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Long time #Cablecast, new time #Podcast. Around The Rim! mostly video. Beyond The Rim! mostly audio. 4 the red, the black & the green! #ATR #BTR #Dudcast #PodernFamily
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Dudcast #24 - The Embrace

Dudcast #24 - The Embrace


Nester Dudley engages in a candid discussion with Valerie about the controversy surrounding "The Embrace", a bronze statue commemorating Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. and Coretta Scott King. They explore the artist Hank Willis Thomas's background, addressing past allegations of plagiarism and the potential motivations behind the provocative angles in the statue. Is it a deliberate act of artistic expression, or does it hint at opportunism? Discover the layers of this complex controversy as they navigate through the intersections of art, fame, and societal reactions.YouTube: ⁠The Embrace⁠Ⓒ 2023  ⁠⁠
294 Days! The Make It Rain Podcast co-hosts, D Train & Angelica, are here to talk about the release of Brittney Griner from detainment in Russia. Also, a brief NBA discussion. 0:00 Open 0:59 Last time on Dudcast 2:42 Political ploy 5:48 Too Harsh 7:23 Average WNBA salary 8:29 Bad, bad dude 14:56 Justice system 16:43 LGBTQIA 19:17 Kim Maulkey 28:10 Wishes PSA 29:42 Boston Celtics 32:17 Set the record straight 33:32 Michael v LeBron 35:20 Xmas episode 44:32 Ime Udoka 57:04 Close Apple: Spotify: YouTube: Website: YouTube Episode: ⁠⁠⁠ Ⓒ 2023  ⁠⁠⁠⁠⁠⁠⁠ #BeyondTheRim! #BTR! #294Days 
Cedric Claus! 'Tis the season & here comes Cedric Claus from South-Central South Pole! 0:00 Open 2:40 Cedric Claus on After Hours w/TC Restani 11:51 After Hours w/TC Restani 13:47 Christmas Close Apple: Spotify: YouTube: Website: Episode: ⁠⁠ Ⓒ 2022  ⁠⁠⁠⁠⁠ #BeyondTheRim! #BTR! #CedricClaus #SouthCentralSouthPole 
Malden Overcoming Addiction pt.3 - Trilogy Conclusion! Malden Overcoming Addiction (MOA) President Paul Hammersley returns after four years to update us all about this non-profit organization. 0:00   Open 1:38    Peer-to-Peer Recovery Center 4:53   Dom Desario 9:33   Gavin Foundation 15:44  Bridge Recovery Center 20:18 April 22nd, 2003 28:06  MOA team 33:15   Malden Cares 36:38  When COVID hit 39:49  Education 43:55  Stigma 52:15   Drone 54:52  Events 58:20  #MaldenStopTheStigmaDay 1:05:21   Contact MOA 1:08:05 Close Apple: Spotify: YouTube: Website: Episode: ⁠⁠Ⓒ 2022  ⁠⁠⁠⁠⁠ #BeyondTheRim! #BTR! #MaldenOvercomingAddiction #MOA #Addiction #NonProfit
Name It The Homeys! Retirement works well for Ron Cox, the former Executive Director of Malden Access Television/Urban Media Arts as he basks in the glory of MATV/UMA victory of winning the Hometown Media Award! 0:00 Open 0:58 Outstanding Media Center 3:33 About this video 5:05 Annual Meeting 10:18 Hometown Video Festival 13:03 Buddy Guy's Legends 15:08 Winners Announcements 19:12 UMAverse 25:47 Name it The Homeys! 29:35 Malden High School Hall of Fame 32:29 Ron's Retirement Roast 38:43 Get involved 40:09 Thank you Ron! 40:42 CloseYouTube:Ⓒ 2022  ⁠⁠⁠⁠⁠ #BeyondTheRim! #BTR! #NameItTheHomeys
Make It Rain! Talking WNBA w/D-Train & Angelica from The Make It Rain Podcast, who recently shifted their format from concentrating on the NBA to concentrating on the W. 0:00 Open 9:48 Top players & teams 10:34 #Free Brittney Griner! 13:49 Pennies on the Dollar 17:43 Expansion 22:50 Number of teams 26:00 Kurtis Blow rappin Basketball 29:47 NBA Finals 31:20 All Brad's Fault! 35:59 Blame Jayson Tatum? 37:03 Jaylen Brown Mamba Mentality 41:05 The Champs! 44:11 Steph Curry legacy 46:16 Close YouTube:Ⓒ 2022  ⁠⁠⁠ #BeyondTheRim! #BTR! #MakeItRain
