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Beyond the Bow, Presented by ATA
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Beyond the Bow, Presented by ATA

Author: Archery Trade Association

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The podcast where we talk shop with some of the major players in the archery industry and get insights into the business behind the sport of archery. Created to give ATA members and partners a platform to share information with their peers and the general archery community.
14 Episodes
The Amazon platform is a difference maker for many businesses in the archery industry. Jonathan discusses the inner workings of Amazon and how having more control on this platform can allow a brand to gain customers, be more profitable, and better serve their brick & mortar partners.
ATA senior director of marketing & communications, Allison Jasper, talks about the ATA consumer marketing campaign - how it came about, advertising channels, and the expected outcomes. Allison explains how this campaign will be a great asset in driving new customers to ATA members to get their first taste of archery. 
In this episode, we talk with David Wilkins, owner of Wyvern Creations. David speaks about the role of crossbows in the archery industry, and how he has been successfully running a business that focusing almost solely on the crossbow category.
011: Outdoors Allie

011: Outdoors Allie


Allie and Nick of the Outdoors Allie social media channels sat down with us at the 2019 ATA Show in Louisville, KY to talk about how they got started in bowhunting and how they are helping get new people into the sport. Allie shares her journey from an observer to a bowhunting with a crossbow and later a compound bow.
Ryan Erickson, VP of sales for TrackStreet, explains how Minimum Advertised Pricing policies can play a vital role in maintaining brand value. Kurt and Ryan also discuss the importance of brands taking action to police and enforce their policies, and how they get started. No matter if you're a retailer or a brand who manufactures products, MAP policies can have a big impact on your profitability.
009: The Hunting Public

009: The Hunting Public


The Hunting Public YouTube channel, which focusing on hunting public lands and small pieces of property, has almost 100k subscribers. Kurt talks with Aaron & Ted about how they got into bowhunting and how they're getting new people into the sport. The insights shared by these guys are a perfect example of how the archery and bowhunting industry can adapt to meet the needs of today's consumer in a digital world.
Michelle Scheuermann of Bulletproof Communications is the editor of the Archery Wire and manages social media channels for several clients in the outdoor industry. In this episode, she'll share how she approaches the task of effectively managing a social media channel and gives some insights on how this can be accomplished by businesses of all sizes. Michelle will be hosting a round table discussion on this topic at the upcoming ATA Trade Show (January 11th at 4pm in the My ATA Area), so please stop by to hear from Michelle and share ideas with fellow ATA members!
Selling products is how most archery retailers generate the majority of their revenue, but the marketplace is getting more challenging every day. Wayne Piersol, owner of Archery Only in Newark, CA, shares how he is growing other aspects of his business to make up for flat sales and slimming margins. He discusses the idea that although he cannot control the price for which a product is sold online, he has absolute control over how much he charges for leagues, lessons, and other archery events at his store. 
There are a bunch of initiatives out there to get new people involved in our sport...but they're not all successful. In this episode, we'll talk about how hunting for meat has been an effective method of creating new hunters and bowhunters. Charles Evans (Georgia Wildlife Foundation), Hank Forester (Quality Deer Management Association) and Samantha Pedder (Council to Advance Hunting & the Shooting Sports) will be presenting a seminar at the 2019 ATA Trade Show in Louisville, KY. This seminar is titled "Field to Fork" to Market and will talk about new ways these organizations are recruiting and retaining new bowhunters. Take a listen to get a preview and learn how you can get more insights at the Trade Show.
Kurt talks with Archery Headquarters owner, Randy Phillips, about how he has improved bow sales in his Chandler, AZ store through some creative inventory management strategies. We focus on the fall months when new compound bows start hitting the market. Randy's methods may not work in every situation, but take a listen and you might get an idea that can help your business grow!
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