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Best Friends with Nicole Byer and Sasheer Zamata

Author: Earwolf & Nicole Byer, Sasheer Zamata

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Gayle & Oprah. Bonnie & Clyde. Nicole & Sasheer. Enter the pantheon of best friendship. When you’re forced to change your number, are sick of being single, or want to take a pole-dancing class, you’re going to need a best friend...and if you don’t, you can still have this podcast.
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After Sasheer politely declines Nicole's offer to start over they discuss sports bras, pole goals, delivery woes, Bezos should share, front page Instagrams, waking up early, outdoor activity gang, and getting to the bottom of it - does Sasheer have something she wants to tell Nicole or not? Plus the quiz: Would You Survive Joel Goldberg's Glass Box? This quiz yields some surprising revelations.  And of course, your questions answered! Sasheer and (eventually) Nicole advise communication over manipulation and to shoot your shot AFTER the trip, and making the mauled community feel seen and heard.  Email or call Nicole & Sasheer with your friendship questions at: (424) 645-7003
Nicole and Sasheer dish with best friends Bob The Drag Queen and Monét X Change about how they met,  favorite traveling-in-pain memories, loving your best friend because their crazy, being late to trends, what qualities you need to win Big Brother and Survivor, We're Here, being nominated for an Emmy and a discussion about what is and isn't a bird.
Nicole and Sasheer kick off this week with a metaphor for COVID. Then they discuss Nicole's birth certificate, getting yelled at for going to a restaurant, doing things that make you happy, tornado titties, Sasheer's tarot cards, scheduling issues, word pronunciations, P-Valley, "Jill Mason" and "Betty Bumpkin", weight biases, and what they're wearing. Then, they take the "Which Random Cartoon Character Are You?" quiz. And finally, your questions are answered! Nicole and Sasheer weigh in on how to handle someone saying all lives matter, and why it's not helpful to put a hex on someone.  Email or call Nicole & Sasheer with your friendship questions at: (424) 645-7003
Nicole and Sasheer went on their first roller skating adventure and lived to tell the tale! They also discuss United Skates, performative companies and deciphering what's real and what's a joke, thoughts about why OJ was found innocent, seeing through performative acts in general, police brutality, shaming people before 6 AM, pole dancing, and blaming bad behavior on your astrological sign. Then Nicole and Sasheer take the quiz "Which Disney Princess Are You Based On A Sushi Roll You Build." And of course, your questions are answered! This week a listener follows up on a previous story, and Nicole and Sasheer answer by acting out the scenario in question. Email or call Nicole & Sasheer with your friendship questions at: (424) 645-7003
Nicole and Sasheer are back for another fun-filled episode to discuss Floor Is Lava, Bar Rescue, Tiny House Nation, House Hunters, Normal People, why men date you if they don't want to date you?!, therapy goals, planning a vacation, and what does "Cheesecake" mean? Plus answers to YOUR questions! This week is full of follow-ups and updates. A listener calls in with really helpful advice about addiction, and Nicole and Sasheer give advice about boundaries in friendship, making jokes about people's appearance, and how to open up in therapy.   Email or call Nicole & Sasheer with your friendship questions at: (424) 645-7003
This week Nicole and Sasheer discuss their new roller skating plan, beach options, doubling down on "everything will be great by October", and trying to understand what exactly is going on with the Karens. Then they take the BuzzFeed quiz "What Kind of Sexy Food Are You?" and of course, answer your questions! The ladies give advice about how to handle loved ones with ADD and ADHD, how to repay a friend for their kindness, and how to help friends deal with the anxiety that limits their experiences.  Email or call Nicole & Sasheer with your friendship questions at: (424) 645-7003
This week starts with a dramatic reading of a listener comment! Then, Nicole and Sasheer are joined by best friends Beth Stelling and Mary Hollis Inboden. With Beth, they find out what she’s wearing (Is it a bikini top? Workout wear?), Beth & Mary Hollis’ performances in 5 Lesbians Eating A Quiche, meeting Joanna Kerns (Mrs. Seaver from Growing Pains), zoom stand-up shows, and Beth’s love of MTV reality shows. Mary Hollis shares about being a great audience, Beth’s love of online shopping, and how Beth and Mary Hollis would handle a zombie apocalypse. Reunited, we learn that Mary Hollis’s Blackjack romance, Beth’s love of a repeat, how often to replace your sponge, and how Beth would be the Michael Jordan of Survivor.    Email or call Nicole & Sasheer with your friendship questions at: (424) 645-7003
This is an episode of the new Best Friends bonus series, BEST FRIENDS FRIENDS. Every other week, Nicole and Sasheer have on another one of their Best Friends to talk, answer listener questions, and have fun. You can find the rest of the series on Stitcher Premium, with new episodes out every other Friday. For a free month of Stitcher Premium, go to and use promo code FRIENDS. It's a great way to show your support and love of the show! This week, Nicole and Sasheer are joined by Oscar Montoya to discuss their new vegan lifestyle, what calamari is REALLY made of, the Queen (Latifah), how Lark Voorhies has a cool 80's action star name, planning a glamping trip, and log ride panic attacks. Check out Oscar on the podcast Spanish Aquí Presents!
This week Nicole and Sasheer try to answer the question "how are you?" during this time. They also discuss Sasheer's experience at a recent protest, Nicole's response when she gets pulled over, why it's good to defund the police, Ben and Jerry's setting a corporate example, advice to white people, Nicole's Jeep, hair or scarf confusion, COVID contraction updates, jizz stances, Nicole's prediction for 2023, and making sure you have a car mask and a car protest sign. PLUS your questions! Nicole and Sasheer weigh in on how to navigate friends checking in or not checking during the Black Lives Matter Movement and also during a hypothetical drive-by souping.  Email or call Nicole & Sasheer with your friendship questions at: (424) 645-7003
