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Author: Ian Kingstone & Jonathan (JP) Parnaby

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The Beer & Butterfly is a relaxing environment where we discuss core business challenges around all aspects of business transformation. Contact us at, Linkedin or Twitter. Whether you are a professional, executive or a consultant, grab a drink and pull up a chair to join us in the conversation.
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Ian & JP meet one final time for this season and retrospectively review how things have gone before hanging up the keys and bolting the doors of the Beer & Butterfly.  00:00 - Intro01:13 - We've crossed the finish line03:36 - Pub quiz - Question 11 Answer05:31 - What went well?11:38 - What didn't go so well?16:14 - What can we do better?22:14 - Season Three?23:46 - Hanging the keys up for summer24:27 - Last orders
Ian & JP have hit the realisation that this is the last "full" episode of the season and are joined by Scott Robertson from SQWYZ consulting to talk about how strategy and transformation are two sides of the same coin.  JP has caught up with the MCU (Marvel Cinematic Universal) by watching Black Widow and discuss why a Disney+ podcast deal hasn't been made yet, Ian has finally gets his gates up by sacrificing his trip to Wimbledon and Scott is planning to go on a UK holiday in the South West whilst avoiding the chaos that is the M5.  The trio jump into the conversation around aligning leadership and some of the "wasp nests" that can create, discuss how strategy & transformation are ultimately interwoven and round off talking around examples of offensive and defensive disruption strategies.00:00 - Intro01:11 - Introducing our guest...Scott Robertson02:45 - Pub quiz - Question 10 Answer04:42 - What have we been up to?11:28 - Strategic leadership in transformation25:30 - It's also a mindset28:34 - Disruption strategies46:08 - Building transformation capability48:59 - Raising the bar through merging strategy with transformation50:08 - Pub quiz - Question 1151:42 - Thanking Scott52:15 - Question time58:09 - Last orders
As Ian & JP catch-up this week their next guest is just "passing by the pub" and decides to join them to talk all around behavioural change and mindsets when it comes to transformation.  Ian is still excited about going to Wimbledon tickets and finally has a plan for his aluminium gates but generally working more than having fun.  JP finally remembers that he went away for his wedding anniversary weekend when usually it's forgetting the date upfront and looking forward to his re-booked camping trip, updates on Loki and talks vampires in What We Do In The Shadows.  Simon reminds us of an important football tournament that's happening (Euros 2020 which was delayed due to COVID).  Simon then leads the episode and as a group we explore various facets of behavioural change, mirroring, aligning mindsets and change account management.00:00 - Intro01:12 - Introducing our guest...Simon Woodhouse03:35 - Pub quiz - Question 9 Answer05:27 - What have we been up to?15:20 - Football & Business behavioural change20:30 - Culture, mirroring & negotiating24:13 - Behavioural change stairway model27:18 - Aligning and shifting mindsets34:32 - Measure and sustaining the change38:20 - Change account management42:53 - Change happens when it's fair51:13 - Talking points through rich pictures58:15 - Raising the bar through inviting people to change01:02:48 - Pub quiz - Question 1001:04:51 - Thanking Simon01:05:07 - Question time01:10:56 - Last orders
The end of the pub quiz is in sight and Ian & JP are wondering if they are going to get the wooden spoon award for coming in last place, however this evening they are joined by Rob Llewellyn from CXO Transform to discuss how individuals can leverage the digital economy.  The trio catch-up over a drink and Rob provides a background of his water-skiing days which enabled him to travel around the world as well where his fascination of travelling stemmed from.  The episode focuses on how Rob transformed his own business from being a consultant travelling to clients  to building a successful online business delivering education and business transformation knowledge across the globe.Useful Links:Linkedin Article - Business Framework Program - A Step-by-Step Plan to Grow Your Digital Economy Prosperity Online - OFFER - Use discount code BEER35 in the checkout on cxotransform.com00:00 - Intro01:13 - Introducing our guest...Rob Llewellyn04:06 - A bit of background on Rob07:20 - Pub quiz - Question 8 Answer08:41 - What have we been up to?13:07 - From consultant to leveraging digital18:13 - The bet20:20 - Learn and fail fast, resolve and progress23:33 - New challenges - scaling the business29:39 - What's next for Rob35:51 - Importance of giving value39:41 - Raising the bar through the digital economy43:00 - Advice to others leveraging digital50:51 - CXO Transform Promotional offer53:00 - Pub quiz - Question 954:15 - Thanking Rob54:46 - Question time01:00:50 - Last orders
