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In episode 108, Jill and Chris talk with Deirdre Hewitson, who says ‘yes’ to pretty much any opportunity or adventure that comes her way. Deirdre Hewitson is a freelance photographer, editor, and writer who lives in Cape Town, South Africa. We learned about her because one of our Becoming Elli members (who lives in Norway) posted that Deidre is her hero. Over the years. Deirdre has taken up scuba diving, bicycle racing, water skiing, paragliding, white water rafting, and running. Now, at 61, and about ten marathons later, she has added trail running, climbing, hiking and yoga to the mix of regular activities. "Say yes more often than you say no, and try pretty much everything at least once – ‘pretty much’ because some things – those that will harm you – aren’t worth trying." These are the words Deirdre lives by. Links at our website show notes: Becoming Elli
In Episode 107, Jill and Chris talk with Joyce Guenther who has ridden her bicycle in all 50 states of the USA. Jill met Joyce in high school and they ended up at the same college together. Years later they reconnected on Facebook. Joyce has completed bike rides in all 50 states and has turned her attention to Europe. She is a member of our private Becoming Elli Facebook Group. Her education was in the sciences. She worked in business for many years and then ran her husband’s medical office. She lives with her husband in central Ohio and has two adult daughters. Joyce is also very active with the Red Cross and getting people to donate blood. She hosts blood drives and has been donating blood since she was in college. We discuss: How she got started Training for the bike trips Logistics of the rides Advantages of organized tours How she eats during the rides Links to rides mentioned at this link on the Becoming Elli website.
In episode 106 Jill and Chris discuss the importance of protein in the diet, especially for women over 50. They offer12 different ways to get more protein in your diet. When doing meal planning first figure out the proteins, then adjust for the veggies. Precook protein in a crockpot so you have a lot available ahead of time. Refrigerate to add to other meals. Precook quinoa when doing meal prep. Easy to sneak it into soups, salad, other meals. 20 grams of protein per serving If you are avoiding dairy use plant protein soy- based proteins like tofu tempeh lentils and beans When making a vegetable salad add in chickpeas kidney beans black beans quinoa even tuna Add sardines to your fish choices. Sardines make a great addition to tuna salad here is another recipe for sardines When you sit down to eat, start with eating your protein first Add Greek yogurt to your breakfast routine or dessert. Fage Greek yogurt 0% milkfat has 20 grams of protein in a serving Consider breakfast with eggs instead of cereal Use protein powder in smoothies Orgain is available on Amazon or at Costco with many choices of flavors. Great for smoothies adding into coffee as a creamer. Protein bars dash keep them handy for when you might miss a meal link to episode #38 Try this protein oatmeal ball recipe Go to for more.  
Karen Martel is a Certified Hormone Specialist & Transformational Nutrition Coach and women’s weight loss expert. Karen is the host of the top-rated women’s health podcast The Other Side of Weight Loss where she helps women to unlock the mysteries of female fat loss and hormone imbalance. After struggling with her own health issues, Karen was determined to bring her knowledge to others with a bold new approach to women’s hormone health and weight management. Karen’s passion lies in helping women balance and optimize their hormones in peri- and post menopause and breakthrough weight loss resistance. Additional information at
Originally from rural southeastern Ohio, Jonella Carpenter, known as Jone, is both a mother and grandmother. She can often be found walking, running, or hiking in her local parks in all kinds of weather. Her attraction to the outdoors started when she was a kid (even the outdoor chores were fun for her) and grew as she became an adult. In 2008, a friend suggested that Jone run a half marathon, and though she didn’t know what she was in for, she has never been afraid of a challenge. She toed the blue line of the Akron Marathon on a crisp September morning without training, and though she crossed the finish line three hours and forty-five minutes later, she couldn’t walk for days. Needless to say, she learned quite a bit during that first race! Since then, Jone learned more about how to train, fuel her body, and stay motivated even when times were tough. As a breast cancer survivor, her body has been through significant changes but continues to be a way to explore nature, connect with friends, and challenge herself in a variety of ways. She even overcame a life-long fear of water to learn to swim in her 50s. Among her friends and running buddies, Jone is known for always saying yes to any adventure (even the cold, muddy ones) and can often be found encouraging others (even strangers she’s met along the way) to keep moving. Through the miles, boot camp classes, swim lessons, and other adventures. One key point of advice to women over 50 who want to be fit and strong: Find Your Tribe. Jone ran informal groups of friends calling themselves the Towpath Turtles or BCB - the Bad Choice Babes and works out at a gym where the group exercise inspires her. During this episode we talk about: Running races and training Finding a group of like-minded friends, Finding Your Tribe Lifting weights and cross training Her experiences with breast cancer and running shortly after her mastectomy Reframing your attitude to "I GET to do this" instead of "I HAVE or I SHOULD" Learning to swim in her 50's How she listens to her body Keeping muscle and protecting bones Group cooking Watching macros (using protein powder as a creamer) More at Becoming Elli website.
