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In episode 138, Jill and Chris speak with Susan Salenger, an author who has found effective ways of dealing with frustrations with the healthcare system and better ways to ask your doctor questions, resulting in more complete answers. Born and raised in Los Angeles, Susan attended UCLA to study English. After graduation, she worked alongside her husband Fred for 25 years at their production company, Salenger Films, which produced corporate training and development films distributed worldwide. She is the author of Sidelined: How Women Can Navigate a Broken Healthcare System. Today, at age 80, when Susan is not speaking about her book or spending time with family and friends, you will find Susan power lifting to stay in shape. We discuss: How women are often treated differently than men by doctors and medical experts Why getting a second opinion is so important and how to do get a second opinion How to ask questions at your doctor appointment to get more complete answers Differences between nurse practitioners, physician assistants, and medical doctors Why blaming ourselves for an illness can prevent us from getting the care we need Autoimmune diseases and why their is so much difficulty in diagnosing them More at our website:
In episode 137, Jill and Chris talk with Dr. Danielle Peebles, an author and Chiropractic physician. She founded Pro Health Family Chiropractic, in 2007 and has worked with thousands of people, helping them regain mobility, strength and overall well-being. Dr. Peebles specializes in working with athletes who are suffering from injuries. She recognized that chiropractic care is often overlooked in the pre-surgery and rehabilitation process, but it can aid in a quicker recovery. Many athletes have taken longer than necessary to return to their sports because they are missing this critical element of the recovery process. Dr. Peebles has worked with professional basketball players, football players and Olympic athletes. She is the author of “Sex Sent Me To The Chiropractor”, which uses humor to teach the benefits of chiropractic care. She also serves the community through organizations such as Sigma Gamma Rho Sorority, Inc. and the YMCA O’Fallon Park, where she is a board member.   For more information, see our website at
In episode 136, Jill and Chris talk with Fluid Running founder, Jennifer Conroyd. She is the world’s leading expert on aqua jogging/deep water running and is the epitome of a Fit Strong Woman Over 50. Jennifer is A.C.E. certified, AEA certified and has an Exercise Is Medicine credential from ACSM. She is also a 16-time Boston Marathon qualifier and an Ironman finisher.  Jennifer founded Fluid Running on the belief that even though injury and pain can sideline even the most fit and strong women, there is a way to keep active and stay healthy -- both mentally and physically -- while our body heals. She learned how to do it through deep water running and is now teaching thousands of others around the world the secret to her success. We discuss:  How fluid running helped her maintain her marathon training After injury (and qualify for Boston!) What fluid running is and what it isn’t Why it is different from aqua jogging How to interpret heart rate while in the water Weight loss benefits of fluid running Equipment needed for fluid running How fluid running fits in with cross training and endurance sports More information at our website Becoming Elli.
In episode 135, Jill and Chris speak about using spices and greens for a healthy weight with Joanna Wen.  Joanna Wen is a weight loss coach who helps her clients lose weight in a healthy and sustainable way. Her unique approach helps her clients love their food and lose weight without deprivation. She also helps her clients get to the true root cause of their overeating and remove those blocks so that they keep the weight off once and for all., Joanna specializes in online nutrition and weight loss coaching through her website, Spices & Greens. Joanna has studied and experimented extensively with the healing powers of food to de-stress, gain energy, and lose weight.  When she contacted us, she said that she enjoys learning about nutrition for longevity because she is approaching her 50th birthday.   For more information visit our website at BecomingElli,com.