Our hosts are feeling nostalgic in this episode as Ian and JP talk about why Business Analyst's are awesome in their role within business transformation.  As the pair catch up Ian talks about putting his gates off to go to Wimbledon and JP relays his experience of driving supercars around an abandoned airfield.  JP starts to explain why this episode was an important one for him to really shine a light on BA's and the importance they play, calling upon own experiences and highlighting key areas of why they are great.00:00 - Intro01:13 - Pub quiz - Question 7 Answer03:04 - What have we been up to?10:35 - Why Business Analysts are awesome?15:11 - What BA's do?18:09 - How did JP become a BA?24:10 - This episode is for all the BA's out there25:31 - BA Topic 1 - Define the why26:33 - BA Topic 2 - Solution agnostic28:39 - BA Topic 3 - Uncover root causes30:23 - BA Topic 4 - Documenting requirements31:37 - BA Topic 5 - Process mapping34:23 - BA Topic 6 - Understanding the impact of change36:30 - BA Topic 7 - Ensuring solution is fit for purpose39:40 - How a BA raises the bar?41:24 - Pub quiz - Question 842:33 - Question time47:21 - Last ordersNote: Link to Prosci return on investment on change management as mentioned in the questions -
The halfway point has been reached with Season Two and Ian & JP catch-up once again to try something new which they call "Transformation Speed Dating".  After catching up the hosts embark on an episode which is unplanned and randomised by splitting the conversation into "personal / getting to know you topics" and "business transformation topics from the BTM2 framework (Business Transformation Management Framework)" that are driven randomly by spinning the wheel.00:00 - Intro01:12 - We are half way there02:43 - Pub quiz - Question 6 Answer04:51 - What have we been up to?12:50 - Transformation speed dating16:04 - Spin the wheel41:41 - Pub quiz - Question 743:39 - Last orders
As Ian & JP meet up in the Beer & Butterfly we explore how serious gaming is transforming how we educate people through change & transformation.   We are joined at the table by Tim Dew from GingrTech and as everyone catches up over a drink, Ian is watching Falcon & The Winter Soldier, JP finds out he's far to old to go trampolining with the kids and Tim explores a TV show "Succession" and isn't quite sure about it.  They continue to then explore how Tim created "Rocket",  why serious games have an important role to play in the transformation space and our hosts reflect on their experiences when they played a game of Rocket recently.00:00 - Intro01:13 - Introducing Tim Dew02:57 - Welcoming Tim to the table05:24 - Pub quiz - Question 5 Answer07:13 - What have we been up to?15:06 - What are serious games?21:35 - Capturing the emotion of an organisation thats failing & successful24:38 - What is Rocket?41:22 - Time in transformation50:03 - What is Concord?56:39 - Pub quiz - Question 659:04 - Thanking Tim1:00:13 - Question time1:04:12 - Last orders
Ian & JP return and review their current progress on the pub quiz (not going well) and devote an episode to a question provided by Debbie Evans on whether we should do AS IS Analysis or not.  Our hosts recall the joys of the bank holiday weekend and enjoying the recent weather and talk about some films & TV (Army of the Dead & Taskmaster) and we get an update on Ian's aluminium gates.  This episode essentially unpacks the recorded question from Debbie and poses a "for" and "against" argument for doing AS IS Analysis within transformations.00:00 - Intro01:13 - Pub quiz - Question 4 Answer02:53 - What have we been up to?10:11 - Framing the episode11:24 - Question from Debbie Evans12:35 - Unpacking the question18:41 - Arguments for AS IS28:18 - Arguments against AS IS34:15 - A view of the way forward39:00 - Circumstantial and just enough approach44:15 - Pub quiz - Question 545:43 - Last orders
The third seat is filled again as our hosts are joined by a very special guest "Patricia Morris" to talk all about scaling up small & medium sized businesses.  The trio catch-up as and discuss Trish's glorious week away and JP's misfortune to cancel a camping trip as the weather turned.  Trish takes the lead in the episode to bring to life what change means for SME's (called Scale Ups) and ensuring that terminology we use as consultants needs to be right.00:00 - Intro01:13 - Introducing our guest...Patricia Morris02:29 - Trish introduces herself05:55 - Pub quiz - Question 3 Answer07:41 - What have we been up to?15:03 - Scale ups17:57 - Getting the terminology right21:17 - Scale up boot camps23:28 - Difference in language28:49 - Company culture31:53 - Change ownership33:01 - Working remotely & trust37:20 - You can involve everyone in an SME50:24 - A reminder on translation51:31 - Pub quiz - Question 453:56 - Question time01:02:07 - Last orders
The pub quiz is going strong, it's neck and neck but Ian & JP check in and discuss why it's important to put value first in transformations.  JP talks about finally going surfing again in north Devon and actually catching some waves, discusses the new Mortal Kombat film reboot and preparing to go camping but is nervous about the windy and wet weather due.   Ian is getting into a new album by Myles Kennedy "The Ides of March" whilst stacking the dishwasher.  Our hosts continue to discuss the importance of putting value first and bringing to life around what value is, the various forms of value and how it needs to be applicable to everyone impacted by the changes.00:00 - Intro01:14 - Pub quiz - Question 2 Answer03:21 - What have we been up to?12:25 - Transformation starts with value15:41 - Difference between change and transformation18:18 - Putting value into context21:33 - Elements of value25:25 - Value for everyone28:23 - Driving new value34:20 - Continuously hunt value38:29 - Track, realise, stretch. optimise and grow value40:43 - Where do you start?45:29 - Manage value through delivery46:51 - Value first doesn't just mean at the beginning49:50 - Evolution of new value51:16 - Pub quiz - Question 301:02:10 - Last orders
