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Topic IntroSerial Entrepreneurs come in all age ranges and styles. Their mindset and the way they are wired might have something to do with it. Guest InfoHe sold his first business at the age of 25 and by 28 was running his second—while traveling the United States during Covid. A son of an immigrant this millennial is a hard-working entrepreneur who is more than eager to share what he has learned along the way.What to expect for this episodeHave you ever met a serial entrepreneur? Know what one is? Want to be one yourself? If you answered yes to any of these questions, you're going to love meeting Jordan Levy.  With a natural easy approach, Jordan shares what it was like to raise money, right out of college and start a business—which he sold at the age of 25! What he learned from the experience helped him build a better business, by the age of 28. With a love of travel, cooking, and wood lathing, Jordan talks honestly about life on the road, what he did right and what he did wrong in his first business, and what trait he thinks is the best trait an entrepreneur should strive to attain.Topics Covered: Intro of guest [00:54]Life on the road during the Pandemic [1:23]How it all began  [04:20]Thoughts on being the son of an immigrant [05:20]Seeing America one National Park at a time [06:35]On building and selling his first business at the age of 25 [08:26]Jordan shares what he has learned and how to build a business well [12:04]Jordan offers his definition of a serial entrepreneur [13:43]Jordan's Better Blend Tip [15:55]Extro [18:30]Quotes:"Being a serial entrepreneur is being comfortable with the uncomfortable nature of not having anything built or in front of you."— Jordan"We are in dire need of giving people who don't fit the mold an opportunity." —JordanConnect with Jordan: www.capsource.ioConnect with STEPHANIE HUFFMANinfo@stephaniehuffman.orgDid you like the episode? Subscribe to our podcast for more interesting conversations!Support the show (
This episode on life behind the scenes features a funny personal Thanksgiving family story that includes her astronaut husband, their private plane, and a jello mold! About our GuestShe was one of the 1st 6 women astronauts accepted by NASA, in the class of ‘35 that included Sally Ride and Judy Resnick. She went to Berkley in the 60s and protested the very war her future Top Gun pilot husband was flying over and fighting. She was one of only 6 women in her class of 100 at Medical School and the only woman in her residency program. Told she could wait in the nurse’s bathroom on a folding chair between surgeries while her male colleagues sat in the Doctor’s lounge, she managed it all with grace and style. She went on to marry fellow astronaut Capt. Robert Hoot Gibson and the two produced the world’s first Astrotot (children born to an astronaut couple). But what people don’t know is that after her days at NASA she became a business owner learning to navigate working and traveling with male colleagues in a business environment. Today in this exclusive interview we ask Dr. Seddon what it was like post Space Shuttle era working in and running a business, a home, and a life! You can catch Rhea in the National Geographic docu-series Challenger: The Final FlightIn this episode:Stephanie interviews Astronaut Rhea Seddon in an exclusive that features questions never before asked about Rhea's entrepreneurial life after NASA. This 3 part series covers her life post astronaut as a business owner, what it was like juggling a very public career while also being a wife and mom (Part 2). Plus an extra edition (Part 3) where she talks about what it was like to write her memoir.Support the show (
Part 2  of our interview with Robin Davis, co-owner of Homegrown Taproom & Kitchen (Nashville, TN) and owner of Metre. We’ll talk about how entrepreneurs count time in hours not days, how our to-do lists will never be done and how to get comfortable with that truth, the challenges of working with your partner, the importance of a morning routine and how she tragically lost a parent at the age of 20. She’ll share how sometimes you just need to allow yourself to fall apart—if only for a few moments. About Our GuestA two-time entrepreneur, Robin Davis has been described as “one of the most gifted, dedicated, and honest people" you can work with. A brave optimist with a passion for continuous growth, Robin runs two businesses. One where she works with clients through proposals and the second where she hangs out with guests at her neighborhood bar and restaurant that she opened with her partner. Show Breakdown00:01:40  Robin offers her recipe for running a home while running a business00:03:35  Robin encourages entrepreneurs to get comfortable with things just not getting done00:04:15  Stephanie asks Robin how it works running a business with a partner00:06:35  Robin walks listeners through what her morning routine looks like00:08:15  Stephanie asks Robin what she does for herself00:09:53  Robin talks about losing her mother to a tragic accident and how it helped to shape who she is today00:12:04  Stephanie asks Robin to share one thing she wished people knew about her00:13:55  Robin offers up her Better Blend Tip00:15:40  Stephanie and Robin say their goodbyes00:16:06 Great info by Stephanie and OutroSupport the show (
