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Author: Antonio G aka DJMONK

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Beats Unlimited Podcast is a fusion of all of my main projects TRANCE NIGHTS, UNRESTRICTED, BREAKFAST BLEND, TRANCEPORT and DEEP NIGHTS,
Beats that will make you dance!!
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Twitter: @djmonkinthemix
89 Episodes
After 11 Years of Beats Unlimited Podcast we've reached the 250th edition.A set full of energy at 138 BPM's only for true #TranceLoversBig Time Producers, Big Time Tracks the result is TRANCE NIGHTS VOL 250-->>TRACKLIST<<Armin van Buuren - Be In The Moment (ASOT 850 Anthem) (Extended Mix)Marco V - U.M.O. (Extended Mix)HP Source - The Funk Controller (Extended Mix)Armin van Buuren - Turn It Up (Extended Mix)Dark Monks - Insane (Binary Finary Remix)The Thrillseekers - How Will I Know (Extended Club Mix)Giuseppe Ottaviani - Why (Extended Mix)Talla 2XLC - The Time Is Now (Extended Mix)Lange - Angel Falls (Activa Extended Remix)Richard Durand & Mike Schmid - Kill the Fear (Extended Mix)James Kitcher - WavelengthBen Nicky - Cobra (Extended Mix)Giuseppe Ottaviani - Colours (Extended Mix)Armin van Buuren - Blah Blah Blah (Extended Mix)
249 TrancePort Volume 010

249 TrancePort Volume 010


With the unique sounds of the Trance Festivals this episode is full of energyBeats Unlimited Podcast presents the return of TRANCEPORT in its 10th EditionListen :: Dance :: Enjoy_>>TRACKLIST<<-Adip Kiyoi & Susie Ledge - Wild Rose (Extended Mix)Mully & Shvman - What Are You Made Of (feat. M3GA) [Myon Return to 95 Extended Mix]Ilan Bluestone - Steeder (Extended Mix)Andrew Bayer - In My Last Life (feat. Alison May) [In My Next Life Extended Mix]M.I.K.E. Push & Rank 1 - ZenithFisherman - Man Vs. Machine (Extended Mix)Fisherman - Predator Vs. Prey (Extended Mix)Markus Schulz & BT - I Need Love (Extended Mix)Cosmic Gate - Light Years (Extended Mix)Bryn Liedl & Dezza - Always (Ronski Speed Remix)Cosmic Gate - Need to Feel Loved (Extended Mix)Nifra & Fisherman - Attack (Extended Mix)
Once again TRANCE NIGHTS goes back in time, the 248th Edition brings back that classic trance sound from early 2010's>>TRACKLIST<<Blur8 - Pacific (Den Rize pres. Rizen Remix)Paul Miller & Sasha Dubrovsky - Impact (Anhken Remix)Mark Otten - Hyperfocus (Wezz Devall Remix)Stoneface & Terminal - Here Comes The Sun (Club Mix)Aiera - Dunes (Pizz@dox Remix)Eximinds - Breeze At Night (Original Mix)Maison & Dragen - Hour Of The Wolf (Original Mix)Purple Stories - Close Your Eyes (Basil O'Glue Remix)Eximinds - Are You Ready (Original Mix)JES & Andy Duguid - Before You Go (Taxigirl Edit)Coe - Watching Your Shadow (Original Mix)Armin van Buuren feat. Ana Criado - I`ll listen (Original mix)Masoud feat. Nicole McKenna - Fix the broken (Original Mix)
This time the 247th edition of TRANCE NIGHTS comes from the vault.all those tracks within my collection are coming out on this awesome episode.LISTEN :: ENJOY :: SHARE>> TRACKLIST <<Husman - Break Down (Original Mix)DNS Project - 2Day (Original Mix)Estiva feat. Josie - Cliche (Original Mix)Andy Duguid feat. Shannon Hurley - I Want To Believe (EC Twins Remix)Solis & Sean Truby feat. Andy Tau - Summer Heights (Karanda Remix)Sonic Element - Destruction (Steve Haines Remix)Millennial vs Bigtopo & Omar Diaz - Bassa Marea (extended mix)Sunlounger feat. Zara - Lost (Club Mix)Alexander Zhakulin - Quarter Of A Mile (Thomas Kelle & Martin Juha Remix)Bobina - The Space Track (Andrew Rayel Stadium Remix)5ugar, Eva Kade feat. Evil T - All Around (Gregory Esayan Remix)Danilo Ercole - Quasar (Styller Remix)Alkatraz & Taylor feat. Jennifer Hershman - Elation
246 Deep Nights Volume 010

