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Being a mom is tough, but it doesn't have to mean your fittest days are behind you. Each week, join host Amber Brueseke, founder of Biceps After Babies, as she brings you the fitness tips, nutrition strategies, mindset hacks, and real-life tangible takeaways that can help YOU take the guesswork out of healthy eating and exercise. This podcast includes episodes covering weight loss, IIFYM, wellness, workout, exercise, weight lifting, fat loss, counting macros, healthy living, mindset, mom fitness, and health advice.

For daily fitness tips, inspiration, and free resources: INSTAGRAM: @biceps.after.babies FACEBOOK" "Biceps After Babies Ladies" SHOW NOTES:
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We are diving into a topic today that I get asked about all the time: Macros and Pregnancy. Whether you’re planning on getting pregnant, currently are pregnant, or just here to learn another aspect of macros, welcome! In today’s episode, I talk about how macros can be combined with pregnancy in terms of safety, the differences between the trimester phases, how to adjust your macros while pregnant, and supplements. So, let’s get into it! **I am not a doctor. If you're pregnant or planning on becoming pregnant, please always discuss your nutrition plans and goals with YOUR provider** Find show notes at Follow me on Instagram!
Most people understand that moving their body plays an important part in their health and fitness. What’s often misunderstood, however, is how to make sure your workout supports the goals you’ve set. While there’s nothing inherently wrong with workouts not aligning with your ambitions, it can be frustrating to put time and money into something that’s not moving you toward your aspirations! In order to prevent you from spinning your wheels, I wanted to discuss the most common mistakes I see women make when choosing a workout plan. Awareness is the first step toward change, so hopefully, you’ll walk away from this week’s episode understanding how to better choose a workout plan that is both effective and enjoyable. So, let’s get into it! Find show notes at Follow me on Instagram!
There are a lot of myths out there in terms of weightlifting, especially with females lifting weights. You’ve probably heard of them, seen them on social media, and maybe even internalized them yourself. In today’s episode, I talk about some of the most common misconceptions and myths I hear about weightlifting, and talk them through with you. So, let’s do some myth-busting! Find show notes at Follow me on Instagram!
Many people are nervous to start lifting weights, and I get it. Maybe you’re afraid of hurting yourself, you don’t want to get “bulky”, or you don’t think it’s right for your goals (Spoiler: Unless your goal is to literally just stay in bed all day, weight training WILL support your goals). If one of these reasons sounds like something you’ve said to yourself, this episode is for you. We're going to talk about one of my favorite topics today, which is lifting weights. By the end of this episode, you’ll have the information that you need to make a good decision for your journey and the goals that you're wanting to hit. It's also a great listen for those wanting some talking points when helping others understand the value of weightlifting and why it’s such an important part of your programming. Find show notes at Follow me on Instagram!
On this week’s episode, I chat with Danya Douglas Hunt, a former Olympic Athletic Therapist & Strength and Conditioning coach turned multi-passionate entrepreneur, about all things mobility. She explains that, through the lens of mobility and its effect on our health, we better understand the overall themes of consistency, forward progression (not perfection), and supporting your whole body for graceful aging and movement. Mobility is for anybody who wants to age gracefully and continue to perform daily acts of living. It’s not just for somebody who wants a deep squat, or someone who dreams of lifting a ton of weight. So, if you are someone who moves your body at all during the day, this podcast episode is for you! Find show notes at Follow me on Instagram!
Darci has such an amazing story that I am so excited for you to listen to on the podcast today. If you want to hear a story that has all of the things: drug addiction, homelessness, losing her kids, eating disorders, shame, and wraps up with a happy ending, this is what Darci shares. By Darci sharing her story vulnerable and honestly, it allows us to get a perspective that maybe you hadn't ever considered before.  Find show notes at Follow me on Instagram!
On this week’s episode, I interview Lindsey Mathews for a second time! When she first was on the podcast (Episode #22), she talked about her time as a fitness competitor in the bodybuilding world and her transition out of that world. Here we are 2 years later, and I brought Lindsey back to give an update on where she’s at now with healing her hormones, figuring out her weight fluctuations, and getting her perspective of her past few years. If you’re struggling with weight gain, body fluctuations, or not sure what’s going on in your body, this episode is for you! Now, let’s dive in. Find show notes at Follow me on Instagram!
If you’ve set your own macros or had someone set them for you, you might be like: Now what do I do? In this week's episode, I walk you through 8 steps to help you successfully use the tool of macro counting. I discuss what you need to start doing right now to make it work for you. This episode is for those who are ready to get started on their journey, ready to dive into macro counting, and ready to use the tool of macro counting to reach their fitness goals. Now let’s dive in. Find show notes at Follow me on Instagram!
