DiscoverBetter Presentations - More Sales : Helping you grow revenues by sharing enhanced in-person and virtual sales and presentation skills, tips and ideas. Hosted by Trevor Lee : Presentation Coach and Sales Growth Champion
Better Presentations - More Sales : Helping you grow revenues by sharing enhanced in-person and virtual sales and presentation skills, tips and ideas. Hosted by Trevor Lee : Presentation Coach and Sales Growth Champion
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Better Presentations - More Sales : Helping you grow revenues by sharing enhanced in-person and virtual sales and presentation skills, tips and ideas. Hosted by Trevor Lee : Presentation Coach and Sales Growth Champion

Author: Trevor Lee

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Presentation and Sales skills are fundamental to business success. We present ourselves, our company, our products/services all the time - client interactions, sales pitches, product demos, at events, webinars, internal and investor briefings etc…With the help of an array of high profile global guests this podcast aims to help you deliver better presentations that combined with enhanced sales skills convert into more sales.Show host Trevor Lee is a presentation and sales coach and fills a gap for growing companies who don’t have a sales director.
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Kurian talking stories that are relevant and communicable.Check out Kurian at Strategy Peak and find out more.Kurian's book: 'The 7 essential stories charismatic leaders tell' 
Many authors use LinkedIn but how well do we use it? In this episode LinkedIn expert Jason Osborn shares some great tips and ideas to really make better use of LinkedIn which he describes as misunderstood and under utilised.Jason shares some quick wins that you can do as soon as you have finished listening to this podcast and then he finishes with three top tips:Make sure that your headline is benefit ledThat your about section is prospect focused not you focusedAnd that when you are communicating you are value ledYou can find out more about Jason via Impact the Leads  where you can also subscribe to his free course.Jason also has his own podcast - the  Atomic Impact Podcast which I was delighted to be a guest on recently
Nutrition & Well Being have become even more important during lockdown and in the workplace they are often underestimated in the impact well designed programmes can have. In this episode Daz Stephens shares tips and ideas to help you have a better workplace and look after yourself. Daz focuses on small changes rather than big bang approaches so eventually the changes you make become a habit.Daz can provide training inputs, health workshops and presentations for all sizes and locations of businesses.Contact with Daz on Linked InFind him on FacebookCheck out his website - kinetic energy nutrition coach 
In this episode I'm sharing five lessons I've learnt from my 44@60 campaign which can apply to business. They are as follows:Set yourself  or company a BHAG – a big hairy audacious goal – something pushes you outside of your comfort zone and becomes very exciting and motivational to aspire toPreparation, planning and practice – I had to do an awful lot of all of these 4460 but do we do enough of them in a business context – particularly practice?Learn from others – I knew nothing about running two years ago but since then I've interviewed people from my rain podcast, I watched YouTube videos, I've had conversations, I read books and you can do the same in business – it doesn't matter how old you are we can keep learningVisualise success – if you really want to achieve that big order or win a new customer you have to believe it's going to happen you to visualise what it's going to be like when it does happenShout a lot – someone told me once that if you want to believe something is going to be real you need to talk about it and shout about it a lot so how good are you are shouting about what you're doing?And if you want to get involved with 44@60 here is the link
Those 5 top tips:Be proactive – don't want things to happen make them happen – call customers, create opportunities, get involved, comment, network, self-market.Be better prepared – do your research on current and prospective customers, prepare the questions are going to ask, think about the concerns your customer might have. Deliver better virtual presentations and sales pitches – now is the time to get better this standout in your sector, your industry, your organisationBe better at listening than talking – know when to shut up – too much talking will drive your customers awayOffer Alternatives – buyers love to make decisions so if your proposal or pitch is essentially one product or service you are giving them a take it or leave it decision -  give them 3 optionsand as a bonus tip:Remember to value yourself – you are a valuable asset to your customers, your company, your colleagues and yourself and don't underestimate how important you are in the sales processif you want to get involved with the 44@60 masterclasses I described in the podcast here are the links to those:April 13th - Deliver Better Virtual PresentationsApril 29th - Win More Sales Pitches 
