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Every Tuesday at 5:00 PM EST, New York City publican Jimmy Carbone plays host to an audio ale salon celebrating the world of craft beer. Through discussions with beer industry insiders and knowledgeable beer fans from across the country, Jimmy and his friends explore every aspect of the brewer's craft from grains to pint glass and tasting to toasting. Beer Sessions Radio is sponsored by, your online source for craft beer information, and supported by The Good Beer Seal, an association of independently owned and operated bars in New York City that serve, promote and support good craft beer.
503 Episodes
This week, Jimmy talks all things cider with Ron Sansone of Spoke + Spy Ciderworks; Gidon Coll of Original Sin Cider; Paige Flori of Boutique Wines, Spirits and Cider; Tyler Graham of Kings Highway; Petra Paredez of Petee's Pie; and apple photographer William Mullan. Hear them discuss the market for single varietal ciders, the unidentified apple varieties living in the Hudson Valley, and the founding fathers' love of cider.Beer List:Original Sin's Fuji Unfiltered CiderOriginal Sin's McIntosh Unfiltered CiderPine Hill Orchard's Redfield CiderSpoke + Spy's Kingston Black CiderKings Highway's Wickson CiderBeer Sessions Radio is powered by Simplecast. 
Jimmy sits with visiting guests 2 days before the 10th annual Pig Island NYC event in red hook, brooklyn. He is joined by Heritage pig farmer Tank Jackson, from Holy City Hogs; Phil Wingo, from Pork Mafia; & Mauro Chiefari, the reigning brisket king of NYC, from Juicy Lucy BBQ in Staten Island. Together they discuss how BBQ is collaborative and how low and slow wood smoking is like baking. Plus, Heritage Pigs.Beer Sessions Radio is powered by Simplecast.  
Episode 501: Festival Time

Episode 501: Festival Time


In a crowded studio, Jimmy talks about the Shelton Brothers' upcoming festival in Buffalo, NY with Joel Shelton and BR Royla of Shelton Brothers, Peeter Keek of Põhjala Brewery, Bobby Carlo of Barrier Brewing Company, Yvan De Baets of Brasserie De La Senne, and Jamie Cruickshank of Naparbier. Hear them discuss the brewing culture in Belgium, Estonia, and Spain; what The Festival means to them; and treating yeast as human being.Beer List:Põhjala and To Øl's TaanilinnPõhjala's TormBarrier Brewing Company's New England India Pale AleBarrier Brewing Company's Kickin' Knowledge PumpkinPõhjala, To Øl, Taanilinn, Torm, Barrier Brewing Company, New England India Pale Ale, Kickin' Knowledge Pumpkin, Kickin' Knowledge, Shelton Brothers, Brasserie De La Senne, Naparbier, The Festival, Joel Shelton, Peeter Keek, Bobby Carlo, Yvan De Baets, Jamie Cruickshank, Belgian stouts, Tallinn, Estonia, Belgium, Brussels, Spain, Buffalo, Yeast, Jimmy Carbone, Beer Sessions Radio. Beer Sessions Radio is powered by Simplecast.
For the 500th episode of Beer Sessions, Jimmy discusses the business of food and beverage with Matt Archambault of Fifth Hammer Brewing and Brewed in New York, brothers Danny and Luke Bruckert of Groundlings Pizza, and Shinobu Kato of Kato Sake Works. Hear them talk about pairing food with beer and sake, how the food truck culture in New York compares to Portland, and the state of sake in America.Beer List:Kato Sake Works' Pilot Batch 60% CalroseFifth Hammer Brewing Company's Sonic ArchitectureSixpoint Brewery's SpritzerBeer Sessions Radio  is powered by Simplecast. 
This week, Jimmy talks homebrewing with Jeff Lyons of Keg & Lantern Brewing, Brett Taylor of Wild East Brewing, and John Lapolla of Bitter and Esters. Hear their thoughts on what makes the homebrewing scene in New York City different, how homebrew shops have changed over time, and the best way to talk to a homebrewer when you don't like their beer.Beer List:Keg & Lantern's The Other Way of StoppingKeg & Lantern's Saphir PilsHornindal CitraHomebrewing, Jeff Lyons, Brett Taylor, John Lapolla, Bitter and Esters, Wild East Brewing, Keg & Lantern, The Other Way of Stopping, Saphir Pils, Hornindal Citra, Jimmy Carbone, Beer Sessions RadioBeer Sessions Radio is powered by Simplecast.
Episode 498: Made in Mexico

