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Being a mom is tough, but it doesn't have to mean your fittest days are behind you. Each week, join host Amber Brueseke, founder of Biceps After Babies, as she brings you the fitness tips, nutrition strategies, mindset hacks, and real-life tangible takeaways that can help YOU take the guesswork out of healthy eating and exercise. This podcast includes episodes covering weight loss, IIFYM, wellness, workout, exercise, weight lifting, fat loss, counting macros, healthy living, mindset, mom fitness, and health advice.

For daily fitness tips, inspiration, and free resources: INSTAGRAM: @biceps.after.babies FACEBOOK" "Biceps After Babies Ladies" SHOW NOTES:
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Welcome to my FREE 5-Day Fat Loss Challenge! If you're listening and have not signed up, head over to and get registered. You literally have nothing to lose! Today is Day 5 and we are going to talk about how to create YOUR weight loss plan. Let's do this challenge together and by the end you'll have a customized plan to fit you, your goals and your life!
Welcome to my FREE 5-Day Fat Loss Challenge! If you're listening and have not signed up, head over to and get registered. You literally have nothing to lose! Today is Day 4 and we are debunking weight loss myths so that you can figure out what works for YOU. Let's do this challenge together and by the end you'll have a customized plan to fit you, your goals and your life!
Welcome to my FREE 5-Day Fat Loss Challenge! If you're listening and have not signed up, head over to and get registered. You literally have nothing to lose! Today is Day 3 and we are talking all about overcoming self sabotage. Let's do this challenge together and by the end you'll have a customized plan to fit you, your goals and your life!
Welcome to my FREE 5-Day Fat Loss Challenge! If you're listening and have not signed up, head over to and get registered. You literally have nothing to lose! Today is Day 2 and we are gaining clarity on what your end goal is. How will you know what you need to do if you don't know where you are going? Let's do this challenge together and by the end you'll have a customized plan to fit you, your goals and your life!
Welcome to my FREE 5-Day Fat Loss Challenge! If you're listening and have not signed up, head over to and get registered. You literally have nothing to lose!  Today is Day 1 which is all about deciding to Start - a crucial step in any journey. So my question for you is - are going to make the decision?  Let's do this challenge together and by the end you'll have a customized plan to fit you, your goals, and your life! 
As I hopped on Instagram and let you guys know that I was getting ready to record this podcast, your response was so overwhelming saying that you love my rants. But this one is kind of funny because the way that it came about was during my team’s meeting when I started talking about it. I spent some time ranting at my team and after I was done, one of my team members was like, you need to record that as a podcast, you need to do another rant! So that is how this episode came to be. And I think it's true, this is something that I obviously feel very passionate about. And the things that I feel passionately about, I want to share and I want to help you in your journey. And hopefully, by listening to this episode, it's gonna do that. That's because that's always my goal. Find show notes at
I am excited to be able to share some stories with you today. Some stories of people who have been able to be successful. These women that I'm bringing on to the podcast today were you a couple of months ago, and they were in the position and they tell their story about where they were and how they feel uncommercial in their bodies and how they had a poor relationship with food and how they didn't really ever think that things would change. And because of a couple of choices that they made, and a couple of steps that they took, they were able to create the transformation that they wanted. And so I think it's important to hear these stories and to learn from them, and to remind yourself that you know what it's possible for you, because if somebody else can do it if someone else can make a change and create a transformation, then that means it's possible for you. Sounds interesting? Let's dive in.  Shownotes are available at
Today is a big celebration because this is Episode 100. And it's kind of funny how we play such meaning on numbers like even round numbers like 100. But we do, and it's a significant milestone, and I'm so excited that you're here for it.  In Biceps After Babies Radio Podcast, we put a lot of effort into it, and we put a lot of time into it to be able to benefit you guys. Like it's free content for you to be ready to get started with your fitness journey. And plenty of people have been able to just listen to, and be able to start and execute and reach some of their goals. You can glean what you need to from the podcast that makes me so incredibly happy. But it makes me so excited that somebody can come to the podcast and can glean things from the podcast and be able to start and continue and reach the transformation that they're wanting.  And so that's really what we wanted to share today was those stories of listeners who have the podcast that has made a difference in their life. So if you skipped those episodes or haven't listened to those episodes, you can go back and re-listen and maybe have some of the transformations or have the insight or the spark that the person looking had that really helped them in their journey.  So without further ado, let's hear some of your stories listeners have biceps after babies.  