#134 Fit, Fierce, & Fabulous with Karín FeltmanKarínK In episode 134, Jill and Chris talk with Karín Feltman, a registered nurse and the author of Fit, Fierce, and Fabulous Over 50! Her first book was Plant-based Basics. Her work focuses on holistic health for women over 50, with a particular focus on intermittent fasting and healing through nutrition. She is a full-time cross-cultural worker in Nepal. She doesn’t always have access to the Internet so we’ve been waiting for a chance to talk with her. She graciously made time for us when she was available, technology-wise. Karín was a hospital nurse for 23 years, before beginning work in relief provision and mission trips. She now works on empowerment projects for vulnerable girls and women in Nepal and uses her writing to help fund greater opportunities for the communities she works with. She completed the VegHealth Nutrition Mastery Course with the VegHealth Institute, and continues her research on holistic health and healing. Karín is a self-confessed foodie and loves discovering delicious new plant-based recipes, picking up fresh ideas from every new culture she visits. More information: Becoming Elli website arín and Chris speak with Dr. Shivani Gupta, who has practiced Ayurvedic medicine for over 20 years and is an expert in fusing Eastern and Western practices to help our bodies achieve equilibrium. She has both a Masters and Ph.D. in Ayurvedic studies. When opioids, muscle relaxers, and injections only worsened a sports injury, Shivani decided to rebuild her body naturally. She created her own line of natural ayurvedic supplements when she failed to find an effective natural product on the market. She applied this approach to healing a leaky gut and an autoimmune condition as well. Dr. Shivani works with physicians including orthopedic and spine surgeons, rheumatologists, and functional medicine doctors to help patients from CrossFit athletes to Baby Boomers reduce chronic pain, and acute and low-grade inflammation, prevent surgery and optimize their health. She is the CEO and founder of Fusionary Formulas, an Ayurvedic supplement company. She is also the host of the Fusionary Health Podcast. We discussed: What is Ayurveda How she improved her sports injury Why she developed her line of supplements Causes of inflammation and how to prevent it Benefits of turmeric Improving uterine health and leaky gut syndrome Self care for diabetes Her podcast called Fusionary Health Podcast Links and more at our website: Becoming Elli
In episode 132 of the Fit Strong Women Over 50, Jill and Chris talk with 71 year old American Ninja Warrior Ginny MacColl. Ginny is an actress, dancer, and competitive athlete in both Ninja and swimming. She began her career in NYC as a dancer in the hit Broadway show, Pippin, in 1973; then transitioned into the commercial world and did over 100 national and regional commercials throughout the 70s and 80s. After a 20-year hiatus to raise her family, Ginny rekindled her acting career recently in Southport, NC in commercials, and film, and began strength training for American Ninja Warrior where she competed Season 9, 10, and most recently Season 15 airing this June (2023). At 63 years old, she did her very first pull up, inspired by her daughter, Jessie Graff, who has gone farther than any female on American Ninja Warrior. At 71 years old, Ginny continues to compete regionally in ninja competitions and local, state and national swim meets. You may have seen Ginny featured in the December 2019 issue of AARP. She also appeared as Evelyn, one of Diane Keaton's 8 cheerleaders in the movie POMS; Dorothy in USS Christmas on Hallmark’s Movie and Mysteries channel, Agnes Miller in STARS FELL ON ALABAMA and Beverly in AND JUST LIKE THAT! Links and more info at our website:
In episode 131, Jill and Chris talk with Joanna Bowen, Certified Nutritional Practitioner. She is the founder of the Younger With Food community and creator of The AGEless Method, a program that empowers women to rewind their cellular aging clock by using diet and lifestyle habits so they can reclaim the resilient body, healthy brain, glowing skin, and youthful energy of their prime.  A graduate of the University of Waterloo, The Institute of Holistic Nutrition and the Functional Nutritional Alliance, Joanna has pursued additional training in culinary genomics, and is a licensed Facelift Diet Coach through the Academy of Beauty Nutrition.  Author of 3 Genius Hacks to Unlock Inner Youth Without Botox, Fillers or Cosmetic Surgery, Joanna takes an inside-out approach to aging youthfully through the emerging science of epigenetics and “nutrigenomics”. We discuss: Testing for epigenetics and nutrigenomics Telemeres Finding the best foods for our genetic background Supplements  Exercise Comparing cellular age to actual chronological age Improving skin issues The AGEless Method For more info, see our website
