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Joining us today is Hanieh, the chef and owner of personalized skincare company, Qyral. She shared what her childhood looked like and gave us an insight into her entreprenurial journey, she talked about how she and her husband got separated and found love again as well as how she started Qyral and has been using it as a tool to help enable skincare professionals build customized skincare products for their clients with ridiculously minimal investment. About Hanieh After being disappointed too many times, Hanieh researched the science behind miracle skincare claims, and discovered that it didn't hold any true value. There was more than one thing missing. As you would expect, she discovered an obvious truth; generic products produce nothing more than generic results. There is definitely no one size fits all approach to skincare since our skin compositions are not the same. She then decided to do better, by giving the skin what it truly needs. A tailored approach based on the skins needs. She has since dedicated years to working with world-renowned formulators and dermatologists who all agree: if you want to reverse the signs of aging and improve your skin’s appearance, cellular turnover holds the key. Effective skincare products work by supporting your body’s natural processes. As we age, those processes slow and are compounded by factors including genetics, lifestyle, and environment. And because those factors are unique to us, our skincare products need to be unique too. It’s more than just skincare; it’s cellular care. Combining her training in biochemistry with entrepreneurial experience, she created Qyral, by taking cutting-edge research on aging and marrying it to beauty, science, and empowerment. Links Qyral -
Fola and Tolu enjoyed the eye-opening conversation with Stacey Levine which covered various aspect of her personal and professional life. She discussed how she and Jonathan met as well as how the teeth whitening company all started. You will be particularly touched by the selfless work that they do with their foundation. About Stacey Stacey Levine is the co-founder of GLO Science and the GLO Good Foundation. She is a mom of two entrepreneur sons, married to her partner in life/business, and a beauty/oral care entrepreneur with a passion for design. She is a true visionary with a personal and professional mission to advocate the importance of having a healthy beautiful smile. She is the inspiration and the powerhouse motivator for her company, her philanthropic foundation, and her family. The results of her passion and determination can be seen in the healthy and bright smiles of the millions served around the world by her foundation and her brand. She is determined to make people care for and fall in love with their smiles, so they do it more often!. About GLO Science®️ GLO combines dentist-led ingenuity and science to create game-changing products for professional and personal oral care. With more than 4,000 dental practices on board, four-time Thomas-Edison award-winning GLO Science brings state-of-the-art technology to dentists and safely modifies best-in-class products for people at home. GLO created the at-home whitening device category with the launch of its first product in 2011 and its patented Illuminating Heat Technology ™ is revolutionizing the oral care category by using warmth to safely deliver unrivalled whitening results with oral care benefits. Advocating oral health as a gateway to overall health and wellness, co-founders Stacey Levine and world-renowned dentist & oral care specialist. Dr. Jonathan Levine passionately believe everyone deserves to have a beautiful, healthy smile. Their GLO Good foundation provides free dentistry for people who do not have access to care, transforming smiles and lives around the world.  GLO’s professional-grade products are available in dental practices across the globe and its retail line is sold at and select retailers including Sephora, Bloomingdales, Amazon, Dermstore, and more. Links Website - Foundation - Glo Good Foundation
Pamela came again on Beauty Care Pod to share with us what she knows about how to investigate the skin and use that investigation to make sure how to come up with the best treatment to make sure that you get the best results, and this starts by understanding the composition of the skin. Bio Pamela Springer has been in the aesthetics industry for more than 20 years. She is a highly sought-after speaker for TV, medical conferences, aesthetic trade shows, and of course, Instagram Lives! She has appeared on Oprah, and a variety of local and national TV shows on networks such as: Fox, NBC and ABC. As an expert in aesthetics, Ms. Springer addresses the beauty industry’s lack of specialized training when it comes to the skin differences between people of other races. Her company, Global Skin Solutions, has become a national continuing education provider for the California Board of Registered Nursing. Being a Continuing Education provider allows Ms. Springer to train medical staff on the nuances of ethnic skin; how to lower risk factors and enhance results. Her passion is educating other skin care professionals on the unique nuances of ethnic, pigmented skin. Before opening The Skin & Makeup Institute of Arizona in 2000, Pamela studied under a board-certified dermatologist and medical school professor specializing in Ethno-Dermatology. She is also the author of, “Don’t Be Left in the Dark: Learn How to Master Chemical Peels and More. Links Global Skin Solutions - Don’t Be Left in the Dark - Courses -