CoSell is a network built sales teams to discover new partners, to surface prospect firewall introductions and whilst it uses the CRM to bring people together there is very much a focus on the human side in terms then the, collaboration and communication skills.Here's how CoSell describe themselves:Being sales people and start up founders, we understand deeply the value of co selling with partners. We know from experience how it can unlock new revenue and radically shorten sales cycles. ‍However, when we looked around in the market, we couldn’t find the tools to make this happen —especially when working remotely. Too many of the old ways required meeting face to face, sharing cumbersome spreadsheets, and relying on old-school methods. We knew there had to be a better way to make sales more human—and high tech.‍That’s why we started CoSell, to open up a new world for sales teams to co-sell together. At the same time, we realized that while we are developing awesome tools, we discovered that making sales more humans starts from the inside. We’ve worked with leaders and sales teams that helped us bring the human side—empathy, collaboration, and communication skills—hand in hand with the CoSell network.It’s never been easier to unlock your revenue potential. You can create and close more valuable sales opportunities than ever before. Are you ready to have your best sales year – ever?Check out CoSell hereConnect with Pete on Linked In
This episode is going out on March 22nd 2021 so around 12 months since we started doing everything on Zoom, Teams or Hangouts etc.. including virtual presenting, virtual sales pitches and virtual networking.In this episode I share five top tips to help you get more from virtual networking which I'm sure most of you have done are still doing – here is a summary of those five tips:Arrive Early – is a good chance to say hello and some hosts give those who arrive early the first elevator pitch slotsPrepare your elevator pitch, focus on one message, practice it and time it.Don't start with your name your company and what you do, instead start with a 'did you know'Conclude with a 'if any of you need help message'Be energised and engaged throughoutAnd as a bonus tip case get yourself a speaking slot at a virtual networking event
So here are those five top tips:Get Better at Virtual Sales & Presentations – 12 months now since we  started to use Zoom and your customers now at the stage where they expect you to be good at this so now is the time to be the best in your company and the best in your sector and if you are you will be in demand.Position yourself as a customer asset -  as your customers get their businesses back on track you can position yourself as an invaluable asset to them by providing ideas, advice, knowledge, insight and energy and momentum as well as been an educator someone they trust because remember people buy from people and is only one of you.Think like an Entrepreneur- regardless of whether you're running your own business or whether you're working for someone else the more you think like an entrepreneur the more successful you are going to be going forward so that includes the way you use LinkedIn, the way you come across with your networking elevator pitch, the way you are constantly looking for opportunities, making connections and starting conversations.Keep on developing and learning all round Business Skills -  if you wait someone to organise training for you you're waiting just like everybody else so get ahead of the game take advantage of all the learning resources that are around including podcasts, articles YouTube videos, books, webinars an online courses as well as tapping into the knowledge and experience of colleagues and customersSet yourself or your company a BHAG -  a big hairy audacious goal take you out of your comfort zone, it can be exciting and motivational for you and your colleagues it doesn't have to be for the whole company could be a part of or simply an area that you want to make a significant change to – let me know via about your BHAGMy BHAG is my 44@60 campaign which is a 44 miles I'm going to run on May 22nd in aid of the Music Therapy programme for the Children's Hospice South-West - if you like to get involved then here is a link to all the details:
Swire Ho is known as the ' Promo Guy' as well as being the host of The Small Business Show podcast. in this episode Swire offers great tips and advice on how not only to choose the right promotional products  for your target audience but also to then encourage that audience indirectly to become mini advocates for your product or service. So as in most parts of sales and certain presentations its about putting in your customer first thinking through what they want and will use rather than necessarily what you like.You can find Swire at
Don Markland is the CEO and owner of Accountability Now™, an Executive Coaching and Business Strategy company out of Jacksonville, Florida. As a Forbes contributor for Entrepreneurship, Leadership, and Sales, he has over 20 years of experience in the world of sales, marketing, leadership and business growth.Don shares his 4C’s accountability to help you grow your sales and advocates accountability as the glue that ties commitment to resultsContinuous learningCorrect failure Celebrate growthCrush mediocrityClick here to download Don's free e-book: The 4C's of AccountabilityDon’s top two tips for growing your business from this podcast: Don’t be afraid to make the decisions about employeesDon’t do everything yourself – trust the team
Is brilliant an overused word in business?Do we easily fall into the trap of saying to someone ‘that was brilliant’ when actually what they were sharing or showing was good but frankly nothing special.In this episode I share 2 stories of how the word 'brilliant' was over used making people think they had reached their 'peak' when clearly they had a long way to go.No matter how experienced we are, or how often we have delivered presentations we can still get better. So if you see me in presentation action by all means tell me my presentations was engaging, educational, entertaining, inspiring and prompted you to do something, but don't tell me it was brilliant!If you'd like to get better at virtual presenting join my forthcoming business masterclasses on either March 2nd at 10am GMT or April 13th at 4pm GMT - click here for details - all the fees go to my local children's hospice music therapy programme as part of my 2021 44@60 campaign. Thank you for your support. 