About Our Guest: Restaurants, eateries, and bars took a huge hit overnight when the Pandemic shut them down. Job loss for staff was off the charts and business owners quickly had to learn to pivot or found themselves closing their doors. A two-time entrepreneur, Robin Davis who’s described as a brave optimist and someone who delivers on her promises. She talks about aligning yourself with the right people in order to make your plans succeed and how success came quickly only to be hit by the COVID once they hit their stride in year 5. This episodeRobin shares the story of opening up a pub in her own community building from the ground up and reaching success early on only to slam into the wall of the COVID in year 5. She’ll divulge the secret sauce they dipped into that Spring that helped them not only survive but open back up after only two weeks of being closed down by mandate.00:01:30   Guest introduction and show topic00:03:57   Robin shares the story of how the concept for their bar came to be00:06:17   Robin talks about aligning yourself with the right people to make your dream come true 00:08:10   Robin relays how things just fell into place for their location 00:11:12   Robin explains how they decided on the building they finally chose00:14:57   Robin talks about pivoting and surviving COVID00:17:09   Robin recalls a boss she had years ago that helped change her life00:19:10   Stephanie asks Robin to stick around in order to share a personal tragic story00:19:10   OutroSupport the show (
About Our GuestShe was approached by Property Brothers to be a part of a show, but she graciously declined. Why? Because her business we booming and she couldn't fit them in. Lynne Wilkinson is a general contractor and owner of ReArranging Spaces in Nashville. She's been remodeling and building homes for 19 years and knows well that details, organization, problem-solving on-site and, most importantly. how to manage top tradesmen— is the difference between great and good contractors. She is also the owner of Raleigh Liquors and Wines in Memphis, which she says has really come in handy during COVID. a woman-owned business in a male-dominated industry and takes it all in stride...Show SummaryGet ready for a bit of much-needed laughter and frivolity that our next guest brings. Lynne lives in a man's world and manages to handle it with grace and ease. Stephanie will talk about how Lynne arrived on her doorstep the morning of the 2020 Tornado which hit her home. They'll chat about how to navigate a male-dominated environment when you're completely outnumbered, laugh about an incident at a bar in NYC, and talk about Lynne's parties and her favorite holiday.Episode Breakdown00:00:00  Show Intro00:00:55  Guest Introduction00:01:36  Stephanie on Lynne putting her home back together after the 2020 Tornado00:02:25  Lynne explains why she turned down the TV Show the Property Brothers 00:04:05  Lynne talks about the booming Nashville renovation market00:04:45  Lynne tells the Stephen King-like story of renovating her own historic home00:07:04  Lynn describes one particular dream job she worked on00:08:32  Lynne talks about how COVID has affected logistics and deliveries00:09:56  Lynne muses about her 2nd business that she owns with her brother00:11:32  Stephanie describes Lynne’s amazing parties & her favorite holiday00:14:33  Stephanie asks Lynne, a very giving person, if she does anything for herself.00:15:14  Lynne on why she doesn't cook00:16:03  Stephanie asks Lynne to share a hilarious story that happened in NYC00:17:45  Lynne shares her Better Blend Tip00:20:04  Goodbyes then Stephanie shares some info for listeners00:20:40  OutroSupport the show (
