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Author: Nicole Joy

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Helping first-time mums, mums-to-be and mums-who-want-to-be feel supported with real, honest and vulnerable information throughout their conception, pregnancy + motherhood journeys. From IVF and morning sickness to sleep habits and hypno-birthing, this is a resource for women (and their partners!)Find out more at
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#realmumtalk Surviving Hyperemesis Gravidarum
Nadine Muller is a Registered Emergency Nurse with the Australian Air Force with over 12 years experience, an avid health and fitness enthusiast - she's also a Personal Trainer and Group Fitness Coach and runs her own Online Coaching and Mentoring business. After we connected online I saw that Nadine was going through Hyperemesis Gravidarum aka #HG (or the condition that Princess Kate has!) I wanted to get her honest take on what it's like as I am beginning to discover it's more common than we might have thought. This is a great episode to be able to somewhat understand what someone is going through and how you can best support them. Our chat takes all kinds of twists and turns, and we cover:(4:00) Hyperemesis Gravidarum - what it is and how it affects women physically, mentally, emotionally, financially and professionally(8:17) Being in the 'death zone' and what it's like not being able to walk to the end of the street(12:00) Coming to terms with not being able to function as a mother, wife or friend(14:28) The significant markers for a HG diagnosis(17:00) Scheduled hospital visits to manage symptoms and not even being able to keep water down(26:00) Why asking for support and announcing prior to 12 weeks might be a good option for some women(34:30) How you can support someone going through HG by helping to lift the burden(41:30) 'You're pregnant, not broken' - fitness during pregnancy(44:00) Making the shift from training to exercise and movement(49:00) Why, generally, lifting weights is no different to picking up your toddler(55:30) Finding your tribe and controlling your social media space+ a whole lot more!You can find Nadine on Instagram @nadinemullerHG Support
Managing Sleep Expectatioins
Jen Butler is Baby & Toddler Consultant passionate about helping mumma's find their flow in motherhood. She is a Registered Nurse, Midwife, Maternal and Child Health Nurse, Lactation Consultant and mother of two, so it's safe to say she really knows her stuff. With her extensive clinical experience in working with families, Jen teaches parents to not only better understand behaviours, triggers and natural cycles that can aid their sleeping and feeding routines, but also appreciate that their baby or toddler is wonderfully unique; and that change is inevitable. As someone who has loved their 8-9 hours sleep for the past 36 years this conversation really gave me hope and taught me that it doesn't have to be as bad as some of those stories out there!In today's episode we cover:(5:23) Respecting the 4th trimester and making the transition for your baby an easy one(7:00) The 5 S's of the fourth trimester and why you need them(10:00) Why strict sleeping and feeding schedules are typically realistic for a new baby and mumma(12:50) Self settling is a learned skill and normally doesn't happen until 4 - 6 months age(17:15) No baby is born a bad sleeper(20:55) Why you must listen to this if your toddler is still waking every night(24:00) Why breastfeeding is not the reason your baby isn't sleeping through the night(27:55) Why dummies/pacifiers aren't always a bad thing(32:35) What to do if your child is cat-napping(36:10) Early rising and how to get your baby to stop waking so early+ a whole lot more!Find out more about Jen hereFollow Jen on Instagram hereWatch Jen on YouTube hereRead more about Dr Harvey Karp's 5S's here
#realmumtalk On our 34th attempt, we got our second miracle
Emily Jade is a breakfast radio host, television presenter and writer based on the Gold Coast with over 20 years experience in the media. She is also very versed in the heartache that goes along with trying to start a family and today you're going to hear a very raw and honest tale of how her and her husband Gerard brought their two miracle children into the world. It took them 2 years to fall with daughter Millie and after 32 transfers and a miscarriage their son Teddy was born last year. It's an incredible story that Emily has a way of lightening up in a way that only she can. In this episode we cover:(4:30) Preparing your first-born for a sibling(6:27) Why we as parents aren't meant to know it all and asking for help is key(9:45) Being diagnosed with Hashimoto's and Endometriosos(12:35) Seeking out natural alternatives and the importance of trying it all(18:00) Emily's low point - handing back foster kids and experiencing a miscarriage all at once(21:00) The power of taking a mental break from trying to conceive(23:20) Complications with an Incompetent Cervix in a geriatric pregnancy (any pregnant woman over 35 is considered a geriatric pregnancy!!)(30:38) Alcohol as a coping mechanism and having something to look forward to(33:00) When men and partners need to be considered in dealing with an IVF journey(40:23) Why acceptance of 'you can't change what you've been given, but you can change how you deal with it' is so important(43:00) The importance of mutually agreeing on an 'exit point' of your conception journey+ a whole lot more!You can follow Emily on Instagram hereListen on 102.9 Hot Tomato hereGet support from The Endometriosis Association (Qld) Inc, or (QENDO) here
#realmumtalk Chrystal's experience with Post Natal Depression