In episode 103, Jill and Chris talk with Julie Norman, a wellness and equine specialist, about her path of Yoga and meditation. Julie Norman delights in guiding others in experiences that foster growth and healing from a place of self-love. She believes this is essential for both individual and community wellness. Her career as a registered dietitian in eating disorders treatment and her own recovery inspired the creation of Body Karma Healing (BKH), her signature program that guides women to peace with their bodies and food for authentic self-empowerment. She’s the author of two books; Poems From The Path of Peace, Volumes 1 & 2 and The BKH and Goddess Wisdom e-courses. Julie is also a certified health coach, yoga teacher and equine specialist. She leads classes, workshops and retreats along with coaching individual clients, consulting and speaking on the topics she’s passionate about. In her free time she loves to travel, mountain bike and spend time with family, friends and pets. More information: Becoming Elli
In episode 102, Jill and Chris talk with swimming coach Amanda Boswell. Amanda is a lifelong swimmer and coach who helps people learn to love the water and gain confidence in their swimming ability. She works with people of all ages and different levels of swimming experience. Amanda's clients have goals ranging from learning how to swim to training for triathlons. She competed in swimming through high school, but an injury kept her from moving onto college competition. During college Amanda  began coaching and found that she loved being involved in the sport from a different perspective. Amanda holds a bachelor’s degree in Exercise Science from Miami University and a master's degree in Sport and Exercise Psychology from Capella University. She is also a certified personal trainer with the American College of Sports Medicine. “One of the best things about coaching swimmers is when they have that ah-ha moment, and everything clicks from their repeated hard work and determination, either with breathing or just being more efficient with their strokes. Training for a swimming event can be intimidating but with the right coaching and workouts, you can absolutely train to be your best in the water!” During this episode we discuss: Learning how to swim as an adult Advice for women who can swim but maybe not very well Overcoming fears of deep water or open water There and how to find a swim coach Tools and props that are used in coaching swimmers Various strokes and modifications for competing and racing Why swimming is easier on the joints and ligaments Improving swimming technique Increasing speed vs working on endurance Swimming in a pool vs open water swimming Fueling for swimming For more information, visit  
In episode 101, Jill and Chris talk with Angie Jackson about learning to swim and becoming at triathlete at age 50. Five years ago, Angie decided to become a runner and then a triathlete. She tells us how she’s worked hard to learn to swim, bike, and run. When she started her swim lessons again, Angie hired a triathlon Coach Morgon Latimore and successfully trained for and completed a Sprint, Olympic, and Half Distance Triathlon. Angie Jackson has three adult children, and she is Mimi to her two grandchildren. Angie is a nurse and works long hours, but manages to fit in the training needed to race triathlons! She is originally from Philadelphia and now lives in North Carolina. There are a lot of fun races that she will be participating in from now until then. Currently she is in training for my first full distance triathlon that will take place on Sept 17, 2022 in Maryland. Some of them she plans to do alone, others she will do with her grandchildren. Angie wants women to know we can change the narrative of what a certain age "looks or acts like." Everything Angie is doing now: swimming, cycling running, yoga, strength training, and hula hooping...this is 50! For more information visit: HTTP://
In episode 100, Jill and Chris review what they have learned during the past 100 episodes. Many topics have been covered, but what really stands out is the importance of strength training. In this episode, Jill and Chris discuss the "whys" and "hows" of lifting and include clips from past episodes featuring interviews with: Maria Stahdelman Brian Kennell Pam Semanik and Angie Ridgel Gail Lind Nia Shanks Holly Perkins Marcia Kadens Tammy White Brenda O'Hara Pam Sherman and more!! Visit our website for links:      