Topic:The Dr. Is In House —with special guest Dr.  Ila Foster who will share her journey of being a woman of color in a male-dominated profession, what it was like navigating that path as a minority, how she ended up opening a practice in D.C., then one in Nashville, her diagnosis of scoliosis and how she experienced burnout, walked away from it all, but learned to achieve work/life balance in in the process.About our guest:Dr. Foster is the owner of Graceful Hands Chiropractic & Wellness Center and co-owner of The Atelier, Inc. in the Nippers Corner area of Nashville, TN. With 18 years of practice in the Washington, D.C. and Nashville, TN areas, Dr. Foster genuinely believes in delivering quality chiropractic care that is thorough and delivered with graceful hands.  She has been blessed to help thousands of patients achieve their optimal levels of health while educating them on the importance of living a healthy, balanced lifestyle.  Join the Better Brew Community!Don't forget to sign up for the VIP level at my Patreon account and receive early access to our podcasts, an introductory personal zoom GRID session with host Stephanie Huffman,  access to The GRID worksheets & our very special new Bolder Brew Q&A with the pros!Support the show (
Topic IntroThis episode is a continuation of Episode 6 and features a Millennial power couple appears to those around them to truly be living the dream. They talk about how they got there and how they plan to stay! Guest InfoDr. Crystal and Paul run a successful health and wellness practice in two states and in their spare time farm organically. Paul will share about waking up paralyzed on a high school football field and Dr. Crystal will share her dramatic story as well. They’ll talk about their Hallmark movie style courtship, raising ducks, chickens and more! What to expect for this episodeIn this episode, Stephanie Huffman invites Dr. Crystal and Paul to share how it is like to run a business with your spouse/partner, and their advice to help you get to where you want. Topics Covered: Intro [00:00]The couple’s business amid Covid-19 [02:11]How is it like to run a business with your spouse/partner  [03:01]The Couple Balancing Different Avenues of the Lives [06:06]Dr. Crystal’s Story as Chiropractor [08:17]The couple as raising ducks, chickens and more [15:06]Business owner couple as learners [11:22]Better Blend Tip [15:40]Extro [17:13] Quotes:If God is pushing us to that direction, we’ll go along —PaulThink of the happiest moment in your life, better if you’re not in pain —Dr. CrystalIf you want to achieve something, you find an expert on that field —StephanieWe have to dig ourselves out of the holes to get to where we are now —Paul Connect with STEPHANIE Connect with CRYSTAL AND PAUL Did you like the episode? Subscribe to our podcast for more interesting conversations!Support the show (
This millennial power couple runs a successful health and wellness practice in two states and in their spare time farms organically. Paul will share about waking up paralyzed on a high school football field and Dr. Crystal will share her dramatic story as well. They’ll talk about their Hallmark movie style courtship, raising ducks, chickens and more!Topic This episode is about a power couple who’ve been challenged by time and health, and how they overcome!  Topics Covered: Intro of Guests [01:28]The couple on compliments [02:40]The couple’s backstory  [04:20]Paul’s Story [06:50]Dr. Crystal’s Story as Chiroplactor [08:17]Couple as raising ducks, chciken [15:06]Extro [17:13] Quotes:I don’t know the answers, I’m just trying what’s current;y working  -PaulWe’ve made a commitment that we’re gonna eat dinner at dinner table –PaulWe want to make it a habit of being able to sit down and have a one on one time -Paul Follow us on with STEPHANIE Connect with CRYSTAL AND PAUL you like the episode? Subscribe to our podcast for more interesting conversations!TESTIMONIALWow, Paul and Crystal are absolutely amazing people!  First of all, their story of how they met could really be from a Hallmark movie. Crystal’s drive to be a chiropractor from the age of 5 is so cool!  I can’t wait to hear more next week. — Cindy W.Support the show (
Guest InfoLauralin Innis, is a full-time graduate student working towards a Masters Degree in Organizational Leadership who changed her life and followed her heart to move to a foreign country with a little help from The GRID.In this introductory episode to The GRID, host Stephanie Huffman not only shares how The GRID came to be but interviews Lauralin,  the very first person to experience the program. The GRID, a unique Time, Energy, and Resources assessment and management tool, that inspired and focused Lauralin to begin paying off her debts, which led to taking a job in Manhattan followed by her heart’s dream of moving to Kenya. She also shares her thoughts on how success looks different to everybody. The GRID is the perfect tool for the toolbox of any busy business owner! Topic IntroThis episode introduces the time, energy, and resources mindset tool, The GRID, and how it all began. The GRID helps you take a good look at where you are right now in order to truly understand where