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Born out of a desire to highlight the diversity within the NY Bengali community & to dispel stereotypes and misconceptions; one story at a time. Support this podcast:
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Rahsan Noor is a a Bengali- American actor with work also built in the filmmaking industry through directing. Today our conversation dives deep into the world of cinema and directing films as well as the difficulties behind pursuing a career in the acting industry.  --- Support this podcast:
From taking on television sets as early as 4 years old, Novera Rahman has been consistently making incredibly appearances everywhere from commercials to popular Bengali films such as "Rickshaw Girl" and "Ekatorrer Kudiraam". Today we discuss how Novera's relationship with acting began with her mother; who too was an actress, and her journey pursuing it.  --- Support this podcast:
It's time to address the exploitation of the Bangladeshi garment industry, on todays podcast you will get to understand the behind the scenes of fast fashion production and why it is time to #PayUp.  --- Support this podcast:
Religion - let’s talk about it. Listen to the diverse BoNY team talk about their experience and relationship with religion. --- Support this podcast:
Season 2 - Episode 23 - Conversation with Murgirdimm, the voice behind the humorous and creative characters made to highlight designated common experiences and tropes within the Bengali community. Through humor, Murgirdimm allows listeners to be able to take those certain sad truths within our community and turn it into something that can simply be laughed at. --- Support this podcast:
Season 2 - Episode 22 - Conversation with the Blindian Project to discuss imperative topics surrounding the Black Lives Matter movement and tackling anti-Blackness within the South Asian community.  --- Support this podcast:
Season 2 - Episode 21 - Conversation with Umama Kibria; Co-Founder and CEO of Sweatpack. Content creator for her extensive fitness journey through Instagram/Youtube, Umama is working to ensure others can feel empowered through fitness and can be inspired through her path as an extremely influential female leader in the recreational fitness industry.  --- Support this podcast:
Season 2 - Episode 20 - Conversation with Suswana Chowdhury; Multimedia Journalist and Filmmaker. Creator of various short films; the most recent being Dawat, in dedication to the Bengali culture and efforts made to bring to light crucial social issues. Suswana has involved herself in the making of an inclusive platform, made to educate and uplift others through the beauty of film and media.  --- Support this podcast:
Season 2 - Episode 19 - Conversation with Kamal Kaan, a previous consumer of the studies for Architecture at the University of Cambridge to rising star in the industry of acting and screenplay writing in the UK.  --- Support this podcast:
Season 2 - Episode 18 - Conversation with the Queer and Desi Community.  In order to round out Pride Month and bring necessary awareness to the South Asian queer and LGBTQ+ community this episode shares the stories of fellow South Asians who are making it a crucial fact that there must be more recognition for the LGBTQ+ and queer community ranging from social media spotlights all the way to inside our own households. This episode is also in celebration of the 5th anniversary of the US legalization on same-sex marriage nationwide, as well as the close 50th anniversary of the first Pride March.  --- Support this podcast:
Season 2 - Episode 17 -  Conversation with serial entrepreneur, Abdul Chowdhury Jami, Owner of Halalbee’s and Dynamics Tax and Accounting.  --- Support this podcast:
Season 2 - Episode 15 - Conversation with Roman Zelichenko, JD; serial startup founder and improv coach --- Support this podcast:
Season 2 - Episode 14 - Conversation with former Investment Banker turned real estate and startup investor ; Suhan Jay. He started off with no knowledge on investment banking, however with his background in classes regarding finance Suhan decided to take initiative and become an investment banker on Wall st. With his extensive works in building his own portfolio, he took his skills to Florida where he knew he could jumpstart his career in financial literacy and real estate. --- Support this podcast:
Season 2 - Episode 12 - Conversation with clinical psychologist and mental health expert turned into author and investor; Jasir Jilani. Through years of undergoing the struggles of medical school debt and enduring the hefty costs of college, Jasir takes the conversation for listeners to a new level by introducing financial literary skills and smart money making habits that can ensure an easier journey through the payments higher education can entail.  --- Support this podcast:
We’re called Bengalis of New York, but how well do we speak Bangla? The BoNY team put ourselves to the test and recorded it for you all to hear. On this episode of the BoNY podcast, the BoNY team attempts to only speak in Bangla! While answering some tough questions. --- Support this podcast:
Season 2 - Episode 10 - Conversation with Zubaida Khan, a Feminist derived from a background in the field of Mental Health with a drive to reroot traditional belief systems that hold down women from unlocking their fullest potentials. She is definite advocate for the equality of each and every human being with a stride to ensure no body is held stagnant due to societal gender roles and cultural double standards.  --- Support this podcast:
Conversation with Brent O'Leary, candidate for City Council, District 26 in Queens, New York. Brent is a life long resident of Queens and is also the founder of Hunters Point Civic Association. Brent advocates for better schools, public safety and quality of life issues and is against over-development. Brent left his career as an attorney to dedicate himself full time to public service. --- Support this podcast:
Conversation with Shaniyat Chowdhury, an activist and former member of the US Marine Corps, who is now running for Congress to represent NY-5 as a Democrat. His campaign has a direct focus and drive to fight for core issues such as environmental justice and housing rights, with a motivation to ensure every voice is heard and not just of those who have money or status.  --- Support this podcast:
Candidate for Tennessee State house; District 15, Ovi Kabir pushes for a future that cares about each and every individual deserving to obtain the same rights as those around them. --- Support this podcast:
Season 2 - Episode 5 - Conversation with Moumita Ahmed, an activist and community organizer who is Running for district leader in AD 24 in Queens. She is also co-founder of a New Reformers PAC that aims to give more Queens residents a shot at Democratic Party positions as well as a founding member of Bangladeshi Americans for Political Progress - BAPP. --- Support this podcast:
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