Andrea Milner Andrea shared some of her quick little background and how the podcast made a considerable focus and difference for her. Especially after having the surgery that she had, she can't believe how much she’s lost in that area and how much it's improved. She did not see results until she started tracking my macros. She felt like there's hope now, and once she made that big change, that's it, it's like instantly, and her metabolism feels like it has gone through the roof. It's been awesome for her. It has been a complete game-changer in her life. The podcasts have made such an impact on her life and they have been such a huge help for her. She just really enjoyed them and the wealth of knowledge is amazing and so easy to understand the way Amber breaks things down. Grab the: Episode 79 Shownotes &  Episode 62 Shownotes      Andrea Scalzo She talks about this concept of reversing and maintenance which is a recurring theme that I hear from you guys that it's something that you had never learned about, right we learn a lot about cutting, we learn a lot about fat loss, we learn a lot about going on diets for a lot of our life. And for a lot of women, that's where they stay. It's always about eating less. It's always about trying to lose weight. And what happens when you take that next step of reversing and focusing on unintentional maintenance.   Andrea did gain so much knowledge about what it was and by the time her cup was ending, and she felt confident enough to use Amber's free flow charts and things like that to plan out her reverse. And her reverse was a success. Now she’s continuing to up her calories every week and maintain her weight while continuing to get stronger making her feel so good. And now she’s able to help others and point them in this direction.   Laura Home Next up is Laura, who had an amazing transformation. She openly shares that in the beginning, it was all about the numbers that aren't magic that she’s figuring out. That they always seem to come at a time and that was where she was on her journey. Like about reverse and about bumping up cardio. One of her biggest aha moments was how Amber talked about fat loss and not just weight loss. It's been a huge part of her macro journey that she has been.    Madelynn Oliver Madelynn's story is that she took the free content, she cooked the free content and she applied it and because of that, she's able to create big things in her life. Madelynn highlighted that if others can do it so she can also do it despite being diabetic. And she always bears in her mind that there are no perfect macros because the perfect macros are the ones that you can stick to.  There’s also no good or bad food and getting a 100% commitment in whatever you do is a must. Biceps after Babies podcast has been a life-changing for her, that it’s not a diet, after all, it’s a lifestyle.  And she also shared a piece of advice for somebody that is wanting to track macros that she missed, is to make sure that you're taking your pictures and measurements from day one. It would be so much fun to put those pictures side by side, or compare measurements and to see how far I have come. Grab the: Episode 03 Shownotes   Patty Campbell So Patty’s aha moment came from Episode 97: Results without perfection by Kasey. She thinks that she related to Kasey so much, because she’s also someone who's done so many other programs that just weren't sustainable, and she wasn't successful at so she started to actually believe that there's nothing that she’s going to be able to stick with. So as Patty is listening to Kasey talk about falling down and trying to get back up again and being a perfectionist and all that stuff, she relates to that, as well as being a working mom with kids.  In that podcast, Kasey talked about being a perfectionist and what's the point of doing something if you’re not going to be perfect, and that's exactly how Patty felt when it came to macros. Self-sabotage came from and that all or nothing mentality. So listening to Kasey’s story and saying that I can do this, and I don't even have to be perfect.  Patty felt something amazing. And that kind of got her thinking like, that's exactly me. She thinks that if she just sticks to it a little bit better, and recognizes that she can do this and be perfect, it doesn't have to happen, then she will reach her goals and be so successful. And Kasey’s story really, really changed Patty’s perspective on being able to actually be successful with macro counting. Grab the: Episode 97 Shownotes   Sarah Clark Sarah shared about how helpful it was for her, not just about how to reverse diet but just so much of how our metabolisms can adapt, and eating more food fuels our bodies, and creates the change that we really truly want to see in our bodies, along with training smart. She feels more confident. She feels more in control of her food choices as well as the freedom in her food choices.  She also finds the podcast episode on reverse dieting so informative and so helpful for her during her process. Biceps after Babies podcast episodes really have truly been so educational for her and helped shift her way of thinking as far as fitness and nutrition goes. She enjoys living this healthier lifestyle for herself and for her kids and her husband. For her, it's just such a different way of thinking and a different way of living.  And that this really does work and you just have to trust the process. Grab the: Episode 09 Shownotes   Millie Millie led us through what she really liked about the podcast and that was the ability to learn not just the nutritional aspect, but to learn about the mental aspect and she really enjoyed your biceps after babies podcast.  And that was a game-changer for her. Now that she has set her goals the way she was taught how to set goals with, you know what the main outcome goal is, the process goals, to take, and all of those things that I have been just implementing into my life. It has been so crucial in changing her life, her mindset and just providing extra motivation for her to live the best healthy version of herself.   There you have it, our  Episode 100. I'm throwing confetti, you can't see me right now but I'm throwing confetti into the air and celebrating this big milestone that we've been able to achieve together.  And again, if you are new to that podcast, welcome, I'm so glad that you're here. If you are an OG and you're from back in Episode Number one, I'm so glad that you're still along for the ride. My goal for anybody listening is for you to be able to set and hit and achieve whatever goal it is that you have and if I can be a part of that whether by biceps after radio, whether by following me on Instagram, or whether by joining Macros 101, then I'm just honored to be able to be a part of your journey.  So thank you for listening. Thank you for sharing. Thank you for supporting the podcast and supporting me and most of all, thank you to these seven women who were willing to share their story and share how biceps after babies radio has been a part of their journey.  
