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The Velocity of Content podcast is produced by CCC, the global leader in content workflow and rights integration with 40+ years of experience providing solutions and copyright education for businesses and publishers.

Featuring breaking news and thoughtful analysis from across the dynamic global content industry, CCC’s Velocity of Content is a platform for thought leaders and industry experts operating at the speed of content to share new ideas, observations, and knowledge and stay on top of emerging industry trends and challenges.
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Podcasts and other types of spoken word content are an especially rapidly growing category of streaming and downloadable audio.
In Germany, a boom in book sales for the first half of December was followed by a stringent lockdown that crushed the holiday market.
A ranking of top players in publishing isn’t only a numbers game. Assessing the current state of the market in the middle of a pandemic and in the throes of digital transformation requires complex calculations far beyond spreadsheets.
Attorneys for the plaintiffs have said only that they look forward to proving what they see as a major e-boom price-fixing scam
Building a strategy to automate and manage “transformative agreements” for OA publishing.
The only mention of the book business in Amazon’s 2020 year-end results was tied to self-publishing.
The world’s largest funder of biomedical research seeks to ensure research data is open and discoverable.
The First Lady tells ALA the Biden Administration is ready to work with libraries.
The surprises from COVID-19 aren’t always unwelcome ones. The arrival of effective vaccines is one such miracle. The good health of the publishing industry is yet another – at least for now.
Hagens Berman last filed an e-book price-fixing lawsuit against Apple and five of the then-Big Six publishers in August 2011.
Think about AI not as artificial intelligence, but as augmented intelligence, says Dr. Tracy Brower.
The value of a bookstore is going to the bookstore. To change from that model to an online business model means staff and other business changes that place independent booksellers in direct competition with Amazon.
New Leadership For IPA

New Leadership For IPA


“The global publishing sector has suffered enormously from the ramifications of this pandemic,” says Bodour Al Qasimi.“This sudden disruption forced the publishing community worldwide to do some serious soul-searching.”
Publishers finished 2020 pretty much how they carried all of the year—with strong sales.
School districts are looking for content that goes both ways – online as well as in print.
In this third episode of a three-part review for 2020, three takes on information that illuminate the golden rule: sources matter – and the more, the better.
In the second edition of a three-part review for 2020, how publishers are navigating through storms of change.
The Devil In the Data

The Devil In the Data


In the first edition of a three-part review for 2020, why “data analyst” may be the year’s hot job title.
Discussions with the Digital Public Library of America cover Amazon Publishing titles only.
As the global coronavirus pandemic holds the world in its grip, Book Bunk has continues to meet the challenge of engaging a new generation of Kenyan readers.
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