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Welcome to Beyond The Story! 

Are you tired of surface-level conversations? 

Do you want to dig deeper and explore the stories behind the stories? 

Then join host Sebastian Rusk on Beyond the Story, the podcast that goes beyond the headlines and explores the human experiences that shape our world.

On Beyond the Story, we have intimate conversations with thought leaders, change-makers, and innovators from all walks of life. We get to the heart of their journeys, the obstacles they faced, and the lessons they learned along the way. 

So, if you're ready to be inspired, to learn from those who've gone before you, and to discover new perspectives that challenge and transform, then tune in to Beyond the Story with Sebastian Rusk, available now on all major podcast platforms.

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In episode 213 of Beyond The Story, Sebastian Rusk challenges listeners to rethink their approach to podcasting and how it can radically change their lives and business. He provides valuable insights on why starting a podcast can solve social media content problems and offers practical tips on equipment, marketing, and creating engaging content.Join Sebastian as he shares his expertise and encourages listeners to step into a new version of themselves through the power of podcasting.TIMESTAMPS[00:02:24] Podcasting Can Change Lives.[00:06:50] Overcoming Career Uncertainty.[00:08:37] Personal Branding and Reputation.[00:11:45] Discovering the Power of Podcasting.[00:15:48] “Yes, You Can” Mindset.[00:20:22] Choosing a Podcast Name.[00:24:47] Podcast Cover Art Design.[00:26:00] Travel-Friendly Podcast Microphone.[00:30:38] Podcast Interview Challenges.[00:31:41] Slow Down for Success.[00:36:05] Podcast Content Repurposing Strategies.[00:39:34] Bulk Recording for Sustainability.[00:41:10] Launching a Podcast in 90 days.[00:44:51] Launching a Podcast with VA Support.In this episode, Sebastian Rusk stresses the importance of utilizing a podcast to generate a variety of micro-content pieces that can be shared across social media platforms. He points out that a single podcast episode can be repurposed into five to ten pieces of micro-content, including micro-videos, reel content, audiograms, and promo images.Furthermore, Sebastian emphasizes the importance of strategic marketing tactics, such as appearing as a guest on other podcasts, sharing guest episodes, and running ads to promote micro-content. By implementing these strategies, podcasters can expand their reach, attract new listeners, and boost engagement on social media platforms. QUOTES"Stuck is a choice and a mindset. Massive action solves a lot of that, it really does.""I feel most fulfilled when I see people step out of what they think is possible and into a completely different realm and go, wow, I didn't even know that was possible, that's what really gets me going.""You gotta go in there and change some colors and fonts around and whatnot, but it's not going to be better than getting a professional to actually do it where it looks clean, presentable, and attractive."SOCIAL MEDIA LINKSSebastian RuskInstagram: The Story Podcast: help launching your podcast?Schedule a Free Podcast Strategy Call TODAY!
In episode 212 of Beyond The Story, Sebastian Rusk interviews Rachel Miller, a successful entrepreneur and speaker. Rachel shares insights on leveraging AI tools to streamline marketing processes and the power of podcasting for SEO growth.Join Sebastian Rusk and Rachel Miller for an insightful discussion on the power of podcasts and online visibility.TIMESTAMPS[00:01:31] The Power of Podcasting for SEO.[00:05:55] Starting a Business with Little Resources.[00:09:21] Lead Magnet Strategies.[00:10:46] Different Motivations in Insurance Policies.[00:14:05] Solving Real Problems for Customers.[00:19:52] AI and Human Collaboration.[00:22:01] Taking One Step Forward.In this episode, Sebastian Rusk and Rachel Miller emphasize the importance of podcasting for enhancing SEO by mentioning that being a guest on podcasts or hosting a podcast can provide valuable incoming links to a website.Furthermore, Sebastian and Rachel delve into how AI tools can significantly streamline the process of creating marketing funnels and content, allowing marketers to work more efficiently and effectively in reaching their target audience and achieving their marketing goals.QUOTES"The world is telling me women don't run big companies. It's true. They don't, but like, gosh, darn it. I am." - Rachel Miller"Create this problem, the solution to their problem, and then create a follow-up sequence. It's not enough to just have a list builder. You have to have a follow-up sequence and you have to connect all the dots together in order to have like a business." - Rachel Miller“This is where AI comes in and is extremely useful when it's a tool and we can buy some of our time back by being able to leverage it on here. You know, AI taking over the world, regardless of what the headlines have to say, is going to be completely necessary or useful.” - Sebastian RuskSOCIAL MEDIA LINKSSebastian RuskInstagram: MillerInstagram: The Story Podcast: Miller: help launching your podcast?Schedule a Free Podcast Strategy Call TODAY!
In episode 211 of Beyond The Story, Sebastian Rusk engages in a candid and inspiring conversation with guest, Shawn Pollard, as he shares his remarkable journey of triumph over adversity, from facing personal challenges to finding success and fulfillment in his life. Shawn also offers valuable insights and practical advice for listeners looking to make positive changes in their own lives.Join Sebastian Rusk and Shawn Pollard as they discuss the power of self-discovery, the importance of authenticity, and the impact of surrounding yourself with the right people. TIMESTAMPS[00:01:48] Triumphing Over Life's Trials.[00:06:44] Overcoming Personal Rock Bottom.[00:10:14] Collaboration and Leadership Dynamics.[00:14:43] The Magic of Healing.[00:19:13] Falling Back in Love with Yourself[00:21:30] Money and Personal Growth.[00:23:40] The Power of Showing Up.[00:30:22] Breaking Out of Comfort Zones.[00:32:40] Taking Action Over Time.[00:35:15] Immersive Speaking Experiences.[00:40:00] Stay Humble and Authentic.In this episode, Sebastian Rusk and Shawn Pollard emphasize the importance of taking responsibility for one's actions and the impact they have on life. Shawn acknowledges that he had to hit rock bottom and face the consequences of his choices before realizing the need for change. By accepting responsibility for his past actions, he was able to start the process of transformation and growth.QUOTES“Everybody has trials in their life, right? That's just life. Mine is unique, because I think I suffered a little bit more than most. So when I see pain in people's eyes, I can see it. I can sense it. It's like as easy as breathing to me.” - Shawn Pollard“But you have to have it in the beginning to build something great. And then you evolve your finances and then you evolve your health and your wealth and then your mindset and then your spirituality, your faith.”  - Shawn Pollard"How do you know you're becoming the best version of yourself? Other people are impacted by you becoming a better, the better version of yourself, right? Number one. And number two, the thing about healing, here's the most beautiful part about healing all of your shit and becoming fully accountable for your life and realizing that everything is your **** fault" - Sebastian RuskSOCIAL MEDIA LINKSSebastian RuskInstagram: PollardInstagram: The Story Podcast: help launching your podcast?Schedule a Free Podcast Strategy Call TODAY!
