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Episode 80: Baron Brewing // Join me for a chat with Jack Baron of Baron Brewing, based in Hertfordshire. We talk about how Jack got into brewing, the pros and cons of his location, branding, and much more. I also tell you all about my night at the British Guild of Beer Writers Awards dinner last week! LINKS Baron Brewing - website / Twitter / Instagram Buy David Jesudason's Desi Pubs book Speakpipe - leave me a message for the Christmas episode!
Episode 79: Mysterious Brewing Co // In this episode, I welcome Ken and Adam from Mysterious Brewing Co. We talk all about their brewery, their Homebrewing backgrounds, picking Spruce tips in Scotland, taking Mysterious out to the customers, and a lot more. I also speak with Eric Abbott from Lallemand about yeast. Plus there's a round-up of two beer launch events - Siren's CCC and Elusive's Collabageddon. LINKS Mysterious Brewing - website / Twitter / Instagram / Ken / Adam Lallemand - website / Twitter / Email Eric - Siren CCC - website / Mother Kelly's Vauxhall Elusive Collabageddon - blog / Kill the Cat SEND ME A SPEAKPIPE MESSAGE
Episode 78: Lakedown Brewing Co // In this episode I talk with Clark Coslett-Hughes, the Head Brewer of East Sussex based brewery Lakedown. I also talk with Inga Ziemele, the talented illustrator responsible for all of the can art, website art and taproom mural of East London's Exale Brewery. Plus news of my tour at Long Man Brewery. There's also a Speakpipe message! Why not send me one ... CLICK HERE to send me a Speakpipe message. LINKS Lakedown Brewery - website / Twitter / Instagram Inga Ziemele - website / Twitter / Instagram Long Man Brewery - tour bookings Exale Brewery
Episode 77: The Kernel // In this episode I headed down to The Kernel Arch 7 Taproom in Bermondsey to talk with Evin O'Riordain about the brewery and his role in being a craft beer pioneer. I also talk with Mars Pascale about her role in being a Bar Manager/Beer Slinger for Red Hand in Dalston, East London. Plus, there's a message/question left for me on Speakpipe! If you want to leave a message, just go to LINKS: The Kernel - website / Twitter / Instagram Mars Pascale - Twitter / Instagram / Red Hand London
Episode 76: Track Brewing Co with special guest co-host Matt Curtis // In this Manchester-centric episode, I speak with Stefan Melbourne from Manchester's Track Brewing Co. Joining me to co-host and also talk about his new book - Manchester's Best Beer Pubs and Bars - is Matt Curtis. LEAVE ME A MESSAGE ON SPEAKPIPE!⁠ LINKS: Track - website / Twitter / Instagram Matt Curtis - Twitter / Instagram / Book Podcasts: The Thirst Time / Pellicle / Same Again?
Episode 75 - Five Points Brewing Co // I'm back from the summer break with a brand new epsiode featuring Greg Hobbs from Five Points Brewing Co in East London. Greg and I discuss the brewery, celebrating their 10th anniversary this year, and their beers including Five Points Best. Also, in the first of a new feature about people working in other parts of the beer industry, I chat with Colin Gilham who is a tour host for both Long Man Brewery and Hukins Hops. Why not leave me a message with your thoughts on the podcast, the Iconic Beers series or perhaps you want to just let me know what beers you've been enjoying recently. Just go to Speakpipe and send me a message!⁠ LINKS Five Points Brewing Co - Website / X / Instagram Colin Gilham Long Man Brewery tour bookings Hukins Hops tour booking
Iconic Beers - Episode 6 - Wiper and True Milk Shake // In the final episode of Season 1, I talk with Michael Wiper of Wiper and True about his brewery's Milk Shake. I get the lowdown on the beer and how it is brewed, then get some opinion from Jules Gray and Colin Gilham. Then its time to open up a can and drink it myself! Let me know what you thought of the series by leaving me a message on Speakpipe -
Iconic Beers - DEYA Steady Rolling Man // In the penultimate episode of Season 1, we focus on DEYA's 5.2% Pale Ale Steady Rolling Man. I speak to Cal Wickham from the brewery and get his insight on the beer itself, its history and how it has driven DEYA to the status they now hold. I also get opinion from Elusive's Andy Parker and Jonny Garrett from the Craft Beer Channel.
Iconic Beers - Elusive Brewing Oregon Trail // Episode 4 of the first series of Iconic Beers, brought to you in bite-sized chunks. This episode covers one of the finest West Coast IPAs available - Elusive Brewing's Oregon Trail. I talk to Elusive's owner and head brewer Andy Parker and ask him all about the beer. There's also input from Matt Chinnery and James Rushforth. The episode is rounded off with me cracking open a can of OT and telling you what I think.
Iconic Beers - Thornbridge Jaipur // Continuing the first series of iconic craft beers, we reach the mid-way point of the series and turn to a beer that is 18 years old, but still up there with today's best IPAs - Thornbridge Jaipur. In order to find out about this beer, I chatted with Thornbridge's Dom Metcalfe, as well as Beer Writer Adrian Tierney-Jones and writer/bottle shop owner Jules Gray. Grab yourself a can/bottle/cask pint of the beer (any other beer will be fine too) and click play!
Iconic Beers - Five Points Brewing Railway Porter // The second iconic beer in the series takes a dark turn - Railway Porter. To help me find out all about this beer, I speak with ⁠Five Points⁠ co-founder and Director of Brewing Greg Hobbs plus get some opinion on the beer from ⁠Matt Chinnery⁠ and ⁠James Rushforth⁠. Then I pop the top of an aged bottle of Railway Porter and enjoy! Check out Episode 1 - Keller Pils - if you haven't heard that yet, and Episode 3 will be with you this time next week!