I'm going to talk specifically in reference to the top mistakes that I see people making when they set their macros. I like to help clients to move from that like a macro dieter role, where there are still rules and restrictions and still feel bad when you go over your macros to recognize that macro counting is just a tool and you can wield it in a whole lot of different ways. So if we understand that macro counting is a tool then if you become more aware of it and more intentional with it, can you create better results with your body? Can you create, can you get more of what you want? And the answer is yes if you pay attention and you're actually intentional with what you consume, we can use that to our advantage to be able to create new results in the future. Now let’s dive in.   Find show notes at Follow me on Instagram!
Today on the podcast we are going to dive deep into the topic of sleep. I selfishly invited Jenn Trepeck to the podcast, because I have questions about sleep and I wanted to ask somebody who thinks and knows more about sleep than I do. In this episode, we talked through sleep trackers, why sleep is important, how to improve our sleep, how to start to look at sleep holistically. And I got some of the answers about heart rate variability about readiness scores. So if that's something that you've been curious about how to improve your sleep and how to know if you're not getting enough sleep, what are some of the recommendations when it comes to getting better sleep, then this podcast episode is going to be for you.  Find show notes at Follow me on Instagram!
I'm back with another rant episode. I share this as a perspective to offer you from maybe a different perspective than you've gotten from other fitness influencers, maybe a different perspective than you currently hold yourself. I offer that as an opportunity for you to  look at things a little bit differently.  The thing that we're going to look at a little bit differently today is motivation. Because we like to talk a lot about motivation and we like to point out how important it is and that we need to stay motivated.  Find show notes at Follow me on Instagram!
We dive deep into talking about building trust with yourself when it comes to food. And this is a topic that I find so timely because a lot of you either have been in the place or had the experience of not feeling like you trust yourself around food. I've had that experience of feeling like I couldn't maintain control around certain foods. And here I am years later feeling very much in control with a trust that I built with myself. In this episode, Jaime talks a lot about building trust with yourself and what that can look like, and how if you don't feel like you have trust with yourself now, what are some of those first steps that you can start taking to rebuild that trust with yourself.   Find show notes at
This is part two of the Ask Amber Anything Business Edition. Today, I'm going to answer questions that more relate to growing or scaling a business. So if you know that interests you more than just starting a business you might find these questions a little bit more pertinent. You may find that there's a lot to be learned even back in starting a business. So I'm excited to take some of that information that I've been learning over the last five years as I started and have scaled my own online business, and be able to teach some of that and pass it on here so that you can do whatever you want with it. Grow your own business, start your own business, and be successful in your own way.  Find show notes at Highlights: Make money and be able to invest back into your business (4:45) Spend most of your time selling and serving (6:02) Imposter syndrome and how how to cope with it (7:44, 11:09) My nursing license status journey (15:22) Do things for yourself (20:02) Inherent values take place when modeled (21:34) Involve your family with your business (23:08) Time blocking (27:38) Focus and serve people on a deeper level (35:47) Show up to attract more (38:07) BAB’s business and certification programs (39:45) Takeaway: Okay, this was super fun. I hope this was fun for you. It's like I said, it's really fun for me to chat business. And one of the visions for my business that I've had for a long time is to really have three arms of the business. So I've always thought about having the nutrition arm of the business, the workout arm of the business, and then the like business and certification side of the business. I'm just one person and I can't help everybody. But what happens when we build an army of coaches who are able to go out and build their businesses and coach other women, then you know, the vision expands and it gets bigger. And so that's what this year is about. So we have some fun things coming. We have some coaching certification that's going to be coming, we have some business mentoring that's going to be coming later on in 2021. And that will be the first place that we go as we start to roll out these new programs to help you start and grow your own business.
Today, we're going to mix it up a little bit. Most of my podcast episodes are about your health and fitness journey. And they get to this point where they then want to help other people be able to have the same transformation that they've had. And that can look like going into coaching, it can look like building a business, and being able to take women through that same experience. And so I wanted to record a podcast episode becasue I get asked all the time about my business, about where I started, how I grew my business, how I got clients, how I was able to develop programs and really make this into my career. We'll go a little bit into how I got started.  Find show notes at
