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Author: Tru Sav

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Tru Sav gives his take on anything you can think of while letting you know why its the best day ever.
45 Episodes
This is the first episode of the best day ever podcast. In this episode Tru Sav gives you all the details of what you can expect from him and guests on the show. He gives you the five W's and much more.
Tru Sav discusses all the things he said he wouldnt. Most importantly we discover what bread and circus is. From the pulpit to the senate floor. We enter the dangerous world of bread and circus.
Tru sav answers the age old question how does one talk white? Better yet how does on act black. These questions have plaqued man kind, for centuries and Tru Sav takes a step toward answering them.
Tru Sav chronicles his lifestyle choices for better or worse. Starting from the good old days of being a youngster, to the embarrassing day where he blew his back out picking up a knife. This and many more tales are divulged. 
Tru Sav discusses his love for his wife along with his disdain for her. He also gives different tips and tricks for keeping his relationship happy and healthy. This of course isnt without a few laughs along the way.
This is a special episode near and dear to my heart. Tru Sav discusses some rather memorable times with his friend Black Ass Mike. Some will make you laugh, some will make you cry, and some will leave you scratching your head.
Tru Sav gives us his opinion and a little first hand experience with the boys in blue.
Tru Sav reminisces on the life and times of Top 5 All World. 
Am I a hypocrite?

Am I a hypocrite?


Tru Sav trys to defend himself from accusations of being a hypocrite. This dont go to well.
Why am I so HAPPY?

Why am I so HAPPY?


Tru Sav comes to grips with the fact he is a hypocrite. He also discusses he busy last week, and tries to figure why he is so damn happy all the time.
Tru Sav discusses the difficult task of working with people in high pressure jobs specifically customer service. How he deals with the stress of said jobs and how he thinks you should deal with difficult coworkers.
Tru Sav talks about another exciting weekend in the city. He discusses his favorite sin of the all and how to humble yourself when your pride turns to arrogance. After this he discusses how to pick yourself up when you feel your self esteem is getting low. All of this and a couple of jokes.
It's Fun Being A Bully!

It's Fun Being A Bully!


Tru Sav discusses how it hurt his feelings and he needed a safe space because someone calleed him a Bully. He goes on the learn about the dangers of bullying in the real world and cyber bullying. With a few briefs about how kids now a days are as soft as charmin.
Tru Sav goes to Richmond, Ca to watch a football game and hilarity ensues. Drinks are flowing, People are arguing, and pom poms are shaking in this episode. Then Tru Sav discusses his opinion on bieng your own boss and not working for the man. All of this and more.
 Tru Sav details another exciting weekend in Oakanda. Trying to maintain his new eating principles, having an unannounced house guest (and car guest), a multi-level marketing hustle and him  planning a fun filled weekend of bread and circus. 
Tru Sav talks about how the best week ever didnt go as planned, and what really happened. He also describes being called a racist and a sexist. This and a few funny stories highlight the best day ever podcast.
In this episode Tru Sav talks about the completion of the Best Weekend Ever. Also he talks about dealing with angry customers, coworkers, and haters in general. Gives a couple shout outs and BIG UPS Rob and Eva.
In this episode Tru Sav gets his first "e-mail" from a listener. He learns about different types of weaves, and the identity of a famous person on World Star Hip Hop. He also explains how you to can be the SHIT. All of this, and some more exciting stories from the Tru Sav chronicles.
This is how it all started

This is how it all started


In this episode Tru Sav talks about his love for thanksgiving and other holidays. He also details how the Tru Savage movement started and some of the grand adventures the Savages had. Also there is a special guest appearance by none other than Cindy Mac.
Movin on up?

Movin on up?


Tru Sav shares details about the move to the penthouse, rude people, and why homeless people need a better attitude.
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