In episode 210 of Beyond The Story, Sebastian Rusk welcomes Sue Mysko to share her journey from working in professional services marketing to becoming a fractional CMO. She also discusses the challenges faced by fractionals in finding leads and finding the right people to grow their businesses. Join Sebastian Rusk and Sue Mysko to learn more about what fractional positions are and how they can add value to your businessTIMESTAMPS[00:02:23] The Rise of Fractional Positions.[00:07:30] Choosing to Branch Out.[00:09:08] Fractional Job Marketplace.[00:13:19] The Wonderful World of Fractional Positions.In this episode, Sebastian Rusk and Sue Mysko discuss how fractional positions can aid in the growth and scaling of businesses. They emphasize that fractional positions are not limited to large corporations but can also be utilized by small businesses and entrepreneurs. Additionally, Sebastian and Sue highlight the importance of thoroughly understanding the core issues in a business to find the right fractional support. They emphasize that while every business wants to grow, it is crucial to identify the gaps before seeking fractional assistance. This may involve assessing areas such as leads, marketing, operations, or process management.QUOTES“So this isn't just large multimillion dollar corporations looking to fill a position that may not be full time. This is allowing anybody who owns a business that's looking to grow that business and find the right people to help facilitate that.” - Sebastian Rusk"I've worked in organizations where there's been a fractional CEO, a fractional CMO, and a fractional CHRO. They built their business off of fractionals because they just recognized that they could get the senior leadership in the strategy they needed to grow their business because they just want to be in their business." - Sue Mysko"Take the time to do your due diligence. Hire the right person because they will add so much value to the business." - Sue Mysko“Take every opportunity to promote yourself, promote the business, and to get out there and get as much volume as you can.” - Sue MyskoSOCIAL MEDIA LINKSSebastian RuskInstagram: MyskoInstagram: The Story Podcast: A Fractional: Marketing Outsider: help launching your podcast?Schedule a Free Podcast Strategy Call TODAY!
In episode 209 of Beyond The Story, Sebastian Rusk interviews Jacob Stahler to share his own personal experiences and discusses the importance of embracing change and taking risks. From unexpected construction projects to moments of self-discovery, they take us on a journey of growth and transformation. Join Sebastian Rusk and Jacob Stahler as they dive into the world of side hustles and personal development.TIMESTAMPS[00:02:09] Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) and Business Consulting.[00:09:14] English Premier League and National Football League (NFL).[00:18:09] Burn the Ships Moment.[00:24:59] Vigilance and Personal Growth.In this episode, Sebastian Rusk and Jacob Stahler emphasize the significance of not settling for mediocrity and accepting the status quo. They argue that life is too short to simply go along with the norm and that it is necessary to challenge and disrupt it. They also discuss their own mindset as a disruptor and their unique approach to entering the market. Thus, believing in doing things differently and finding innovative ways to scale their business.Moreover, Sebastian and Jacob highlight the importance of giving up control and trusting others when scaling a business. It acknowledges that it can be challenging to let go, but emphasizes that it is necessary for growth and success. By trusting their team and delegating tasks, business owners can focus on the bigger picture and allow the business to thrive.QUOTES"Giving up control and trusting people to do what you hired them to do is probably the hardest part or was the hardest part for me, because no one cares the way you do." - Jacob Stahler"You know, the people that know that they're fighting something internal on a medical level, they're the ones that are more dedicated to going to the gym because they know that they can't screw up because the stakes are higher. And the people that don't have the medical problems will find an excuse to why they can't work as hard as the person who has it. That's all in your head." - Jacob Stahler“We live in a world where I'll sell you my bullshit and you sell me yours and we'll call it a deal. And I don't know about you, but life is just too short to just settle for ‘that is, that's just the way that it is.’” - Sebastian RuskSOCIAL MEDIA LINKSSebastian RuskInstagram: StahlerInstagram: The Story Podcast: help launching your podcast?Schedule a Free Podcast Strategy Call TODAY!
In episode 208 of Beyond The Story, Sebastian Rusk interviews Johnny Slicks, the founder and CEO of Johnny Slicks Inc., an American-made grooming products company. Johnny shares his inspiring journey from struggling to make ends meet and donating blood plasma to fund his business, to building a successful company that is now hitting eight figures in revenue. Tune in to hear this captivating story of grit and glory.TIMESTAMPS[00:02:01] Thinning Hair and Self-Esteem.[00:05:31] Bank Account Struggles and Experimentation.[00:07:16] The Struggle to Start a Business.[00:10:35] Rags to Riches Story.[00:20:02] The Importance of an Integrator.[00:22:09] Find Your Strengths and Weaknesses.In this episode, Sebastian Rusk and Johnny Slicks emphasize the importance of having both a visionary and an integrator in a business partnership. They acknowledge that not all of their ideas may take off, but they believe it is the integrator's role to keep them focused on their main area of expertise, which in this case is grooming products.Additionally, Sebastian and Johnny emphasize the significance of finding someone who aligns with your culture, morals, and ethics, serving as a complementary counterpart. Having someone with diverse skills and perspectives allows for innovative problem-solving and enhances overall capabilities.QUOTES“So yeah, donating plasma, rags to riches, repo to limo, however you want to put it. But it really is the American dream. And it all started with just me having this personal issue of my thinning hair. Tanked my confidence. I found a solution. And now I'm here to offer the solution to everybody." - Johnny Slicks"I don't believe in problems, I believe all problems are just opportunities to learn and try and experiment." - Johnny Slicks"You will never get anything done as a visionary if you don't have an integrator, someone who can keep you aligned with what you're good at." - Johnny SlicksSOCIAL MEDIA LINKSSebastian RuskInstagram: SlicksInstagram: The Story Podcast: Slicks: help launching your podcast?Schedule a Free Podcast Strategy Call TODAY!
