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Beyond the Legal Limit with Jeffrey Lichtman

Author: Jeffrey Lichtman

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Recently described by the media as a "legendary New York criminal defense attorney," Jeffrey Lichtman has successfully handled criminal trials and appeals on some of the country's largest stages. His clients include those charged in the federal and state systems with white collar and non-white collar offenses. For over 30 years, Mr. Lichtman's practice style has been marked by exhaustive pretrial preparation and smothering pressure inside the courtroom. His cross-examinations, in fact, have been described in the media during the John Gotti, Jr. trial as a "relentless pounding" in which witnesses were "put through the blender and shredded." The Gotti trial ended with the dismissal of three murder conspiracy charges, an acquittal on a $25 million securities fraud charge, and a deadlocked jury on every remaining count. The media described the verdict as an "unbelievable courtroom upset" and Mr. Lichtman's work as "brilliant." In the recent high-profile Joaquin "El Chapo" Guzman trial lasting 3 1/2 months, Mr. Lichtman's work was described by the media as "an astonishing performance" and "so wildly entertaining."

Some of Mr. Lichtman's recent clients also include Assistant USC basketball coach Tony Bland, Emma Coronel, rappers Fat Joe and The Game, the alleged Boss of the Colombo Family Andrew Russo, Olympians, judges, doctors, lawyers, politicians, and countless others.

Mr. Lichtman's appellate practice has also had great success, winning freedom for clients sentenced to lengthy prison terms. In September of 2010, he won the freedom for a client who had been convicted and sentenced to 27 years in prison for multiple counts of sexual assault of four victims. After his appeal to the NJ Appellate Division forced the trial court to grant a hearing on trial counsel's possible ineffectiveness, Mr. Lichtman's scathing examination of trial counsel was halted by the judge – who indicated she was prepared to vacate the conviction on the spot – and the client was released, never to return to prison again.

A 1990 graduate of Duke University School of Law, Mr. Lichtman's office has begun representing individuals on Civil Rights/police misconduct issues as well as on sexual harassment and discrimination claims -- and in just a short time, Mr. Lichtman has garnered multiple millions of dollars of settlements for women sexually harassed in the workplace, and was selected as a member of the Multi-Million Dollar Advocates Forum.

