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Author: Nicole Joy

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Helping first-time mums, mums-to-be and mums-who-want-to-be feel supported with real, honest and vulnerable information throughout their conception, pregnancy + motherhood journeys. From IVF and morning sickness to sleep habits and hypno-birthing, this is a resource for women (and their partners!)Find out more at
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January Harshe is a wife and a mother of 6, who started a Facebook page called Birth Without Fear to inform women of their birth options and then support them in their own individual choices, a few months later that was followed by a blog which has since evolved into world-wide Birth Without Fear events, a podcast with her husband Brandon and most recently January's first book - Birth Without Fear: The Judgement-Free Guide to Taking Charge of Your Pregnancy, Birth, and Postpartum. I could NOT put this book down, I think I read it 3-4 days and if women only read one book during their pregnancy - I'm going to call it and say this is the one they need to read. January's passion is to support women on their journeys of womanhood, pregnancy, birth, and motherhood with peace, love and healing. I hope you enjoy our chat as much as I did!Find out more about January and BWF here: on Facebook here: on Instagram here: a Review on Amazon or Amazon Australia
Grace Smith is a world-renowned hypnotherapist and founder of both Grace Space, "Your Virtual Hypnotherapist," and Grace Method Hypnotherapy School, and author of Close Your Eyes, Get Free, her first book on self-hypnosis, which hit the shelves in July last year. As you'll hear today, Grace started off as a skeptic but when hypnosis transformed her life, and shortly thereafter the lives of her loved ones, she made it her mission to make hypnosis mainstream. Her private clients include celebrities, CEOs, professional athletes, and government officials and she has been featured in the likes of Marie Claire, Forbes, InStyle, MindBodyGreen and The Hollywood Times. Today we discuss just how hypnosis works and how you can use it on your journey to becoming mum with specific hypnosis recordings for Fertility & IVF Anxiety-Relief, Easing First Trimester Symptoms, Breathing Through Childbirth and Gentle parenting. Make sure you listen all the way to the end as Grace runs us through a deeply relaxing group hypnosis session, that will benefit all of us.Find out more about Grace and her programs here - www.gshypnosis.comFollow Grace on Instagram here: Facebook here:
Sami Cattach is an Australian trained and registered physiotherapist, and mother of one. She works in private practice with a focus on pelvic health and peri-natal care and continually provides education to pre and postnatal women, yoga teachers, doctors, and other health professionals. She is one of the few practitioners in the world who is both a Pelvic Health Physiotherapist and Restorative Exercise Specialist, certified by Nutritious Movement founder and biochemist, Katy Bowman. Sami's practice, Body and Birth Physiotherapy located in Brisbane, Australia is designed for women of all ages and uses an approach that takes into account the whole body, with the goal to have you feeling pain-free, empowered, and confident for the long term! In today's chat we talk about the importance of postpartum women seeing pelvic-health focused practitioners, what a vaginal examinations can tell you about your pelvic floor, why being tight in the pelvic floor can be just as problematic as a weak set of muscles, Diastasis Recti, the most effective labour positions and so much more!For 25% OFF Sami's Prental Online Program, designed to safely guide expecting mothers through one of the most challenging and beautiful times of their lives, use the CODE: JOYMUM25 (all caps)Find out more about Sami's Brisbane practice here: www.bodyandbirthphysio.comFollow on Instagram here: Facebook here: on YouTube here:
Lily Nichols is a real food Dietician, Nutritionist and Certified Diabetes Educator. She is also the best-selling author of two books, Real Food for Gestational Diabetes and her latest, which we talk about today, Real Food for Pregnancy. In her book and in today's episode, Lily debunks a LOT of prenatal nutrition myths. Most of the prenatal nutrition advice we hear today is out-dated or not evidence based. And this book includes over 930 citations - to say it is well researched and evidence based is an understatement! We chat about supplements, macro and micro nutrients, high fat versus low fat, whether it's possible to hit all your nutritional requirements if you are following a vegetarian or vegan diet and why eating runny eggs and sashimi may not be anywhere near as dangerous as we are led to believe. There has never been a more comprehensive and well-referenced resource on prenatal nutrition, I loved the book and highly recommend it to all mums-to-be and women even thinking about having children.You can find out more about Lily here: (you can download her first chapter for free)Follow Lily on Instagram here Follow Lily on Facebook here