246 Deep Nights Volume 010


After Almost a year of the last edition of Deep Nights here comes the 10th Edition, New beats, New Sounds but the same old purpose of make you wanna dance.>> TRACKLIST <<Niki Taylor - Rockhold (Original Mix)Paolo Sanchez - Decision (Original Mix)Page Two - Contention (Original Mix)Rampage Jackson - Break Him (Original Mix)Nadeem Ruil - Underhook (Original Mix)Ryan Bader - Modelo (Original Mix)Leo Lacker - Holly (Original Mix)Roy Nelson - Shari (Original Mix)Leed - Only Thing (Original Mix)Shania - Versitale (Original Mix)Phatt - Trashtalk (Original Mix)Saber Wolf - Woods (Original Mix)Quirpy - London (Original Mix)Trump - Energy Level (Original Mix)Naci Brix - Elbow (Original Mix)Skillexx - Tears (Original Mix)Pacey Rookz - Polands (Original Mix)Troy Mandalon - Inspire (Original Mix)Topmodel - Little Things (Original Mix)Susan Sustain - Profi (Original Mix)Sally Jesse - Goldenboy (Original Mix)This Is Mee - Mental (Original Mix)
As played on 08.02.2019 at one of the TJ's most famous clubs here comes the Seventh edition of HAUSLVRSIf you were there Re-live it and if not Enjoy it.LISTEN :: ENJOY :: SHARE>> TRACKLIST<<Crazibiza, Block & Crown - Walkin & Talkin (Original Mix)Jonk & Spook Fubkers - Party Jack (Original Mix)Dirty Disco Stars - Ibiza (Original Mix)Robbie Rivera, Angelo Ferreri - All About the Disco (Original Mix)Alessio Cala' - Thrown Words (Original Mix)Peter Brown - Say it Again (Original Mix)Luca Sgarro - House Is Feeling (Original Mix)Julio Posadas, Bilber - Get On Up (Original Mix)Rubb Sound System - No End Baby Angelo Ferreri Remix)Antoine Clamaran, Aqua Sin Gas - Good For Me (Original Mix)Piero Scratch - The Funk (Original Mix)Block & Crown, Lissat, Chris Marina - Everybody (Original Mix)Antoine Clamaran, Aqua Sin Gas - Jumbo Jumbo (Original Mix)Jay C, Crazibiza, Leo Lippolis - What's Up! (Original Mix)Röde - Set Me Free (Club Mix)Mark Knight - In the Other Pocket South Rocketz - Kalifornia (Wlady & T.N.Y Edit Mix)
244 HausLvrs Volume 006

244 HausLvrs Volume 006


Here comes another edition of HAUSLVRS the best producers with the best tracks with the single purpose of put you in motion.>>TRACKILIST<<Crazibiza, Block & Crown- Walkin & Talkin (Original Mix)Dirty Disco Stars - Ibiza (Original Mix)Toto La Momposina, Jude & Frank - La Luna(Original Mix)Bobby Stewart - What Do You Think (Original Mix)Block & Crown - Feelgood Funk (Original Mix)Bloor - Preacher From Detroit (Original Mix)Brian Boncher, Milty Evans - Everybody's Looking (Original Mix)Funkatomic - Do Ya Thang (Original Mix)Angelo Ferreri - A Special Day (Original Mix)Luca Sgarro - House Is Feeling (Original Mix)Julio Posadas, Bilber - Get On Up (Original Mix)Mario Djust - The Real G (Original Mix)Angelo Ferreri, Yakka - No More Apologies (Micky More, Andy Tee Remix)Piero Scratch - The Funk (Original Mix)Antoine Clamaran, Aqua Sin Gas - Jumbo Jumbo (Original Mix)Veiga - Party People (Original Mix)Jay C, Crazibiza, Leo Lippolis - What's Up! (Original Mix)
Beats Unlimited Podcast pres.GUEST MIX BY JACKSON, DJ, Guitarrist, Pianist and Coffee drinker.Jackson Snapp's main focus has always been bringing out emotion and pushing melodic elements. This guest mix signifies the direction his music is taking to a deeper, groove oriented vibe. He says, "at the end of the day, I just want to make people dance and feel something.. to feel connected to each other".-The Melodies, The Breakdowns, The Vocals,Breakfast Blend on its sixteenth edition will definitely make your day->>TRACKLIST<<Orkidea - My SunsetJackson Snapp - IDYotto - The One You Left Behind feat. Vok (SONIN Extended Mix)Anderholm - MonologueTelephone Life - Behind YouModd - RuskealaOrphyd - WakeJackson Snapp - IDJody Wisternoff - For All Time feat. Hendrik BurkhardJackson Snapp - IDGeorge Fitzgerald - The Echo Forgets
Breakfast Blend Fifteen Edition comes from the particular sounds of Anjunabeats, all mixed together to make your day great.>>TRACKLIST<<Matt Lange - Isn't It LovelyAbove & Beyond - Is It Love (Matt Lange Remix)Andrew Bayer & Alison May - In My Last Life (Dave DK Remix)Nox Vahn, Marsh & Mimi Page - Follow MeProff & EKSF - For the NightSpencer Brown & Qrion - Foggy AugustAbove & Beyond & Zoë Johnston - Always (Tinlicker Remix)Reflekt & Delline Bass - Need To Feel Loved (Tinlicker Remix)ALPHA 9 & Kameron Alexander - Before The DawnGrum - StayKyau & Albert - You Are AllJudah - MisdirectionAbove & Beyond & Justine Suissa - Cold Feet (Above & Beyond Club Mix)Sunny Lax - MoonlightGenix - Boom BoxAndrew Bayer - MagitekMaor Levi - Disconnect
TRANCE NIGHTS VOLUME 0241 comes with the characteristic sounds of Anjunabeats.>>TRACKLIST<
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