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Being in a Band is a podcast for savvy musicians who want to learn more about music business, marketing, strategy, mindset and all things, well, being in a band. Hosted by digital marketer, music journo and musician, Monica Strut, this show is designed to be a resource for bands to up-skill, empower themselves and take their music careers to the next level.
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Mental health is a very important topic within the music industry right now. I’m glad more and more people are talking about it. Attitudes are certainly different nowadays than they were a few years ago.The latest podcast episode is a personal one for me. I also share some tips I recommend for musicians to take care of their own wellbeing and mindset.They are: 1) Morning Pages, 2) Gratitude, 3) Exercise, 4) Forgiveness, 5) Celebration list! Full show notes at me know if you find it helpful by DM-ing me on my socials!If you want to work with me in a life-coaching capacity, struggling to manage your day job, the band and being creative or feeling less motivated these days when it comes to music, hit me up. Follow my socials - @monicastrut for more music industry tips!
I cannot hide my excitement to bring you this interview with one of my favourite bands and favourite examples to use when talking about branding & release strategy! In this episode, I'm chatting to Courtney LaPlante and Mike Stringer from metal band, Spiritbox.  Of course, we talk all about their branding and release strategy (and how they achieved epic results on a budget), but we also touch on songwriting, working with a producer and more!  Follow Spiritbox on Facebook - show notes at!
In this episode, I talk about the dangers of signing to the first label that approaches you.  Both my current and previous bands have been approached by labels, some more legitimate than others.  Although so far we have not moved ahead with a relationship with any label, for a moment in some instances, it was very tempting!If you like this episode please subscribe, follow me on my socials - @monicastrut - and join my free Facebook Group, Music Marketing & Mindset for Heavy Bands/Musicians.
What to do and not do when pitching for press coverage of your band with Greg Kennelty of Metal Injection! We talk about how to pitch, the information you need to include, when and how to follow up, how to forge relationships within the music industry and more!  Full show notes at't forget to subscribe and you can join my free Facebook Group Music Marketing & Mindset for Heavy Bands/Musicians!All my socials are @monicastrut :)
Today I rant about professionalism and being self-reliant in the music industry. Don't forget to subscribe lol!
What happens when all your dreams come true?  Lindsay and I talk about manifestation and the fact that every single item on her vision board has happened. We also talk about the power of the stage name and get an update on her solo album release which she did on her own label.This episode was recorded end of last year, 3 weeks after her debut solo record, Martyr, dropped.Don't forget to subscribe and share this pod with your bandmates!
Planning the year ahead as a band is so important. Not only does it give you milestones to look forward to, but ensures everyone is on the same page and held accountable so your band moves forward at the rate you want it to! In this episode, I break down the easiest method for planning your band's year ahead to make sure you are working effectively towards the goals you want to achieve!Project management tool I'm using: app.asana.comJoin the Music Marketing & Mindset Facebook Group  Full show notes at
Does your band want a manager? Then this episode is for you! Today, I speak with Rob Blasko. Not only is he a successful bassist playing with none other than Ozzy Osbourne, Danzig, Rob Zombie and more, but also a successful band manager of the likes of Zakk Wylde and Black Veil Brides to name a few!We chat about what he's looking for when bringing on new artists, how bands know when they need a manager, what to do when you have more than one manager interested in you and what to expect when you get one!Banderator - banderator.comShow Notes -'t forget to subscribe! x
So, your band has just scored your first big support slot! Here are 10 ways you can capitalise on the opportunity, so you can ensure you get plenty more!Come connect with me on Instagram and don't forget to subscribe to the pod so you don't miss an upload!
In this episode, I team up with owner of Melbourne's Marshall Street Studios, Bennett Ferguson, to answer your questions! And let me tell you, they were GOOD!We talk about how to book a tour outside your hometown, how to build an epic release strategy, balancing your personal brand as an artist and professional working in the industry, finding a mastering engineer that suits your band, how to approach studio time and much more!This audio was taken from a recent Facebook live in the Music Marketing & Mindset Facebook Group! So make sure you join the community for exclusive content like this!> Register your interest for the Band Accelerator < 
Should your band switch to a Creator account on Instagram? Or should you have a Business or even a Personal account instead?In this episode, I reveal why I've switched my band's profile and my own profile over to a Creator account, what some of the features are and some ideas on how musicians and bands can best take advantage of them!Don't forget to subscribe and feel free to add me on Twitter & Instagram!Join my free Facebook Group Music Marketing & Mindset for Heavy Bands/Musicians.
