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The Velocity of Content podcast is produced by CCC, the global leader in content workflow and rights integration with 40+ years of experience providing solutions and copyright education for businesses and publishers. Featuring breaking news and thoughtful analysis from across the dynamic global content industry, CCC’s Velocity of Content is a platform for thought leaders and industry experts operating at the speed of content to share new ideas, observations, and knowledge and stay on top of emerging industry trends and challenges.
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In a publishing environment buffeted by digital disruption and calls for open access, university presses in 2024 must manage to remain relevant and sustainable even as their audiences grow.
The opening reception for the Public Library Association conference in Columbus was canceled for a tornado warning.
There is growing demand in the US market for Spanish-language books.
SPD Closure Shock

SPD Closure Shock


Last week, 400 publishers were shocked to learn that SPD had abruptly closed.
Surprising details about career ambitions and the barriers faced to realize them.
The publisher – one of the Big 5 – was founded in 1924 by Richard Simon and Max Schuster.
The next time you sit down to read a book, remember to thank the links in publishing’s supply chain.
While many books are removed from shelves after a lengthy and public review process, accounts are mounting where the titles were surreptitiously withdrawn from collections, says PW’s Andrew Albanese.
Without exaggeration, the entire London Book Fair stood on the intersection of publishing, copyright, and AI.
London Book Fair welcomed thousands to Olympia Hall this week.
At SSP, Randy Townsend has led efforts to prioritize mental health awareness and support within the scholarly communications ecosystem.
Amazon's dominance in the e-book market, according to litigation, has enabled the e-retailer to "coerce" publishers into anticompetitive deals.
According to the latest report from on audio publishing in Spanish-language markets, production and consumption is soaring.
Independent publisher Lee & Low has released a survey on diversity in publishing employment.
Small Press Values

Small Press Values


SPD takes risks on books by new or marginalized writers, enabling their works to develop an audience and to gain recognition, says Kent Watson.
US book publishers and readers looking for more diversion, less politics, in 2024.
For nearly half a century, the Journal Citation Reports, or JCR, have been “must reading” in universities around the world. Dr. Nandita Quaderi, a senior vice president and the editor in chief for Web of Science at Clarivate, shares the latest developments in the JCR’s ongoing evolution.
At PubWest 2024 in Phoenix, the impact of generative AI on publishing dominated the conference agenda.
The Russian invasion targeted Ukrainian culture as much as the country’s infrastructure, says Iryna Baturevych, co-founder of Chytomo, an online publishing news platform.
Soho publisher Bronwen Hruska cited an increased cultural fixation with horror for the move