In episode 207 of Beyond The Story, Sebastian Rusk welcomes real estate expert, Austin Rutherford. They discuss Austin's journey in the world of real estate and the success he has achieved. Austin shares valuable insights and advice for those looking to get started in real estate, emphasizing the importance of taking action and overcoming fear.TIMESTAMPS[00:01:25] Backstory and Real Estate Journey.[00:03:51] Leveraging Other People's Money.[00:07:10] The Game of Private Money.[00:09:21] Investing in Real Estate.[00:11:50] Different Ways to Invest.[00:14:34] The Wealth Building.[00:19:17] Real Estate is a When-Game.In this episode, Sebastian Rusk and Austin Rutherford emphasize the importance of adopting a "when" mindset rather than an "if" mindset when it comes to investing in real estate. Many aspiring real estate investors are often held back by fear and uncertainty, worrying about the potential risks and failures associated with the industry. QUOTES"A good deal will always find the money. But you should be doing both at the same time. We say you should dig your well before you're thirsty. You should find the lenders before you need the money for the deal." - Austin Rutherford "Most people think that I'm asking somebody to invest in me when I try to raise private money. It's the complete opposite. I'm giving somebody an opportunity of a lifetime to invest with me." - Austin Rutherford “The biggest thing that you have to understand is real estate is not an if-game. It's a when-game. Real estate has been proven time and time and time and time and time again. So if you take the right actions, it's ‘when does real estate work’, not ‘if real estate works’. So anybody who's sitting on the sideline with the fear, think when, not if, and start taking action." - Austin Rutherford SOCIAL MEDIA LINKSSebastian RuskInstagram: RutherfordInstagram: The Story Podcast: Rutherford: to Get Free Houses: Money: help launching your podcast?Schedule a Free Podcast Strategy Call TODAY!
In episode 206 of Beyond The Story, Sebastian Rusk interviews Aleric Heck, founder of AdOutreach, to discuss the power of YouTube ads and how they can help businesses grow. Aleric shares his expertise and insights on the topic, providing valuable tips and strategies for success.Tune in to gain insights into the world of YouTube ads and Aleric's expertise in the field.TIMESTAMPS[00:01:26] YouTube Ads Discovery.[00:03:52] Sponsorship and YouTube Ads.[00:05:03] YouTube vs Facebook Advertising.[00:08:24] The Return of Ads.[00:14:30] Holistic Marketing Approach.[00:19:10] Launching a YouTube Ads Campaign.[00:22:35] Scaling and Leading a Team.[00:26:33] In-Stream Ads for Channel Videos.[00:26:38] YouTube Ad Strategies.[00:30:27] Daily Budget for Ad Campaigns.[00:34:26] YouTube as a Powerful Platform.In this episode, Sebastian Rusk and Aleric Heck discuss the effectiveness of YouTube ads compared to Facebook ads. They explain that YouTube's platform, where users are actively searching for content and in a learner's mindset, makes it easier to reach the right audience at the right time with the right message.QUOTES"That's why we've done so well here. with the podcast agency because I am deeply passionate about helping people better understand what they don't know, that they don't know about the podcast launch process and making sure that I can remove as many things that they shouldn't be doing from the equation." - Sebastian Rusk"If it's true that if you run the wrong type of ad, like the in-stream ads that have a short watch time, that can harm your channel, well, you're also admitting that the equal and opposite must also be true. If you can run a specific ad that can actually have a longer watch time, that actually can attract your ideal clients, you can also grow your channel too." - Aleric Heck"I really believe that YouTube is just such a powerful platform because it has video and it has intent and it has search. It has all these pieces put in. I really do. I've been saying this for a long time. Believe that YouTube's the perfect platform to advertise on." - Aleric HeckSOCIAL MEDIA LINKSSebastian RuskInstagram: HeckInstagram: The Story Podcast: help launching your podcast?Schedule a Free Podcast Strategy Call TODAY!
In episode 205 of Beyond The Story, Sebastian Rusk is joined by Tyler Cox, Director of Marketing and Growth at VaynerSpeakers. They discuss the evolving world of public speaking in the content creation era and how personal brands are leading the way. Tyler also shares his insights on the importance of authentic communication and avoiding regurgitated content.Tune in for an engaging conversation on disrupting the traditional world of public speaking and building a personal brand.TIMESTAMPS[00:02:15] The World of VaynerSpeakers.[00:04:51] Building a Brand with Substance.[00:08:21] The Adjustment Period of Content Creation.[00:10:30] Brand Authenticity and Differentiation.[00:16:02] Shifting to Providing Value.[00:23:15] The Art of Storytelling.[00:27:40] VaynerSpeakers in 2024.In this episode, Sebastian Rusk and Tyler Cox delve into the significance of personal brands in the content era, emphasizing the increasing importance of reputation. This underscores the idea that how you present yourself and the content you create online will shape your reputation and how others perceive you.QUOTES"Mindsets change. They're doing something different because of the way and what our speakers are talking about and how they bring it to the table." - Tyler Cox"And we get that information and it's really exciting to pass along to our speakers and exciting for us as a team to see, because, there's not only compliments for our speakers and what they are doing on the stage, but there's compliments to the process as well." - Tyler Cox“Your brand is simply what people are talking about you when you're not in the room. Right now, if you're just out there creating noise and you're not providing value, then I don't care for your brand now.” - Tyler Cox“Now there's nothing wrong with replicating something else from somebody else. That's honestly how a lot of people become successful these days. But when it comes to our speakers and making sure that the ones that we bring on our side and the ones that we are bringing out there have a background that is unique.” - Tyler CoxSOCIAL MEDIA LINKSSebastian RuskInstagram: CoxInstagram: The Story Podcast: help launching your podcast?Schedule a Free Podcast Strategy Call TODAY!