it is you really want to be, then helps you develop a plan on how to get there. In this episode we will focus heavily on the first two quadrants in the exercise, G for GAIN awareness and R and for REVIEW the data. You won’t want to miss this life-changing mindset, exercise that will get you pointed in the right direction and moving toward reaching those next goals while taking your life to the next level. To experience the GRID hop on over to and join host Stephanie Huffman. VIP members enjoy your free grade session and worksheets. Or, grab a copy of Stephanie’s book, when you grow up and get single at Amazon,What to expect for this episodeIn this episode, Stephanie Huffman introduces the tool she invented to make one’s time and self easier. Topics Covered: Intro [02:07]Back story of Lauralin and the Grid [04:31]The G.R.I.D  [06:47]G.R.I.D: Gain [07:02]G.R.I.D: Review [11:30]G.R.I.D: Investment [13:30]G.R.I.D: Develop [16:00]Self Care of Lauralin [17:25]Better Blend Tip [19:33]Extro [20:33] Quotes:Give back – LauralinYou’ve got to commit time to what you care about.– StephanieThe exercise (The GRID) helps you understand where your time, energy, and resources are really going versus where they should be going —which is your heart's desires and your goals. -StephanieGet Stephanie's book here! Read Stephanie's newest blog here!Connect with STEPHANIE Did you like the episode? Subscribe to our podcast for more interesting conversations!Support the show
Guest Info:This amazing Millennial powerhouse purchased her first home at the age of19, started her business before she was 30, and now juggles running multiple business ventures, multiple homes, and even some real estate properties,  An active community supporter and philanthropist she is loved by all who work with and for her. This energizer bunny is a ray of sunshine that will stay in your heart for days to come.In today's podcast, we'll wrap up our Unexpected Transition series. We'll discuss the topic of 'Everywhere' with special guest Anna Vija McClain, a true serial entrepreneur who is literally “everywhere” yet manages to pull off everything from running her business, her home, and how she manages to also find time for her family, her friends, and her life.Topics Covered: Anna Vija tells her story of how she started [02:07]Anna Vija’s Inspirations & Humble Beginnings at an Early Age [07:01]Integration of Business in your personal life  [15:01]Self Care of Anna Vija [17:25]Anna Vija’s Better Blend Tip [18:11]Extro [20:33] Quotes:Do not compare your chapter two to my chapter twenty. -Anna VijaKeep doing baby steps, and just one a little step each day, be a little bit better than the day before. -Anna VijaWe need everybody to be different.  -Stephanie Connect with STEPHANIE Check out Stephanie's Book here! Visit our website: www.betterbrewpodcast.comFollow us on Instagram!Did you like the episode? Subscribe to our podcast for more interesting conversations!Support the show (
Topic IntroMeet someone who has truly achieved and lived the American Dream. Guest InfoLinda Berry owns a high-end retail store that has not only survived the COVID but is thriving. A Taekwondo black belter, she attended the University of Tennessee, became a Montessori teacher, and went on to experience and enjoy the golden age of retail. Having achieved the “American Dream” she has survived the recession, 2 wars, and even the pandemic. Though having accomplished success, few knew that at home she held dear to her heart her only daughter who had been born deaf. What to expect for this episodeIn this episode, Host Stephanie Huffman invites Linda Berry, a successful retail businesswoman, to share her rags to riches story. She'll recount life as a struggling single mom with a deaf child who became someone who to others was known as "living the dream." Topics Covered: Linda tells the story of retail during its magical glory [03:07]Linda on how she started [05:38]How 9-11 hit Linda’s business [07:32]Linda shares her dream house [11:20]Linda looking back at how she started  [13:48]Linda as a Mother [16:06]Linda’s Better Blend Tip [19:38]Extro [24:37] Quotes:If ever there’s a time to have flowers on the table, a good meal cooking in a crockpot or in an oven, eating on real China – this is it! -Linda BerryThose past experiences are still impacting my decisions. –Linda BerryNone of us get to escape lives without losses and problems and issues. –Linda Berry Connect with STEPHANIE Did you like the episode? Subscribe to our podcast for more interesting conversations!Check out Stephanie's Book here! Visit our website: www.betterbrewpodcast.comFollow us on Instagram!Support the show (
