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Best Day Yet: Affirmations For Kids

Author: Marjorie Stordeur

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In each episode we use mindful breathing and basic meditation techniques to travel the world and meet animals who inspire us to learn more about ourselves. We practice affirmations about kindness, believing in our own value, and growth mindset. The perfect length for short car rides, Best Day Yet is a fun, positive way to start your family's day. Proud member of Kids Listen, a grassroots organization promoting content just for children.
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Since we are home from school, and we're guessing a lot of you listeners are too, we made an episode all about keeping a positive mindset while the schools are closed.Today's affirmations:I am safe at home with my familyI am full of good ideasI have no problem finding creative ways to spend my timeNow is the best time for me to learn new thingsI have helpers everywhere helping me and my family stay healthyWe’re in all this together and we are going to get through this.
What if instead of singing Happy Birthday each time we wash our hands, we sing a song that wishes ourselves and our world safety, health, peace, and kindness.We recorded a 20 second hand washing song to sing every time we wash our hands. This song was inspired by the ancient practice of loving kindness or metta meditation. There’s a lot of modern research that says loving kindness is a powerful tool that increases the well-being of both kids and adults.Special thanks to Kurt Gunn for the vocals and guitar. Check out Kurt Gunn at thank you to the children of Aldo Leopold Community School for the chorus.Enjoy and please share! Today's Affirmations:May I be safeMay I be healthyMay I be peacefulMay I be kindMay all be safeMay all be healthyMay all peacefulMay all be kind
You Are Totally Enough

You Are Totally Enough


Today we imagine a visit from a dream pet, and we are reminded that we are totally enough exactly as we are.Today's affirmations: I am enoughI am totally, completely enoughI love myself  exactly as I amI am smart enoughI am good enoughI am LOVED enough
Just like we feed our bodies healthy foods every day, it’s important that we feed our minds positive, healthy thoughts every day. This is a power episode for being our very best at school.Today's Affirmations:My school is a teamAnd I am a priceless member of that teamWe are stronger when we work togetherI handle challenges with easeI can do hard thingsI learn new things easilyThere is no limit to what I can learn and who I can becomeBecause I am limitlessI am a leaderBut sometimes I follow tooEither way, my school is a better place to be with me in it I radiate positivityI inspire my classmates to be the best they can be too
This is the perfect episode to listen to right before school for an amazing school day!Today we’re on a boat in the Pacific Ocean in search of the MOST IMPRESSIVE SCHOOL IN THE WORLD. This school reminds us that we’re our most powerful when we work as a team.Today's Affirmations: My school is a team I am a priceless member of that team We are stronger when we work together I am a leader But sometimes I follow too Either way, my school is a better place to be with me in it  I radiate positivity I inspire my classmates to be the best they can be too 
This power episode is all about inner peace...and it's led by 6-year-old, Annie. Perfect for before bed listening or while transitioning between activities. Today's affirmations:All is well.Right here, right now, all is truly well.My body is calm and light.My breath is slow and relaxed.My mind is quiet and peaceful.I have enough time to do everything I need to do.Everything is exactly as it needs to be.Over and over I choose peace.I choose peace, peace, peace.I let others be who they are,and I love myself exactly as I am.I take my time and do my best work.And bring my best selfto this every day.All is well.Right here, right now, all is truly well. 
What if there were positive words we could tell ourselves that would help it be easier to make new friends?Well it turns out there are! And on today's episode we learn them.To make it even more fun, we get to trade our legs in for tail fins and swim with an animal friend (Surprise—it's a dolphin!) who teaches us all about friendliness and how to be a good friend.Today's affirmations:I am warm and brightI am compassionateI am a wonderful friendI am a magnet for friendshipI treat everyone with kindness and respectOther kids really need a friend like me 
Here's a power episode with words to help us be kinder with ourselves and those around us.May I be happy May I be peacefulMay I be kindToday we’re going to send these words to someone who is sometimes hard to be kind to.  Maybe it’s a friend or sibling who you haven’t been getting along with. Maybe this is someone who bothers or annoys you.As we say these each of these words, imagine each word touches this person and helps them feel a little better.May you be happy.May you be peaceful.May you be kind. 
Today we celebrate the new year by meeting the animal that represents 2020 in the Chinese Zodiac. We'll practice mindful breathing on sleds and learn words that will help make 2020 our best year yet. Affirmations Today:I shine from the inside outI am a problem solverI am focused and alertI am stronger, smarter, and better than I was last yearThis year is my year to shine.
This is a power episode to help us focus on the good and realize how much we really have.Today's Affirmations:I have everything I really need.In every situation, I choose to focus on the goodI am a thankful person
This episode we're taking a moment to send kindness to ourselves, our loved ones, and the world around us.Today we’re headed to Kruger National Park, one of the largest game reserves in Africa to meet an animal who knows all about giving kindness.Today's Affirmations: May I be happy May I be peacefulMay I be kind
BONUS EPISODE! Today we’re going to try something TOTALLY DIFFERENT.We’re inviting you and your family play a game with us. This game is called The GRATITUDE CHALLENGEIn this challenge we’re going to list as many things as we can that we’re grateful for in just 1 minute.Ready? Set...GO!
This episode is all about GRATITUDE. Join us as we travel to the arctic circle to meet an animal who never complains about the cold.Today's affirmations:I have everything I really need.In every situation, I choose to focus on the good.I am a thankful person.
Here comes another POWER EPISODE! This is a mini episode designed for kids to listen to over and over any time they are feeling worried, scared, or nervous.Today's affirmations:I am calm.I am surrounded by love and protection.Good things are coming my way.
Come along as we visit one of our pets and learn to trust the goodness in ourselves.Today's affirmations: I am a good person.The people and pets who love me see the goodness shining in me.I can trust my heart to tell me what’s right and wrong.
Welcome to our Halloween Episode! Today we take a walk in a forest that was once a resting spot for pirates in search of an animal who knows what it's like to be fearless.Affirmations: I am brave, I am fearless, I have nothing to be afraid of.
Get ready! Today we're taking a train to the Virginia Range of Nevada. We're going to search for certain type of animal to remind us that when we turn our attention towards beauty, we find it everywhere.
Introducing POWER EPISODES!Here's a mini episode packed with powerful affirmations to rock the school day.Kids can listen once or as many times as they want for a positive, confident day at school.
In the latest episode you'll get to meet our newest pet! She's absolutely adorable and reminds us that even though not everyone is going to like us, what matters most are the people who love us.
New teacher? New school? This time of year is all about BIG CHANGES. Especially for this week's animal, who actually has to LIQUEFY to become the greatest version of itself. This week's affirmations are all about embracing big changes and using them to grow.
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Tonya Doty

we're loving this podcast! we lay on the floor head to head and holding hands. then, off we go to meet the whale or some elephants. they do deep breathing without fighting us about it. it's nice meditation minutes for us adults too!

Feb 29th

Samsara Melbourne

great podcast. thank you for your work!

Jan 25th


My kids love this! We do it together before we go to bed at night and it is teaching them so healthy self esteem skills. Thanks for producing this!

Oct 18th
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