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A bet on the web is a bet you can't lose. Don’t miss Ionic’s latest endeavor, the Bet on the Web podcast, where we’ll chat about a variety of topics through the lens of the Open Web.

Tune in to hear from the core Ionic team (you know and love), sometimes joined by other industry leaders, as we explore important web trends, share thought-leadership, and debate about the newest technology shaping the web platform landscape.
8 Episodes
Ionic Core team member Manu joins the podcast to talk about his JSConf EU talk and why bringing a compiler to the web is good for everyone
The Hallway track is a series of interview with attendees and speakers at various conferences around the world. Come learn what speakers are excited to share and why attendees choose to go to a specific conference. Our first guest is Matt Carniatto who spoke at NgVikings 2019
Josh, Matt, Ben, and Max discuss what the Ionic team has been up to, including Ionic 4, Stencil, and Capacitor.
David Dal Busco from the Ionic Zurich meetup group discusses how he uses Stencil-based web components to power his DeckDeckGo presentation builder PWA.
Dogu Taskiran of Stambol Studios joins us to discuss the evolution of AR and VR on the web.
Are you trying to decide the best approach to developing a mobile app for your organization? With multiple stakeholders, hundreds of questions, and so much at stake, it can be difficult to know where to begin. Tune in to hear the top four concerns analyzed in depth: user experience, costs to build and maintain, time to market, and development organization fit.
An introduction to cross-platform hybrid development for architects and app development leaders.
Ionic Developer Advocate Mike Hartington interviews Matt Netkow, the new Sr. Product Evangelist for Ionic's enterprise service offerings. Hear about his journey as he went from enterprise .NET development to hybrid mobile apps on the side to a marketing role at Ionic.
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