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Hear from doctors that are knowledgeable, relatable and bringing you the information you need to live a smarter, healthier life. Each episode you can expect an in-depth discussion about health trends with everyday-life application.
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Drs. Gilpin and Shajahan discuss what it will take for the U.S. to avoid a "twindemic" - the COVID-19 pandemic colliding with flu season - and why it's the most important year to get a flu shot.
As we continue to navigate the COVID-19 pandemic, the topic of a safe return to school has evolved into a complicated issue and it's stirred up a lot of passionate debate among public health experts, educators, politicians, parents and students alike.
The Fourth Trimester refers to the time right after birth to the first three months of life for your infant, which can be a particularly difficult time for new mothers and fathers. Dr. Lori Mausi, Beaumont OB-GYN, joins the podcast to talk about what is postpartum blues versus postpartum depression, how to adjust to your life with a newborn and much more.
Newborn deliveries have remained steady throughout the COVID-19 pandemic. So, what safety measures has Beaumont put in place to help protect newborns and their mothers and just what can you expect when you're expecting, at least when you come to the hospital or to the doctor's office? Dr. Samuel Bauer, Beaumont OB/GYN, joins the podcast to discuss.
The recent COVID-19 surge pushed pause on so many aspects of our lives. Now, there’s a renewed emphasis on getting the important, time-sensitive care you need, including diagnostic and screening exams like CTs, MRIs, mammograms and more. Dr. Lisa Awan explains how Beaumont is making these procedures safe.
What has the COVID-19 pandemic been like for primary care and family medicine physicians? How have doctor's offices adapted and how are they safely reopening? Dr. Richard Grucz joins the podcast to answer these questions and more.
As we begin to emerge from the tidal wave of COVID-19, we ask the important question: Is the emergency room safe? Dr. James Ziadeh, Beaumont emergency medicine, answers that question and more and shares his stories from the front lines.
Did the COVID-19 pandemic cause you to postpone or cancel a surgery or procedure? Dr. Jeffrey Fischgrund, Beaumont surgeon, joins the podcast to discuss how Beaumont is opening back up the operating rooms and making surgeries and other procedures safe for patients and staff.
As the number of new COVID-19 / coronavirus cases declines, many hospitals have taken extraordinary lengths to ensure patients can be safe coming back for the care they need. Dr. Gilpin explains what Beaumont is doing in our hospitals and clinics to provide safety and security for patients, health care providers and visitors.
"I was kind of just stringing it along trying to figure out who I am." Jay, 19, shares his transitioning story - the feelings, the process and everything else that comes with it. Also joining Jay on the podcast are his mother, Tejinder, and pediatrician, Dr. Maureen Kelly.
the Back Pain episode

the Back Pain episode


An estimated 80-90% of the population will experience back pain at some point in their lives. Back pain is more than just a nuisance, it's a major health problem for men and women of all ages. Dr. Jad Khalil, orthopedic surgeon, joins the podcast to discuss the origins of back pain, surgical and non-surgical treatments and more.
*Updated Mar. 6* Dr. Gilpin provides an update on COVID-19 / coronavirus, including answering questions about masks, current precautions and where to get the latest information. Also included are answers to what exactly coronavirus is, how it's spread and how it can be prevented.
the Anxiety episode

the Anxiety episode


Statistics show that nearly 40 million adults in the U.S. experience an anxiety disorder. In this episode, we delve into the causes and types of anxiety, as well as how to handle an anxiety or panic attack.
the Exercise episode

the Exercise episode


Exercise - it's either a dreaded word or a word that resonates with invigoration. In general, we're not getting enough exercise. In this episode, we discuss the benefits of exercise, how to get back into exercising and how to make it a habit.
Dr. Shajahan interviews author Vivian Nunez, founder of Too Damn Young, an online community for teens and young adults who’ve experienced a loss. They discuss resilience, grief and how to live with Option B.
When was the last time you had a refreshing eight hours of solid, uninterrupted sleep? If it’s been a while, this episode is for you. Hear tips on how to improve your sleeping habits and find out how much sleep you really need.
Grab your headphones, queue The Fray and join Drs. Gilpin and Hope as they discuss how to save a life.
the Flu episode

the Flu episode


Grab your tissues and stock up on vitamin C and zinc. The HouseCall Podcast has the answers to your burning flu and flu shot questions.
"Oh by the way..." Drs. Gilpin and Shajahan help answer questions about symptoms and conditions that people don't often like to discuss with their doctor - sweating, gas, rashes and more.
the Biking episode

the Biking episode


Todd Scott, Executive Director of the Detroit Greenways Coalition, joins the podcast to share how biking is changing the landscape of Detroit and the many health benefits of biking and importance of bike safety.
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