Christine gives such a good insight into a world that so many of us don't know a lot about. She shares some of these really raw vulnerable moments in this podcast, with the hopes of helping to open your eyes to something that is really important to discuss. And that is this idea of achieving the fit body, achieving the epitome of health, and the actual road that she had to get to win those competitions. I think there's so much here beneficial for you to hear this podcast. I can't wait for you to dive into this episode with Christine Ajisafe. Find show notes at @chrissyajisafe
I am so excited about the conversation we're going to have today. It's a highly requested topic because a lot of you are learning things and you're understanding nutritional principles. Many would ask how to handle this information and incorporate it into their lives, and yet make it so it is a productive thing that doesn't harm their children. We all want to help our kids to have an amazing relationship with themselves, with their bodies, and with their food, just like we want that for ourselves. Find show notes at
In today's episode, Melissa is going to talk about the physical transformation that she's created (PS: she's lost 55 pounds), how she's been able to keep that off, (PS: she's been able to keep it off for two years),  and what are the actual secrets that allowed her to do that. And it may not be the things that you think would actually create that transformation. And so that's what we're going to talk about today on the podcast, and I'm so excited to invite Melissa to be able to share more of her story. Find show notes at
This topic came up during the coaching call, I observed from the questions raised was that they didn't really know what to expect during maintenance. So that got me thinking about my relationship with food and about how I view food and how I use it in my life. And wanting to share that because I think it is really important to start this conversation off with. I believe that we all have different needs and the idea that one size fits all doesn't fit anybody well. So, let's dig in. Find show notes at
This episode is full of so much good information about what it takes for women to actually build muscle. Lindsay dives deeper and she really gets into some of the science behind what it takes to build muscle. She has a wealth of knowledge and she has a lot of information about muscle building, and she shares it all in this episode and it's just so good. Lindsay talks about mistakes that she's made in the past, I've made in the past I think most people have made in the past when it comes to building muscle. And if you're wondering, why isn't it happening? Why is it taking so long to build muscle? There are some reasons for that and Lindsay goes through all of that in this episode.  Find show notes at
Let's dive into today's topic, which is why your weight loss is slow and what the heck to do about it. So maybe you've had this experience where you're going through a fat loss phase and it's so slow and you're getting frustrated. Some don't see results and are not motivated and eventually, what ends up happening is they end up quitting, right? It doesn't meet your expectations at all.  So I want to talk about this because I think it's a really important topic. And I'm going to share some reasons why your weight loss may be slow. And we're going to talk about if you identify with one of those, what can you do about it. I believe that there's always the next step to move forward. Find show notes at Highlights: 5 steps to become a macro scientist (2:09) What Macros 101 has to offer to help you in your journey (8:24,33:42) Reasons why your weight loss is slow (10:03) The leaner you get the exponentially harder you lose weight (14:24) Reverse Diet (17:01) Difference between the data and the interpretation of the data  (20:25) Tracking and gathering data is essential  (21:53) Acknowledge your realities but don’t be a victim to them  (24:55) Losing fat is supposed to be slow so embrace and enjoy the journey (27:06) Takeaway: So I hope going through these helped you to maybe identify and maybe calm down a little bit in terms of your expectations. Expectations are everything. And so expectations as you go into a process, it's really important to figure out what expectations am I going in with and where do those expectations come from? Like, again, expectations are normal. But when you can start to get clear on where they're coming from, you can decide if they are actually accurate and if they're actually going to serve you in your journey. So getting clear on those expectations, where they come from, and which ones you want to continue to hold on to that are actually serving you in your journey.
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Brandi Stockdale

Love the AMAZING content and new ways to look at my journey. Thank you Amber❣️

Jan 29th

Allison Richins Britton

great episode! looking forward to the challenge 🙂

Sep 14th


It was great to hear your thoughts. thanks for sharing

Dec 12th

Sarah Peterson

Thank you so much for all you do and share with us. I have learned so much from you. You are such an inspiration!

Apr 17th

Shauna Spendlove

Loved this perspective! Thank you for all you do!

Mar 5th
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