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Aleen and Brittany are back this week with a mental health check-in and share how they’ve been coping with postpartum anxiety and depression since having their babies. They open up about living with PPD/PPA and how their mind set haas changed and what they have been doing to help. Plus, they chat about Aleen’s first Mother’s Day and what they did to enjoy their holiday with their families. Then, they read a “Am I A Mom-ster” submission, surrounding how to set boundaries with your partner, and a “No Mom Guilt” where a listener shares how they will be taking a much needed and guilt free vacation.
Content Warning: This episode discusses topics of child safety, endangerment, and loss of life - which can be unsettling to some. Please use discretion when listening. This week Aleen and Brittany are joined by the co-owner of Safe Beginnings First Aid, Holly Choi, an expert on infant and toddler-focused safety. Holly starts off by teaching them a new mindset of “Risk vs Hazard'' and how learning the difference will allow moms to look at safety in a new way. Then, they talk about the best ways to babyproof your home inside and out, covering topics like your crib setup, bath time, burn safety, and how you can actually hire a professional “Babyproofer”. Lastly, Holly takes the time to reiterate car seat basics and to remind moms that they don’t need the most expensive equipment to keep their children safe.
This week Aleen and Brittany are joined by Speech Sisters, Brooke Dwyer and Bridget Hillsberg to chat about one of the biggest milestones in any child’s development, learning how to talk. They start off by covering some of the misconceptions that parents have when their kids are first learning to talk. They reveal that getting your kids to voice their wants and needs first allows them to express their thoughts more effectively than only knowing their ABCs. They teach what imitation or “Parentese” should look and sound like for both you and baby, which is in between baby talk and speaking to your kids like they're 40. Then, they share their thoughts on screen time and how it can be productive, which is actually watching it along with them. Lastly, they give parents the confidence to help get their kid talking by reassuring them that every kid develops at their own pace.
Aleen and Brittany are joined by Jenny Best, founder of Solid Starts, to talk all about introducing solid food to your baby, food safety, and so much more. She starts with some practical tips to avoid choking, including a simple trick for helping your baby learn good habits on their own. Next, Aleen and Brittany ask when you should actually start to introduce solids, and which misconceptions new parents need to unlearn. Jenny explains the kicker, that babies have all the protective mechanisms they need and their bodies are just learning to figure things out. Lastly, she advises that when looking into feeding methods, ones that are extremely rigid should come with a big red flag. She reassures that you do not need to choose one singular approach. There are many right ways to feed your baby, and none should come with a side of stress.
This week, Aleen and Brittany catch us up on recent tonsil surgeries, new allergies, stomach bugs and more. They share their experiences about how they’ve navigated the stress from when their kids have been sick or needed surgery. Then, they read a “Am I The Mom-ster” submission where they give reassurance that setting healthy boundaries when it comes to a pushy mother-in-law is always allowed. Lastly, they close with Aleen’s “No Mom Guilt” and how working through your mom anxieties is all a part of the process.
This week, Brittany is joined by guest co-host Shira Dreksler (Betches’ Sr. Director of Talent and Community) to chat with children’s book author and mom of two, Charnaie Gordon. Charnaie is here to talk all about navigating conversations around race and diversity with your kids. To start off, Charnaie shares how her love for reading, writing, and literacy led her started her blog and podcast Here Wee Read. They discuss the importance of diverse books, and classic children’s books that actually have negative racial stereotypes. Plus, she tells us about her non-profit, 50 States 50 Books, and how you can be a part of giving children more access to diverse and inclusive books. Then they chat about where to even begin with teaching about racism and diversity to children, the right time to start that conversation, and some of the best books to introduce to your kids. Finally, they close with some listener-submitted questions including how to respond to your child’s questions about differences and tips for exposing your children to other diversities.
Brittany is back in the studio, and this time she’s joined by new mom and star of Bravo’s Vanderpump Rules, Lala Kent. They start by telling us just how long it took Lala to actually watch the show (hint: it was more than a few years), what she wants her daughter to learn from seeing her mom on TV, and exactly what the Vanderpump moms group chat is like. Next, Lala describes what it takes to be the nanny to Lala’s child. Plus, she shares her scariest moment yet as a mother (it happened at Brittany and Jax’s house), how she springs into survival mother mode, and her favorite thing to do with daughter Ocean. Finally, she offers up her number one piece of advice so far as a mother: don’t just take any advice that’s offered, because it may not be right for you.