Great salespeople ask great questions and they are very good at carefully listening to the answers so here are 10 questions you can ask customers and prospects:How are you using the product/service you bought from us? - this opens up the opportunity for them to tell you about how good the product or services are and steer you towards something else that they need to supplement what they’ve already boughtAre there any parts of it you feel you’re not using to its full potential? - again an opportunity to be helpful to ensure that the customer realises that you care that they are getting the best value from their investment in your product or service and of course an opportunity to add something to what they’ve already boughtDid you know we also do….? -  It’s very easy to assume that current customers know everything that you have on offer – this is highly unlikely and therefore there is always the danger of saying to you when you start talking about a product or service – ‘I didn’t know you did that if I had done I would have bought it from you’What are the product/services can I help you with? - a direct question really asking them what else can you sell themWhat needs to happen for you to buy from me? - this is a good question if you’ve got a keen customer but the order is just not getting signed off Who apart from yourself is involved in the buying process? -  a lot of sales time can be wasted pursuing the wrong person but this question assumes the person you are talking to is part of the buying process and invites them to confirm that and give you the names of others in that processAre you ready to place the order? - sometimes you have to ask direct questions to get things movingWhy do you buy from us? - the answer to this question can be very useful when planning marketing activity and it’s one we don’t in business probably ask often enoughWhat is your biggest challenge over the next three months? - a good general question which shows your interest in the organisation and one that most organisations would be happy to answer and of course the answers they give could well create opportunities for youWhy do you buy from us? - the answer to this question can be very useful when planning marketing activity and it’s one we don’t in business probably ask often enoughWhen you bought was there anything in the buying process that you we could do better? - it is usually only customers or potential customers who see the barriers in your sales process so use their experience of trying to buy from you to help identify those barriers and then ultimately get them removedAnd 2 questions to ask yourself:It is easier to sell to customers and prospects so why don’t we do more selling to customers?With prospects how much focus are we putting on those who buy our type of product or service but from someone else?Techniques to get the most from when you ask questions:Don’t interrupt when people are answeringListen carefully to the answersConfirm the answersUse the answer to ask your next questionBuild your position from the answers to create your opportunity
In these unusual times it s not easy to stay positive  so you can be the person that your customers and indeed your colleagues look forward to most hearing from and seeing whether that be in-person  or virtually.The person who is a shining light who brings energy and inspiration to  them.And I will make a difference not just now but in the long term as well because you will stand out now with your ideas and enthusiasm and you will be remembered for the future.Largely we all like to work with positive people so become that positive person yourself and people will want to work with you.I mentioned in the podcast about the masterclasses I'm running as part of my 44@60 challenge to run 44 miles in the coastal path to raise money music therapy sessions for the Children's Hospice South WestIs a link to my 44@60 page where you can donate individually or book yourself or your colleagues onto one of the masterclassesAnd here are the links to the individual masterclasses:10 Quick WinsBetter Virtual PresentationsWin More Sales Pitches If you are company and you would like to book several places across the series and please get in touch via and I will organise a block booking and a single invoiceThank you very much 
At a business event in February 2019 I somehow found myself volunteering to run the 44 mile Cornish coastal path ‘Classic Quarter’ in May 2021 to ‘celebrate’ a landmark birthday.44@60 was born. I'm now planning to raise £100 a mile for Musical Therapy Sessions delivered by the Children’s Hospice South West.To do that I'm running a series of 60 minute virtual business masterclasses prior to the event sharing ideas and tips on my specialist areas of sales and presenting. Each masterclass spot is just £44+vat with the full £44 going to the fund-raising. All delegates across the series will have a chance of winning 1:1 coaching with me and a guest spot on this podcast. To book spots please click here: wishing to book multi-posts and have a single invoice should contact me direct via Just Giving - we've divided the 44 miles into 176 quarter mile segments and we're looking to have each segment sponsored for £10. As a incentive Trevor Lee Media is sponsoring a £75 eating out voucher for one lucky sponsor who will be decided by a random draw. Any support and/or sharing of this much appreciated. 