In this episode of Beauty Care Pod, we have Holly Brown, founder of Look, Feel, Fab which happens to be the very first non-profit in the professional skincare industry. She shares with us her journey on how she has been able to run a fully not-for-profit organization in the skincare industry even when everyone thought it was a very bad idea. Links
Jessica has a surprising story from a humble beginning and into becoming a Celebrity Makeup Artist. She was able to, in the space of three months, become one of the most sought after makeup artists, drawing the interest of celebrity photographers who loved her work and wanted to collaborate with her. She now helps people who want to be able to attract celebrity clients how they can achieve this. About Jessica Jessica Doolin graduated from Make up school at age 27; Three years later, she had the opportunity to attend Ms. Brazil 2015, where her carrier as a Celebrity make-up artist began. Now, after seven years in the Hollywood industry, she made it her mission to help all make-up artists reach their goals in the industry with her signature program GlowDiggers with Jessica Doolin. Links @obsessedbyjess @glowdiggerswithjessicadoolin
Jacqueline is a Licensed Esthetician, Naturopath and Reiki Master. She brought Australia's leading skincare brand with her to North America after trying various products in Canada that could work with her skin the way she was used to but couldn't get. Jacqueline also shared with us some stories from her background, including that her mother brought her and her sibling up alone, mostly as a divorcee, and that she finds herself lucky to be able to still be friends with her friends from before she was ten. About Jacqueline Jacqueline has been an Esthetician for over 35 years. She originally wanted to be a Makeup Artist but back in the day for TV work they wanted you to be a hairdresser as well which is what she didn't want to do, so the next best career was to study to be an Aesthetician. She is also a Naturopath (Australia only) and a Reiki Master which goes together with Aesthetics. She specialized in Facials and changing Skin as it can be life changing for clients. Jacqueline still has a Love for Skincare even more today as much as she did 35 years ago. Jacqueline and her husband and her live a healthy lifestyle. Organic food and grass-fed protein. She is a great baker, as there are only two of them in the house, she is fond of sharing her baked goodies with friends and neighbors, which most of the time is half of what she bakes. Links O Cosmedics -
 Joni has been an Esthetician for 29 years and practices Minimalist Makeup. She started with no direction. She worked multiple jobs and was even an Aerobics instructor in Boston and got involved in Esthetics when she started to assist an Esty at the gym where she worked. She then took time to go to Esthetics school and fell in love with it from day 1. Since going to Esthetics school up until now, we can see that Joni has been very passionate from the chat she had with us. About Joni Joni Leahy is the owner and operator of Joni's Skin Care and Makeup Boutique in Chelmsford, MA. She has been a licensed esthetician for more than 25 years, and in that time, she has successfully treated many different skin conditions and skin types.  She believes in making everyone feel beautiful and confident. She is committed to helping clients achieve balance in their beauty routines, to keep them looking and feeling their best! She only allows products and treatments into her spa that she fully believes in and would use myself.  Joni is committed to continuing education and researching the latest innovations to help bring you the most cutting-edge treatments and services. Her experience and dedication to my clients is what allows her to deliver exceptionally personalized services to each client. Links Website - Instagram -
Diedre shares with us how she goes about the process of selecting products and devices that she uses in running her business as a licensed esthetician. She also explains how she’s been able to create reliable pricing scales for services rendered. Her amazing story on her Esthetics journey between 1984 and 2022 is one of the highlights of this episode. She believes school is just to get you licensed, while real education starts right after getting your license. One of the many tactics she’s got up her sleeves is personal and proper relationships with clients, especially with regards to their complaints and the best products to use for their skin. About Diedre She has her business within the Twin Scissors Salon in Poway, where she has been a manicure client since 1999. After a hiatus from the beauty business, she reignited her love of the industry. In 2009, she discovered a crazy new trend, eyelash extensions! She learned everything she could about this new service. However, she quickly realized that she missed doing facials as well and began reeducating herself with classes on anti-aging protocols, great new modalities & machines, as well as researching many skin care companies to determine which products and ingredients would work best for my clients. Links Website - Instagram - @facelashlove
