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Author: Nester Dudley

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Long time #Cablecast, new time #Podcast. Around The Rim! mostly video. Beyond The Rim! mostly audio. 4 the red, the black & the green! #ATR #BTR #Dudcast #PodernFamily

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12 Episodes
Fantasy Sports & Arcade Games! Twenty-four hours removed from inauguration, Mayor Gary Christenson talks about The Avengers, Baker Mayfield, Steph Curry & Galaga! Open (0:00) Inauguration (1:55)The Rookie's Guide to Fantasy Football (7:53) Fantasy Sports (10:00) Handheld Old School Arcade Cabinet (26:55) Old School Arcade Games Remembered (29:01) Mayor's Office Annual Holiday Skit (37:26)Close (42:26)
They're Watching You! Is you on-line secure? Has your social media been compromised? Yvens Riviere, Information Technology Security, here to share some information about the Interwebs! Open (0:00) Are they watching you? (1:02) A Cyber Privacy Parable (24:13) How to protect yourself (27:40) Cybersecurity 101 (47:31) Contact information (51:04) The Make It Rain Podcast plug (52:31)Close (54:25)
The NFL schedules a workout for Colin Kapernick. Is this a legitimate opportunity or a PR stunt?
Milestone Icon! Escaping from a damaged alien starliner Arnus, from the planet Terminus, life-pod crash lands in a cotton field deep in the American South in 1839! Alan Vickers, from New England Comics, here to have a conversation about Milestone Comics first Superhero named Icon!Open (0:00)The Creators (1:29)Who is Icon? (11:05)Verb: That's What's Happenin' (26:59) 1993 (30:51)Superpowers (44:06)Close (57:14)
Malden Overcoming Addiction pt2. Paul Hammersley, President of Malden Overcoming Addiction (MOA), talking about the latest endeavors of this non-profit organization. Dudcast #8Open (0:00)Peer-to-Peer Recovery Center Update (1:23)Addiction Recovery Resource Specialist (10:20)Donate (22:33)The Science of Addiction (23:33)Recovery is Possible (27:49)Narcotics Anonymous (46:26)Candlelight Memorial Vigil (47:35)Kiss Forever Rocks Addiction Fundraiser (51:11)Close (57:24)
Malden Overcoming Addiction. Paul Hammersley, President of Malden Overcoming Addiction (MOA), talking about the first three years of this non-profit organization and future plans moving forward.Open (0:00)3rd Annual Vigil (3:26) Recovery Coach Academy (5:50)Donate (21:29) 2018 #MaldenStopTheStigma (24:09)Stigma Day (30:04)Fundraiser (51:32)Close (52:33)
Conspiracy Connection! Who shot JFK? Moon Landing Machination? T.C. Restani, Executive Producer & Host of the 5 times award winning Late Night TV Talk Show & Podcast "After Hours w/TC Restani" shares his views on these conspiracies. #TConmyTV Open (0:00)JFK conspiracy (3:50 - 27:35) A Sabulous Second (27:37 - 29:10) "We choose to go to the moon" (29:11 - 31:11) Moon landing conspiracy (31:13 - 44:38)Close (44:39)
Kennedy, King, Kennedy. Community Television Executive Producer & Host Josephine Royal talks about the assassinations of JFK, MLK & RFK through her pre-teen & teen-aged eyes. Open (0:00)JFK (2:42) - 20:43) PSA (20:45 - 21:45) MLK (21:47 - 36:02) Dept of Education PSA (36:03 - 36:29) PSA (36:32 - 37:30) Demand a Plan (37:32 - 38:15) RFK (38:17 - 51:42)Close (51:43)
Richie Rich & 24 Karat Funk! World traveling independent music artist & band based in Boston, MA. Richard McCreary talks about his musical beginnings including working for Duke Ellington & Rick James as well as friendships with George Clinton & Bernie Worrell. Also, live performance of original tune Bebop Get Your Dance On!Open (0:00)Beginnings (1:36 - 26:28) "Bebop Get Your Dance On!" (26:29 - 32:47) Present to date (32:50 - 55:09)Close (55:10)
Comic X-plosion! Adam West RIP, Wonder Woman movie, Spider-man Homecoming & more. w/Paul Conrad! Email for latest info & follow Comic X-plosion on Facebook @ComicXplosion.Open (0:00)Adam West RIP, Harley Quinn, DC/Marvel Universes, Spider-man Homecoming movie, Wonder Woman movie (1:32 - 29:55)Underdog TV show openers (29:56 - 31:48)DC vs Marvel comic book sales, DC New 52 turning into DC Rebirth, Superman (52 or Rebirth), Ben Affleck Batman, upcoming Justice League movie (31:50 - 55:26)Close (55:27)
Living well, getting old, finances & you! #SeniorFitness w/ guest Sharon Fillyaw.Follow @SharonsFitness on Twitter! Close (54:18)Strategies (43:06 - 54:17)Fun Fitness Tip 3 (42:12 - 43:04) Impact (27:45 - 42:43) Fun Fitness Tip 2 (26:47 - 27:43) Indicators (11:50 - 26:45) Fun Fitness Tip 1 (11:00 - 11:48) Changes (2:52 - 10:59) Open (0:00)
Nester & Bradworth are at it again! Debut #Podcast topics are: Intro (0:00) ATR/MNBL (2:54) Colin Kaepernick (23:29) Close (1:05:41)YouTube this Episode -
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