Episode 498: Made in Mexico


On the heels of the tenth annual Pig Island Festival, Jimmy sits down with chefs Danny Mena of La Lonchería and Cenobio Canalizo of Morgan’s Brooklyn Barbecue, and spirits importer Arik Torren of Fidencio Mezcal. They talk about what inspired their Pig Island dishes, Danny’s new book, Made in Mexico: The Cookbook, the challenges of importing authentic Mexican ingredients, the unique subtleties of Mexico City’s cuisine unique among Mexican food, and how different agave varietals and different regional origins create unique mezcal flavors.Beer List:KCBC’s #PizzaGate2 Margherita’s Revenge, Rice LagerLa Venenosa’s Raicilla Sierra del Tigre de Jalisco, a mezcal from JaliscoSotol La Higuera MezcalTags:KCBC, La Loncheria, Morgan’s Brooklyn Barbecue, Fidencio Spirits, Danny Mena, Cenobio Canalizo, Mezcal, Arik Torren, Roberta’s, PizzaGate2 Margherita’s Revenge, Rice Lager, Pig Island NYC, Mexico, Mexican Food, Jimmy Carbone, Beer Sessions RadioBeer Sessions Radio is powered by Simplecast.
Long Island City is home to six breweries, all in a two-mile radius. Five of them joined Jimmy in the studio: Kaitlyn Acosta of LIC Beer Project, Pat Fondiller of Alewife Brewing, Mark Hirst of Big aLICe Brewing, Laszlo Fodor of ICONYC, and Matt Archambault of Fifth Hammer Brewing and the Emmy Award-winning TV series Brewed in New York. They shout out their fellow LIC brewery, Rockaway Brewing Company, talk about local yeast strains, and take Jimmy on a virtual tour of the trail, including tips on where to eat—and bowl—along the way.Beer List:Fifth Hammer’s Sonic Architecture IPABig aLICE’s Brunch Crusher Tangerine Pineapple SourICONYC’s Cucumber SaisonAlewife’s Dimensional Observer #2 IPAAlewife’s Alien Technology, Russian Imperial StoutLIC Beer Project’s Back Back to Cali IPALIC Beer Project’s Radiant Peach Vanilla SourBeer Sessions Radio is powered by Simplecast.
Sara Hagerty of Origin Malt in Columbus, Ohio and Ivan Dedek of LIC Beer Project join Jimmy to talk about the annual Beers With(out) Beards event, LIC Beer Project’s American craft lager made with Origin’s two-row barley malt, how specialty crops like barley can revive agricultural communities, and why they predict that beer lovers will one day say “I can’t wait for Marden season!”Beer Sessions Radio is powered by Simplecast.
The day after the 9th Annual NYC Brewers Choice, a.k.a. the Slow Grains edition, Jimmy sat down with some of the Northeast’s leaders in the regional grain market. Maltster Andrea Stanley of Valley Malt, June Russell of GrowNYC Grains, Barry Labendz of working-farm brewery Kent Falls, and Evan Watson of Plan Bee Farm Brewery tell the backstory on reviving regional grains in the Northeast with malt and beer, their work getting regional malt into New York City-area breweries, and the power of integrating grains into our understanding of a local food system.Beer List:Kent Falls Brewing’s The Hollow, Pilsner made with Endeavor barley from Valley MaltBeer Sessions Radio is powered by Simplecast.
Jimmy’s got a full studio, with seven guests from across New York City’s craft beer scene: Mickey Alexander of Taproom 307, Kaitlyn LeLoup of Interboro, Chris Maestro of Bier Wax, Alex Munoz of Harlem Hops, Matt Negron of Uptown Beer Society, Juan Perez of Bar 180 and Bar 177, and Joel Suarez of The Sampler. They talk with Jimmy about Not My Pres, the third in their Pres series collaboration, which brings the flavors of popular beers like Presidente and Dos Equis to local craft beer. They talk about how they started collaborating to make beer celebrating the flavors of popular Carribbean beers, working with bars and businesses owned and run by people of color, the value of good beer bars and shops, and reclaiming fruits like guava, chinola, and tamarind.Beer List:Interboro’s Not My Pres LagerInterboro Premiere IPABeer Sessions Radio is powered by Simplecast.
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