Mr. Lichtman has recently been profiled in New York Magazine, the New York Daily News, and in The New York Times as part of the "Public Lives" series. Mr. Lichtman can also be heard as a guest host on 710 WOR Radio (every Monday morning at 7:05 AM), WABC Talk Radio, Fox News Radio, and AM 970 The Answer in New York City. Mr. Lichtman’s office website is
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In this podcast, Jeff describes a rough Memorial Day weekend filled with prison visits and a midnight night court appearance – but still not as bad as those who paid the ultimate sacrifice defending our country. And Ron DeSantis has finally announced his candidacy for President only to be met with a whirlwind of madness from Donald Trump who took some time off from golfing to insult DeSantis.
Jeff discusses the Daniel Penny/Jordan Neely subway murder case in further depth now that the Manhattan DA has charged Penny with manslaughter. Despite Neely’s family attorney claiming that the proper course of action in dealing with a raving, violent, deranged lunatic on the subway is to ask him “How can I help you? Let me meet your need,” the first rule of subway is: do not lock eyes with this person, do not try to engage him. Incredibly, Daniel Penny risked his life to protect his fellow passengers and the passengers thanked him afterward. Do you think a jury will convict Penny after hearing from the very people whose lives were threatened by Neely that day?And Donald Trump was quickly found liable at the end of his sex trial and yet Trump claims another “victory”: he’s just a sexual abuser and a liar, not a rapist. The pretzels Trump and his legal team turned themselves into in order to claim a win here are akin to his fantasy wins in the 2020 election, the 2022 midterm elections, and the civil trial his company lost last year: all Ls. While Trump was celebrating all of these wins, Ron DeSanctimonius was raising money for Daniel Penny. 
In this new episode, Jeff breaks down what occurred on the subway as Jordan Neely was killed.  Any way you look at it, no matter how emotionally invested you are in the case, the Marine who intervened when a violent, crazy homeless person began accosting passengers did not commit a crime. Jeff also looks at the Ed Sheeran copyright infringement case brought by the family of the “Let’s Get it On” writer.  Not only do the two songs sound almost nothing alike, but somehow the plaintiff’s lawyer doesn’t know the Rules of Evidence. Naturally, the case ended in an epic disaster for the plaintiff. Finally, Jeff discusses the Trump civil rape trial, a case Jeff felt it was impossible for Trump to lose with almost no evidence and a wacky accuser. Unfortunately, the combination of Trump and a judge who is slapping around his lawyer is adding up to an impending loss.
In this podcast, Jeff runs through the Trump indictment: in 33 years of practice in NYC he’s never seen such a dopey one.  That being said, while he expects Trump’s popularity with his base to galvanize, Jeff predicts Trump’s chances of winning the next election to be zero, as he’s simply too toxic for independents.  Finally, Jeff describes a case that he first saw in the press and hoped he would get – and did.  The sentencing of the Iranian woman who unwittingly found herself in the middle of the plot to kidnap Iranian dissident Masih Alinejad occurred on April 7. Jeff pushed his way through a sea of Masih’s supporters and introduced himself to her, the purported victim of his client who was there to give a statement at sentencing. Jeff’s career has some interesting days, and this was one of them.
An update on the impending Trump indictment: just as it seems political hack Manhattan DA Bragg is feeling the pressure for charging a former President with a minor misdemeanor case, Trump pulls a Trump and threatens Bragg and his fellow Americans with violence. Having clearly learned nothing from the fallout from January 6, Trump goes totally unhinged and reminds the country again why he will never get elected in 2024. On the legal side, Jeff remembers a long-repressed memory: a 1992 encounter with Uri Geller, world-famous magician, psychic and spoon bender. Naturally, Jeff said the wrong thing.
In this new podcast, Jeff discusses the craziness of the impending criminal indictment against Donald Trump brought by a woke DA — just the last of numerous bizarre decisions by leftists last week including San Francisco’s reparations fantasies, Stanford Law School’s inmates running the asylum, Secretary of Health claiming sex change surgery for children will soon be mainstreamed — and Democrats supporting Palestinian terrorists over Israel. Finally, Jeff reads a snippet of a cross examination from the Chapo case as an example of how to obliterate a witness’s credibility before the examination even begins. 
In this new podcast, Jeff explains the new federal death penalty-eligible case against Kay Flock and the worst Thursday ever. Jeff also provides a Fetterman update: Gisele Fetterman is now a firefighter and took a super awesome vacation out of the country with the kids — after picking her bed-ridden husband’s bones clean. Jeff reports that Bob the Builder aka Mayor Pete was forced to go to East Palestine and everyone got punished for getting him out of bed. Finally, do not mess with essential oils: an angry email causes Jeff to open his mind.
In this new podcast, Jeff has some ugly words for Gisele Fetterman, the wife of Pennsylvania Senator John Fetterman. He barely survived a stroke last year and she pushed him to continue campaigning even as he was clearly badly damaged from the stroke. Now he’s a month into his 6 year term and is hospitalized for severe depression and the continued damage from his stroke — and Gisele will surely be tapped to fill his seat soon. Was his life so expendable for her ambition? Did the Democrats need to sacrifice this man’s life? Politics have hit rock bottom in America with the Fettermans.Sign up to get episodes sent directly to your inbox on Monday mornings at
In this new podcast, the Chinese got Jeff again with their Covid virus. While recuperating he watched as China doubled down on the abuse and sent a spy balloon over our country. In each instance, China suffered no repercussions. Also, Jeff’s world-famous OB-GYN doctor, 36 years in the U.S., loses the first round of his extradition battle, even as illegals shipped to NY were permitted to stay — despite their refusal to move to a shelter from their expensive Manhattan hotel.Write to Jeff at
In this new episode, Jeff recalls a massive and risky bet he made in a corrupt cop’s case which could have resulted in a life sentence without parole – but a great idea helped tip the odds in his favor.  Jeff also discusses the fantastic TV show, Fauda, and how last week’s events show how true to life it really is. Tyre Nichols was brutally murdered by five bad cops, but Jeff doesn’t see this as racism – or does he?  Jeff also believes that George Santos should be kicked out of Congress or put in a cage, either one – and a simple minimal hurdle all candidates should be required to meet is not praising Hitler publicly. Finally, Jeff discusses the ridiculously onerous sentences some January 6 defendants are getting while two bomb-throwing lawyers received slaps on the wrists from a conservative New York judge.
