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Best of the Festivals - Full program podcast
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Best of the Festivals - Full program podcast

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From feisty debates and discussion from major writers festivals, to folk and hip hop from some of the past year’s great musical events. An RN summer season program.
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Everything you didn’t know you wanted to know about cryptology.
Journalist and historian Gwynne Dyer speaks with RN's Richard Fidler at the 2018 Canberra Writers Festival.He tells Richard that there is much to be hopeful about as the world enters a new phase of automation.
Ghosts of the Tsunami

Ghosts of the Tsunami


Richard Lloyd, the Asian Editor of the Times of London, speaks with Sarah Kanowski about his book Ghosts of the Tsunami which chronicles the experience of the 2011 earthquake and tsunami in Japan.
Many of the tales we loved as children are based on gothic, magical and violent true stories.Join RN's Richard Fidler and author Kate Forsyth, as they unpick and and expose the roots of our fairy tales.
Can we bridge the brain-mind gap?
Paul Lynch on writing  Grace

Paul Lynch on writing Grace


Paul Lynch’s Grace (Oneworld) tells the story of the 1840s Irish famine through the journey of a young girl. It's a grim story, told poetically
How do you write books about difficult subjects in ways that challenge?
Are Western liberal values under threat in Australia?
Hanif Kureishi

Hanif Kureishi


Kate Evans speaks with one of the rock stars of writing-- Hanif Kureishi at the 2018 Ubud Writers and Readers Festival in Bali.
Fatima Bhutto

Fatima Bhutto


Fatima Bhutto says she's one of those people who thinks everything you do is political. But in her latest book, The Runaways, about Muslim identity, she wanted to know what it felt like to be young in a world on fire.
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Vasu Arora

"If you can't make yourself laugh, you really can't make anyone else laugh either" -Amitav Ghosh Couldn't agree more!

Sep 12th
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