One of our Becoming Elli private Facebook group members, Diane Allen, has been following a program for two years called Original Strength, that she says is making a huge difference to women over 50. She introduced us to Dani Almeyda who owns a local gym and a national certified program. Dani Almeyda has worked in the health and fitness industry for the last 12 years. Throughout her whole life, health and wellness have had a major influence on her life. Whether it was from her experience as collegiate athlete, as a Director of Campus Recreation, or as a Fitness Professional, her experiences and formal education have provided her with a unique perspective and skillset. Dani is a co-owner of OS Institute in North Carolina and OSi Online, and has a master’s degree in Exercise Science. She brings an abundance of energy, passion, and an incredible drive to help the world regain its Original Strength. “You were not meant to be broken. You were intended to be strong, healthy and resilient. You can regain the strength you were supposed to have, the strength that you once had.” We discuss: Pressing RESET to regain balance in the nervous system Recovering strength after taking time off What she means by minimum effective dose How to keep a positive mindset for getting back into routines How she inspires her clients and athletes The philosophy behind the Original Strength program For more information visit our website:
Jill and Chris first met Laurie LeBlanc when she joined the Becoming Elli Facebook group last year. She lives in Ontario, Canada and recently retired from a rewarding 35-year career with the Ontario Public Sector. For the last ten years she held various Deputy Minister positions, leading complex departments including the Ministries of Transportation, Training, Colleges and Universities, Municipal Affairs, Housing, and Aboriginal Affairs. She has been the recipient of several awards, including being named one of the top 75 alumni of Carleton University’s school of public policy. While Laurie enjoyed her career, she is thrilled to now have the chance to enjoy all life has to offer. She has made her own health and wellness her new project. Vowing to be in the best shape of her life when she reaches 60 in two years, she bought a kayak, hiking boots, and a gym membership. She is slowly making progress. A big part of her journey has been being more deliberate about how and what she eats and is having a great time exploring new cuisines. For more information, visit our website at Becoming Elli.
In episode 128, Jill and Chris talk with Linda Stephens, a nutrition, health and fitness professional whose primary focus is working with midlife women, over 40/50 and beyond to help them achieve confidence, exude sexiness and feel comfortable in their own skin again.  Her motto is, “midlife should be the bridge to your new life.”  Linda has developed a comprehensive 6 week program taught virtually to women around the globe called “Midlife Mastery”.  Linda guides women by educating them on how their bodies change in midlife.  Women involved in the program learn cutting edge, science backed data for hormone balance, longevity, mood, libido and weight loss.   Linda holds her masters degree in nutrition, competed as an IFBB Figure Pro (IFBB stands for International Federation of Bodybuilding ) and is a National Academy of Sports Medicine  NASM certified personal trainer.  Linda writes for, Darien Magazine, Muscle and Fitness Hers, Oxygen magazine and has contributed to Strong Magazine. She also has her own health and wellness channel on Linda is a midlife woman herself, a mom of two children, 18 and 21 years of age.  She currently resides in Fairfield County, Connecticut and has for over 25 years.   We discuss: Bone density, bio identicals and cardio vascular health Changing body composition Branch chain amino acids Strength training and getting back to the gym after a break Her 6 week program of Midlife Mastery available on line Low inflammatory foods Hormones, eating, nutrition, training for women after 50 For more information and links visit our website at
In episode 127, Jill and Chris talk with Mary Beth Albright, the author of Eat & Flourish, How Food Supports Emotional Well Being. She is a food expert with broad experience, from food attorney to being a finalist on Food Network Star, where she competed on Iron Chef America.  Her passion for good food grew from her mentor, Surgeon General C. Everett Koop who she worked with for 15 years. Afterwards, Mary Beth advised on food systems and managed a White House initiative.  She completed L'Academie de Cuisine's two-semester culinary course in Bethesda, MD. Mary Beth is a writer and editor at the Washington Post. She is also a frequent panel moderator, including for the U.S. State Department and the Smithsonian, and her food-judging expertise is sought regularly, including the time she ate 2,000 foods in three days to judge the Outstanding New Products Awards. She is an elected member of Les Dames d'Escoffier, an esteemed group of women in the culinary professions, which counts Julia Child among its alumnae.  We discuss: How food affects our emotions How emotions affects our food choices Making better choices when you are under stress or feeling depressed Pleasure and eating Foods that support emotional well being Tips to increase pleasure around eating Why eating with others is good for you Recipes  For more information and links, visit our website at  