Iconic Beers - Lost and Grounded Keller Pils // In the first episode of a brand new mini-series where I focus on one iconic beer in each episode, I shine the light on Lost and Grounded Keller Pils thanks to input from Alex Troncoso, Adrian Tierney-Jones and Andy Parker. Next week - Five Points Railway Porter
Episode 74: 3rd Birthday episode | Sadly my brewery guest was unable to record, so I thought I'd publish a Zoom link on Twitter and invite anybody along who'd like to chat about beer. Perhaps not the cleverest idea - that attracted a few "mooners" and somebody who was just about to say something awful before I managed to boot them out. On the good side though, Elusive Brewery's main man, Andy Parker, took pity on me and joined the call to save the day! So I had a great chat with Andy - not just about his brewery and beers, but also other topics in beer. Plus, later in the call we are joined by Chris, who thankfully wanted to talk beer too! I'll be taking a summer break and Beer Prime will be back in September. In the meantime, I will be putting out a series of short episodes, each about an Iconic Beer.
Episode 73 - Torrside Brewing In this episode I speak with Chris Clough of Torrside Brewing in Derbyshire. We discuss their smoked beers and Imperial Stouts that they are known for, but also why those are only a fraction of what they brew. We talk style transgression, experimental ingredients, the incredible bottle art from Emma Sidwell and the local Swizzles factory. Plus, of course, much more - including Dogs of War and Cats of Chaos! I also play some audio from my recent beer festival trip to Yorkshire, from Amityfest and Suds with Buds! LINKS Torrside - website / Twitter / Instagram Chris Clough - Twitter Emma Sidwell - Twitter / Etsy Shop
Episode 72 - UnBarred with Emma Inch | I follow up with Jordan Mower from UnBarred Brewery in Brighton (my guest in Episode 34, back in October 2021). This time I record with Jordan in the brewery, having "supervised" a brew day of Joosy! I welcome Emma Inch as my guest co-host and we also meet Jane Peyton, the brains behind Beer Day Britain (every year on 15th June - the very day we recorded). You can also hear snippets from the brew day, with UnBarred's Russ and Gary. There's also a Speakpipe message from Indie Rabble's Dave Hayward! Its a long one, so here's an index in case you want to jump to a particular part: INDEX: 0:04:52 Brewing Joosy 0:17:40 Jordan and Emma 01:31:44 Emma 01:44:20 Jane Peyton - Beer Day Britain LINKS: UnBarred Emma Inch Beer Day Britain Speakpipe - leave me a message!
Episode 71: Wiper and True | In this episode I speak with Michael Wiper, co-founder of Bristol's Wiper and True, who are celebrating their 10th birthday this year. We discuss their cuckoo brewing start, their recent move to a larger facility, their 6 birthday beer collaborations and much more. News covers the closure of Thirst Class Ales in Stockport and Siren's JD taking on the ENDURE 24-hour race all by himself! Plus, there's a message left on Speakpipe from Simon Webster, co-host of CAMRA's Pubs, Pints, People podcast. If YOU would like to leave a message on Speakpipe, then go here -
Episode 70: Siren Craft Brew - 10th Anniversary Special | To celebrate Siren's 10th Anniversary, I speak with founder Darron Anley about the 10 year journey he's been on with the great team at the brewery - past and present. There are also some special messages left for Siren! If you want to leave a message for me, head to News stories feature Middle Child, Moonwake and Elusive Brewing. LINKS Siren Craft Brew - Website / Twitter / Instagram Middle Child - Website / Twitter / Instagram Moonwake - Website / Twitter / Instagram Elusive Brewing - Website / Twitter / Instagram Mysterious Brewing - Website / Twitter / Instagram
Episode 69: Jawbone Brewing | In this episode, my guest is Ben Hughes, owner, brewer, packager and taproom barman at Jawbone Brewing, located in the affluent Strawberry Hill area of South West London, close to Twickenham. We talk about their start-up in the pandemic, getting all of the brew kit in with the boatyard's trusty forklift, planning a small footprint for the brew house, plus much more. NEWS features talk of more breweries potentially entering Administration and what that means; upcoming beer festivals from the likes of Beak Brewery, London Brewers Alliance, Fyne Ales and Elusive Brewing; Elusive's birthday competiton - both last year's and this year's. Plus there's another message left by Ivan on my Speakpipe. Why not leave one yourself? You can do so at Links Jawbone - Website / Twitter / Insta Sponsor - White Ribbon UK
Episode 68: Indie Rabble Brewing Co | In the latest Beer Prime episode, I welcome Dave Hayward who is the co-owner of Indie Rabble, the brewery so new that they haven't even moved into their brewery yet, or have a brew kit! Find out about everything they are doing pre-start up and what is in store for us beer fans once they are up and running. If you would like to let me know your thoughts on the podcast or to talk about anything else beer related, you can leave me a message on my new Speakpipe account right HERE. Just like Ivan, who messaged me to tell me what beers he likes to drink at this time of year. LINKS: Dave Hayward: Twitter / Insta Indie Rabble: Twitter / Insta / Website A Hoppy Place: Twitter / Insta / Website Sponsor: White Ribbon UK
Episode 67 - Moonwake Beer Co | In this episode I speak with Sarah Sinclair and Vinny Rosario from Moonwake Beer Co. Established in 2021, they are part of the burgeoning Leith beer scene. Join us for chat about starting up in the middle of the pandemic, the long wait for their brew kit - which could have been much longer - and why they prefer to name their beers for the style and not with an elaborate "in-joke" name. Plus much more of course! Links: Moonwake - website / Twitter / Instagram Sarah Sinclair - Twitter / Instagram Vinny Rosario - Twitter
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