We had an enjoyable conversation with Christina, who shared with us her journey from her teenage years up until now, including how she grew her makeup business through solid determination, sheer will, and a knack for always finding a way to make it work. Despite her path when learning to become a professional makeup artist, Christina has been using a more holistic approach when teaching at her studio to ensure that her students have the right attitude and expectation to learning while also keeping then in touch with the latest trends even as she updates her knowledge. About Christina Christina Fernandez has been passionate about makeup since the age of 13 when she snuck makeup into school. She attended the Fashion Institute of Tech and Christine Valmy School of Artistry in New York. After a few career changes, Christina found her way back to makeup when she found her calling in the field of professional wedding and special events makeup artistry. Her work has been featured in Kleinfeld Manhattan, The Knot, The Wedding Channel and Weddings New York Magazine, music videos, various short films, the BET | MTV network, and celebrity-hosted fashion events.  In 2016, Christina took her passion project and turned it into a full-time business. Today, Christina runs a 5-star beauty and Training studio in Bushwick, Brooklyn, specializing in elevating the art of semi-permanent cosmetic tattooing. Links Instagram - All in One Beauti -
Pamela was very generous with information on how she entered the professional skincare industry and how her passion for training Esthetics students and talking about how to work on the various ethnic skin types has been very evident. We encourage you to allow yourself to learn as much as you can while being wowed by her knowledge! Bio Pamela Springer has been in the aesthetics industry for more than 20 years. She is a highly sought-after speaker for TV, medical conferences, aesthetic trade shows, and of course, Instagram Lives! She has appeared on Oprah, and a variety of local and national TV shows on networks such as: Fox, NBC and ABC. As an expert in aesthetics, Ms. Springer addresses the beauty industry’s lack of specialized training when it comes to the skin differences between people of other races. Her company, Global Skin Solutions, has become a national continuing education provider for the California Board of Registered Nursing. Being a Continuing Education provider allows Ms. Springer to train medical staff on the nuances of ethnic skin; how to lower risk factors and enhance results. Her passion is educating other skin care professionals on the unique nuances of ethnic, pigmented skin. Before opening The Skin & Makeup Institute of Arizona in 2000, Pamela studied under a board-certified dermatologist and medical school professor specializing in Ethno-Dermatology. She is also the author of, “Don’t Be Left in the Dark: Learn How to Master Chemical Peels and More. Links Global Skin Solutions - Don’t Be Left in the Dark - Courses -
Gabriela Hernandez was on fire in this episode of Beauty Care Pod as she shared valuable information about her journey in the cosmetics industry and the history of cosmetics. We would recommend her book Classic Beauty: The History of Makeup and her Podcast Classic Beauty as they both are must-haves in the toolbox of makeup artists, especially those who want to know more or venture into the movie industry. She was very generous with her time and information, teaching us a lot of things we didn't know about how makeup has been viewed over the years! About Gabriela When she was a little girl in Buenos Aires, the beauty rituals of Gabriela's older relatives fascinated her. The Burbank-based artist spent years studying vintage cosmetics and after graduating from Art Center College of Design, she began designing makeup packaging. Digging deeper into the history, she wrote the book Classic Beauty: The History of Makeup, and in 2004 she created her version of a 1920s lipstick and started her company, Bésame Cosmetics.  Today the company manufactures mascara, lipstick, and powders; offers period beauty classes; and runs a boutique where patrons, including makeup designers on period films and TV shows, can immerse themselves in the charms of earlier generations. The ingredients, design, and packaging are drawn from a century of techniques and products.  Gabriela is also a make-up historian and a board member of the make-up museum in New York. Links Besame Cosmetics - Classic Beauty: The History of Makeup - Classic Beauty Podcast -