Ian & JP kick off episode one with a very special guest Sarah Walters from Aster Commercial Services who joins our hosts at the table to talk about procurement in relation to business transformation & change.  Our hosts & Sarah talk about the latest films they watched and Ian has started a review system (for some reason) & JP discussed the joys of turning 40.  The trio continue to bring to life that meeting and engaging with suppliers is a lot like getting married, be prepared, understand what you are getting into and work out what might happen if it goes wrong.00:00 - Intro01:15 - Welcoming Sarah to the table04:00 - Procurement synergies with business transformation07:00 - Pub quiz - Question 1 Answer08:38 - What have we been up to?16:13 - Transformation from a procurement perspective18:48 - Engaging suppliers to help manage change33:24 - Breaking delivery down into smaller chunks38:11 - Options in the engagement45:31 - No ideal way but experience helps48:13 - How does procurement help raise the bar56:49 - You've got to do date night57:24 - Pub quiz - Question 259:48 - Question time01:06:55 - Record us a question01:07:10 - Last orders
The Beer & Butterfly is re-opening it's doors for Season Two and Ian & JP manage to catch up over their break.  This seasons theme is all about "Raising The Bar" and the hosts bring to life what the season theme means and also how season two is changing format from the first season, especially with some exciting people joining us at the table.  We hope you enjoy the changes we are making and continue to support us.00:00 - Intro01:17 - It's good to be back02:51 - What have we been up to?12:19 - Season Two - Raising the bar15:32 - Episode overview25:54 - Introducing the pub quiz27:04 - Pub quiz - Question 127:40 - Closing the episode29:34 - Last orders
The first season is done and Ian & JP relax in the comfy sofas of the Beer & Butterfly and reflect on the first seasons conversations by conducting their own retrospective.  The hosts catch up to talk around destroying your sons confidence with a short lockdown haircut, the beginning of hope now that spring is on it's way and there is a path out of lockdown restrictions and catching up on the latest TV / Films.  They then perform a retrospective to highlight:What went wellWhat didn't go so wellWhat could be improvedA massive thank you to all of our listeners so far and engaging with us throughout season one.  We look forward to seeing you at the table in Season Two00:00 - Intro01:16 - What have we been up to?06:24 - Season overview10:11 - Started in person, ended up virtual12:25 - Retro overview12:38 - What went well18:55 - What didn't go so well22:51 - What can we do better?28:40 - Season Two?30:57 - Massive thank you listeners31:10 - When are we back31:30 - Last orders
After a challenging week Ian & JP catch-up in the Beer & Butterfly to finish off the final conversation around the change execution pillar "Realisation & Adoption".  As the pair catch-up Ian explores taking his daughter surfing at a man made wave centre in Bristol whilst secretly thinking he is Bodie in Point Break, JP continues Xbox film night with Bill & Ted's Excellent Adventure (whoa double Keanu Reeves moment) whilst exploring Synthwave music from Gunship (any fans of 80s music check them out).  Our hosts then continue to explore the age old problem of projects and programmes focusing on go-lives and then moving onto the next project within the portfolio and exploring the dangers of that way of thinking, e.g. change continues long after a go-live has happened and some would argue the change journey is about to truly begin.00:00 - Intro01:13 - What have we been up to?11:11 - Project delivered, moving on to the next one16:46 - Two plans - transition & value18:16 - Transition plan23:15 - Change during transition29:59 - Value realisation and adoption36:00 - Sustainable change41:41 - Running change capabilities post transition46:21 - Question time51:41 - Last orders
As Ian & JP sit down at the table they catch a leaflet placed around the pub mentioning that a Pub Quiz is coming soon, thinking nothing of it our hosts continuing the change execution exploration by discussing "Business Readiness & Preparation".  Ian & JP begin catching up where Ian is excited for his x-mas present to himself (a new road bike) and JP has gamified family film night which resulted in scaring his kids by watching the classic Jurassic Park.  The pair finish their conversation after JP highlights that he is really too old and unfit to be playing Twister with his 6 year old son.  Our hosts continue to explore what business readiness is and it's importance within transformation, how to capture and measure it, how to ensure the change team has a hub / dashboard to report on it and resourcing it properly.00:00 - Intro01:14 - What have you been up to?09:35 - Examples of poor business readiness15:34 - Where to start with business readiness22:01 - Measuring readiness25:55 - Readiness dashboard31:22 - Changing within the change programme36:37 - Resourcing for readiness39:15 - Feedback on readiness40:01 - Question time48:00 - Last orders