Kate Caddle is an award winning life coach, writer and speaker, who works with women whose lives look great on paper, but don't feel so great on the inside. By helping them overcome jealousy, comparison and perfectionism, Kate empowers women to live their #bestlife through thriving health and happiness. But as you'll hear in today's episode, things haven't always been so rosy for this now thriving and happy Gold Coast woman. Today she opens up about her infertility struggles starting with her experience with endometriosis, IVF, changing her lifestyle both physically and mentally and finally, falling pregnant naturally. Self love and turning within is a big focus for Kate and I hope you enjoy hearing just how this concept has really transformed her life and has the potential to transform yours.Find out more about Kate here - www.katecaddle.comFollow Kate on Instagram here
Louise Mackie is the founder of Yogi Tree, which was born as a vehicle for her many passions and creative exploration. A deeply soulful woman dedicated to the service of women in her community, Louise is passionate about using the gifts mother nature has given us including crystals, essential oils and flower essences to enhance the wellbeing of women - particular pregnant and postpartum ladies. She is also a yoga teacher, holistic birth practitioner and placenta encapsulation specialist. We cover all of this in our chat today, so if you're an earth mumma that loves all those things you're going to love this!Visit Louise's website here: her on Instagram here:
Nikki Bergen is the amazing lady behind The Belle Method, which is described as pelvic health meets Pilates. And more recently, The Bump method which is transforming exercise in pregnancy and in post partum. Nikki is a Pilates Instructor and professional Dancer based in Toronto who is a new mumma that has her own story of fertility struggles. She opens up about that in this episode as well as practical and interesting advice for the mums-to-be and the recovering mumma. Her message, which I love, is the slower you go the fast you change, hitting back at this unreasonable concept of "bouncing back quickly after child birth." Even with a teething toddler in the background and technology issues - we got there in the end and I am so glad we did. I loved this chat and I hope you do too!You can find out more about Nikki here: thebellemethod.comAnd follow her on Facebook here: on Instagram here:
Mums-to-be spend so much time thinking about and preparing for the birth, the nursery and what name they're going to give their child, but in today's episode Nikki McCahon who runs Mama Tribe talks about the importance of a postpartum support plan. Founded in May 2017 by two lonely mums who had no family and friends nearby, Mama Tribe has become an Australia, New Zealand and now Kuala Lumpur mum meet-up community with thousands of mum meet ups held weekly in over 50 locations. The goal at Mama Tribe is simple - 'No Mum Left Behind' -ensuring no mum feels lonely, isolated or without face to face support. They're the only national network of face-to-face contact with mums, completely run by mums, for mums. So new mummas, please do yourself a favour and become a members - Mama Tribe is completely free to join!Find out more here: Mama Tribe on Instagram and Facebook
Amy Taylor-Kabbaz started her career as a journalist at the ABC, working her way up from producer and news reader in regional South Australia to senior producer at ABC Sydney. When Amy started a family though, everything changed. Today we are going to hear about how she made that change from her media career to now Editor and Creator of Happy Mama Magazine, Author of best selling book Happy Mama: 'the guide to finding yourself again', and host of the Happy Mama Movement podcast. She is passionate about spreading the much needed message of matrescence which involves all the complexities that are often ignored when a woman transitions into motherhood. Every mama needs to hear this, I had many a goosebump moment in this interview as there are some very powerful messages within it.You can find out more about Amy here:
Jaclyn Harris is a Naturopath and Pregnancy Wellness Consultant, with 15 years experience. Based in Tasmania, Australia Jaclyn is passionate about helping women going through IVF and Fertility struggles to create the positive pregnancy they dream about. And not just surviving IVF but actually enjoying the process. In today's episode we talk about Jaclyns own fertility struggles and the importance of preparing holistically for IVF, birth and motherhood. There is so much that we can do as a conscious participant throughout the IVF process - it's not just up to the specialists.Get your free 3 Step IVF Confidence Checklist here:
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