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Being Who You Are

Author: Naomi Simpson

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"To thine own self be true." My dad used to say this to me all of the time, and it is something which has been so resonant for me for the past couple of years. Through interviews with regular folks, I explore what being true to yourself means for other people, how they live this and how this creates a ripple effect in their lives and communities. When we live true to ourselves, we have meaningful impact in the lives of those around us and that is how the world changes. Grassroots human evolution.
7 Episodes
In this episode, I speak with Cynthia MacLachlan, a retired Teacher and Child Services Representative.  A passionate animal and nature lover, Cynthia followed her heart to find her calling as an Equine Therapist specializing in Massage Therapy, Red Light Therapy and Raindrop Therapy.  She lives at Notting Hill Farm with her husband, mom and their fur family, which consists of one dog, five horses and two cats.  If you’d like to learn more about Cynthia’s Equine Therapy services, please email her at
In this episode, I am joined in conversation by Edie Gudaitis, a certified Yoga + Meditation Instructor and Mindfulness Coach.  We explore Edie's journey through grief into healing, and learn how following the wisdom of her heart and her body led her away from the corporate grind into a more resonant expression of her true self. Through her wellness offerings, Edie helps individuals and organizations reduce stress and prevent burnout by helping them cultivate greater self-awareness, resilience and compassion in their lives. Having worked in the Corporate world and hit burnout firsthand, Edie’s main focus is Employee Wellness; helping clients feel grounded, present and more relaxed. Over the past 5 years Edie has navigated immense life change and significant loss.  Edie continues to turn hardship into beauty as she stays committed to her truth. Edie has a BA from the University of British Columbia and a post-graduate certificate from British Columbia Institute of Technology. Outside of Yoga + Mindfulness, Edie loves to dance, hike, ski, travel, be in nature, read + write.  Edie can be found online at HOME - EDIE GUDAITIS WELLNESS
Dave Huff is a Body Talk Practitioner, former corporate executive and has been active formally in the healing world for over 17 years. In addition to his clinical practice, Dave teaches a self-care class called Body Talk Access and is actively involved with the International Body Talk Association.  His truth is every thought, emotion, event and interaction you have experienced in this life, and past lives, is contributing to your current state of health.You can connect with Dave at David Huff (
Kimberly McGrath is an astrologer, tarot reader, intuitive healer, shaman, artist, writer and amazing content creator.  She comes from a long line of intuitives and explored her divinatory gifts from an early age. Kim offers consultations in person and online and combines several modalities to help clients understand their strengths, opportunities and how the Universe is supporting them and challenging them to grow.  Her clear communication style and pragmatic, yet compassionate approach make her a pleasure to work with.  Kim shares her wisdom and insight generously online; you can find her work at Expressions of the Universe – Inspirational Insights & Information
Colleen Williams is a dynamic and inspiring woman who offers a unique and insightful perspective on life.  A former teacher, Colleen is now an actor, a director, an artist, a poet, a mother, partner and grandmother.  We met over a decade ago through a local book club, and then collaborated as part of a play reading series which Colleen introduced to our community in concert with our local public library.  Join us in Colleen's lovely backyard, as we sit amongst the birds and discuss what it means to live in integrity and how the past year of living through the Covid 19 pandemic has challenged our ability to live true to ourselves.
My conversation this week is with psychotherapist, coach and sound and energy healer, Maria Galle.  I first met Maria Galle while studying at Toronto's Transformational Arts College, where she is an instructor.  Maria approaches her life and her craft in a heart-centered, compassionate manner, enabling others to have the courage to do the same.  I hope that you find our exchange as inspiring and liberating as I did!
Welcome to Being Who You Are - The Podcast!In this episode, I introduce the podcast and give you an idea of what I am hoping to create through this project.  Together, we will explore living in integrity and the ways this serves our families, friends, communities and ultimately, ourselves.Thank you for embarking on this journey with me!
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