In episode 204 of Beyond The Story, Sebastian Rusk interviews Damon Lembi, a former baseball player turned entrepreneur. Damon discusses how he had to pivot and find a new path, drawing inspiration from his entrepreneurial family. He talks about his father's computer training company, Learnit, and how it inspired him to start his own business. They also discuss the importance of having an open mind and surrounding yourself with a great team for business success. Join Sebastian Rusk and Damon Lembi in this insightful conversation about resilience and adaptation.TIMESTAMPS[00:01:10] Dreams of Being a Baseball Player.[00:08:41] Developing Courses With AI.[00:11:08] Adding to the Mix.[00:16:07] Roasting and Integrating Comedy.[00:18:45] Don't Have a Know-It-All Mentality.In this episode, Sebastian Rusk and Damon Lembi discuss the importance of building a great team and surrounding oneself with talented individuals for a successful business. They also highlight the significance of having an open mind and embracing innovation rather than sticking to the status quo. Furthermore, the episode highlights the advantages of leveraging AI and new tools in training and development, emphasizing the time-saving and efficiency-improving benefits that these technologies can bring. Sebastian and Damon emphasize the idea that being open-minded, innovative, and willing to try new things is essential for personal and professional growth. It is through this mindset that individuals and businesses can stay ahead, attract great talent, and adapt to the ever-changing world around them.QUOTES“You kind of get to see behind the curtain how these organizations are run and kind of be able to have an impact on some of the directions that they go on and helping some of their, you know, mostly we focus on, I'd say mid-managers, because that's where a lot of the work gets done. So that's where we focus.” - Damon Lembi"But I don't think that you're ever going to replace human interaction, actual human interaction with, cause this whole idea of robots is just absolutely terrifying." - Sebastian Rusk“If you fall victim to this is the way we've always done things, there is always going to be something or someone that's going to come along." - Sebastian Rusk“Don't have a know-it-all mentality, always be open and flexible and willing to try new things and get out of your comfort zone. Cause that's where true, that real growth happens." - Damon LembiSOCIAL MEDIA LINKSSebastian RuskInstagram: LembiInstagram: The Story Podcast: help launching your podcast?Schedule a Free Podcast Strategy Call TODAY!
In episode 203 of Beyond The Story, Sebastian Rusk is joined by Brad Gosse to discuss his journey in the comedy industry and how he has turned his craft into a successful business. They discuss the subjective nature of comedy and dive into Brad's journey in the industry. From taking a standup class to writing a business book, Brad shares his experiences and how he got to where he is today.Join Sebastian Rusk and Brad Gosse for some laughs and inspiration as Brad shares his insights and experiences. TIMESTAMPS[00:02:53] Children's Books for Adults.[00:10:12] Negative Feedback and Engagement.[00:15:04] Personal Brand and Long-Term Plans.[00:27:40] Building a Comedy Business.In this episode, Sebastian Rusk and Brad Gosse emphasize their focus on generating income rather than being solely an artist. While many people assume they are an artist, they clarify that their primary goal is the financial aspect of their work. They highlight their pursuit of lucrative opportunities, such as their successful books, and express their dedication to making money in their business ventures.In addition, Sebastian and Brad recognize the importance of diversifying their income beyond book sales. They are open to exploring other business avenues but acknowledge the unique challenges associated with selling merchandise compared to their current success with book sales.QUOTES:“I think that the traditional route is, you know, become a comedian, get a spot on a sitcom, maybe have a dying career, write a book to talk about it.” - Sebastian Rusk“There's about 15 to 20% of people who definitely want me canceled, murdered, castrated, imprisoned, or made an example of in some way. What I do to combat that is I agitate those people. I don't combat it. I lean into them too.” - Brad Gosse“But if some people love it and some people hate it, then the people who hate it are really helping me sell more books.” - Brad Gosse“Being a comedian, you are the brand, you're attached to it, whether you like it or not. So that was a decision I made consciously knowing that that was going to be what was going to happen. I've built businesses, I've sold businesses.” - Brad GosseSOCIAL MEDIA LINKSSebastian RuskInstagram: GosseInstagram: The Story Podcast: Gosse: help launching your podcast?Schedule a Free Podcast Strategy Call TODAY!
In episode 202 of Beyond The Story, Sebastian Rusk welcomes Steve Rosenbaum, founder of Flawless Follow-Up, who emphasizes the role of technology in selling and how it has advanced over the years. They delve into the topic of customer retention and its impact on profitability and highlight the importance of building relationships and the value of unique experiences.Join Sebastian Rusk and Steve Rosenbaum for valuable insights on maximizing business potential through effective follow-up strategies.TIMESTAMPS[00:05:11] Customer Retention and Profitability.[00:09:43] Discovering Hidden Customer Data.[00:12:27] Flawless Followup.[00:14:13] Customer Retention VS. New Acquisition.In this episode, Sebastian Rusk and Steve Rosenbaum discuss how technology has significantly advanced over the past four decades, greatly benefiting business owners. They highlight their consistent use of technology to increase sales, noting that it has improved the sales process in terms of efficiency, cost-effectiveness, and reliability. Furthermore, Sebastian and Steve highlight the significance of customer retention in comparison to new customer acquisition. While businesses often invest in advertising, lead generation, SEO, and social media to attract new customers, they emphasize that bringing back past customers is easier and faster. Therefore, prioritizing customer retention can yield better, quicker, and more cost-effective results for businesses.QUOTES:"If you got to work, that's the way to work." - Sebastian Rusk“When you follow up with your customers, you have a huge advantage because they already know and trust you. You already have top of mind presence, and so you're going to be at the right place at the right time with the right message, as long as you follow up.” - Steve Rosenbaum“Sales is a process. It's not just about, talking good. It's not about selling ice to the Eskimos. It's a process.” - Steve Rosenbaum“I learned that you could use that technology to make your process better, faster, cheaper, more reliable. And I've always leveraged technology to sell more stuff. And that's what I'm still doing four decades later. Technology just has advanced a whole lot since then.” - Steve Rosenbaum"Past customers that come back to buy again, not only do they buy quicker and faster, but they spend more money with you." - Steve Rosenbaum“When you say win back campaign, that's essentially winning back past customers and people that are on your list in your database.” - Sebastian RuskSOCIAL MEDIA LINKSSebastian RuskInstagram: RosenbaumFacebook: The Story Podcast: Followup: help launching your podcast?Schedule a Free Podcast Strategy C