With the new IPA's installed at the bar, Ian & JP continue exploring the change execution areas by discussing "Education & Training".  Ian & JP discuss about learning new skills during lockdown with Ian finally finishing his limestone wall and JP putting 4 tiles up (ok we know Ian's was more impressive).  The pair finish their conversation visiting the Naked Gun films and 80s pop culture & wallpaper.  Our hosts continue to explore the importance of education & training in relation to change management by stepping through the important layers of the training strategy.00:00 - Intro01:17 - What have we been up to?10:00 - Examples of poor training13:38 - Training focused on tech only!17:30 - Holistic training strategy19:07 - Breaking down the strategy for training22:34 - Theme 1 - The goal of training25:34 - Theme 2 - The who & training needs28:36 - Theme 3 - Types of training35:33 - Theme 4 - Training planning39:21 - Theme 5 - Budget & resources43:24 - Theme 6 - Logistics47:15 - Question time54:44 - Last orders
Whilst wondering what the "Pie of the Day" is at the Beer & Butterfly, Ian & JP now move the conversation onto one of the change execution pillars "Awareness & Engagement".  JP was travelling in between lockdowns last year and caught up on some films, one of witch involved a laptop, the dark web and a series of characters getting "bumped off" (sounds like a classic right) whilst Ian discusses the latest IP Man film and the legend that is Bruce Lee.  Our hosts continue to explore the topic of communications and the importance of making stakeholders aware of the upcoming changes through various tools, methods and channels.00:00 - Intro01:15 - What have we been up to?06:36 - Awareness and engagement09:28 - You can't over do it14:05 - Communication channels24:17 - Comms and culture29:28 - Control Rooms33:59 - Day in the life of38:57 - Comms and education40:45 - Sensitive communications44:29 - Question time52:07 - Last orders
The full english breakfast has been ordered and Ian & JP meet again to take a break from diving deep into change management and discuss strategically around "Why we should talk about WHY?".   Our hosts begin by reflecting by switching from physical to virtual, becoming logistical experts by moving flights and hotels constantly and reflecting on the current routines of lockdown and lets face it, their dogs are benefiting from all of the walks.  They continue to discuss strategically around how value management plays an important part in setting up, running and closing transformations to ensure that the business gets what it needs from it's investment.00:00 - Intro01:15 - What have we been up to?04:45 - Remote working09:18 - Setting the scene for transformation11:57 - Getting senior stakeholders aligned21:29 - Plan to mature transformation capabilities25:04 - Mapping change and benefits27:55 - Managing change and value37:39 - Realisation and closing transformation41:35 - Continuous value delivery through increments49:59 - Last orders
Ian & JP sit at their favourite table within the Beer & Butterfly to chat through the importance of change networks within transformation.  Our hosts initially catch up with each other and talk about converting cancelled holidays (crying into their beer) into day trips.  Ian has been back tracking and binging Casey Neistat youtube videos and re-learning creative skills whilst JP  is dreaming of becoming an astronomer in his back garden.  They continue to explore how change networks really build that coalition for change and run through what a change network is, what the common roles are and how to build trust with the business.00:00 - Intro01:10 - What have we been up to?08:28 - What is a change network?10:55 - Playing change chess14:07 - Definition of a change network?15:20 - The roles in the change network?21:45 - Structure to encourage agility25:20 - Change and trust29:43 - Two way feedback37:01 - Question time42:53 - Last orders
Ian & JP grab a pint and relax whilst explaining how change plans get created and how you design activities which will tackle the various change impacts captured before.   It's important to understand that everyone's impact to change is different and therefore requires a tailored change approach to fully meet their needs.  Our hosts finally catch up towards the end of the episode and getting suspenseful with Line of Duty, watching the latest Peter Jackson film and wishing they hadn't and getting back into music from Steve Vai00:00 - Intro01:18 - When change isn't planned well08:34 - Mapping the stakeholders journey through change20:14 - Engaging with the business & shaping the plan26:20 - Align, confirm and agree the change plan28:04 - What have we been up to?34:57 - What's coming up next?36:07 - Question time41:17 - Last orders
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