In episode 99, Jill and Chris talk with Cindy Dallow, PhD, RD, a Registered Dietitian Nutritionist and Certified Intuitive Eating Counselor. She has worked in the field of nutrition and fitness for 30 years and enjoys training and competing in marathons and triathlons. A USAT Certified Triathlon Coach, she is a 5-time Ironman finisher and has completed 12 marathons. Cindy helps women learn about nutrition, fitness, intuitive eating and how we can live our best lives during and after menopause. She works with woman in mid-life to gain more energy, strength, and fitness (without dieting), to enjoy good food and an active lifestyle and offers support and accountability for lifestyle change. She focuses on helping women ditch the diet culture and become active and fit. We discussed: * Listening to your body for cues for hunger and fullness * Intuitive eating vs chronic dieting * Protein from plants vs meat vs powders * Her thoughts on intermittent fasting, keto and other restrictive eating * How she works with endurance athletes to fuel * Honoring hunger and learning to recognize and trust hunger instead of ignore or control it * Rejecting the diet mentality * Intentional eating, balance and satisfaction * Slowing down, paying attention to texture, taste, flavor and enjoying the meal * Becoming mindful about the eating experience More information:
In episode 98 of the Fit Strong Women Over 50 Podcast, Chris and Jill talk about the three focus words that each of them have selected for inspiration during 2022. Both agree that new year's resolutions can be easily discarded. Instead, they chose to focus on a keyword that helps them to remember their intentions for the year. Perhaps you also use three words? Leave a message on the website at Becoming Elli ( to share with other fit strong women over 50.
In episode 97, Jill and Chris talk with Holly Perkins, a women’s strength expert, a Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist, and the author of Lift to Get Lean. Holly Perkins helps women create the body they need to keep up with the life they love, through her proven system of strength training and intentional nutrition. She holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Exercise Physiology and Nutrition from The Pennsylvania State University. Holly has worked with many famous people and celebrities, even a presidential candidate! Her advice is frequently featured in Women’s Health, Shape, SELF, Prevention, BuzzFeed, and With 30 years of experience in the field, Shape magazine named Holly a “Top Trainers to Follow”. For more information, visit this link to our website at
In episode 96 Jill and Chris interview Amanda Nighbert, a registered dietitian who specializes in weight loss nutrition. She is also an avid fitness enthusiast. Amanda is passionate about empowering people to break the all or nothing mindset. She wants us to find how to make changes that are sustainable and let us find long term weight loss success. She has worked in the weight loss field for over 19 years to help thousands of people reach their wellness goals, but is a strong believer that dieting is temporary and it is more important to focus on lifestyle changes to see long term weight loss success. Amanda offers a custom LEAN program (LEAN stands for Living Energized And Nourished), coaching services, and a variety of other offerings to give us the tools and resources to find our best selves. She also gave a Ted talk in March 2021 on this topic. More information at
In episode 95, Chris and Jill talk with Ultra Kayaker Traci Lynn Martin. who is a Guinness world record holder as the fastest solo female to kayak the entire Mississippi River at 55 days, 8 hours, and 17 minutes. The previous fastest time for a solo female was 61 days. Besides conquering the Mississippi River, Traci Lynn has circumnavigated Lake Huron, Lake Superior and Lake Michigan, the 3 largest lakes in North America - over 3000 miles paddled. Traci Lynn, a 54-year-old nurse from Kansas City Missouri, has a medical diagnosis of Rheumatoid Autoimmune disease. She wants to inspire other people with chronic health conditions, to know that their life is precious and valuable, and they can still find the strength to get up and do the things that they love. For more information visit:
In episode 94, Jill and Chris talk with Karese Laguerre, an Orofacial Myologist about improving sleep and breathing with myofunctional therapy. Karese Laguerre, like many parents, suffered in silence while her children struggled with the symptoms of undiagnosed sleep and breathing issues. One visit to a pediatric dentist changed the trajectory of their lives. Already a Registered Dental Hygienist (RDH), Karese, trained with Sandra Holtzman, Lois Laynee and Sarah Hornsby to establish her orofacial myology knowledge. With this initial training and numerous others, in a few short years she has not only resolved all her children's issues, but helped hundreds of patients, children and adults alike, discover how great life can be functioning on full. Her private practice, The Myo Spot is now a leader in the quest for myofunctional therapy awareness and public education. Her latest published book, Accomplished, delves into how to sleep better, eliminate burnout, and execute goals. Karese's mission is to transform and positively impact as many households as possible through dynamic breath, brain, and body work. Karese explains that she works like a personal trainer for the hundreds of muscles between the eyes and the shoulders. The results from these workouts improve functional breathing and the upper respiratory system. More info:
In Episode 93, Jill and Chris talk with Dr. Angela Ridgel, a Professor in Exercise Physiology and the Associate Director of the Brain Health Research Institute at Kent State University. Her research focuses on how exercise and movement therapy improves brain health and function in older adults and those with neurological disorders. She received her undergraduate degree in Biology from The College of William and Mary, a Master's degree in Biology at Villanova University and her PhD in Biomedical Sciences from Marshall University. Dr. Ridgel completed her Post-Doctoral training at Case Western Reserve University and Cleveland Clinic. For more information: Becoming Elli
In Episode 92, Jill and Chris talk with Pam Semanik, a coach who specializes in creating training programs for Masters Women athletes. She is a coach at Stelleri Performance Training, an endurance coaching group based in Northeast Ohio. For over 7 years, Pam has been coaching athletes to achieve their goals in running, cycling, and Multisport events, as well as in maintaining and improving general fitness. Pam specializes in coaching athletes who are in the menopause transition and post-menopausal athletes who want to compete at their highest level. She is passionate about helping other Masters women understand what it takes to maintain and improve performance, health, and fitness as they 'age up', and plans to do the same herself. More information at Becoming Elli website.
In Episode 91, Jill and Chris talk with Shawn Tegtmeier, a former chain smoking couch potato, now a full time personal trainer with several certifications and a published author. She lives in the "Chicagoland" area with her husband and two dogs. In her off time she enjoys running, reading, putzing around the yard and simply enjoying time with her two adult sons. During the podcast we discussed: How she started with her health changes How she maintains her weight loss How she managed to quit smoking What motivate her to stay fit and healthy? Her advice to her clients about working out and eating Shawn told us that quitting smoking was the "hardest thing I ever did." After she quite she gained a lot of weight. After seeing a photo of herself, she decided to join WeightWatchers. She lost the weight and keeps it of with walking, hiking, moving, working out . She likes to bike a bit and enjoys watching YouTube videos for cardio or strength. She enjoys working out and has become a personal trainer. While Shawn has been a member at a gym for 13 years, the Covid pandemic threw off her schedule and now she prefers to work out at a friend's or does Zoom workouts. Learn more at the Becoming Elli website.
Eating on the Go

Eating on the Go


In episode 90, join Jill and Chris as they talk about eating on the go, meal prep and how they substitute to lower the simple carbs, up the complex carbs and increase their protein intake. Some of the things we discuss. Spaghetti with chick pea pasta Adding crunch to tuna salad Plan easy healthy grab and go's Quinoa with chicken stock Frozen berries in Greek yogurt The best cauliflower pizza crust (according to Chris) Heart of Palm pasta from Trader Joe's Spice it up with Old Bay and Everything but the Bagel We'd love to hear your secrets for eating healthy and satisfying meals when you're on the go with limited time to cook. Please send an email, leave a comment on our Becoming Elli website or even give us call to leave a voice mail at 330-970-6662. 
In episode 89, Jill and Chris talk with Marcia Moran, author of Stroke Forward. In 2014, at age 54 Marcia was a successful entrepreneur, owned a business consulting practice and was going strong. Suddenly, she suffered a major stroke. Marcia worked for several years to become whole. Over time she learned to walk again, but Marcia struggled with aphasia, a language disorder. In August 2017 she discovered a technological breakthrough that minimized her speaking disability. Marcia created Stroke FORWARD because she felt there is a need to share hope to stroke survivors and their caretakers. Learning to become her own health advocate one step a time and exploring holistic methods for healing are keys to her recovery. She became a health and wellness coach to stroke survivors and their caregivers. Marcia holds both a B.S. in Political Science and a MBA. She also earned a certificate in Well-being Foundations of Personal Transformation from the Personal Transformation and Courage Institute in Virginia. She volunteers at Brain Injury Services, supporting their Speakers Bureau program. During this episode we discuss: What are the symptoms of a stroke What exactly is a stroke What is neurofeedback How she learned to walk again and talk again  
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