Have you noticed how you can have spurts of enthusiasm for certain tasks but then struggle to maintain those spurts? This might include making calls to existing or potential new clients where you know it’s something you ought to be doing but you’re always finding ways of avoiding it convincing yourself that other things have a priority when actually what’s more important than talking to customers?One of the ways of making this happen on a regular basis is to set time in the diary to do itI’ve been working with several clients recently who have this very problem and what I asked them to do was identify the hour during their working day in which they felt most energised, whether that was the first hour of the day the last hour of the day or somewhere in the middleWe then agreed that that would be the hour when they would make those callsI also mention in this podcast the masterclasses that I’m going to be running for my 44@60 challenge currently scheduled for the end of MayWatch this space for how you can get involved
Chances are we are all using Zoom, Teams, Hangouts etc… more than ever before.So 10 months or so since the first lockdown how are we doing? Are we getting better?Or do our Zoom meetings feel a bit chaotic with some delegates finding it hard to get involved as the meetings are dominated by the interrupters and the strong characters.Paul Hills recognised this and whilst being a volunteer lifeguard using signs to communicate to fellow lifeguards had his seminal moment - why not use similar signs to communicate during Zoom meetings? has 25 signs - all free for you to use although if you want expert help with the implementation Paul can do that 
Joseph Fung is a serial entrepreneur who is now on his 5th business Uvaro which is a programme that helps a wide range of people gain jobs in tech sales. In this episode of Better Presentations More Sales Joseph talks about how the course works - it is full on for 12 weeks during which delegates have a 2 hour session each day which include a combination of sales skills, guest speakers, technical knowledge, career coaching etc…Joseph also offers up some tops tips for budding entrepreneurs looking to start or develop businesses including key questions to ask:Do I have the right understanding of the customers problem?Do I have the right understanding of my solution?How much would you pay for the solution? You can find out more about Joseph’s training programme via this link:
Here's a challenge for you for 2021:Become a star of stage and screen when you present - move away from everyone else - stand out - be more successful - create more impact - win more business.In this first episode of Better Presentations More Sales podcast for 2021 Trevor Lee offers up 3 tips to becoming a star presenter:MindsetPreperationPractice If you need help Trevor offers 1:1 presentation coaching - get in touch via - checkout Trevor's offering here: Presentation Coaching
It’s been an extraordinary year - we’ve discovered new terms: lockdown, furlough, zoom ….For some it has meant closure for others expansionIn this episode I’ll be asking you as an individual what new learning skills are you going to require to help you grow in 2021, what is your individual business plan?For businesses I will be asking you to have a look at your customer offering in terms of the customer buying experience and asking you to check if you are keeping up with your customers as well as staying ahead of your competitionAnd I’m sharing six of the best tips offered up by guests on the podcast in 2020If you need help to grow sales or deliver better more successful presentations in 2021 then check out my virtual sales director service and my presentation and sales coaching offersAnd finally don’t forget to enter my competition to win a copy of Alex Goldfayn’s five-minute selling book – simply send me an audio of your top tip the 2021 to and I’ll put you in a random draw and if you win I’ll send you the book – and I’ll include your audio tip in an early 2021 podcast
At the beginning of 2020 if we had talked about presentations we would have no doubt been thinking of speaking at an event, maybe showing up with a laptop to a client meeting, in our team together in the conference room to give them some sort of business briefingAt the end of 2020 we are largely communicating virtually and as such are presentations have probably grown considerably with most of them being virtual if not all of  them from internal meetings, to client pitches, product demos, elevator pitches at networking events etc...What remains apparent though is that the vast majority of presenters are okay, they do a decent job but that’s about itSo my question is: 'Do you want to move out of the pack and become a standout, even an awesome, presenter?'If you do then here are six things to help you achieve that:Keep the words off your slides – set yourself a goal of having a maximum of six or seven words per slide – ideally one or two – remember your slide should be a prompt not a scriptUse your voice – it’s a very powerful tool when you are presentingOnly deliver content that the audience wants not the content that you wantBe confident and enthusiastic without being overwhelming but importantly give the impression you are enjoying delivering your presentationPrepare well – the structure content and flow of your presentation – be a ruthless editorPractice – using the kit and getting the timing right – remember to deliver in practice in 80-85% of your allocated timeIf you are listening to this podcast before 15:30PM GMT on Wednesday, December 16th you can still join my end of year ‘Top sales and presenting tipster 2021’ webinar sharing the best tips from this year's awesome podcast guestsHere is the link:
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