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This is a repository for recordings of developer hangouts and other bits and pieces collected by the Beyond Bitcoin community.
If you'd like to participate be sure to check and RSVP to one of the hangout threads!

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An interview with WORBLI CTO (Chief Technical Officer) on the technology that WORBLI is built on, some of the advantages it has as it relates to the financial industry and some of the upcoming things we can expect from WORBLI.WORBLI is a financial services district where enterprises and individuals can access a broad range of services that are built on WORBLI's blockchain. Our blockchain ecosystem leverages EOSIO software and is capable of hosting a variety of decentralized applications (dApps) focused on financial innovation, free transactions, security, reliability, and compliance.To summarize the current challenge; crypto presents a very high barrier to entry and a lot of red tape for consumers and businesses, and WORBLI is here to resolve this.Don't forget to subscribe to our YouTube channel and like this video here: ☝️👍 join the discussion with Worbli on our telegram at to WORBLI resources:〰️Twitter:〰️Steemit:https://〰️Medium:〰️Facebook:〰️Reddit:〰️Bitcointalk:;u=2020487〰️LinkedIn:〰️YouTube: visit Beyond Bitcoin on Telegram: the web:
A quick interview with Fuzzy about his incoming project where people can stake their tokens to provide bandwidth for EOS Dapps in return for tokens. Please drop us a subscribe for continued updates about new and incoming EOS Dapps.Want to find more about stakemine? Join their telegram here is coming soon and currently in active alpha. The website is www.stakemine.ioQuit losing EOS while mining gambling, dividend, or any other tokens... Stakemine is coming. Stake bandwidth, keep your eos.Subscribe to Costa Crypto you checked out yet?Subscribe to Trybe TV here are looking for established and up and coming YouTubers to contribute to our channel. Submit your articles here for consideration.Drop by our telegram here
This is a story of how my EOS account got hacked through the discord virus, how the attacker used a trojan and a keylogger to watch my every move before I got caught and how they attacked a friend.It wasn't my proudest moment, but it's a story that needs to be told. Watch your accounts and take your security seriously. The software available to hack EOSIO accounts is plentiful and available.Subscribe to Costa Crypto: vote for Beyond Bitcoin BP's! beyondbtctls on Telos and bbtc on Smoke.ioCome visit us at:
The first application to officially launch on Telos?You guessed it... or didn't... It's EDNA... and with an infusion of VC money EDNA looks like it's in a position to do some incredible things... I have always loved EDNA and am super excited to see them get a fresh start. Look for a follow-up interview about some of the new dynamics coming to EDNA soon... Porting over from the EOS blockchain will occur www.edna.lifetelegram: out more about the newly launched Telos here: telegram here out more about Douglas Horn, Goodblock, and some of the incentives to build on Telos here to Costa Crypto here:
Todas las semanas presentaremos este pequeño curso a las cryptomonedas tratando de orientar a los presentes de la mejor forma posible. Nos interesa crear contenidos dinámicos, inteactivos y capaces de influir en las personas para uqe puedan mejorar sus condiciones de vida.Entonces, no dudes en acompañarnos cada semana, visita nuestras redes y forma parte de este gran proyecto:Discord:
Join Ceruleanblue & Intelliguy every Tuesday at 7pm EST (12 AM UTC) on the Official Whaleshares Discord as the community discusses issues relating to cryptocurrency-backed social media platforms like Whaleshares.Topic This Week: Centralization vs DecentralizationLately there has been a lot of interest in talking about new user onboarding, handling reward abuse, and more. We begin the show talking about our thoughts on the levels of decentralization and centralization and what is necessary to for this platform to succeed.Join us on Discord: Whaleshares Today:https://Whaleshares.ioWhaleshares is a social sharing network where users earn cryptocurrency rewards for posting their original content like photos, articles, and blogs.------------Community BEYOND BITCOIN
Esta semana en Hablemos de EOS, conversamos acerca de EOSCafé y 0xuniverse, ambas propuesta que están comenzando y proponen nuevos paradigmas para la blockchain y, especialmente, para EOS. Escúchalo en nuestro canal de youtube de la mano de nuestro host chuckyfucky y nuestros invitados @Wiljo7#8061 y @enrique89#8667----------Community BEYOND BITCOIN
In this hangout, the community discussed some recent issues with "spam posts" and the response by some on the platform. Given that Whaleshares is intended to be an open, censorship-free, social sharing platform... users are typically free to post and reward as they see fit within the limits of local/international laws. In such a public forum as a social media platform, where "quality content" is a subjective term, this sometimes causes the differences in opinions to cloud better judgement on the proper actions that should be taken to curb negative behavior. -----------------This is the last hangout hosted by Dev and Launch Team members KrazyKrista and PowerPics. The show is now being handed over to members of the Whaleshares Community to continue on every Tuesday at 7PM EST (11 UTC) to discuss important issues and challenges of a growing cryptocurrency-backed social sharing platform.Intelliguy and CeruleanBlue will now host the show. This is a good time to join the discussions and bring any concerns or suggestions you have to show, your input is always welcome.Official Whaleshares Discord
New token model distribution insight. Hold tokens and get a share of the research profits, submit your own DNA for tests that align to your ethics, get paid more.A great chat with Greg and his incredibly interesting project EDNA. Check out the website at group at you want to see how blockchain has the potential to change lives. Look no further. Enough said.More in depth announcements coming about the token profit model coming soon from EDNA.and I am just going to leave this here..., If you support the ideas behind this project, share this video. The world needs to know.Subscribe to Costa
Join KrazyKrista and PowerPics every Tuesday evening at 7PM EST (11 UTC) as we gather to discuss the all things Whaleshares.Community is an important aspect of the "Whaleshares experience".As community leaders, members of the launch and dev teams, and active witnesses... we know that it is important to make ourselves available to community members. Each week we will host this hangout to give important updates about, talk about current issues within the community, and open the discussion to our members to ask questions and give their feedback.This is a good time to bring any concerns or suggestions you have to us, we welcome your input.Official Whaleshares Discord BEYOND BITCOIN
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