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Author: Dave Zalatoris

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A podcast about some old school beers and new classics. Also I’ll have a weekly rant about annoying stuff. Support this podcast:
35 Episodes
This week I'll have the Pre-Prohibition Extra Pale Pilsner from Seipp's. I'll ramble on about Thanksgiving and talk about some beers from Ravinia, Bells, Pipeworks, Cinderlands, and Alarmist!  --- Support this podcast:
This week I'll have plenty to say about the election plus have the fabulous Speedway Stout as my Beer In Front.  --- Support this podcast:
This week will be more like the quick hit and run episodes of the past. The Beer In Front this week will be Sierra Nevada's Celebration Ale. Plus beers from Crystal Lake, Wild Onion, Liquid Love, Hop Butcher, Cinderlands, Off Color, and New Holland!  --- Support this podcast:
Great show this week! I'll chat with Virginia from Beermiscuous and have the latest 3 of the Deep Wood Series from Revolution!  --- Support this podcast:
A very special episode awaits when you push play! I will not swear this week, so gather the kids around the stereo! I'll have a chat with Joel Geier from The Brewery Travels, have Rogue's Dead Guy Ale as my Beer In Front plus I had a ton of terrific beers this week!  #CraftBeer #Beer Podcast --- Support this podcast:
This week I'll have as my BIF Pike IPA from Pike Brewing in Seattle. I'll have some local recommendations from Beermiscious and sample some beer mail from Oscar in California.   --- Support this podcast:
This week, I'll have the classic Fat Tire as the Beer In Front, I'll also have a rant about healthcare and have some other good Chicago beers!  --- Support this podcast:
This week, I'll have the fantastic Eliot Ness from Great Lakes in Cleveland. I also had some good stuff from Good City Brewing in Milwaukee, 2 from Casa Humilde, Cigar City, and Soundgrowler.  --- Support this podcast:
On this episode, I'll have 6 different Oktoberfest beers, plus I'll discuss the great Thundertaker from Revolution. I want to start a discussion about retirement and want your opinions on this for a future show!  --- Support this podcast:
Back from vacation and refreshed and ready for another season of BIF. This week, I'll have 3 different ones from Grand Teton Brewing in Idaho. And you thought I only drank Chicago beers. I'll try to have longer episodes this time out, so this week I'll discuss the National Anthem. --- Support this podcast:
To finish out Season 1, I'll have the 3 beers from the Hop Butcher/Revolution Colab that came out a few weeks ago. I'll discuss the great beers i had from Half Acre and Marz as well!  --- Support this podcast:
This week, I'll have beers that my friends have hooked me up with this past week. The Beer In Front is the classic Two-Hearted from Bells and there is a lot to annoy me the past few days!  --- Support this podcast:
This week, my BIF is the splendid Allagash White. Solid beers from Hopewell, Phase Three, Alarmist, Lo Rez, and Other Half. I'm really pissed at the post office fiasco so I'll fire off on the Jagoff running the show!  --- Support this podcast:
On this Episode, I'll have as my beer in front the great 90 Shilling from Odell. That and you know I found stuff that annoys me! --- Support this podcast:
This week I talk to the guys behind the really good Into The Mash Podcast Darryl and Sean. I do have to apologize in advance, Darryl's sound levels were low and you'll have to raise the volume up a bit. I'll have some good local Chicago beers plus the Beer In Front is Triple Hop'd Lager from Bitburger and Sierra Nevada. Oh, and you didn't think I was going to let Demon Semen get in the news undetected.  --- Support this podcast:
This week I have a Pizza Port Permanent Vacay as my Beer In Front. Have some other good beer plus I'll annoy both political parties by calling them a Jagoff.  --- Support this podcast:
This week my Beer In Front is Revolution's version of Black Is Beautiful, blind taste 4 lo-cal IPA's and discuss our new dog!  --- Support this podcast:
Episode 18 - DFH90

Episode 18 - DFH90


This week, the Beer In Front is the fantastic Dogfish Head 90 Minute IPA.  I'll have some Chicago beers from Pipeworks, Hop Butcher, Hopewell and 5 Rabbit plus did you know, Beyonce isn't Black? According to the Jagoff of the Week, she's Italian! We're all surrounded by idiots!  --- Support this podcast:
This week I'll have an Arrogant Bastard, a few local beers and say something nice about people. Don't worry, I'm still angry at the end!  @arrogantbastard @18thStreetBrew @RiverlandsBrew --- Support this podcast:
This week, I'll have a Zombie Dust as my B.I.F. plus also taste some hard seltzers.  --- Support this podcast:
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