The Vacc of Life! Are you vaccinated or are you not? How many times a day does this topic come up in conversation? Is this everyone's business or is this a private matter? YouTube: ⁠⁠ #BeyondTheRim! #BTR! #VaccOfLife #COVID19 
Stop Killing Black People! A discussion about the George Floyd murder & Derek Chauvin trial followed by the Daunte Wright murder & the arrest of Kimberly Potter.  Open (⁠0:00⁠) George Floyd/Derek Chauvin trial (⁠1:27⁠) Juror #52 Brandon Mitchell (⁠6:00⁠) 9mins & 29secs (⁠13:29⁠) Pressure on neck (⁠16:05⁠) In custody (⁠19:15⁠) The Verdict (⁠28:58⁠) About to expire (⁠36:33⁠) Failed MATV shows (⁠40:35⁠) Daunte Wright/Kimberly Potter (⁠45:27⁠) Freaked out (⁠53:00⁠) Potter needs to go to jail (⁠55:37⁠) Potter knows Glock from Taser (⁠1:00:13⁠) Miranda Rights (⁠1:05:35⁠) Standard protocol (⁠1:09:40⁠) Close (⁠1:14:38⁠) YouTube: ⁠⁠#BeyondTheRim! #BTR! #StopKillingBlackPeople #GeorgeFloyd #Murder
Black Captain America! Fighting for a country that did not fight for him, Isaiah Bradley becomes the ultimate sacrificial lamb during WWII! Alan Vickers, from New England Comics, here to have a conversation about the urban myth of the Marvel Universe!  Open (⁠0:00⁠) The Creators (⁠1:34⁠) Tuskegee Syphilis Study (⁠7:15⁠) Isaiah Bradley (⁠11:33⁠) Sgt. Luke Evans (⁠11:58⁠) Maurice Canfield (⁠12:39⁠) Reconstruction Era (⁠15:36⁠) The Experiment (⁠19:53⁠) Faith Bradley (⁠22:48⁠) Suicide mission (⁠28:12⁠) Captured (⁠40:57⁠) Eugenics (⁠42:33⁠) LEGO Batman PSA (⁠44:33⁠) Rescued (⁠48:22⁠) Super Soldier Serum (⁠51:20⁠) Steve Rogers meets Isaiah Bradley (⁠54:32⁠) Wall of Celebrities (⁠58:46⁠) The Black Vine (⁠1:00:37⁠) Instant addition to the Marvel Universe (⁠1:03:53⁠)  Eli Bradley (⁠1:04:25⁠) Comic Book Medium  (⁠1:07:25⁠) Close (⁠1:11:29⁠) YouTube: ⁠⁠ #BeyondTheRim! #BTR! #IsaiahBradley #BlackCaptainAmerica #TuskegeeSyphillisStudy #ReconstructionEra #Eugenics #MarvelComics #Marvel #MarvelUniverse
Women's History Month Special! Thirteen women & 8yrs o Mamas are featured in this compilation of acknowledgement & achievements of women from the live television production of Around The Rim recorded during Women's History Month from 2012 - 2020.Open (0:00)2012Mary Dixon Kies (2:35)Nellie Bly (3:36)The Celtics Mamas (4:53)2014Eldorado Jones (6:58)Elizabeth Magie (8:16)The Sonics Mamas (9:50)2015Sybil Ludington (11:37)The Hawks Mamas (13:08)2016Marion Donovan (15:01)Miriam Benjamin (16:13)The Kings Mamas (17:11)2017Belle Starr (19:41)Agent 355 (22:53)Bertha Holt (24:36)The Sonics Mamas (26:20)2018Jerrie Cobb (28:45)Agent 355 (30:12)The Bullets Mamas (31:57)2019Eleanor Dumont (34:15)Agent 355 (35:44)The Kings Mamas (37:04)2020Bertha Heyman (38:37)Agent 355 (41:40)Close (42:11) YouTube: ⁠⁠ #BeyondTheRim! #BTR! #WomenHistoryMonth
Black  History Month Special! Twenty-nine individuals are featured in this  compilation of African-American achievements & acknowledgement from  the live television production of Around The Rim recorded during Black  History Month from 2012 - 2020.Open (⁠0:00⁠)2012Willie Thrower (⁠2:42⁠)Don Cornelius (⁠3:30⁠)Whitney Houston (⁠5:31⁠)Anna Cooper (⁠6:36⁠)2013Barbara Jordan (⁠7:58⁠)2014Morris Turner (⁠10:09⁠)Brian Thompson (⁠11:36⁠)2015Charlie Sifford (⁠14:18⁠)Alice Coachman (⁠15:32⁠)Bayard Rustin (⁠17:06⁠)Bantu Stephen Biko (⁠18:15⁠)2016Dr. James West (⁠20:22⁠)Beverly Harvard (⁠21:11⁠)Johnathan Iverson (⁠22:05⁠)Zelda Valdes (⁠23:01⁠)2017Floyd Norman (⁠25:20⁠)Andrew Hatcher (⁠27:06⁠)Dr. Ossain Sweet (⁠28:26⁠)2018Yasuke (⁠30:36⁠)Cherokee Bill (⁠32:19⁠)William DeHart Hubbard (⁠34:03⁠)2019Joseph Winters (⁠36:31⁠ )Bass Reeves (⁠37:48⁠)Cathay Williams (⁠38:45⁠)Bill Pickett (⁠40:37⁠)2020Doris Miller (⁠43:09⁠)Leonard Fillyaw (⁠44:36⁠)Jeremiah Hamilton (⁠45:53⁠)Gladys Bentley (⁠47:19⁠)Close (⁠48:28⁠) YouTube: ⁠⁠ #BeyondTheRim! #BTR! #BlackHistoryMonth   
