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Author: Bella

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This is where I share about my musings, inspiration, venting (at times), things I love, travel, music I’m into, movies/books/tv shows, my blog & everything else in between. Happy girls are the prettiest. πŸ’‹βœŒπŸ½
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Finally got my first guest, Naomi, on my podcast today! This wasn’t like a structured podcast, we just went with the flow :)
Late Night TalkπŸŒ›

Late Night TalkπŸŒ›


Sometimes a girl wants to ramble about everything & nothing at all πŸ’•
Silence is deadly πŸ€”

Silence is deadly πŸ€”


These quotes I read really inspired me to vent about something’s that I’ve also been thinking about & letting that shit go!
Found an old ass letter in my email last night, so let’s discuss it 😏
Getting ready this morning on my way to my new job I’m starting today! Happy Tuesday!
The fourth episode recap of the girls dating guys in their twenties! Will they keep at it or give up?
In the 3rd episode, Carrie is feeling outcasted by married folks. Also, her friends share their views on how married people treat them.
Are modelizers worse than womanizers? Carrie writes her thoughts about it and does some fun research.
Today let’s talk about past flings starting with a dating guru I dated who still doesn’t know how to treat women right! What a joke πŸ˜‚
Introducing a new series on my podcast where we talk about sex! Kicking things off by recapping episodes from SATC.
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