In episode 201 of Beyond The Story, Sebastian Rusk interviews Mason Dorner, a Chief Ads Officer and Co-Founder of Ascenditt, as they dive into the world of marketing and advertising. Mason shares his insights on the importance of getting a second opinion and finding the right pilot for your paid ads. They also discuss the growing influence of podcast advertising and how it's shaping the industry. Join Sebastian Rusk and his guest, Mason Dorner, to gain insights into the world of marketing and entrepreneurship.TIMESTAMPS[00:02:57] Working With Home Service Companies.[00:04:08] Increasing Company Size Through Paid Ads.[00:07:42] Shy Away from Digital Products.[00:11:41] Podcasters Influencing Buyers Through Podcast Advertising.[00:12:23] Programmatic Advertising in Podcasts.[00:18:37] The Digital Marketing Space.In this episode, Sebastian Rusk and Mason Dorner discuss that paid ads can be highly effective for most businesses, but it is crucial to have the right person managing them. Thus, the digital marketing space has become saturated with self-proclaimed experts who may lack the necessary skills and knowledge to run successful ad campaigns. Therefore, it is recommended to seek a second opinion from someone truly experienced and knowledgeable in running paid ads. Having the right person in charge of the ads can significantly influence their effectiveness for a business.In addition, Sebastian and Mason delved into the power of marketing and its potential to drive success for businesses. Despite its often misunderstood reputation, marketing can truly be a game-changer when executed correctly. They explored the possibilities and shared some insights based on their experiences. Thus, giving importance to the value of connecting with like-minded individuals and the endless support and inspiration that comes from being part of a community.QUOTES:"We came in and with our approach actually didn't just increase their leads, but actually doubled the close rate on those leads. We tend to focus more on quality. And we also watch how this stuff progresses down the funnel and we make sure it actually closes versus a lot of agencies just generating leads" - Mason Dorner"We focus on quality and making sure that they actually close, that they upsell. We follow the whole customer journey, which really sets us apart." - Mason Dorner“It (Digital Marketing) is kind of a niche product and it's also a product that requires commitment from the prospect. Even though you take a lot of the heavy lifting off, it is still a commitment. It does still require a lot of follow-through. ” - Mason Dorner“If you can't sell your product without ads, you're probably not going to be able to sell it with ads.” - Mason Dorner“ I believe that the tide will go out and those that are true creators providing value, contributing and complimenting their brand will still stay standing.” - Sebastian RuskSOCIAL MEDIA LINKSSebastian RuskInstagram: DornerFacebook:
In episode 200 of Beyond The Story, Sebastian Rusk interviews Cody Oakes, who is actively working in the world of foreclosures to help people save their homes or find better solutions. Cody discusses the need to educate homeowners about their options and how the banks often discourage them from finding solutions. The conversation dives into the challenges homeowners face and the strategies used to navigate the foreclosure process, and at the same time how his passion for helping others led him to start his own podcast.SUBSCRIBE to Cody's podcast "Real Estate Rescue" to learn all about how to prevent foreclosure, and save your home: Sebastian Rusk and his guest, Cody Oakes, to gain valuable insights into the world of foreclosures and the importance of taking action to protect one's home.TIMESTAMPS[00:01:52] How the Whole Story Started.[00:07:00] Rising Interest Rates and Debt-To-Income (DTI).[00:09:59] Personal Loans as a Solution.[00:10:53] Creative Solutions for Struggling Homeowners.[00:18:39] Doing Work that Matters.[00:20:36] The World of Foreclosure.In this episode, Sebastian Rusk and Cody Oakes discuss the potential risks of doing business in the foreclosure industry. Specifically, Cody cautions against dealing with certain groups, such as wholesalers and contract flippers, who may lack the necessary resources or expertise to fulfill their promises. Cody then shares instances where his company, Real Estate Rescue, has lost deals to these individuals, only to have them later regret their decision and wish they had chosen Real Estate Rescue's services instead. He emphasizes the importance of thoroughly vetting everyone involved in a foreclosure transaction and encourages listeners to seek a second opinion if needed.Furthermore, this episode focuses on the importance of doing the right thing and taking care of people. Sebastian commends Cody, for consistently doing what is right and being someone who looks out for others. Sebastian also highlights Cody's reputation for always doing what is right and emphasizes that doing the right thing always at the right time. QUOTES:“The biggest thing for me was spreading awareness, letting individuals know that, ‘Hey, you do have options and that there are solutions for you.’” - Cody Oakes“These forbearance programs are ********. They're not even set up to help people be able to keep their home because the bank really holds the keys, pun intended, with this entire process.” - Sebastian Rusk“So every solution is different. And I tell everybody, ‘You know, I don't have a rule book or guidelines that I have to follow. I kind of make the rules as I go.’ Because at the end of the day, this is all about helping people in certain situations.” - Cody Oakes
