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Welcome to Beyond The Story podcast! A show that goes beyond just telling the story. I get to know our guests on a different level. I want to know what motivated their story. What got them here. How they did it. WHY they did.
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Dan and his industry-leading team are responsible for marketing and managing over $12 million in annual sales for Amazon brands around the world.Dan co-founded Northbound Group alongside Scott Deetz and Kirsty Verity, and their team has collectively coached over 500 Amazon business owners helping them scale their business and then strategically exit.Connect with Dan:
Craig and Marc Wasserman, a.k.a the Pot Brothers at Law, have represented countless cases in the State of California and have in recent years seen an increase in the demand for knowledgeable attorneys in regards to cannabis. The Wasserman Brothers offer consulting and representation services in California as well as tips and advice to anyone in need.
From homeless to top B2B salesperson in 8 unique industries over 25+ years. 15,000 + hours executing on LinkedIn to develop his LinkedIn Strategy.Chaz's clients have used their Strategy to schedule over 36 Thousand qualified meetings and their Sales Process to onboard over 7,000 New Clients.This experience has given them insight into an ever-changing marketplace.Connect with Chaz on LinkedIn:
Tamra Andress is the CEO & founder of CORE Creatives Women's Business Membership & Host of the Fit in Faith Podcast. She is a joy-filled Christian women's business coach serving to illuminate, create & activate God-centered businesses for Kingdom Impact. Connect with Tamra: Instagram:
Erin King is an award-winning entrepreneur, best-selling author, and digital persuasion expert. She is the Amazon best-selling author of Digital Persuasion: Sell Smarter in the Modern Marketplace, and recently, You're Kind Of A Big Deal: Level Up by Unlocking Your Audacity. Erin is the Founder and CEO of Socialite Agency, which elevates digital communication styles to attract attention, increase influence, and sell smarter.Grab a copy of Erin's newest book "You're Kind of a Big Deal: Level Up by Unlocking Your Audacity" here: with Erin here:
In the last 9 months, Caleb & Natalia have produced over 7 figures in high ticket sales exclusively from virtual seminars. They are OBSESSED with helping coaches and experts profitably scale their impact, income, and influence!Connect with Caleb & Natalia here:
Four years and countless incredible experiences later, Jennifer closed Oro Yoga and launched Kreativ Collective in 2020. Her desire was to share her love of Storytelling and entrepreneurial savvy with other fledgling entrepreneurs, business owners & influencers. Over the next year, Kreativ Collective evolved into a full-scale boutique branding agency whose mission is to build meaningful Brand Stories that sell.Connect with Jennifer:KreativCollective.comTikTok
Misty Lynch is a fee-only Certified Financial Planner™ and Certified Life Coach offering financial planning, investment management, and coaching services. Misty is passionate in her commitment to helping her clients handle their finances and lives with confidence. A fee-only fiduciary and independent financial advisor, Misty does not receive commission and is legally required by her certifications to provide unbiased and reputable financial advice.When she isn't writing and educating about finances or helping you become your best self, she enjoys reading, learning and taking courses, watch baking championship shows, making food her kids won’t eat, petting all the dogs, 90’s music, and one day, she wants to be on a game show. Misty lives with her husband and children in Walpole, MA.Connect with Misty here:
David M. Torrence is the CEO of Throne CG an investment consulting firm and founder of KP Cares Foundation Inc a non-profit geared towards assisting under-resourced communities in bridging the wealth gap. David's passion is to serve and be of service to his community. As an investor and philanthropist, his mission is to give back by showing minorities how to gain financial freedom through the stock market.Connect with David here:
Upon attending his 4th high school in 4 years (he was asked to leave the first 3), Frank earned his high school diploma with a 1.8 GPA. Then, with $50 in his pocket and without the benefit of further education, Frank left his native Indiana for Florida in search of his life’s highest calling.Now Frank creates real estate markets where others fear to tread. As a real estate artist, Frank has created and sold 44 oceanfront spec homes with an average selling price of $14 million, shattering price records with each new project. Frank started with a $50,000 fixer-upper, and climbed all the way to a $50 million oceanfront mansion – on spec!Frank’s latest creation? His FINAL $14M Masterpiece, 3492 South Ocean, that he SOLD for a record per-square-foot price.Connect with Frank here:
Having delivered thousands of presentations over two decades, Jason Hewlett is the only speaker in the world teaching leadership skills, tools, and mindsets in such a powerfully unconventional way.With out-of-the-box performances of uncanny musical and comedy impressions of incredible stage legends, Jason’s keynote, The Promise is a speech that feels like a show, entertainment that feels like enlightenment, music that feels like a difference-maker.Audiences leave with proven processes and immediately implementable takeaways to transform their business and leadership skills and invite a whole lot more joy into life.Connect with Jason here:
Born and raised in Dallas, Texas, Brianna grew up living and breathing music and theatre from the age of 9. She went on to attend Pepperdine University, graduated with a BA in Theatre Arts, and shortly after, signed a deal with a top Talent Agency in Los Angeles to be a voiceover actor.After a few years of voice-over work, Brianna realized her true calling was music, and at the time, reality television was taking off. She auditioned three times before getting an opportunity to be a part of Season 4 of American Idol. Out 100,000 hopefuls that lined up cattle call style that season, Brianna was 1 of 100.Unfortunately, things didn't go so well in the audition stage in Hollywood, so when it was time to go, naturally, Brianna was devastated by the rejection. Shortly after her American Idol experience, Brianna and her husband Victor started a family and music became a second thought for Brianna as she tried to acclimate to motherhood. After ten years of Los Angeles living, Brianna and Victor took a leap and moved to Brianna’s hometown of Richardson, Texas.=======Connect with Brianna here:
Zach Nadler is the CEO of VaynerSpeakers, a speakers bureau created with Gary Vaynerchuk, designed to fully disrupt the speaking industry.Zach worked at CAA for almost 11 years, managing Gary Vaynerchuk.Connect with Zach here: to start a podcast?Let's schedule a call:
Victoria Kennedy is a well-respected authority in public relations. She is the CEO of Victorious PR, an agency that gets entrepreneurs and internet marketers into the biggest publications in the world, including Instagram and Facebook verification.She is a highly in-demand speaker on all things digital marketing and has helped many clients boost their visibility and revenue. Because of her expertise in marketing, she has been a trusted speaker and contributor to such organizations as the National Association of Real Estate Brokers, Inman News, Forbes, and Yahoo Finance.In addition to running a successful PR & Marketing agency, she also has given talks, workshops, and has worked as a trusted consultant for Entrepreneurs, C-level executives, and top marketers and influencers. She has been featured in over 200 publications and podcasts both nationally and internationally.In addition to her marketing expertise, Victoria is a #1 selling classical crossover singer and has sung with the likes of Andrea Bocelli, as well as toured all over Europe with her music.Connect with Victoria: to start your own podcast?Let's schedule a call:
That’s why Jason's mission is to help people make the most of change. He does that through:Entrepreneur magazine, where he's Editor in chief speaking, which he'd be happy to discuss for your next eventBuild For Tomorrow podcast (formerly Pessimists Archive), a show about the unexpected things that shape us, and how we can shape the future. SUBSCRIBE HERE: Solvers podcast, a show about entrepreneurs who adapt and solve problems in their business - SUBSCRIBE HERE: Money podcast, a show that opens up a conversation about taboo money topics - SUBSCRIBE HERE: more.See more, and get in touch here:
I'm a catalyst and a trailblazer on a mission to...Activate and awaken HOPE, resilience, and connection in leaders and teamsUnleash and unlock energy, engagement, creativity, and possibilities in people and organizationsFacilitate experiences that invite people to rise up with resilience and connect at a human levelIn their own words, attendees leave my sessions feeling hopeful, connected to each other, energized, empowered, refreshed, recharged, and ready to face the day.Connect with Rachel on LinkedIn:
Grab your copy of "Redefining Normal" here: Black was six when her mother died and thirteen when her father went to prison for child endangerment.  After subsequently surviving a long and abusive relationship, the college junior promised her foster parents that she would avoid romantic entanglements for at least a year. But when she met incoming freshman Justin on the first day of their scholarship program, they both felt the world melt away, leaving just the two of them in the room. Justin Black lived in abandoned houses in the poorest section of Detroit before his parents surrendered him to CPS at the age of nine. He stayed in the child welfare system until he was graduated from high school. Determined to be the first in his family to pursue higher education, Black attended Western Michigan University, where he met beautiful third-year Alexis. At first,  their past traumas--and their age difference--conspired to complicate their attraction. But the joy each took in the other eventually conquered those obstacles, and these two survivors journeyed hand-in-hand toward healing.In their stark and often shocking story,  Alexis and Justin reveal how two people brutalized in childhood managed to defy the odds, get healthy, and build a new life together. Guided by hope and a sense of purpose, as well as a desire to help others who have similarly suffered, they learned to reject the abusive patterns of their past, thereby breaking the cycle of generational violence and neglect. Written in alternating accounts,  Justin and Alexis offer a thoughtful exchange of ideas and personal experiences illustrating how anybody, no matter their background, can heal and find joy. Redefining Normal: How Two Foster Kids Beat The Odds and Discovering Healing, Happiness, and Love is a page-turner of a memoir that will restore readers’ faith in dreaming big.  Honest and vulnerable, this story is raw, wrenching, and necessary. Once you’ve read Redefining Normal, you will never perceive the plight of foster youth as an abstract statistic again. Justin and Alexis take you into the rooms where things happened, and their searing accounts will stay with you. *This story contains factual depictions of domestic violence, trauma, sexual assault, and other difficult issues faced on the road to healing.
Studies have proven what we all intuitively know to be true: laughter brings people together and makes them feel great. And no one delivers laughs to corporate audiences as consistently and cleverly as Scott Bloom. Whether you need a professional emcee, a world-class awards host or an out-of-the-box guest speaker, Scott provides an insightful, interactive, laughter-packed experience that energizes your audience and transforms your event.Scott Bloom connects with audiences by speaking their language. He understands corporate culture inside and out, which helps him bring a unique comic perspective to familiar topics such as teamwork, leadership, and communication. Scott has built a reputation as the “go-to” choice for business humor, having performed at hundreds of events for companies such as FedEx, Ford, IBM, MetLife, PepsiCo, Pfizer, and Verizon.Scott makes it his business to immerse himself in the specifics of your business and your event. That’s how he’s able to talk like an insider about your organization’s products and people, buzzwords and acronyms. With Scott, you get more than great comedy; you get customized content that is for and about your audience. The result is more than just laughter; it’s an uplifting, shared experience that celebrates who they are and what they do.Discover the performer who keeps America’s top companies coming back for more.Connect with Scott on LinkedIn:
Monique Idlett is one of the entrepreneurs that REALLY resonated with me. Her passion for her craft is undeniable and I felt a strong nudge to reach out and connect with her, and so I did.
Once we face the reality that isn't always going to go our way, things become a bit easier. Over the past 7 years, I've been on a path of healing and learning about becoming the best version of myself. In this episode, I dig into some of the things I've learned while doing the work.====================WANT TO START A PODCAST?Let's schedule a call:
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