Biceps after Babies Radio are coming up on a pretty big milestone. Next week, we're going to hit 100. And for that, we actually have a really special surprise for you. And I am really big about celebrating wins because I believe as we look for those wins in our journeys, that we get more of them. And so I couldn't think of a better way to celebrate this milestone by sharing our 10 most downloaded, most listened to and most impactful episodes so far.  These 10 episodes were the ones that you guys loved, that you shared with a bunch that you downloaded. These were the biggest game-changers in so many of your journeys. And I just really wanted to recap them in hopes of being able to either have you re-listened to some of these or for those of you who are newer to the podcast, be able to push you back towards some of the highlight episodes in the past. So we're going to go through these 10 episodes, they're in no particular order, I just took the top 10 and but individually and collectively, all of these are top 10 podcasts ever, and I don't want you to miss them. Sound good? Let's dive in. Episode shownotes can be found at
So today on the podcast, I thought it would be fun to share some of my mistakes, share some of the things that I have learned over the years as a coach. My Macros 101 clients know that I very firmly believe that there are no failures, that in life you either get the result that you want or the lesson that you need. And so over the years as I have been coaching clients, I've gotten a lot of lessons and I have learned and I have grown. And I like to think that I've become a better coach over the years as I've practiced. And the shifts that have happened, the learning that has happened during that time, has grown me into a better coach. It was kind of fun for me to go back and look back at the way that I coached back when I first started coaching, and how that has evolved over the years. And more importantly, why that has evolved.   Find show notes at
Today I have a fabulous interview with a Macros 101 client, Kasey Kruer. She has such an amazing story that I wanted to share because she hits on a couple of different things that I see in a lot of women and how she was able to overcome them is really, really inspiring.  In addition to being a mom, she has also worked full time. Kasey will speak to both her physical transformations and mental transformations. She shares something about her children and about her experience with macro counting that has strengthened that relationship with her kids and I love that Kasey was willing to come on and share her story, her experience, her results, and how being perfect isn't the goal and honestly isn't required for results that you want to see.  Find show notes at
I'm really excited about recording this episode on cardio because I get questions about cardio all the time. Like there's all these questions about the nuances about cardio, and we're going to dive into it today and get all those questions really clarified for you so that you can be the most successful possible in your journey as you are. Taking these different pieces and elements of your fitness journey, such as cardio, weightlifting, nutrition, the macros that you're eating and pull these levers to create the result that we want, and kind of fine-tuning and figuring out how much of each that you want and need for your body and for your goals. And so today we're going to answer all of those questions, we're going to help you get really clear on the next steps to take when it comes to cardio.  Find show notes at
Today our guest is a former client and is willing to come on to the podcast and share her story, her transformation, and the lessons that she has learned over the process. One of my goals bringing prior clients is to be able to show you that when we surround ourselves with people who are evidence of what is possible allows us to start believing that it's possible. Just like the case of Andi, she was able to lose weight without working out and for her, that was really important. I also think there's value in hearing from clients and their perspective of going through the process of losing weight, of their emotional state, and how they were able to create transformation over time. It's so awesome to see clients take responsibility and take steps in order to take what they've learned and put it into practice. Find show notes at
Whenever I start talking about bulking, people always have a lot of questions because it seems completely counterintuitive to anything you would ever do. Like, why would you intentionally increase calories and want the scale to go up? If you think reverse dieting is like mind-blowing, then bulking is like the next level. The goal of fitness is to get smaller and to lean out and to lose fat and to lose weight and bulking is the exact opposite of that. So we're going to talk about bulking today, what it is, when you should do it, how you know that you're ready for it? What the process of bulking look like? And what are some of the big mistakes that I see people making with bulk making it when they go into a bulk or some of the biggest worries or concerns that I see coming up when somebody goes into a bulk? So in order to have this conversation around bulking, we have to understand what it is and what it is not.  Find show notes at
Hashimoto’s plays into the realm of fitness in terms of weight loss and weight gain, because the thyroid hormone is so intricately involved with metabolism. So whenever we talk about weight, we start to talk about weight gain and fat gain, there is inherent anxiety that comes with that and for a lot of women with Hashimoto's that weight gain and that feeling of not being able to control leaves them a little bit anxious about it. And so I wanted to bring someone on the podcast who could give a perspective as both somebody in fitness realm who is focusing on fitness and active and also has been diagnosed with Hashimoto's so that she could share her story, her experience on how she's been able to try to go through the process of getting diagnosed with Hashimoto's and still is focusing on her fitness and what she's seen with her body.  Find show notes at
