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Behind The Scenes at O.C.C.
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Behind The Scenes at O.C.C.

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A Behind the Scenes visit with the crew of the TV Show that built iconic Orange County Choppers. Each episode features Paul Sr. and various cast members as they share many never before told stories.
39 Episodes
Chris Stephens of Discovery's Garage Rehab stops by to talk shop with Paul, Joan and the OCC crew, followed by 2 of Paul's biggest fans...from coast-to-coast!
Paul and Joan talk their latest venture with Phat Scooter projects. Jason joins in and story time begins with some of the better Paul Sr. and Joan moments.
Paul and the OCC crew share new projects then Paul pivots to perilous adventures and sums up with believe it or leave it in South America.
Joan and Paul tell all on the most memorable meal in New York. OCC Headquarters is slowly coming back to life, a new premiere date has been set for Chopper TV and watch that oil level!
Paul joins the crew from the Florida farm and talks real snakes, people snakes, and a few other great stories as Joan and the OCC crew reminisce from upstate NY.
The Chopper Reunion Episode is postponed as Paul Joan and the OCC crew respectfully step aside to allow the events of the times to take front stage. Joan and Paul reveal more about the new OCC South location and share observations on today and tomorrow.
The OCC Crew reflects on the life changing impact of the death of George Floyd, and the lessons of Dr. Martin Luther King. The mood changes as Joan and Paul share the experience of moving furniture with a special meaning to the Florida Farmhouse...OCC style.
Reunion Review-Preview

Reunion Review-Preview


Paul and Joan work with law enforcement to pursue the perps who abused puppies in upstate N.Y. Then the OCC crew joins in with a preview and review of the upcoming Chopper Reunion Episode with Paulie.
As Paul cleans up the shop to pass the time during the Coronavirus lockdown, the OCC crew relives the Russell Crowe bike build and their travels to Australia.
The OCC crew welcomes Paul's sister as she visits the Florida Farm and story time begins....
OCC Crew to the Rescue

OCC Crew to the Rescue


Joan and Paul share the part of the OCC culture you don’t often see on TV-Animal Rescue. The coronavirus pandemic hasn’t slowed the abuse. Paul, Joan and crew share their experience with a rescue. Then the mood lifts as Dodge ball with Paul and his sister’s visit help get stories rolling.
EVERYONE has something to say about more time at home away from the daily craziness of OCC. Lots of Family talk in this episode. Joannie’s Grandpa is on the loose, Paul is teledocking and Jason is still trying to show his kids who’s boss!
The OCC crew is on the phone…with World Champion motorcycle ice racer Anthony Bulldog Barlow. He don’t need no stinkin’ brakes, and has the broken bones to prove it! Get ready to enjoy and get your mind away from the daily disruption of Coronavirus craziness.
With Paul Sr. in Florida, Jason at home with his kids and Joan holding down the fort at OCC headquarters, the crew shares the impact of the Covid-19 epidemic on the OCC family. Jason salutes his wife's bravery as he becomes the model stay at home dad, while Paul learns the laundry machine in Florida.
Gilbert Gottfried unplugs and gets down with Paul Sr. and the OCC crew, then it's all about family friendly with Bill Sims.
Paul and the OCC crew review his drunk football craziness, building the Special Olympics torch, the upcoming 2 Hour special and of course random story time....
Follow The Money Bike

Follow The Money Bike


After recapping the latest unveil, Paul and the OCC crew welcome three time bike build fan Alan Brownfeld in a freewheeling recap of the world famous Money Bike.
Paul and Joan call in from their Florida Farm with storytime.
A little story time, then Paul and the OCC crew talk Cars for Stars with Ed Golden of Golden Customs...and a little more story time.
Paul and the crew share the vibe of working with Paulie-again.
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