a few more sets to play all of my favorites but in the meantime here are the first fifteen tracks. Beats Unlimited presents TRANCE NIGHTS VOLUME THREE HUNDRED | Part One << Tracklist >> 1. JES - Lovesong (Cosmic Gate Remix) 2. Dash Berlin, Cerf, Mitiska & Jaren - Man On the Run (Extended Mix) 3. Ferry Corsten - Not Coming Down (feat. Betsie Larkin) [Extended] 4. Dash Berlin, Jonathan Mendelsohn - World Falls Apart feat. Jonathan Mendelsohn (Club Mix) 5. Paul Oakenfold - Southern Sun (Cold Blue's Dark Remix) 6. Dash Berlin - Better Half of Me (Club Mix) 7. Gareth Emery feat. Christina Novelli - Concrete Angel (Aly & Fila Remix) 8. Solarstone & Clare Stagg - The Spell (Solarstone Pure Mix) 9. Armin Van Buuren - Mirage 10. Ferry Corsten - Drum's a Weapon (Extended Mix) 11. Signalrunners And Julie Thompson - These Shoulders (Andy Moor Remix) 12. Above & Beyond pres. OceanLab - Lonely Girl (Gareth Emery Remix) 13. Cosmic Gate & JES - Flying Blind (Norin & Rad Remix) 14. Above & Beyond & Gareth Emery pres. OceanLab - On A Good Day (Metropolis) - Extended Mix 15. Armin van Buuren - Love Never Came (Album Mix)
This new edition is a powerful set with new beats, that same powerful beats of the Coldharbour record label. Beats Unlimited Presents Unrestricted Volume Eighteen. << Tracklist >> 1. Phased - Cerberus (Original Mix) 2. NOMADsignal - Absorber (Extended Mix) 3. Steve Morley - Reincarnations (Phutek Remix) 4. Pierre Blanche - Dimension (Original Mix) 5. Mike Efex - Shadow & Flame (Extended Mix) 6. Kemal Vatansever, AVCI - The Dreamer (Original Mix) 7. Jam El Mar - Evo (Original Mix) 8. Steve Dekay, Skender - Case (Extended Mix) 9. Pablo Say - Soul Back (Original Mix) 10. NOMADsignal - Cesium-137 (Extended Mix) 11. Chipi - Vertigo (Original Mix) 12. NOMADsignal - Pitchblende (Extended Mix) 13. Kalbee & Raimer, Chris Bygrove - The 417 (Original Mix) 14. Skender, Stumm - Lines (Extended Mix)
Melodic, Organic, Relaxing, Julian Luken is back with another beautiful set, It will make your day better. One of my favorite episodes already. Beats Unlimited presents Breakfast Blend Volume 028 Julian Luken Guest Mix << Tracklist >> 1. Veronika Fleyta - Tulu (Original Mix) 2. Albuquerque, CANCCI - Paris 2 (Original Mix) 3. Yamil - Wahya (Original Mix) 4. Robert R. Hardy - Altera Fabula (Original Mix) 5. Zone+ - Baia (Original Mix) 6. Massio - Amor Dorado [DP Master] 7. Valeron - Summer Waltz Urmet K Remix 8. Rodrigo Gallardo - El Abuelo feat Fernando Milagros (Los Suruba & Marcelo Burlon Remix) 9. Hrag Mikkel Pambouk - Araqil Original Mix 10. Sarkis Mikael - Celestial Original Mix 11. Nopi (UA) - Arrival on Earth (Original Mix)
297 Hauslvrs Volume Sixteen

297 Hauslvrs Volume Sixteen


Another House set full of energy, New tracks, New Sounds. this is Hauslvrs Volume Sixteen. << Tracklist >> 1. Bernardo Silva - Chicago Time 2. Route 87 - Soul Groove 3. Majestic Dubcatz - Back Around (Dub Mix) 4. Robert Alvarez - Total Funk 5. Enormous Cats - Ready or Not (Dub Mix) 6. Niko De Angelis - Never Go Back 7. Benjamin Sparks - Why You Came Not 8. Mike Devereux - Whip it 9. Tuned Boys - Second Round 10. Junior Sanches - Make It (Dub Mix) 11. Ache Baez - Call Me A Fool (Original Mix) 12. Laura Temple - Feel My Love (Ben Joys Dub Mix) 13. Tom Bekker, Croatia Jam - Bass Sound (Croatia Jam Dub Mix) 14. Phill Steiner - Bass Control 15. Mike Rivas - Give It 16. Empty Rollers - What I Need (Dub Mix) 17. Gareth Walker - Turn Around (Dub Mix) 18. Federico Scale - Put It Down (Dub Mix) 19. Daniele Francesco - Rock to the Rhythm (Vip Mix) 20. Tuned Boys, P.H.A.N.T.O.M - This Beat Is Mine (P.H.A.N.T.O.M Dub Mix) 21. Markus Penn - House Your Body (Dub Mix) 22. Kaskade, Madge, J. Worra - Tight (J. Worra Remix)
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