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Born out of a desire to highlight the diversity within the NY Bengali community & to dispel stereotypes and misconceptions; one story at a time. Support this podcast:
20 Episodes
Episode 20 - Interview with TK Kader an entrepreneur, international best-selling author, and angel investor. --- Support this podcast:
Episode 19 - Interview with a talented Bengali artist and performer whose work can currently be seen in the ABXY gallery in the LES, Zeehan Wazed. --- Support this podcast:
Episode 18 - Interview with physical fitness expert, Navid. Navid talks about how we can eat our Bengali food and get away with it and why “when you eat” is as important as “what you eat.” --- Support this podcast:
Episode 17 - Interview with Unsha, a nurse and mental health awareness advocate. Unsha speaks about the negative stigma on therapy in the Bengali community, effects of social media and her personal motivations for advocating mental health awareness. --- Support this podcast:
Interview with Mufazzal Hossain, who is running for District Leader in Assembly District 38 and is currently treasurer for the Queens County Young Democrats as well as treasurer for Brent O’leary, who is City Council candidate in council district 26. --- Support this podcast:
Episode 15 - Interview with Shompa, a Hilarious Bengali stand-up comedian, and video-producer/editor from Brooklyn. --- Support this podcast:
Episode 14 - Interview with The Science Teacher Rapper, Vlimpse, incredibly talented Bengali Hip Hop Artist from New Jersey. --- Support this podcast:
Episode 13 - Interview with Dr. Ivan Khan, the CEO of Khan’s Tutorials, one of the most important education focused organizations in New York and whose mission is to increase student test scores & educate for life. --- Support this podcast:
Episode 12 - Interview with Aria Mustary, the founder of the Mai Soli foundation. An organization that invests in the education, creativity, and entrepreneurial potential of young girls in developing countries. --- Support this podcast:
Episode 11 - Interview with Kensington-based activist Shahana Hanif - A community organizer, activist, a writer, a performance artist  all while living with a chronic illness. --- Support this podcast:
Episode 10 - BoNY celebrates its tenth episode by celebrating two energetic, intelligent and thoughtful young Bengalis making a name for themselves by doing for others. BoNY talks to Naurin, who sheds light on some of the many issues facing young girls in the Rohingya camps, and Kohen who talks about the mentoring non-profit he helped start. --- Support this podcast:
Episode 9 - Interview with musician, Muza. An incredibly talented singer and songwriter from New York. --- Support this podcast:
Episode 8 - Interview with Singer/Songwriter, Mati. A woman with a powerful voice and a story to match. --- Support this podcast:
Episode 7 - Interview with Bengali entrepreneur and founder of a new fashion Brand called Noya Jibon. --- Support this podcast:
Episode 6 - Interview with Bengali/Canadian Hip Hop Artist - Ariq Ullah. He’s a talented artist who also made our made podcast intro! --- Support this podcast:
The BoNY team speaks to Mo Khandaker, founder of “The Bangladesh Story”, that highlights key events in pre-partition Bangladesh to modern day. Very informative episode with our very first guest! You’ll be surprised at some of what you’ll learn. --- Support this podcast:
BengalisOfNewYork - Episode 4. The BoNY team discusses Bengali movies and natoks. Impress your parents by learning the names of classic Bengali natoks and yes, Bengali superman. Montreal Hip Hop Artist Ariqullah in the intro and outro. --- Support this podcast:
BengalisOfNewYork - Episode 3 - College or no College. Montreal Hip Hop Artist Ariqullah in the intro and outro. --- Support this podcast:
BengalisOfNewYork - Episode 2 - Visiting Bangladesh. Montreal Hip Hop artist Ariqullah in the intro and outro. --- Support this podcast:
Episode 1 - BoNY

Episode 1 - BoNY


BengalisOfNewYork - Episode 1 - Intro to BoNY. (We’ll get better!) Montreal Hip Hop artist Ariquallah in the intro and outro. --- Support this podcast:
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