In honor of Juneteenth, Nicole and Sasheer recorded this minisode discussing the holiday, its history, if they can wish other black people a "Happy Juneteenth!", and how they plan on spending the day.
This week Nicole and Sasheer discuss launching a "Things We've Learned In Quarantine" tour, why months don't have the same number of days, "the thrill of the chase" shopping, bigger and bigger candles, Celebration Florida, yacht getaways, and October 2020. Then, Nicole and Sasheer answer your questions! This week they advise not to be someone who doesn't want to be with you and ways to get strangers to stop talking to you.  Email or call Nicole & Sasheer with your friendship questions at: (424) 645-7003
Once again, out of respect for the events taking place nationally at this time, Nicole and Sasheer have decided not to record a new episode for this week. Instead, they are releasing a beloved old episode with last week's intro expressing their thoughts. Re-release: Nicole believes all men masturbate in public, but Sasheer isn’t so sure. So, they ask all the men and women they can find, and the answers are surprising! They take a quiz to prove the strength of the friendship, answer questions about ending bad friendships, and Sasheer tells a story about Nicole’s terrible suggestions for hook-ups. Plus, learn with Nicole and Sasheer what a hymen REALLY is.
Out of respect for the events taking place nationally at this time, Nicole and Sasheer have decided not to record a new episode for this week. Instead, they are releasing a beloved old episode with a new intro expressing their thoughts.   Nicole and Sasheer re-examine Disney movies, and share that they both stan Cruella De Ville. And, it becomes clear that Nicole thinks hairless cats are skinned - not bred. They talk about the importance/sexiness of consent, inclusive clitorises, and paying attention to your pussy. They answer listener questions on if a best friend or romantic relationship is more important, how to make friends as an adult, and how you know you’ve found a best friend.       Email or call Nicole & Sasheer with your friendship questions at: (424) 645-7003‬
This week Nicole and Sasheer talk about being sore from online twerking class, gift ideas for Sasheer’s birthday, nourishing and loving your plants, all the things they’ve bought online during quarantine, getting birth control implants and why can’t men get birth control implanted? Then they take the quiz “What magical creature are you?” And of course listen to your voicemails where they give advice on how men can respectfully navigate friendships with women, and how to help a friend having a hard time with COVID.      Email or call Nicole & Sasheer with your friendship questions at: (424) 645-7003
Recorded LIVE at the 2019 Just For Laughs festival in Montreal, Nicole and Sasheer talk street scoopers, removing someone from your seat on an airplane, and how bad of a terrorist Nicole would be. Then they bring out their guests Matteo Lane and Emma Willman who answer the age old question: does coffee dehydrate you? Finally all four friends answer a listener voicemail on what to do when you think your friend is dating a creep and doesn't like when you talk about...snowboarding?
After learning about the sound effects athletes get to choose for themselves, Nicole and Sasheer talk about teachers coming to students' windows during quarantine, videos of soldiers returning home to see their dogs who thought they were gone forever, and other heartwarming stories. Then, for another Besting Each Other, Nicole and Sasheer welcome Jonathan Van Ness and Antoni Porowski from Queer Eye! Antoni talks about meeting JVN at Queer Eye auditions, JVN's singing voice in the morning, and how he wants to live on a farm. JVN has a slightly different story about meeting Antoni at Queer Eye auditions, gives HIS thoughts on his own singing voice, and does not escape talking gymnastics. Finally, Nicole wraps everything up by determining JVN and Ant may continue being friends.
Best Friends Presents: Best Friends Friends! Nicole Byer and Sasheer Zamata are best friends. And they have friends. They're two best friends talking to friends in...Best Friends Friends! Join Nicole and Sasheer as they check in on their friends and chat about what friends chat about. Two heads are better than one, and three friends are better than...two? Grab a friend and listen to new episodes every Friday on Stitcher premium. Just go to and sign up with the code "FRIENDS" for a free month of premium listening.
After talking the pitfalls of remote workouts, Nicole and Sasheer tell Nicole's dogs to shut up while mommy's working. Then they explain the rules of Too Hot to Handle and MASH, plus even play a round (of MASH, not Too Hot to Handle.) Then they answer some listener questions on what to do when your friend has engaged in sexual misconduct and how quarantine has affected their friendship.   Email or call Nicole & Sasheer with your friendship questions at: (424) 645-7003
This week Nicole and Sasheer talk the perils of quarantine life including fights with your housemates, needing more attention, and having to fix toilets. Then they introduce us all to the mighty Grasshopper Mouse. Finally they answer some listener questions on sending a gift to an ex as friends, making in person friends through online groups, and... babies at fire stations?   Email or call Nicole & Sasheer with your friendship questions at: (424) 645-7003
After clarifying that Coronavirus is not Nicole's fault, Nicole and Sasheer talk the sexual health of bath bombs, how to wash a washing machine, and who would survive in an apocalypse. Then they answer listener questions on when to cut a friend off completely, and if you can be friends with people you pay for services.   Email or call Nicole & Sasheer with your friendship questions at: (424) 645-7003
Comments (25)