Fellow Gold Coaster Chrystal Abernethy is a 32 year old mother of two to her beautiful girls Pearl and Gypsy. Otherwise known as Mumma C Essentials on Instagram, Chrystal gives other mums a real honest view of parenting and motherhood, mixed in together with two of her other loves - crystals and essential oils. In this #realmumtalk episode we dive deep into her experience with post natal depression. Please note that if you are experiencing PND right now, may I ask as a matter of self care for you, to SKIP this episode - as we do hear about suicidal thoughts and attempts. I have removed graphic details as the essence of the conversation still runs strong without them, and I thought it unnecessary for people to hear. Again I have done this in case this episode ends up in the ears of someone too fragile to hear it. What both Chrystal and I want more than anything is for this open conversation to serve as a reminder that you do not have to do things on your own and reaching out and asking for help is nothing to be ashamed of - it could in fact just save a life.Please call Lifeline - 131 114 or Beyond Blue - 1300 224 636 if you are in need of immediate help.Resources from this episode:Books: • Happy Mama by Amy Taylor-Kabbaz • Buddhism for Mothers by Sarah NapthaliMeditation apps: • Headspace • Calm • Stop, Breathe & ThinkCrystals & Essential Oils: • Rose Quartz • Amethyst • Bergamot Essential Oil (The Oil of Self Acceptance)Useful Links: of Hope - 1300 11 HOPE | 1300 726 306Peach Tree
Silent Tears - an 8 year IVF journey
Lisa Bondarenko, based in Adelaide, South Australia runs a private counselling practise and provides specialist support to patients and couples primarily dealing with fertility issues and IVF treatment. This is how Lisa and I met, she was my counsellor and the reason I didn't go completely bat-shit crazy. She also runs retreats and workshops, is a keynote speaker and author of Silent Tears - an authentic account of the highs, lows and everything in between that is often experienced through IVF and a fertility crisis. Lisa had her own 8 year journey to have her little boy Jack and todays episode takes us though that very journey with some very helpful information for couples going through IVF as well - including:(2:22) how her own experience has given her understanding and empathy towards couples going through IVF(8:20) it doesn't matter whose 'fault' and why the blame game serves no one - the process is still the process(11:55) you are more than a mother or a father, there is more to your identity(15:00) IVF is a loss and you are allowed to grieve(22:00) the only way through grief, is through it and why moving is better than being stuck(27:30) the most powerful thing to say to people who are going through IVF(37:00) feeling the stigma and what we can do to change that(41:30) how can couples look after themselves during the process looking after your relationship(48:00) getting back into the drivers seat and taking control(56:00) there's nothing wrong with taking some time out and running on your own schedule+ a whole lot more!You can find out more about Lisa here - Instagram here
Let's talk Breastfeeding with Amberley Harris
Amberley Harris is a 36 year old mother of 2, a registered midwife and founder of Maternal Instincts - a breastfeeding support business designed to educate & inspire the modern mama. Having been a midwife for over 10 years now, she believes that breastfeeding is absolutely achievable with the right support and she has given a modern makeover to the daggy breastfeeding videos produced in the 80's and 90's! NOTE: This is not an episode shaming mothers who haven't been able to breastfeed or making new mothers feel bad. This is about pointing women in the right direction of quality resources should they want to breastfeed or try some different techniques. Only you know what is right for you and your baby.In today's episode we talk about:(7:00) the basics of nipple position, mouth of baby and the importance of preparing BEFORE birth(16:30) first 6 weeks is crucial and how to avoid nipple confusion(21:00) benefits of breastfeeding(25:00) how inductions and caesarians and hemorrages can impact breastfeeding and what you need to know(27:25) why the #fedisbest and #breastisbest language doesn't help new mummas(30:00) why with the right support you can go onto breastfeeding your subsequent children even if you didn't have a positive experience with your first child(32:10) must have products for breastfeeding(42:45) what the #662 movement is and why you might like to consider it+ a whole lot more!You can find Amberley here: Instagram hereTO RECEIVE $20 OFF Amberley's Breastfeeding Video Series ($79) CLICK HERE
#realmumtalk You are not defined by your birth
Jo Anderson is a food, brand and lifestyle photographer (one of the best if you ask me!) who just happens to be a really great friend of mine. A mother of two herself, Jo is someone who has been there from the start of my fertility journey and someone who has always been such a beautiful shining light in my life. She exudes a warmth and wisdom that makes everyone she comes into contact with want to be her friend! And after listening to this episode, I am sure you will agree! We talk about such an important topic - you are not defined by your birth - and managing all of those expectations we can tend to feel as a new mum.In this episode we cover:(2:30) we discuss the collective pressure women feel to have a 'natural' birth and managing those expectations(4:00) Jo's 4 day labour with her first child Marley and why she thought she couldn't ask for pain relief(9:45) why having a private midwife made all the difference to her first birth(16:22) assigning a new meaning to your birth - from 'failing' to 'birthing like a boss'(18:10) the completely different experience of birthing her second daughter Summer(24:00) being honest about not 'loving' motherhood and the disconnection Jo felt for the first 12 months of Marley's life and how that has now changed(31:46) do what makes life easier for you, not necessarily what the experts say(33:30) fitting in 'me' time as a mum and how this one simple change has made all the difference(37:00) finding the divine feminine within and reconnecting with your husband++ a whole lot more!You can find Jo here:www.joandersonphotography.comand here on Instagram
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