Brittany and Aleen are back this week, starting off with a catchup chat about how Aleen turned a vacation that she was anxious about into a really fun experience. Plus, she shares some of her *must-have* travel items, and how the trip turned her into a chiller mom. We also get some updates from Brittany, including what it was like having Noah gone for four days and spending one on one time with Jack and Oliver. Then, they get into a discussion all about feeding, such as introducing solids, and not to mention - Oliver’s choking accidents (not once, but three times!). Finally, they wrap the show with a “Go Ask Your Mom” segment about a listener’s neighbor losing their cool over her crying baby (so who’s in the wrong in this situation?).
Brittany and Aleen are joined by registered dieticians and co-authors of How To Raise an Intuitive Eater, Amee Severson and Sumner Brooks! They dive right into what intuitive eating is, before getting into - the principles of it and the most important things for parents to understand. They also discuss how to navigate "off-limits food," and language to use (and avoid) when talking about food. Plus, they chat about the right time to introduce intuitive eating to your kids, and whether it's actually "too late" to teach intuitive eating. Finally, they close with the importance of ditching the diet mentality, celebrating bodies of all types, and unlearning toxic thoughts and habits.
Brittany and Aleen are joined by Kevin Laferriere and Evan Kyle Berger, AKA The Dumb Dads! They jump right into the start of The Dumb Dads brand, including their podcast and TikTok where they discuss all things fatherhood (and having fun along the way ofc). They talk about what it's like being both stay-at-home dads, and how they balanced responsibilities with their partners. Kevin and Evan share what their idea of fatherhood was at first, and also what's been the most surprising thing about it all. Then, it's time for a *special* twist on "No Mom Guilt," - Kevin and Evan dish out on their No Dad Guilts about a near-potty accident and leaning on screen time when you're just too busy.
This week, Brittany and Aleen are joined by mom-to-be and host of the Big Kid Problems podcast, Sarah Merrill Hall! She’s here to talk all about her pregnancy journey thus far, some of the toughest things she’s experienced, and how her second trimester has been. She also shares what it was like building her brand, Big Kid Problems, the inspo behind it all, and how that eventually led her to start her pregnancy podcast, Bottle Service. Then, they chat about Sarah’s birth plan, her experience with perinatal depression and how she’s been dealing with it. Finally, they close with the “Go Ask Your Mom” email, this one about an early mom who is anxious about making early announcements about her pregnancy
This week, Aleen and Brittany are joined by sleep coach and best-selling author of 12 Hours of Sleep By 12 Weeks, Suzy Giordano AKA “The Baby Coach.” They start by learning about Suzy’s journey to becoming a sleep coach and she gives us a rundown of the 12x12 method. She shares all the trials and errors she went through when introducing the method and how it actually works. Next, Suzy discusses transitioning from a bassinet to a crib, and her new book Room To Grow. We then read listener questions about all about - what the deal is with dream feeds, legit tips for calming a fussy baby, and Suzy’s thoughts on wake windows. Finally, we end the show with a “Go Ask Your Mom” segment - coming from one sleepy mom to another.
Brittany and Aleen are back, this week to chat all about traveling with kids — is it really as scary as we think?! But first, they start off with how Brittany’s recent trip to the Bahamas went, and whether going away with kids actually feels like a vacation. They run through the must-have travel essentials for a baby and toddler, practical tips while flying, and baby gear rentals (yes, those exist). Then they get into listener questions, including going through Covid testing requirements, sleeping schedules, and what to expect with airport security. Finally, they close with a first time listener-submitted “No Mom Guilt,” this one about giving your kids a little bit of extra screen time.
This week Aleen chats with Betches’ very own Sr. Manager of People and Community, Keisha Toussaint to talk all about her incredible birth story. To start off, Keisha shares just why she chose an at-home birth and how so much of her decision came from the prejudice Black women face during childbirth and postpartum. She also touches on maternal mortality and the lack of quality care Black women receive from the medical community. Keisha then gets into the whole process: finding the right doula and midwife, knowing which types of questions are a *must* ask, and planning for the unexpected. She shares the crazy details of her water birth, and the unbelievably quick delivery of her son Quincy. After hearing this amazing story of Keisha’s birth, they get into some listener questions. They dive into the total cost of birth, whether or not insurance covers home births, and the most helpful pain management tools. The ep comes to a close with a “No Mom Guilt,” all about not feeling bad for taking a break.
