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Author: Nester Dudley

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Long time #Cablecast, new time #Podcast. Around The Rim! mostly video. Beyond The Rim! mostly audio. 4 the red, the black & the green! #ATR #BTR #Dudcast #PodernFamily
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12 Episodes
Fantasy Sports amp Arcade Games Twentyfour hours removed from inauguration Mayor Gary Christenson talks about The Avengers Baker Mayfield Steph Curry amp Galaga Open 000Inauguration 155The Rookies Guide to Fantasy Football 753Fantasy Sports 1000Handheld Old School Arcade Cabinet 2655Old School Arcade Games Remembered 2901Mayors Office Annual Holiday Skit 3726Close 4226
Theyre Watching You Is you online secure Has your social media been compromised Yvens Riviere Information Technology Security here to share some information about the InterwebsOpen 000Are they watching you 102A Cyber Privacy Parable 2413How to protect yourself 2740Cybersecurity 101 4731Contact information 5104The Make It Rain Podcast plug 5231Close 5425
The NFL schedules a workout for Colin Kapernick Is this a legitimate opportunity or a PR stunt
Milestone Icon Escaping from a damaged alien starliner Arnus from the planet Terminus lifepod crash lands in a cotton field deep in the American South in 1839 Alan Vickers from New England Comics here to have a conversation about Milestone Comics first Superhero named IconOpen 000The Creators 129Who is Icon 1105Verb Thats Whats Happenin 2659 1993 3051Superpowers 4406Close 5714
Malden Overcoming Addiction pt2 Paul Hammersley President of Malden Overcoming Addiction MOA talking about the latest endeavors of this nonprofit organization Dudcast 8Open 000PeertoPeer Recovery Center Update 123Addiction Recovery Resource Specialist 1020Donate 2233The Science of Addiction 2333Recovery is Possible 2749Narcotics Anonymous 4626Candlelight Memorial Vigil 4735Kiss Forever Rocks Addiction Fundraiser 5111Close 5724
Malden Overcoming Addiction Paul Hammersley President of Malden Overcoming Addiction MOA talking about the first three years of this nonprofit organization and future plans moving forwardOpen 0003rd Annual Vigil 326 Recovery Coach Academy 550Donate 2129 2018 MaldenStopTheStigma 2409Stigma Day 3004Fundraiser 5132Close 5233
Conspiracy Connection Who shot JFK Moon Landing Machination TC Restani Executive Producer amp Host of the 5 times award winning Late Night TV Talk Show amp Podcast After Hours wTC Restani shares his views on these conspiracies TConmyTV Open 000JFK conspiracy 350 2735 A Sabulous Second 2737 2910 We choose to go to the moon 2911 3111 Moon landing conspiracy 3113 4438Close 4439
Kennedy King Kennedy Community Television Executive Producer amp Host Josephine Royal talks about the assassinations of JFK MLK amp RFK through her preteen amp teenaged eyes Open 000JFK 242 2043 SocialSecurityorg PSA 2045 2145 MLK 2147 3602 Dept of Education PSA 3603 3629 ProtectMassChildrenorg PSA 3632 3730 Demand a Plan 3732 3815 RFK 3817 5142Close 5143
Richie Rich amp 24 Karat Funk World traveling independent music artist amp band based in Boston MA Richard McCreary talks about his musical beginnings including working for Duke Ellington amp Rick James as well as friendships with George Clinton amp Bernie Worrell Also live performance of original tune Bebop Get Your Dance OnOpen 000Beginnings 136 2628 Bebop Get Your Dance On 2629 3247 Present to date 3250 5509Close 5510
Comic Xplosion Adam West RIP Wonder Woman movie Spiderman Homecoming amp more wPaul Conrad Email ComicXplosiongmailcom for latest info amp follow Comic Xplosion on Facebook ComicXplosionOpen 000Adam West RIP Harley Quinn DCMarvel Universes Spiderman Homecoming movie Wonder Woman movie 132 2955Underdog TV show openers 2956 3148DC vs Marvel comic book sales DC New 52 turning into DC Rebirth Superman 52 or Rebirth Ben Affleck Batman upcoming Justice League movie 3150 5526Close 5527
Living well getting old finances amp you SeniorFitness w guest Sharon FillyawFollow SharonsFitness on Twitter Close 5418Strategies 4306 5417Fun Fitness Tip 3 4212 4304 Impact 2745 4243 Fun Fitness Tip 2 2647 2743 Indicators 1150 2645 Fun Fitness Tip 1 1100 1148 Changes 252 1059 Open 000
Nester amp Bradworth are at it again Debut Podcast topics areIntro 000ATRMNBL 254Colin Kaepernick 2329Close 10541YouTube this Episode httpsyoutubeLA3owRagU
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