In this installment of Beyond the Legal Limit, Jeff reports on the arrest of his client Chapo Guzman’s son, Ovidio, a purely political arrest ordered by a purely crooked Mexican government.Kevin McCarthy is elected Speaker of the House on his 15th attempt; Jeff notes that it’s the first time McCarthy has ever fought for anything in his life.Finally, Jeff details his history in talk radio and why it is very dangerous to have a host or guest on air who isn’t afraid to be fired.
In this new episode, Jeff complains about the utter ridiculousness of New Year’s Day as a holiday – an excuse for idiots to be idiotic. Other topics: Times Square terror attack on New Year’s Eve, Don Trump, Jr’s girlfriend demanded 60K to speak for three minutes at a “Stop the Steal” rally on January 6 – and the impact music has had on my trial work, with examples from the Chapo and John A. Gotti trials.Subscribe to the show and write to Jeff at
In this new episode, Jeff recalls the moment from his childhood when he learned that Iranian revolutionaries stormed the American embassy in Tehran, holding 52 hostages for 444 days. Jeff describes his feelings for the Iranian terror regime over the following years and how, 43 years later, he had the opportunity to represent a defendant charged in a plot by the same Iranian regime to kidnap a critic in Brooklyn.  Finally after all these years he was given a platform for some small bit of revenge against those terrorists. Here’s the full story, ripped from the headlines.Receive each new podcast in your email inbox by subscribing at
In this new episode, Jeff discusses the Brittney Griner swap for the Merchant of Death: identity politics again rules the day, despite Viktor Bout being responsible for the deaths of thousands of Africans. Jeff also expresses his annoyance with lawyers — again.
In this post-Thanksgiving episode, Jeff is left to wonder what will it take for some people to realize that Trump is unfit — and unelectable — for office.  Is dinner with a Nazi not enough? Praising the Nazi? Refusing to apologize for dinner and the praise of the Nazi? Jeff endeavors to understand.Also in this episode, Jeff details an extradition hearing he has for a star New York OB-GYN who is accused in Japan of spraying oil on a religious shrine, a crime that if charged in NY would result in a dismissal after one court appearance. Our government is fighting to send him back to Japan and end his career — despite his cutting edge treatment for endometriosis which has saved so many women all over the world. The incredible story is here.
In this episode, Jeff describes his work week: a trip to a remote Pennsylvania prison spurs memories of his 1000+ jail visits. You’ll hear the ugly truths about prison, along with an introduction to former clients Shellackhead, Neil the Hitman and Sally Dogs. Jeff also reveals a seven-figure settlement on a Herpes civil case he brought; and finally, Jeff discusses his new client, James O’Keefe of Project Veritas, who was raided and handcuffed by a team of FBI agents, his phones seized, his emails secretly subpoenaed — all because of an abandoned diary. The attack on the press is unprecedented.Contact Jeff with feedback and episode ideas at
In this episode, Jeff does an angry and ugly autopsy of the midterm elections and hopes that his listeners have been paying attention since his first podcast: Trump has got to go. Not tomorrow, not next week or next year: today.Also an update on Kyrie Irving: Lebron, NBA commissioner Adam Silver, Nets owner Joe Tsai, and Dave Chappelle all say he isn’t anti-Semitic. Now we just need Kyrie to say he isn’t. The comical double standard continues.Contact Jeff with feedback and episode ideas at
In this new episode, Jeff explains how Kyrie Irving, fellow New Jerseyan, fellow Dukie, and Jeff’s favorite basketball player — broke his heart with his crazy Antisemitism: what Kyrie did matters and can’t be ignored or excused. But where is the outrage from all the players and coaches who wore the “I can’t breathe” shirts when George Floyd was murdered?Jeff also gives a detailed update on the Kay Flock murder case: new judge and important motion to be decided shortly.In other topics, Trump can’t help himself and screws his party once again. And Palestinians offer $5 to kill stray dogs — and naturally get a lot of happy takers.
In this podcast, Jeff begins with a high — a tribute to the fallen Killer, Jerry Lee Lewis — and then a low, the abomination that was Democratic Senate candidate John Fetterman’s debate performance. The only job on the planet in which you don’t need to stay home on disability after a devastating stroke apparently is United States Senator. Jeff also tells the story of his very first job in law, as an intern in the Newark Strike Force for Organized Crime, and his run-in with the Boys From New Jersey.
In this new podcast, Jeff lays out in painstaking detail Joe Biden’s awful week in which he seemingly cannot tell the truth — yet a review of his history finds this is not a recent phenomenon. John Fetterman is running for the Senate in Pennsylvania and can’t seem to think or speak clearly due to a stroke, yet he’s somehow leading in the polls. Is this what we’ve come to? And an update on our favorite terrorists, those lovable Palestinians, who proudly describe Russia as a country “which stands by justice and international law” even as they invaded and slaughtered their neighbor. Finally, Jeff gives the opening statement in his 2012 Hells Angels federal extortion case which never came to be due to his destruction, pretrial, of the government’s main witness.Have questions or comments about the show? Email
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Rachel Zentz

Another very interesting episode. I agree with you about Fauda. The show does an amazing job of depicting the awful toll their job takes on the unit members and their loved ones. I have a much better understanding of the situation Israel faces and what the region is like physically from watching this show. I think I was holding my breath from the beginning to the end of each episode. I've been recommending it to everyone I know. I admire your ability to come right out and say what a lot of us think but don't feel comfortable saying in today's screwed up society.

Feb 6th


Hillary's emails... really

Jan 9th

Rachel Zentz

It is refreshing to listen to someone not afraid to state his opinions!

Mar 15th


This show is full of unexpected information and strong “no nonsense” opinions with just enough fearless name calling truths to go around. He gets it. ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

Mar 15th

Jordan Paris

A pleasure to listen to

Jan 18th
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