In episode 126, Jill and Chris talk with Hope Zvara, a yoga, movement, and lifestyle expert and CEO of Mother Trucker Yoga. She has helped change thousands of lives over the last 20 years using her simple step-by-step strategies and what she calls her "yoga toolbox" encouraging others that they can feel better wherever you are with small simple changes. She helps truck drivers go from a sedentary lifestyle to feeling good again with small simple changes from the cab of the truck. Although she works with a lot of men, she spent the first 18 years of her career working with women between the ages of 45-65.  And now, even though women only make up 10% of the trucking industry, they are her loyal clients.  “Showing drivers how they can take care of their bodies, minds, and spirits with small simple changes they can apply to their day every day while living over the road is a huge win for them. With the right tools and strategies, fitness at any age does not have to be complicated. And if women can take their health back from the cab of the truck- then the everyday women can do anything!” We discuss: How she helps people who work in small spaces with limited mobility during working hours. Tools she has developed for those with aches and pains Advice for traveling: how to stretch before, during and after a long trip Tools for women over 50 Hope's 15 minute wellness method How she helped one of her clients who lost over 100 pounds, quit smoking and now cooks healthy meals - in the cab of her semi truck. Hope's guide to eleven stretches you need to feel good again Stiff Mother Trucker - her special pain relief cream - 100% natural, paraben-free, gluten- free, sulfate-free and artificial dye free For more information, see our website:  
In episode 125, Chris and Jill talk with Danielle Omar, an Integrative Culinary Dietitian, lifestyle medicine expert, herbalist, and best-selling author of the Super Green Smoothies cookbook. A passionate food and nutrition educator, her expert advice has been featured in The New York Times, The Washington Post,, Fitness, Shape, and Women’s Health magazine, as well as national television, including The Food Network and NBC Primetime. Through her group-focused nutrition programs and private coaching practice at, Danielle has supported thousands of busy women on their journey to becoming their healthiest self. Her unique approach blends 20+ years of practice-based evidence with nutrition science, positive psychology, and the power of self-regulation. Danielle believes strongly in the heart-mind connection and our innate ability to create harmony in our mind, our emotions, and our body. We discuss: What is Metabolic Mastery Helping people with weight loss Advice on meal planning How do we figure out what foods to eat Getting over perfectionism Reducing inflammation from foods Gut microbes and prebiotic foods How she helps clients to think about food by not demonizing food The importance of a variety of foods How to change behavior around how and what you eat Reducing stress and improving sleep How to nourish yourself for a healthy weight Her cookbook of Super Green Smoothies Her Facebook community group For links visit our website at
In podcast episode 124, we talked with Champion Race Walker Yolanda Holder. We heard her interviewed on a podcast a few years ago and were so amazed by her that we’ve wanted to have her as a guest on our podcast ever since. Yolanda Holder, 64 years young, is a professional Ultra Marathon Walker. She’s a 2X Guinness World Record holder for the “Most Marathons Completed in a Calendar Years”, finishing 106 marathons/ultras in 2010 and breaking her own record in 2012 finishing 120 marathons/ultras. In 2019 Yolanda became the oldest person to earn a US Race Walk Centurion #94 by race walking 100 Miles in under 24 hours. (23:52:17). Yolanda is a World & American 35K Race Walk champion, American 6 Day Race champion (413 miles). She’s also the World Champion Pedestrian of the longest certified footrace in the world, the Sri Chinmoy Self Transcendence 3100 Mile Race, finishing in 51 Days, 17 Hours and 13 Seconds. Yolanda is a wife, mother of two adult children, a grandmother, an inspirational speaker and author. We discussed: How she got started race walking What race walking is how does she train Her thoughts on recovery Dealing with the mental aspects of a marathon and ultra marathons Her experiences while breaking World and American Records For more information visit our website: Becoming Elli
Robin Allen is a nutritionist passionate about helping women over 40 understand the best practices for longevity. She is the founder of Necessary Nutrition, Inc and the creator of the Necessary Nutrition brand of Vitamin D3. She received her Bachelor’s degree from the University of Las Vegas, Nevada (1996), and her Master’s from the University of Redlands (2001) and an additional nutrition certification from the Global College of Natural Medicine (2008).  Robin encourages people to see food and nutrition as the way to fight obesity, illness and disease. She has been featured on CNN Headline News, and countless other media outlets sharing her insight on food, nutrition and life. We discuss: Tips to address health and wellness The best things we can do, nutritionally speaking, to support longevity and fight disease. How chemicals in food change the biochemistry in our bodies How to decide which supplements we should be taking Vitamin D and Vitamin K The keys to her 10 day shred program  About her tower gardens - indoor and outdoor More info: visit our website Becoming Elli