Jenn joins us today to let us know about her journey to Makeup from getting a chance to work at NY Fashion show to being able to work with lots of clients and also educate upcoming beauty professionals. About Jenn Bio:JennMichelle is CEO of GlamLife Beauty Collection, a Celebrity Makeup Artist & Hairstylist, Beauty Educator & Hair Extension Specialist, GlamLife TV Producer & Creator, Women’s Empowerment Advocate, and Entrepreneur. She is currently the Makeup Artist and Hairstylist for The Lifestyle Today Show on CBS, Cover and feature hairstylist for Bella Magazine. Founder of GlamLife Beauty Collection, a product line of makeup and accessories for beauty professional and makeup lovers worldwide. Glam Life Beauty Collection is a one stop shop for all your beauty needs.  With a long list of achievements, she has also worked New York Fashion Week, Miami Swimsuit Fashion Week, various movie and television sets including The Food Network, The Today Show, Chopped, Long Shot Production Company, Cool Magazine, Bridal Magazine, US Female Hockey Team, L’Oréal Events, QVC, For Women First Magazine, and more. She has also participated in photo shoots, off Broadway productions, and assisted with creating media content. Links Website - Instagram -
Courtney joins us after bagging two awards in The Skin Games makeup competition. She shared her journey, coming from a rural setting to the city lifestyle and choosing what she loves doing! She talked with us about her skincare and makeup experience and why she loves cruelty-free products! About Courtney Courtney is the owner of Blushing Beauty Co and an award-winning makeup artist! Her love for makeup and the beauty industry started with her mom. At an early age, she first introduced her to the art of makeup. Ever since, she has felt unstoppable and beautiful. She wanted to make others feel beautiful and more confident. She started her professional makeup career in 2014, where she attended various courses and assisted in many salons. Throughout the years She has taken many different paths, from bartending to studying naturopathic medicine. Eventually, a few years later in 2016, she realized it was time to follow her passion and love for the beauty industry where she obtained her esthetician license and certification in makeup.  In 2020, she started the process of creating her own cosmetic line, although she loved that path, she has decided she wants to help every woman feel beautiful and working on developing a better product that is more for the everyday woman!
Liana gave us a masterclass on what it entails to start a rooftop garden as well as what she has been able to do regarding getting and maintaining a rooftop garden. She shared her experience as well as expertise on beauty botanicals and if you are especially looking for information about how to start a rooftop, you should listen to this conversation as you will find a lot of valuable information on how to get started with a rooftop garden. She introduced her first product to us. The Rose & Chamomile Gel Moisturizer, which is great for everyone even with a sensitive skin and for women who are pregnant. About Liana BRB was founded by certified horticulturist, Liana Blomquist, in 2019 and was born out of her passion for gardening and beauty while re-evaluating her consumption habits and the way they affect the planet.  Liana's career spans over 10 years at Elizabeth Arden and Revlon as a Global Marketing and Product Development Exec in their fragrance and skincare categories.  Over the span of her time there, she launched over 30 fragrance and skincare products winning global awards and nominations from key publications and foundations. Her sustainable beauty and gardening expertise has been seen in NY Post, Thrive Global, NY Live, NY Magazine and Real Simple. Links Website - Gel Moisturizer -
Rene shared with us her journey as an industry leader and her spirituality as well as how she has been able to work on delivering one-of-a-kind products that produce game changing results that break the boundaries pf what we know to be possible without compromising client safety. She went into detail telling us about some of her beliefs which are worthy of emulation. Links EF Tropics Website - Epilfree Certification - Book Recommendation -
In this episode, Brooke shares with us her journey from high school through college up to choosing to become an Esthetician. We talked about how her work week is possible and how she gets rest. Her work ethic, clientele, and awards. She also talked about her amazing reviews as an Esthetician and how she works with her team. Brooke's Bio Brooke Kennedy is more than just a fresh-faced beauty queen from Sequim, WA; she’s got ambition and brains and a profound passion for the health and wellbeing of people and the environment. She learned much of her adult regimens and character qualities from her mother, who taught her from a young age the importance of skin care, and from her father, who owned a restaurant and demonstrated hard work and excellent customer service. After attending the University of Washington, where Brooke studied molecular cell biology, dance, and French, and was an active member of the Alpha Delta Pi sorority, she decided that medical school was not going to be her path, and she began to pursue