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Author: Jody Moore

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This is the podcast for people who know that an extraordinary life is not easy or comfortable. It’s so much better than that. This is Better Than Happy and I’m your host Jody Moore. I’m a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Days Saints, a Certified Life Coach and I say it like it is. If you’re tired of spinning and ready to take control of your relationships, your health, your confidence, your money and your contribution in the world, you’re in the right place.
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Angela Reidy

this episode is just amazing. I don't have the words to describe how perfect it is. if you're in any type of relationship, be it marriage, dating, friendship, etc, please listen to this. it explains the evolution of relationships in a simple, relatable way.

Jan 19th


I feel like I've been drowning the last 40yrs of my life. Suddenly there's this hand, light, gift that happened by...well I want to say chance, but I'm starting to think it was much more inspired. That hand that is lifting me, giving me breath to want to live and reach and well, be bold? Ms. Jody Moore. Even being a writer I can't seem to find the words sufficient to express my sudden relief that I'm no longer not enough, that I have life left in me to share and live and I've only just found her. I've joined her Be Bold Program and am going to claw my way to what my life will be. But daily I listen to her podcasts, because it is only enhancing the life I am now choosing to live and build. Thank you, from the depths that I've felt alone I already now feel hope kindling and I thank you.

Jan 17th

Tina Larwood

I love this podcast thank you so much for your words

Jan 3rd

Shanelle Lundell

I LOVE jody! I am/was riddled with self doubt. I had 0 confidence and my clients (im a barber) started commenting on how bad it was. Ever since i started listening to jody it has completely changed my life, and i am only one episode 14. She has helped me understand myself better and I am SO much more happy. She has helped me understand my marriage is completely normal and how to be a better wife. She has helped me be a better mom. If you are debating listening, do it.

Dec 19th

Taryn Sharp

Omgosh listening to the episode about 6 challenges of marriage. I have been married 21 years, yal this episode is genius!!! love it, already addicted!

Dec 14th

Christie Urquijo

Wow! This was incredible. I have already listened to it a couple of times and will he coming back to it. This is one of my favorites. Thank you!

Nov 24th


great.. I loved this episode I've got a subject in my mind.. I would like to share it with you, shall I?

Nov 19th

wonder women mom

I love this channel. It helps me know that I can be happy.

Nov 16th
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