This week Aleen and Brittany are joined by Peloton’s Head Instructor and VP of Fitness Programming, Robin Arzón—are you as excited as we are?! To kick off the convo, Robin explains her decision to be *the first* instructor in Peloton history to go out on maternity leave. They then chat all about boundary setting, learning to just say no (it’s hard, but you can do it), and not feeling guilty for taking a much needed step back. Robin gets into all the details of her return to work and shares some of the expectations and realities of her transition. She also gives some pro-tips on how to get back into moving after having a baby (without losing your mind, ofc). Then it's time for a round of rapid-fire questions and Robin takes you behind the scenes of her Peloton classes. She spills the tea on whether or not she does her own glam, who makes her playlists, and how she decides which workout she's going to do. Then onto "Am I A Mom-ster," all about navigating parenting during COVID (the struggle is real) and dealing with unvaccinated friends and family. The show wraps up with "No Mom Guilt," covering how to prioritize work while letting go of that working-mom guilt—too relatable.
Aleen and Brittany are back with some big updates (although honestly, every week as a mom is big). Aleen talks about what it was like consulting with a sleep coach, why she had to make that decision and everything she’s learned so far. Brittany’s update is more chaotic — after making the switch from daycare to nanny, her nanny quit! Now she’s deep into the new nanny interview process. They then dive into Brittany’s parenting journey, including the struggle of gentle parenting, how practicing it feels the opposite of gentle, but that she’s also seeing results?! Then on to our fav “Am I A Mom-ster” segment, where Aleen and Brittany are here to help you maneuver your overstepping mother-in-law (won’t she just chill?). The episode comes to a close with Aleen’s “No Mom Guilt,” because every mom can relate to accidentally overspending and that’s okay.
In this week's episode, Aleen and Brittany are joined by IVF, NICU, and surrogacy mom, Ashley Gildin Spitzer. Ashley is here to share all about her bumpy and emotional infertility journey. To start off, Ashley shares her experience with IVF and IUI, eventually making the decision to go through surrogacy, and just how expensive and emotional it can all be. She talks about the moment she realized her first surrogate match was actually not a match, and even taking matters into her own hands to find her own surrogate. Ashley ultimately shares how she ended up with 2 beautiful babies after trying for 4 years, and how her infertility journey led to her to creating on online community called, “Fertility Friends of Friends."
Aleen and Brittany are back this week, starting off with some updates including Brittany’s decision to hire a nanny for Jack, Aleen introducing solids to Mila, and Mila’s very first giggle. Next, they dive into a discussion all about how their experience has been introducing their dogs to their babies, what they did before their babies’ arrivals, and some of the biggest challenges along the way (including the relatable feeling of dog mom guilt). Plus, Brittany shares some pointers she learned from her session with Dog Meets Baby, and some of the strategies she’s been practicing at home. Then, a listener writes in to “Go Ask Your Mom” about how to teach a dog the difference between their toys and her baby’s toys, and why it’s so important to set those boundaries. Finally, Aleen shares a “No Mom Guilt” about shaking the feeling of judgment for not giving Mila more stimulation.
Today, Brittany is joined once again by psychiatrist, author, and founder of Gemma, Dr. Laskhmin. Dr. Lakshmin is back to chat all about postpartum mental health, starting off with a recap of what postpartum depression and anxiety are (and just how common they really are). They also discuss the relatable struggle of getting past the guilt of postpartum depression and why it’s time to let go of that that shame. Plus, Dr. Lakshmin shares her thoughts on the fight for paid family leave, and just how much it can actually affect maternal mental health. Then, they get into some listener questions, including breastfeeding while on antidepressants, supporting other moms going through a tough time, and first trimester fears. Finally, Dr. Lakshmin shares some resources for PPD, and why it’s so important to never feel ashamed for speaking up.
This week, Aleen and Brittany are back, starting off with a catchup chat about Brittany's quarantine with the kids, and Aleen's Covid scare during the holidays. Next, they dive into a discussion all about Aleen's return to work, catching up to speed, and the relatable feeling of just wanting to relax (don't we all?). They get into a brand new segment called "Go Ask Your Mom" about a listener who wants to know the best way to be there for her sister-in-law after giving birth. Then, it's time for another new segment called "Am I a Mom-ster?,” this one about a mom who thought her in-law crossed the line after refusing to give her 6 month old baby back after being asked repeatedly. So who was in the wrong here? To round off this week's show, Brittany shares a No Mom Guilt about losing her temper with Oliver (not once, but twice) and being gentle with herself afterwards.
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