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Author: Dr. Jay Cole

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Sharing Real-Life Stories from Real People with topics like
Yoga, Meditation, Diet and Nutrition, Flow State,
Human Optimization and many more things that happen... Beyond our yoga mats!
46 Episodes
Hey folks! Fans! Freaks!This is the last episode for Season 1 of Beyond the Mat. I recorded this a few months ago so I have no idea what I talked about! So this is like a mystery grab-bag! You never know what you're gonna get! Also, there's no guest this time, it's just me! Good ol Jay Voice for 33 minutes! I look forward to creating more of these amazing shows next season! (Recording will probably start in May of 2019).That's all for now!Peace, Love and Light, Namaste, and all that other good noise!DING! 
 Thank the goddesses and gods for my friend Marty, he's come to save the dayyyy!!! Yes he did! Yes he definitely did. With a whopping two and a half hour podcast, man, what better way to say goodbye than with my favorite recurring guest, Comedian Martin Saulnier!We went all over the landscape today people! and right away too! fresh out of the gates! we had a skype issue, and they don't wanna lose their desk jobs, so they create issues on purpose! Planned obsolescence! Wrestling! Getting the strap in school, or a yard stick across your knuckles, bubble wrapping society, people who self harm, doing dumb shit as kids, telling lies as kids! Comedy! Character acting! How i'm pee-shy and how to get over it! Being present and mindful, Living in shitty places! and so, much much more all in todays final goodbye episode of beyond the mat.
Todays guest Richard Kaufman and it is called The Hero's Journey: From Darkness to Light. Richard is a former US military man, and an ex-drug addict, ex-alcoholic, who has pulled himself up from the bootstraps and made an amazing life for himself and his family through all of these struggles, trials and tribulations. He now helps other people who are struggling with depression, addiction and other health and fitness issues.
Today's guest Tim is a former professional baseball player from the Washington Nationals and we are here today talking about, you guessed it! Health and fitness! But, so much more! We get into some yoga talks, some dieting and food stuff and Tim's new endeavor where he's helping people chart a course through their lives with a new program called LifeMapping. This is a really good one folks, enjoy! and don't forget, to throw your hands in the air like you just dont care, for Tim Pahoota!
Today's guest is Jonathan Pritchard who is a martial artist that studies in Kung-Fu and we really got deep into that talk, with, health and fitness in body and mind. He's also a mentalist doing mind-control and mind reading on people, at live events like large groups and colleges, and he tours all over the place doing this as his full time job, sounds exciting or what? Keep on listening for more great talks, right here, Beyond the Mat! http://www.
 Today's guest, folks is the magnificent Courtney Harris, Courtney is a life coach for both teens and parents together, or apart. She writes about self care and mindfulness. These are things she says are crucial components of thriving through the challenging teen years as both the child and the parent. Courtney is here today to share some of these tools that can bring families and individuals into a deeper connection. So please, ladies and gents, make some noise... for Courtney Harris!!!
Today's guest people is Dr Stephen Lewis from Green Wisdom Health. Dr. Lewis has a long history of helping people achieve their optimal health using extensive but low cost lab work staying current on the latest research pertaining to nutritional supplements and optimal health. Geen Wisdom Health provides science based knowledge where you can get information based on years of experience. They treat patients with Natural compounds and they verify the results with pre and post lab tests. This service is available all across the United States, and, they will even deal with some Canadians too, making it convenient and affordable. After the lab results come back, Dr Lewis provides you with the most highly researched bio-available nutritional supplements that are only available through a healthcare professional.
Today's guest is Mary Sheila Gonnella. Mary Sheila is a former pilates teacher turned nutrition consultant and ayurvedic practitioner. She helps people who struggle with health issues that are a result of their food choices and stress levels and are ready to go deeper than weight loss to reclaim their health so they can look and feel their best! Okay people! Make some noise, for Mary Sheila Gonnella!The Queen of All Things Nutrition(and the only MSG that is good for your diet)
Todays guest! Schuyler Diehm from The Early Risers Podcast over at is here to talk about the benefits of creating a morning routine that will optimize the rest of your day, Schuyler says he used to hate mornings but through a routine and some other changes in his habits mornings are now his favorite part of the day and they help him be the best version of himself that he can be! 
Today on the show: Author, coach and yoga instructor Daralyse Lyons. She created something called Emotional Yoga which is a technique that utilizes yoga to release limiting beliefs and behaviors. We also get into a little bit about yoga, meditation, binaural beats, kundalini and holotropic breathing.
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