In episode 122, Jill and Chris talk with Shebah Carfagna, an age-defying health, wellness and fitness professional with more than 27 years of training experience. Shebah is well known for her commitment to her clients and their lifelong wellness journey. Shebah has been a loyal fitness devotee for many years as a means to manage life stress and the responsibility of raising a special needs child. Realizing the importance of exercise as medicine for her autistic son and other special needs constituents, Shebah founded Panache Fitness Company in 2005 to offer these groups health and wellness opportunities. Today, Panache Fitness Company offers traditional fitness services while still serving the needs of clients with specific health conditions and chronic diseases. Shebah encourages clients to think beyond their exercise program and to manage their habits to achieve a more healthy lifestyle and increased longevity. She has enjoyed significant success with her clients in both personal training and group classes. Shebah holds professional fitness certifications: Spin, Pilates, BOSU, Boot Camp, TRX and Group Fitness and is the founder of the “AGELESS WORKOUT” presented by Panache Fitness Company. She is devoted to helping people achieve harmony between their fitness journey and a sustainable lifestyle. We discussed: What is a Sustainable Lifestyle Developing her fitness company and having a flexible schedule What she means by the ageless workout method Her online classes where wellness through movement is stressed The research she is preparing for the next publication of her book in the spring of 2023 How she works out and what her idea of a great workout is Stumbling blocks to managing physical fitness and mental fitness How she came back from a total hip replacement in 2018 More info at our website:
In this episode, Chris and Jill reflect on 2022, books read,inspiring podcast guests interviewed and healthy eating tips mentioned throughout the year. We discussed a variety of topics including: Glucose Revolution by Jessie Inchauspe Our number 2 ranking in the 15 best Women’s Fitness podcasts article. Food prepping ideas and recipes to get more protein. Ideas from of the inspiring guests we talked with during 2022. To get links and find out more, visit our website at Becoming Elli.  
Jill and Chris met Brenda Bland in the Becoming Elli Facebook group and knew she should be on the podcast. Brenda Bland is an endurance athlete who has been running, hiking and biking most of her life. She took up running longer (for fun) in the late 90’s while helping her teenage daughter get more fit and healthy. Running her first ultra in 2003 at age 44, Brenda has run dozens of ultras all over the US, which is one of her favorite types of road tripping. Brenda considers herself an average runner and has worked hard to build and maintain her health though diet, physical and yogic exercises. During a long journey of varying degrees of joint pain, GI issues as well as Seasonal Affective Disorder, she continues to research better ways of having a longer HealthSpan than is currently thought possible. As Brenda continues to grow in her 60’s, she plans to keep enjoying the great outdoors as long as possible. During this podcast we discussed: Running the Leadville 100 at the age of 50 Completing the 80-mile self-supported Tuscobia Winter Ultra sled pull at the age of 62. Fat Ass style runs solo mountain hiking in Colorado How she trains for all these events - exercise and fueling Better ways of having a longer health span What motivates her More information at
In episode 119, Jill and Chris speak with Dina Griffin, a Sports Performance Dietitian with a passion for optimizing women's health and providing personalized nutrition to endurance athletes. Dina Griffin, MS, RDN, CSSD is the owner and founder of The Nutrition Mechanic, a nutrition coaching and resource company based out of Boulder, Colorado. As a Sport and Performance Dietitian, Dina works with all levels of adult endurance athletes to optimize health, vitality, and performance. She blends science-based and evidence-informed strategies along with “real life” considerations to devise personalized and sustainable nutrition plans. Dina has a particular passion for working with women’s health, peri- and post-menopause, masters and ultra athletes, and supporting individuals who have a metabolic condition. Dina is also the co-host of the Inside Sports Nutrition podcast, which covers a wide array of topics on all things related to “real life" sports nutrition. We discussed: peri and post menopause how nutritional needs vary for women over 50 nutrition for female endurance athletes how much protein to eat based on your body size metabolic efficiency testing for women over 50 available at her website supplements recipes and food plans For more information see our website: Becoming Elli.    
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