other avenues while supporting herself in the food and beverage industry. Along the way, she also spent time in the electrical industry developing business and sales, and working in project management. In 2012 Brooke graduated from the Euro Institute of Skin Care and opened Bliss by Brooke Skin Care in 2013 in a 7 ½’ x 8 ½’ made-over closet of a hair salon. Since then she has continuously improved her knowledge base and skill set as an aesthetician by completing courses in advanced skin analysis (with Florence Barrett-Hill of Pastiche) and acquiring an oncology esthetic certificate, which is a personal passion for Brooke. Skin care, for Brooke, feels like a perfect combination of serving others, creating a memorable guest experience, and using the latest scientific advancements. She works hard and believes that life is too short not to love what you do! Links Suite B Skincare - Instagram - Between Two Cheeks Podcast -
Sandi Simmons, owner of Sis Smiles Teeth Whitening, joins us on Beauty Care Pod sharing information about how her background got her to want to help people have beautiful smiles. She answered all the frequently asked questions about teeth whitening including its safety and how long the results last. She also provided insight into how much profit it can bring for professionals who choose to bring the service to their spa/salon. About Sandi Sandi has 28 years of medical industry experience with the last 5 years being in the beauty and dental industry. Providing the most in-depth Training and Certification at an affordable price. Using a pre-filled treatment tray to self-administer without direct contact to your client’s mouth. Products are made in the USA and FDA approved. A simple, effective, and profitable cosmetic service. Links Website - Instagram - @sissmilesteethwhitening
Jennifer joins us on the beauty care pod as an esthetician with nursing and dermatology background who was tired of the norm of using drugs to manage skincare conditions and wanted to be able to provide more than was available in the walls of an hospital. Her quest for knowledge and networking can be noticed from our podcast. About Jennifer Jennifer had spent 16 years in the nursing industry before becoming an Esthetician at 40. Working in the field of Dermatology lastly is what inspired her to move into this industry. She is a previous Skin Games Winner, who spent years in the travelling the trade show industry. Jennifer is also licensed in South Carolina as well, board certified instructor, and holds many continuing education courses under her belt. She teaches advanced training and one on one mentoring for new graduates. Jennifer is also certified in various forms of makeup from Ryder makeup labs and worked as a rep and MUA with Urban Decay. Her hobbies include cooking, gardening, music, sports, and spending time with her dog Trina and of course most things on Netflix. Links Facebook Instagram
We understand the fact that most Estheticians don't go through a complete course in school, taking them through customer and time management. We are excited that Kelly Wolcott has been able to walk us through some of her tips and ideals on client and time management. She told us how Estheticians should relate with their clients and the apps that she uses to manage her clients and calendar. One of the lessons you would learn is not to skip steps in your treatment no matter what, so you don't lose the trust of your clients, and for this, she gave us some of the tricks that she uses to stay on track and not get distracted while at work. She also gave us her opinion about what to do right after school. In her last words, Kelly tells us to deal with people honestly and with integrity, and always state your intentions. Links
Today, Tiffany joins us to talk about her journey with writing, and she gave us information on how she became an Esthetician and why she is passionate about helping people of color find skincare professionals that look just like them. Tiffany is excited about the upcoming National Black Esthetician's week. You can find more information about that here. You will learn about what it was like for Tiffany growing up, how her writing journey started, how she met a black Esty for the first time as well as how she was able to go through Esthetician school among other things. About Tiffany Tiffany Medois is a licensed Esthetician and the Founder of SpaSho, a directory where clients can find licensed Black Estheticians in their area. She is also a senior level Copywriter with more than 10 years of writing/editing experience, producing compelling copy for high-profile brands and companies, such as: Mattel, Hot Topic, and ABC. When working for ABC’s The View, Tiffany was asked by the show’s makeup artist, Eve Pearl, to write a piece about lipstick for her book, Plastic Surgery Without the Surgery: The Miracle of Makeup Techniques. Tiffany was even featured in the book and, if you squint hard enough, you can see two tiny photos of her on its cover. Tiffany is passionate about skin care and the esthetics community. Links SpaSho Website Instagram Facebook
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