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Best of 3 is a podcast dedicated to the wonderful world of esports. On Best of 3, we talk about tournaments, organizations, conventions and other events. We also speak with key individuals who help make esports grand.
45 Episodes
Vince Hui, CEO and President of Incendium Gaming, joins us for a talk about the virus, the FGC, and everything in between! Pay particularly close attention to our chat about his over-a-decade of experience organizing tournaments. If you're looking to organize your own tournament, or are curious about what TO's have to do now that everybody's on quarantine, this is the episode for you!
Jason Lepine knows how to create things that people want to see. From his early days as a Design Specialist at Telus, to his time as the Manager of Operations at Enthusiast Gaming, to his current endeavors at Unbound Studio, Jason has had a whirlwind of a time learning and developing in the gaming industry. Come listen to his adventure here!
Chris Lamarucciola is the Project Manager for Amuka Esports as well as the CEO of both Shattered Dreams Esports and Northern Esports Academy. He sits down with us to discuss how wearing all of those hats has given him insight into the crazy world we all want to be a part of, and what he's doing to get players into a professional space.
In this episode, Jon Yang of Waveform joins us to talk about what it's like to go from a competitive esports fan to a production guru, creating a business within esports within a unique niche.
Welcome to Season 2 of Best of 3! This season we're starting things off BIG with Neil Duffy, CCO of Collegiate StarLeague & World Gaming. We get into detail about his career, CSL/WG's aspirations for 2020, and so much more!
Twitch Rivals has discovered a way to bring competition to a casual audience. Some of the numbers behind their success in doing so are staggering.
Welcome to the final episode of Best of 3: Season 1! Join StillJustMike (All alone) as he ventures through some of Organized Gaming's favourite moments of the podcast. Do you have a favourite? Let us know!
In a special episode of Best of 3, Landon Gorbenko of Vertex Performance and Casey Pickard of BoxOut Performance sit down with Mike to discuss how Mental Performance Consultants are an absolute necessity in esports. They give very valuable information that amateurs and pros alike can use to immediately up their game.
Wim Stocks is the CEO of World Gaming and Collegiate Star League. He has a rich history in gaming, and is now working on helping amateur players achieve their pro status through many fun and innovating ways. In this episode, Mike and Alex sit down with Wim to get his thoughts on what a CEO does at companies like these, what the future of the path to pro looks like, and many interesting peeks into new advancements in esports.
Waves E-Gaming and Extralife were gracious enough to allow us to record our podcast LIVE in front of gamers and competitors alike. Listen to us talk with Matt Bryan, Guild member at Extralife, all about his experiences, his thoughts, and how esports has its place in charitable organizations.
Maple Leaf Sports and Entertainment (MLSE) has been popularizing traditional sports for over a century. Now they're adding esports to their roster, and we're all for it. In this episode, we interview MLSE's Esports Manager, Shane Talbot, and get his thoughts on Raptors Uprising, eMLS, Leafs Gaming League, sponsorships, and so much more!
We finally all made it to a convention! Listen to us chat about the favourites about EGLX 2019, Ontario's biggest esports convention! We discuss who was there, what the most fun things to do were, and even some special things usually reserved for our patrons only! Come check it out on this episode of Best of 3.
Kap_Canada takes us through a day in the life of someone at TwitchCon. He goes through his favourites, his experience, and some fun stuff that certain streamers did.
We were hoping to have a nice, chill Canadian Thanksgiving this year. Then, from beyond the horizon, Blizzard has come to throw a wrench in our plans. Take a listen to see what happened.
In this episode, Esports Arena Manager of Durham College; Sarah Wagg joins us to discuss the past, present, and future of collegiate esports. We get into what changes we've seen, and what changes we want to see. Join in and be a part of the discussion!  
9 - JEsU and You

9 - JEsU and You


In this episode, we discuss the Japanese Esports Union, talking about its ups and downs, and what a few folks in Japan have to say about it. As well, we speak about Esportsearnings dot com, a website that lists total esports winnings (as reported). What's the best esport to play on average? You'll find out in this episode of Best of 3!
We discuss the importance of comfort in Japanese esports hotels, Russian discoveries in the difference between pro and amateur players, and Red Bull's contribution to esports in Africa.   We see you too, Australia. 
Alex and Stevan went to Dreamhack. Mike did not. In this episode, Alex and Stevan enlighten Mike on the wonders of Dreamhack, and why you should also go.
Would you commit yourself to play your favourite game in one series for the entire year, without the chance to play in other tournaments? That's exactly what we're getting into today with the ESL Pro Tour.
In this episode, we discuss the balance between casual play, competitive play, any everything in between. We'll also get into collegiate talk as a precursor to next week's episode, where we'll get into the real weeds of it with our special guest!
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