In episode 199 of Beyond The Story, Sebastian Rusk interviews Marvin Tapia, a passionate advocate for Miami. They discuss Marvin's journey from simply talking about Miami to getting involved and making a difference in the community. Marvin shares his goal of showcasing Miami in a different light and his evolution from a social media presence to opening an investment company and running for a local office. Join Sebastian Rusk to learn more about Marvin Tapia’s journey and his efforts to make a positive impact in his beloved city - Miami.TIMESTAMPS[00:02:21] Making a Difference in Miami.[00:05:06] Hispanic Advisory Board.[00:08:25] Community Engagement for Political Change.[00:11:14] The Myth of Miami Corruption.[00:16:04] Non-Partisan Approach to Politics.[00:21:13] Transparency and Community Input.[00:26:10] Mitigating Developer Impact on Neighborhoods.[00:28:02] Local Politician's Vendetta.[00:33:02] Little Havana's Cultural Significance.[00:39:28] Activating the Power of Voting.[00:41:10] Bringing Communities Together.In this episode, Marvin Tapia expresses his passion for bringing about change and disrupting the existing political system in Miami. He firmly believes that as a large city, Miami needs someone who can approach things differently, with integrity and a deep love for the city. His goal is to eliminate personal agendas and genuinely prioritize the well-being of the city and its residents. Sebastian Rusk, together with Marvin, firmly believes that elected officials should come from the community they represent and genuinely want to help the residents. They see politicians as a beacon of hope, someone who can bring about positive change by putting the needs of the community first. They want to make the political system more accessible and understandable for everyone, enabling individuals to actively participate in shaping their communities.Overall, this episode highlights the importance of caring for the community, working without personal agendas, and prioritizing the needs of the residents, and by doing so, they can bring about positive change and create a more inclusive and responsive political system.QUOTES:“But I really think that, especially with Miami being just a, just a gigantic city. And one of the big ones throughout the entire nation on here, there has to be someone to step in and say, we're going to do this different. We're going to do this, with integrity. We're going to do this with deep passion for the city that we live in. We're going to do this without agendas.” - Sebastian Rusk“That's how you inflict change is that you're, you know, from a civic perspective, you've been able to cultivate, a community of people that believe in what you're doing and understand your message and see eye to eye with that. And then in turn, when it turns political, you've already got that base. They're a true base.” - Sebastian Rusk"Change is a word that can trigger a lot of people. It's more about giving the power back to the people." - Marvin Tapia"We need a commissioner that's going to walk in through the front door with his head held up high, and not one that's going to walk out the back door in handcuffs." - Marvin TapiaThis is not going to be a win for me. I don't see it as a personal thing. I see it as a district-wide, city-wide win. So if I win, we all win." - Marvin TapiaSOCIAL MEDIA LINKSSebastian RuskInstagram:
Brandon Rooks is a highly experienced real estate investor with a diverse professional background, including over two decades in the industry, a stint in the Navy, and various sales roles. Rooks' perspective on successful land investment strategies is shaped by his belief in democratizing access to real estate investment opportunities. He is driven by the desire to educate average individuals about investing and finance, aiming to provide them with a vehicle to earn above-average returns through his company, the Rockstar Group. Rooks emphasizes the value and demand of land, particularly for building affordable homes, and leverages partnerships with top builders to ensure the success of his investments. Join Sebastian Rusk and Brandon Rooks on the Beyond The Story podcast to learn more about Rooks' unique approach to land investment.Timestamped Outline:(00:03:41) Building Trust and Earning High Returns(00:07:31) Investing in Raw Ground for Lucrative Returns(00:11:42) Investing in Real Estate for Financial Freedom(00:18:04) Leveraging Top Land Asset Managers for Profitable Real Estate Deals(00:23:47) Shift in Housing Preferences Driven by COVID-19Social Posts:📢 Join the discussion on sales and investing with Brandon Rooks, the expert who raised an impressive $20 million from 160 investors in just nine days! Discover his unique approach to building trust and credibility, and how he helps average individuals earn a blended interest rate of 25% per year. Don't miss this inspiring episode of Beyond The Story! #Sales #Investing #Podcast📢🎙️ Exciting news! 🎉 In our latest episode of Beyond The Story, Brandon Rooks shares his insights on investing in land and lots. 💼💰 Discover how this lucrative opportunity offers stability and strong returns, debunking the misconception that it takes decades for land to become valuable. 🏞️📈 Join the discussion and learn how you can invest with the Rockstar Group, earning an average blended interest rate of 25% per year! Don't miss out on this chance to contribute to the development of workforce housing in America. 🏘️🇺🇸 Tune in now! #Investing #LandOpportunity #BeyondTheStory🎙️ Check out the latest episode of Beyond The Story! 💼💰 Brandon Rooks shares how he's changing the narrative on financial education in America. Learn how to invest effectively and manage your finances for a brighter future. Don't miss out on this opportunity! #FinancialEducation #Investing #BeyondTheStory📢 Land Asset Managers play a crucial role in the real estate industry, especially in land development. 🏗️ Brandon Rooks, from the Rockstar Group, shares how hiring top managers from national builders gives them a competitive edge. 💼 Join the discussion on how expertise in land acquisition can lead to profitable projects! 🏘️ #RealEstate #LandDevelopment #BeyondTheStoryBlog Post:Brandon Rooks' Successful Land Investment Strategies and OpportunitiesIn a recent episode of the podcast 'Beyond The Story', host Sebastian Rusk interviewed sales and investing expert Brandon Rooks, who has achieved remarkable success in the world of land investment. Rooks, through his company the Rockstar Group, has raised an impressive $20 million from 160 investors in just nine days. He offers various investment options and has never missed a distribution, providing an average blended interest rate of 25% per year. Rooks emphasizes the lucrative opportunity of investing in land and lots, debunking the misconception that it takes decades for land to become valuable.One of the key factors contributing to Rooks' success is his ability to create opportunities for average individuals to invest alongside strategic partners. Through BRD Land and Investment, Rooks and his partners acquire and engineer raw ground, which is then sold to top builders in the country. This approach allows investors to benefit fro