Synopsis of events since the last Dudcast.YouTube: ⁠⁠ #BeyondTheRim! #BTR! #COVIDInterrupt #COVID19
Fantasy Sports & Arcade Games! Twenty-four hours removed from  inauguration, Mayor Gary Christenson talks about The Avengers, Baker  Mayfield, Steph Curry & Galaga!     Open (0:00) Inauguration (1:55) The Rookie's Guide to Fantasy Football (7:53) Fantasy Sports (10:00) Handheld Old School Arcade Cabinet (26:55) Old School Arcade Games Remembered (29:01) Mayor's Office Annual Holiday Skit (37:26) Close (42:26) YouTube: ⁠⁠ #BeyondTheRim! #BTR! #Inauguration #ArcadeGames #FantasySports
They're Watching You! Is your on-line secure? Has your social media been compromised? Yvens Riviere, Information Technology Security, here to  share some information about the Interwebs!  Open (0:00) Are they watching you? (1:02) A Cyber Privacy Parable (24:13) How to protect yourself (27:40) Cybersecurity 101 (47:31) Contact information (51:04) The Make It Rain Podcast plug (52:31) Close (54:25) YouTube this Episode - ⁠⁠ #BeyondTheRim! #BTR! #SocialMedia #WiFi #IT #InterWebs
Workout for Kaepernick. The NFL schedules a workout for Colin Kapernick. Is this a legitimate opportunity or a PR stunt?YouTube: ⁠⁠ #BeyondTheRim! #BTR! #ColinKaepernick #PRStunt
Milestone Icon! Escaping from a damaged alien starliner Arnus, from the planet Terminus, life-pod crash lands in a cotton field deep in the American South in 1839! Alan Vickers, from New England Comics, here to have a conversation about Milestone Comics first Superhero named Icon!Open (0:00) The Creators (1:29) Who is Icon? (11:05) Verb: That's What's Happenin' (26:59)   1993 (30:51) Superpowers (44:06) Close (57:14)YouTube: ⁠⁠ #BeyondTheRim! #BTR! #Icon #BlackSuperHeroes #MilestoneComics #Milestone #DCComics #DC #NewEnglandComics #MilestoneIcon #Arnus #Terminus #LifePod
Malden Overcoming Addiction pt2.  Paul Hammersley, President of Malden Overcoming Addiction (MOA), talking about the latest endeavors of this non-profit organization.  Dudcast #8Open (0:00)Peer-to-Peer Recovery Center Update (1:23) Addiction Recovery Resource Specialist  (10:20) Donate (22:33) The Science of Addiction (23:33) Recovery is Possible (27:49) Narcotics Anonymous  (46:26) Candlelight Memorial Vigil (47:35) Kiss Forever Rocks Addiction Fundraiser (51:11) Close (57:24)YouTube: ⁠⁠ #BeyondTheRim! #BTR! #MaldenOvercomingAddiction #MOA #Addiction
Malden Overcoming Addiction.  Paul Hammersley, President of Malden Overcoming Addiction (MOA), talking about the first three years of this non-profit organization and future plans moving forward.Open (0:00) 3rd Annual Vigil (3:26)  Recovery Coach Academy (5:50) Donate (21:29)  2018 #MaldenStopTheStigma (24:09)  Stigma Day (30:04)  Fundraiser (51:32)  Close (52:33)YouTube: ⁠⁠ #BeyondTheRim! #BTR! #MaldenOvercomingAddiction #MOA #Addiction
Conspiracy Connection!  Who shot JFK? Moon Landing Machination? T.C. Restani, Executive Producer & Host of the 5 times award winning Late Night TV Talk Show & Podcast "After Hours w/TC Restani" shares his views on these conspiracies. #TConmyTV  Open (0:00) JFK conspiracy (3:50 - 27:35) A Sabulous Second (27:37 - 29:10) "We choose to go to the moon" (29:11 - 31:11) Moon landing conspiracy (31:13 - 44:38) Close (44:39)YouTube: ⁠⁠ #BeyondTheRim! #BTR! #ConspiracyConnection #Conspiracy
Kennedy, King, Kennedy.  Community Television Executive Producer & Host Josephine Royal talks about the assassinations of JFK, MLK & RFK through her pre-teen & teen-aged eyes.   Open (0:00) JFK (2:42) - 20:43) PSA (20:45 - 21:45) MLK (21:47 - 36:02) Dept of Education PSA (36:03 - 36:29) PSA (36:32 - 37:30) Demand a Plan (37:32 - 38:15) RFK (38:17 - 51:42) Close (51:43) YouTube: ⁠⁠ #BeyondTheRim! #BTR! #KennedyKingKennedy
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