Today I am speaking with A&R rep, marketing consultant, and all-round legend, Matt Bacon. Starting out at 14 years old as a music journalist, he now consults with record labels such as Ripple Music, Prophecy Productions, Blacklight Media and Artoffact Records as well as Plastic Head and Your Mate Bookings.He also runs Dropout media which helps up and coming heavy bands with their marketing and business strategy. In this episode we not only talk about getting signed but also about social media, how to get people to shows, setting goals for 2020 and more!Matt is a straight-shooting New Yorker so you're going to learn a LOT from this episode and no doubt it'll light a fire under your ass to make the most out of the year to come! Make sure you follow him on socials (@mattbacon666) as he shares music industry and marketing tips daily. Also sub to his podcast, the Dumb & Dumbest podcast!To connect with and work with Matt, head to dropoutmedia.netDon't forget to subscribe and leave me a review - there's lots more episodes like this one coming in 2020!For more tips and to connect with me:Join my free Facebook Group - Music Marketing & Mindset for Heavy Bands/MusiciansFollow me on - Instagram - Twitter - Facebook 
Super fun episode with lots of laughs with the Marshall Street Studios crew. This recording was actually taken from their podcast where we talk about my journey when bands should release an album, social media marketing, one of my biggest regrets as a musician, dealing with lineup changes and more.I called it "Biggest Lessons from Music this Decade" because we really do cover a lot of my story and lessons from the past 10 years.  I hope you enjoy it!Make sure you find the Marshall Street Podcast on your fav podcast app and subscribe and if you want to see our beautiful faces head to YouTube and you'll find the video recording of the episode there.Full show notes at Don't forget to subscribe!Follow me on InstagramJoin the free Music Marketing & Mindset Facebook Group for Heavy Bands/Musicians
Super pumped to bring you this episode with Jayson Evans - Music marketer, musician, producer, podcaster and more!  This episode covers so many topics from music marketing, how to deal with musician burnout and dealing with online trolls!Jayson has a wealth of knowledge to share.  Not only is he utterly obsessed with music, psychology, and marketing, but his old band was signed to a label, he ran his own label for a while and has worked as a producer and mentor to musicians of all genres for years!  You're going to love this episode! Make sure to follow us both on Insta below! Follow Jayson on InstagramFollow me on InstagramFull show notes at
Yes, music college taught me more about my instrument (bass and vocals) but in terms of business stuff, honestly, it wasn't super applicable to being a musician in what was fast becoming a very different type of music industry.  But here are 5 unexpected lessons music college DID teach me! 
"Can I pick your brain?"  It's a question that is scary to many peeps in the industry, especially if you are a consultant and normally charge people for access to your brain.  But there is a right way to do it and this is what rock/metal publicist and I are going to talk about in this episode!Get the free Spotify Playlists cheatsheet /View full show notes here:
Stream/watch 'Like a Ghost' by my band, The Last Martyr, here: week I'm chatting with Bennett Ferguson who runs Marshall Street Recording & Rehearsal Studios here in Melbourne, Australia. We talk about how he documented the studio build on Instagram and one of the engineers, Stu Watts also pops into the podcast to give bands advice on how to create their own home recording setup on a budget.  We also touch on social media as Bennett is also a social media marketer for the music industry.  Get amongst it!Full show notes at
I'm so excited to bring to you one of my favourite interviews EVER so far with Lindsay Schoolcraft who is not only the keyboardist/backing vocalist in Cradle of Filth but has just released her debut solo record, Martyr, which is out now on all platforms.We talk about resilience, being your own record label, music marketing, investing in yourself and never letting others' opinions hold you back.  What a powerful chat - all my key takeaways as well as links to Martyr + Lindsay's social media can be found right here -
Curtis Dewar of Dewar PR and I break down the ins and outs of PR.  How to get the most from your campaign, whether to hire a pro or DIY, should you even bother with it?> Dumb & Dumbest Podcast> Curtis on IG> My PR Course - PR Made Simple: How to DIY Your Campaign
In this ep. I go into detail about why randomly DM-ing people on social media with links to your music and events simply does not work (and what you need to do instead)!> Follow me on IG> Info on Band Consulting> Music Marketing & Mindset FB Group
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