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They’re expensive, sometimes annoying and the best thing that’s ever happened to us. But there’s so much more to being a mom that no one really talks about. Betches Moms is a podcast that deals with all the real sh*t that happens - like what to do when your toddler figures out TikTok, the fact that the baby’s not the only one who has to wear a diaper after birth, or your mother-in-law constantly criticizing you for eating carbs or drinking coffee. Relax, it’s decaf. Every week, hosts Aleen Dreksler and Brittany Levine share stories and insights, interview guests, and have honest conversations about what it’s really like being, and becoming, a mom. They answer questions about the sides of pregnancy and motherhood that everyone experiences, but you rarely hear about. You know, the moments in between those perfect looking Insta posts. So get ready to lock yourself in the bathroom (or wherever else you hide from your kids) and listen to this podcast. Because you’ll literally never be alone again.

3 Episodes
Hosts Aleen Dreksler and Brittany Levine are back and start the episode with a conversation about where kids learn all that defiant language you certainly never taught them. Next, Aleen shares an Embarrassing Story of the Week all about getting advice for conceiving from her OB-GYN mother. Then they play a game of “What the F*ck Did You Just Say” featuring some boob-related kid quotes. Aleen tells us about finding out she’s having a girl and wonders out loud: how do you even figure out how to parent? This leads Brittany to share an excellent piece of advice for allowing your kid to have “big feelings'' and why that may be the secret to raising happy children. Then a listener writes in to ask whether or not it’s okay to change doctors midway through your pregnancy. Should you search for a new physician if your current one doesn’t feel like the right fit? Finally, Brittany gets vulnerable in a segment called “No Mom Guilt” all about why you need to take it easy on yourself and shake those feelings of judgment and guilt.
On the first ever episode of Betches Moms, hosts Aleen Dreksler and Brittany Levine start the show with a conversation about the two of them being pregnant at the same time during a pandemic. Then they’re joined by actress Rachel Bilson to talk about her new podcast “Welcome to the OC Bitches” and what it’s like to raise a six year old as a working actress. They discuss what it’s like for a child to start virtual kindergarten, how she handles co-parenting and whether or not Bilson’s daughter knows just how famous her parents really are. Plus, they talk about the ‘hot grandma shit’ they like to do and Rachel shares a great parenting hack to keep kids busy. Then they play a game of “What the F*ck Did You Just Say” featuring some of the craziest things the Betches Moms followers have heard from their children. They close things out with some embarrassing stories of the week, and Rachel reveals whether or not she’d ever do an OC reunion.
Betches Moms with hosts Aleen Dreksler and Brittany Levine starts April 5th, 2021! Follow us now on Spotify or subscribe on Apple podcasts to be the first to hear it.
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