Eris Pursley

omg this episode was exactly what i needed today- to lose my mind laughing over a drive by souping.

Jun 24th

Kim Murray

Listening to this episode for the second time and it is still golden!

Jun 9th

samantha chong

everything was invented in china

May 28th

Dana Pellegrino

wait, what??? 😂 I'm white and use a rag in the shower and a few times a week I use a loofa, and I scrub my whole body. I didn't know other white people didn't do that.

Apr 15th

Greg Moore

This seems to be edited out of order.

Jan 22nd

Eris Pursley

omg I used to love chat n chew! also, if you feel free now at 33, just wake until 40, it's AMAZING! truly few fucks given! #bestfriends

Jan 16th

Carissa Brown

I just love Sasheer's reaction and acceptance during this strange food convo 😂😂😂😂

Jan 14th
Reply (1)

Ms Hill

I am way too excited about Zachary and Nicole. He sounds great and this would be thee best meet-cute if things go well. He was adorably nervous and not at all creepy and I rather enjoyed the giggling. Nostalgic of a simpler time where crushes were the epicenter of your life *chuckles* :-)

Dec 2nd

Angelica Koumara

I died when they were talking about the haunted houses. Wild!!

Nov 23rd

Sarah Naffziger

I do it Sasheer's way!

Nov 16th

Frank Carter

Nicole Byers is such an odd, fascinating person. Those strange blank spots in her education crack me up!

Oct 4th

Luis Gutierrez

wait.... is Nicole meeting her husband right now?

Oct 2nd

Angelica Koumara

I am legit crying from laughing with the weed story.

Sep 28th

Adam White

Normally love the show but couldn't finish this one.

Sep 11th

Carrie Farley

Nicole, I wish I could send you the pic, but my 9 yo daughter chose your beautiful pic as her Netflix avatar. It was a true lol for me when I logged in and saw your face. SO good. Anyhoo, LOVE THE PODCAST AND LOVE YOU TWO LADIES. ❤❤

Sep 6th


tampons were created and used in wars to plug bullet holes. wood pulp is basically paper.

Jul 12th


this was a wild ride

Jul 12th
Reply (1)

Matt Gosden

Nicole spelling her name had me in stitches 😂

Jun 26th


Nicole's right! squares aren't rectangles and rectangles aren't squares! they're both parallelograms because there are two pairs of sides that are parallel to one another.

Jun 23rd
Reply (1)


matching caskets©

Jun 19th
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