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We take you behind police lines. Former FBI profiler Jim Clemente & former federal prosecutor Francey Hakes get unparalleled access to law enforcement officers, looking back at their most memorable cases – for better or for worse.
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Amber Claypool

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Aug 17th

Vincent Ruiz

How is the cop that fell off of the curb not liable? If a civilian shoot unarmed man, even if he thinks he the other person does not have a gun, you are going to prison! Why is the burton of proof for police not the same for civilians?

Aug 1st

Tor C

Clemente and Hakes seem to live in a black and white cartoon law enforcement world where all suspects are bad guys, innocence is extremely rare and the US justice system is a noble and just enterprise. All law enforcement officers are noble knights and all suspects lowlife degenerates. Of course, in reality, there are *profound* issues with the American justice system. There are deeply shameful injustices, corruption, convictions of innocent people, racism and multitudes of unjust laws and law enforcement practices. America incarcerates more of it's population than any other country on earth. Many of these people are black, and a huge amount of them are non violent drug "offenders". The number of lives this system ruins is *incalculable*. These people, too, are victims. These hosts give an impression of looking after their own and refuse to acknowledge the profound systemic failures in the system and the many, many victims that that system leaves in its wake. In a sense, people like them have appointed themselves the rulers of your life and mine. That doesn't mean this isn't also an interesting podcast, or that Clemente and Hakes haven't caught and put away some truly dangerous and despicable people, something they are to be commended for. But be aware that their tone and bias is, perhaps unsurprisingly, very much pro-law enforcement and contains a disappointing lack of self awareness about the many injustices of the system they work in and vigourously defend.

May 18th

Emma Flavell

I want to lick Jim's face

Apr 5th


Episode 60 - is he allowed to talk about this? I’m just wondering?

Apr 5th

Theadora Kelly

Hey guys, Been meaning to write to you for a while because ever since I discovered your podcast, I've absolutely devoured every episode. I'm not remotely related to your field of work (I'm a singer\songwriter) and never even had a huge interest in investigations and crime but I find your in depth discussions absolutely fascinating. My mother is a retired lawyer and my father is now a judge so when you two argue about a case, it reminds me of when my parents would get really into their cases when I was growing up, and find it sort of nostalgic as bizzare as that might sound. The episode you did on the lost OJ tapes was amazing. I'd love to hear you two discuss this further. I was hooked on every word and just finished watching the actual broadcast. It was horrifying and chilling. When the case broke originally I was too young to understand it, but as an adult who fully understands, it is absolutely chilling and I still can't shake that feeling that is indescribable after watching the lost tape interview. Following the lost tape episode i watched a 1998 interview with Chris Mathers and wonder if you two have seen it. I would love to hear your thoughts on it. OJ gets really bent out of shape when his usual tactic of talking over the interviewer and changing the subject doesn't work and Chris Mathers really nails down the questions he is asking OJ. OJ goes into a rage about being asked about Nicole's bruises and her diary and basically sounds like he is threatening to punch the interviewer, inderectly and hypothetically of course. As a side note, I forgot that Jim was actually on the lost tape episodethat aired on Fox, which I was listening to at work, not actually watching when it occurred to me that I was hearing Jim's voice. I looked at the screen and was surprised to see that Jim did not appear as the image I had in my head listening to the podcast. I always imagined him looking more like Christopher Darden for some reason. I want to commend you both on Best Case Worst Case. It is my #1 favorite podcast. I really appreciate what you guys are doing and I have a much more in depth understanding of the heroism that crime investigators, law enforcement, firemen, the FBI, the law and the people that work so hard to bring justice on both sides go through. Thanks for your good work. Sincerely, TK

Mar 30th

Melissa Daenzer

#49 Nassar educational encourage listeners, to raise #awareness #Nassar #children

Jan 29th

Bruce Carlson

great. sometimes sad as these real cases are. great to get law enforcement point of view.

Jan 16th

Robert Marselle

As a treating psychologist this podcast is a clinic on intelligent process. Presentation of each case is done by two seasoned professionals in law enforcement, and the prosecution of cases. Oration of cases demonstrates a consistent lack of self aggrandizement as they present these ugly realities and fascinating cases. Presented by two hardened justice system pros that clearly understand what a victim is. Representing a man and a woman that know the human condition of degenerate people that requires their removal from society. The condition of being of service and helping the public by seeing the horror victims experience and use their front line status to do what is necessary. Presented by intelligent, sensitive, and brave podcasters who have guest law enforment presentations that include the human side of the brave and sworn officers as the cases are systematically presented. Commentary at the end of presentations is a debriefing of Jim and Francie's thoughts and feelings. A .raw file on reality! Dr. Robert Marseille.

Dec 2nd
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