Alan Samuel Cohen is a seasoned business, communication, and public speaking coach with over two decades of experience in the field, having previously worked in communications and public relations. Alan's perspective on effective communication and public speaking skills is shaped by his belief that these skills are vital for overcoming the fear of public speaking. He attributes this fear to a lack of communication skills and the inner voices that affect one's confidence. Cohen emphasizes the importance of focusing on the audience and delivering the message authentically, providing tips such as deep breathing, grounding exercises, and physical activity before speaking to manage nerves. He also stresses the significance of being oneself and avoiding the temptation to perform or adopt a different persona when speaking publicly. Join Sebastian Rusk and Alan Samuel Cohen on this episode of the Beyond The Story podcast to delve deeper into these insights and more.Timestamped Outline:(00:01:51) The Power of Personal Storytelling in Communication(00:05:36) Improving Communication and Emotional Intelligence in Business(00:13:41) Techniques for Calming the Mind and Connecting with the Audience(00:20:26) The Power of Empathy in Times of CrisisSocial Posts:📣🎙️ "Storytelling is a powerful tool in communication that captivates and engages audiences." 📚✨ Join us as Alan, a business and communication coach, shares how his father's storytelling inspired him to become a coach. 🗣️🌟 Let's discuss the impact of storytelling in effective communication! #BeyondTheStory #Storytelling #CommunicationSkills🎙️🔥 Don't miss our latest episode of Beyond The Story! 🎧📚 We dive into the power of effective communication and emotional intelligence with business and communication coach, Alan Samuel Cohen. 🗣️💼 Discover how Alan went from theater major to inspiring teams and improving communication. Tune in now! #BeyondTheStory #CommunicationSkills #EmotionalIntelligence🎙️ Don't let the fear of public speaking hold you back! On this episode of Beyond The Story, Alan shares effective communication techniques to help you conquer the stage. From deep breathing to grounding exercises, he's got you covered. Tune in now! #PublicSpeakingTips #BeyondTheStory📢 Join the discussion on empathy and helping others! 🤝 In our latest episode, Alan shares his personal experience of going through a devastating hurricane. 🌪️ His story reminds us that empathy can be cultivated through personal experiences, leading to a greater willingness to lend a helping hand to those in need. Tune in to #BeyondTheStory for more inspiring stories and insights! #Empathy #HelpingOthersBlog Post:Alan Samuel Cohen, a business and communication coach, is a firm believer in the power of effective communication and storytelling. In a recent episode of the podcast 'Beyond The Story' hosted by Sebastian Rusk, Alan shared his insights and techniques on improving public speaking skills and enhancing overall communication abilities.One of the key points emphasized by Alan is the importance of focusing on the audience's needs and interests. He believes that by shifting the focus away from oneself and towards the audience, individuals can overcome the fear of public speaking. This shift in perspective allows speakers to concentrate on effectively delivering their message and connecting with their listeners.Alan also highlights the significance of authenticity in public speaking. He suggests that even though verbal tics and nervousness may be present, speaking authentically is crucial for establishing a genuine connection with the audience. In his coaching sessions, Alan encourages individuals to think about what the audience is seeing and experiencing, rather than being overly concerned with their own thoughts about the audience.To help individuals improve
Roxette Irvine, a Miami native with a diverse background in hospitality, nightlife, and technology, has become a significant figure in Miami's tech scene. With a focus on blockchain and AI, Roxette has gained experience in the tech startup world and has built a strong network of connections in Miami and New York. Her perspective on the Miami tech scene, particularly NFTs, blockchain, AI, and networking, is shaped by her involvement in the blockchain space since 2012 and her work with high-end developers in New York and Toronto. Currently, she is actively involved in AI at The Hublogic, a co-working space in downtown Miami, and is optimistic about the future of the tech scene in Miami. Join Sebastian Rusk and Roxette Irvine on this episode of the Beyond The Story podcast to delve deeper into her insights and experiences.Timestamped Outline:(00:00:28) Exploring Miami's NFT and Blockchain Community(00:01:26) The AI Forage at The Hublogic(00:05:55) Thriving Startup Ecosystem with Co-working(00:12:13) Navigating Challenges and Ensuring Accessibility in Web Three and Emerging Technologies(00:21:42) The Impact of Networking in Miami's Tech CommunitySocial Posts:📣 Join the conversation about Miami NFT Week, where NFT enthusiasts and blockchain tech lovers come together! 🌐 Sebastian and Roxette share their experiences in the Miami tech scene, discussing co-working spaces, AI, and the future of Web Three. Don't miss this insightful episode of Beyond The Story! #MiamiNFTWeek #BlockchainTech #WebThree #PodcastDiscussion📢 Exciting news! 🎉 In our latest episode of Beyond The Story, we dive into the world of tech innovation at The Hublogic in downtown Miami. Join us as we chat with Roxette Irvine, the managing director of the AI forage, about their unique venture studio and community-building approach. 🌟 Listen now to discover how The Hublogic is shaping the future of the tech industry! #TechInnovation #MiamiTech #BeyondTheStoryPodcast🎙️ Exciting new episode alert! 🚀 Join us as we dive into the world of co-working and startups with Roxette Irvine, a blockchain expert and startup enthusiast. Discover her journey, insights, and passion for helping entrepreneurs bring their ideas to life. Don't miss out! #BeyondTheStory #Startups #Blockchain📢 Join the discussion on the challenges and potential of Web Three, blockchain, and AI! 💡 Roxette highlights the negative perception caused by bad actors, while Sebastian warns about the rise of deep fake videos. How can we navigate these challenges and ensure accessibility for everyone? Let's dive in! #BeyondTheStory #EmergingTech #WebThree #Blockchain #AIBlog Post:Miami Tech Scene: NFTs, Blockchain, AI, and NetworkingThe Miami tech scene has been rapidly evolving in recent years, with a focus on emerging technologies such as NFTs, blockchain, AI, and networking. In a recent episode of the podcast "Beyond The Story," hosted by Sebastian Rusk and featuring Roxette Irvine, the discussion centered around the experiences and insights of Roxette Irvine, a key player in the Miami tech and startup scene.Roxette Irvine has been deeply involved in the Miami tech community, having worked at co-working spaces like the Lab and The Hublogic. These spaces have provided a platform for entrepreneurs and tech enthusiasts to collaborate and innovate. The Lab, in particular, has been a hub for various tech events and activities, fostering a vibrant network of professionals.During the podcast episode, Roxette Irvine shared her journey from assisting entrepreneurs to working with investors to find promising opportunities. She emphasized the importance of helping entrepreneurs go from zero to 100, guiding them through the process of developing their ideas into minimum viable products (MVPs) and preparing them for fundraising. Over time, her focus shifted towards wo