Guest InfoBefore taking her company from 0 to 10M in 5 years, Gail Matejcic, started selling AVON at the age of 10 and delivered pizza via boat as a teen. Today she juggles her 2 homes, 2 cars, 2 cats, and her 2 aging parents while navigating the uncharted waters of our times and steering her company forward as it grapples with the “New Normal” post COVID. What to expect for this episodeIn this episode, Stephanie Huffman invites Gail to talk about paying off her first home at the age of 35, and how she's managing juggling her business, her 2 homes, her 2 cats, her 2 aging parents and then...her life. Topics Covered:Gail Matejcic Intro [01:22]Gail Matejcic tells her story of how she used to deliver pizza via boat [02:40]Gail Matejcic on how her company is coping with the pandemic [03:58]How the pandemic created opportunities for Gail [07:15]Gail on being a successful businesswoman at 35 [11:55]Gail on growing her company [17:35]A funny story about Gail and her family [18:52]Gail on self care [21:29]Gail’s Better Blend Tip [07:47]           Quotes:“When you wake up in the morning, you have a choice – to be happy or not to be satisfied” - Gail Matejcic “Think about three things you are grateful for” - Gail Matejcic “Every morning make a list of your to-do’s” - Gail MatejcicConnect with STEPHANIE Did you like the episode? Subscribe to my podcast for more interesting conversations! Join us at follow us on Instagram and LinkedInwww.betterbrewpodcast.comCheck out Stephanie's Book here! Read Stephanie’s Blog for this month!Support the show (
Running a business, a home, and a life is not for the faint of heart. Entrepreneurs are used to wearing many hats. Unfortunately, that lifestyle can sometimes get a bit overwhelming. The Better Brew Podcast helps people who are juggling various roles find balance in their personal and professional lives. Each week, we'll meet a new guest who'll talk about running their business, home, and life and end the show with their Better Blend Tip! In this 12-minute “welcome” episode, Huffman introduces herself to her audience along with the podcast concept and talks about the many realizations and challenges she faced during the lockdown. This month’s theme, “Here, There and Everywhere,” illustrates the pandemic’s inescapable nature and impact on us all.In following episodes you'll meet successful business owners who share their stories, struggles and savvy tips for success!Topics Covered: Stephanie Huffman’s Intro [00:12]The Better Brew Podcast Intro [00:32]The Better Brew Podcast Theme [00:56]The Better Brew Podcast Theme: Here and Now Intro [01:01]The Better Brew Podcast Theme: There Intro [01:34]Who are you & where are you as an entreprenuer in time of pandemic? [02:29]Business and Life Balance [03:15]Choosing People to Spend Time With [03:51]Realization during Pandemic [07:24]Stephanie Huffman’s Challenging Times [07:47]Stephanie Huffman’s Realization [08:17]The Grid Tool [08:58]Wanting to be Better [09:58]Extro [10:10]Recap [10:27]   Quotes:“You need someone who gets you and is drinking from the same cup.” - Stephanie HuffmanThat time (COVID-19 Pandemic) was an opportunity for me to sit, stare at the wall, think,  review, and try to find myself again. - Stephanie Huffman Maybe that’s one thing the great pandemic, and the sheltering in place gave us – time to stop, time to think, time to review and remember. -Stephanie HuffmanIt gave me time to heal. - Stephanie HuffmanDid you like the episode? Subscribe to our podcast for more interesting conversations!Join us at follow us on Instagram and LinkedInwww.betterbrewpodcast.comRead Stephanie's Blog this month!Check out Stephanie's Book here! Support the show (
In this final segment,  special guest Jordan Levy talks openly about what it was like to take a product to market, what he feels is a good number to shoot for when considering how much money you need to start a business, and the different types of entrepreneurs. He'll also explain how his new hobby,  wood lathing, has taught him a lot and how it can help us understand feedback! To catch  Part 1 of this full interview, be sure to listen to Episode 13!0:00Intro and guest info1:20On taking a product to market4:40Different types of entrepreneurs10:00His approach to work-life balance12:41What his newest hobby has taught him about handling feedback17:23Jordan talks about the importance of re-evaluating relationships19:13Jordan shares his Better Blend TipQuotes: —You have to lean into feedback.—Education is about chasing curiosity,   entrepreneurship is about monetizing it.—Being a renaissance man contributes more to your core focus than you might think it would. —Set the bar higher than you you can reach, and then figure it out.—Do what you can to contribute as a community.Support the show (
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