Lorenzo Patane is a seasoned actor and entrepreneur with a rich background in the entertainment industry, spanning 18 years of drama school and real acting experience in Germany. Patane firmly believes in the power of networking and nonverbal communication in the entertainment industry, a perspective shaped by his own journey of success, financial struggles, and eventual establishment of a successful acting studio. He emphasizes the importance of understanding oneself, stepping out of comfort zones, and continuously honing one's craft. Patane also highlights the significance of understanding the audience, manipulating emotions, and controlling the crowd. He encourages individuals to seize networking events and collaborations as opportunities to showcase dedication and attract recognition. Join Sebastian Rusk and Lorenzo Patane as they delve deeper into this topic on the next episode of the Beyond The Story podcast.Timestamped Outline:(00:03:12) Creating Opportunities through Active Networking(00:07:54) The Power of Nonverbal Communication in Entertainment(00:09:47) The Inability of AI to Capture Human Emotions(00:11:55) Lorenzo Patane's Journey to Empowering Artists(00:17:38) Transformative Improv Classes for Communication SkillsSocial Posts:Networking is the key to unlocking opportunities and growth in any field. Lorenzo and Sebastian share valuable insights on how to navigate the networking world. From radical honesty to reflection, they emphasize the importance of being open, patient, and dedicated. Join the conversation and share your thoughts on how networking has impacted your journey. #BeyondTheStory #Networking #Opportunities🎙️ New episode alert! 🎧 Join us as we dive into the power of nonverbal communication in entertainment. 🌟 Discover how elements like energy, mimic game, and subtext create a primal connection with the audience that AI can't replicate. 🤖 Listen now to explore the depth and impact of nonverbal cues! #BeyondTheStory #NonverbalCommunication #Entertainment🎙️ New Episode Alert! 🎧Discover why AI falls short in capturing the depth and subtlety of human emotions and nonverbal communication. Join us as @SebastianRusk and @LorenzoPatane dive deep into the limitations and unique aspects of our humanity. Don't miss out! #BeyondTheStory #AIvsHumanity📣 Join the discussion on our latest episode of Beyond The Story! 🎙️ Lorenzo Patane, former actor turned entrepreneur, shares his journey in the entertainment industry. From fame to financial struggles, he now runs an acting studio and empowers individuals to thrive through art. 🎭 What are your thoughts on envy and patience in pursuing success? Share your insights! #BeyondTheStory #SuccessJourney #ArtisticEmpowermentBlog Post:The Importance of Networking and Nonverbal Communication in the Entertainment IndustryNetworking and nonverbal communication play a crucial role in the entertainment industry. In a recent episode of the podcast "Beyond The Story," hosted by Sebastian Rusk and featuring Lorenzo Patane, the importance of these factors was discussed in detail. Lorenzo Patane, a former actor turned entrepreneur, shared his insights and experiences in the industry, shedding light on the significance of networking and nonverbal communication for success.Networking is a vital aspect of creating opportunities and advancing in various fields, including the entertainment industry. As Sebastian Rusk mentioned in the episode, being in the right rooms and connecting with the right people can lead to significant shifts and changes in one's career. Building a strong network allows individuals to access valuable resources, gain exposure, and open doors to new opportunities.However, networking goes beyond simply attending events and collecting business cards. It requires honesty, patience, and active participa
Mark Beelek, a seasoned sales professional and agency owner, has a rich background in business success and financial protection. Despite his humble beginnings in a poor family, Mark's relentless determination and hard work have led him to become a key figure in a company with over $1.4 billion in assets and projected revenue of $95 million this year. Mark's perspective on business success and financial protection is centered around providing value and service to others, building relationships, and transitioning from a sales hunter role to a relationship management role. He also underscores the importance of financial protection, especially for individuals between the ages of 40 and 60 who may face significant health issues or expenses. Join Sebastian Rusk and Mark Beelek on this episode of the Beyond The Story podcast to delve deeper into Mark's strategies for business success and financial protection.Timestamped Outline:(00:08:29) The Power of Relationship Building for Business Success(00:10:08) The Power of a Supportive Business Community(00:14:26) Financial Protection for Health Issues(00:15:17) Filling the "Oh Crap" Financial GapSocial Posts:📣 New episode alert! 🎙️ In our latest conversation, Mark Beelek shares his insights on building a network and getting referrals for business success. Discover the importance of falling in love with what you do and providing value to others. Tune in to learn Mark's approach to acquiring new business and finding your niche. Let's discuss the keys to networking and receiving referrals! #BeyondTheStory #BusinessSuccess #NetworkingTips📣 Join the discussion on the profound impact of being part of a business mastermind group! 💼💡 Mark, a member of Apex for over a year, shares his insights on connecting with like-minded individuals, gaining valuable knowledge, and fostering personal growth. Don't miss this episode of Beyond The Story! 🎧 #BusinessMastermind #ProfessionalGrowth #Podcast🎙️ Check out the latest episode of Beyond The Story! In this episode, we dive into Mark Beelek's mission to provide financial protection for those facing major health issues. Discover how he fills the gap and offers peace of mind. Listen now for an inspiring story of resilience and making each day count! #BeyondTheStory #FinancialProtection #Inspiration📣 New episode alert! 🎙️ "Filling the 'Oh Crap' Gap" dives into the importance of insurance products that provide financial support during major health issues. 💰💪 Join us as we discuss how to fill the gap and be fully prepared for any situation. #Insurance #FinancialSupport #BeyondTheStoryBlog Post:Mark Beelek's Strategies for Business Success and Financial ProtectionIn a recent episode of the podcast "Beyond The Story," host Sebastian Rusk interviewed Mark Beelek, an expert in business success and financial protection. Beelek shared valuable insights and strategies that can help individuals and businesses thrive in today's competitive landscape.One of the key takeaways from the episode is the importance of falling in love with what you do. Beelek acknowledges that not everyone can do what they love, but he emphasizes the need to find passion and purpose in your work. When you provide a valuable service to others and leave them better off, you deliver far more value than the money you ask for in exchange. This philosophy of making a positive impact on people's lives is at the core of Beelek's approach to business success.Building a strong network and getting referrals is another crucial aspect of Beelek's strategies. He believes in starting with cold calling and gradually turning a cold market into a warm one. By introducing yourself and offering to share what you do, you can establish relationships and build a network of potential clients. Over time, this network can lead to referrals and long-term business pa
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