I believe that your individual personal growth is directly proportional to your ability to set and take action towards goals. But what you're going to understand is that when you understand the principles of goal setting, and you understand some of the things that I'm going to teach you today, this is something that can apply to any area of your life, any aspect of your life where you're trying to uplevel whether it be a performance, like in performance, I was meaning like musical performance, like if you want to learn to play an instrument, if you want to get better at running, if you want to get better at gymnastics, if you want to improve your scripture study, if you want to be a better mom, all of those things will get better and will improve if and when you learn to be able to really set effective goals and be able to work towards those goals really effectively. Find show notes at Highlights: Set your goals effectively. (7:05) Habit will be your best friend. (7:44) Achieving goals isn’t the secret to happiness, it’s your mindset. (9:04, 13:13) Goals provide direction. (9:56) Set huge big enough goals to uplevel you. (14:20) Setting goals allows change through setting outcome and process goals. (19:37) Goals should be specific, measurable, and binary. (22:25) Enjoy the journey in setting a goal. (24:05) Takeaway: What I want to say about goals is that goals are not about whether or not you hit them. They are about who you become in the process of reaching for them. What matters is who I become in the process of reaching for that goal. I have to take different actions in order to even just reach for that goal. And to me, the whole point of this life is for us to become our highest and best versions of ourselves. And that means constantly setting goals and constantly reaching for them, and sometimes not hitting those goals. And so I hope as you come away from this podcast, my vision for you is for you to be excited, for you to start to think about how you can implement some of these things that I taught in your goal setting practice. And I really would encourage you, especially if you don't have a current goal-setting routine, that you start small, take it slow. Take it small, a small, simple compounded effort will always yield more than a short amount of just intensity. And so consider that as you create this new routine and this new habit of goal setting.
In this episode with Jenna, we go a little bit more towards the personal aspect and more towards her experience with body acceptance and with going through the different stages of her body and what it's looked like and what that thought process has been. And my hope for you as you listen to this episode and as you listen to Jenna and what she shares about her journey, that you're able to take some of the things that she says and actually put them into action in your own life. I truly believe that as you listen to this episode, there will be something in here that will speak to you on some level. And I really encourage you to take action on whatever that is that speaks to you.  Find show notes at Highlights: Body acceptance (0:47) Loving and accepting yourself  (8:20) Assess  how do you want to feel  (13:07) Think and acknowledge your thoughts  (13:54) Believe more with your positive thoughts (15:39) Create feelings from your thoughts (17:41) Being balanced to being aligned (21:09) How gratitude empowers you (25:35) Takeaway: I really hope that you're leaving this podcast episode with some tools that you can use and some ways that you can actively shift those thoughts in your head and make them more productive. You have goals and you want to reach them. And the thoughts that you think and the beliefs that you hold are one of the most, if not the most important things to get aware of and to shift so that they align with the results that you want to create. And that's a lot of what Jenna shared and I appreciate that she approached it from the thought work that needs to happen, the belief shifting that needs to happen because those thoughts and those beliefs create your actions and those actions are exactly what creates the results that you want or don't want. Create results either way.
Today we are doing another Ask Amber anything episode. I've done a couple of these and then past In fact, Episode 20 was asked Amber anything about macros, Episode # 60, and 61 were asked anything about supplements, part one and part two. So those are some good episodes to go back and listen. And today we're going to ask Amber anything about weightlifting. So this is where I asked you guys what questions you have. And that's what I answer. I sit here and answer the questions that you guys currently have about weightlifting, about getting stronger, about building muscle. And we have some good content that we're gonna go over today. And I hope that you'll walk away from this episode feeling inspired to go pick up some weights.   Find show notes at Highlights: Freebies. (1:40) Customize your workout plan. (4:05) Weightlifting and getting stronger prevent injuries in the future. (7:15) Pain indicates that you need to stop. (11:15) Your focus may be different, but not your weight training. (13:43) Know and set your end goal. (17:33, 21:28) Must-haves for building a home gym. (29:30) Difference between training and working out. (43:57) Takeaway: I hope that you got your question answered. Maybe somebody else asked the question that you didn't even really know that you had and you got that one answered as well. But I'm hoping that you're walking away from listening to this episode really excited about picking up some weights, picking up some barbells and some dumbbells, and being able to progress towards the goal that you have set for yourself. And really making sure that your workouts are aligning with your goal. There are two aspects to hitting a physical goal, the nutrition aspect which we need to make sure that our nutrition is supporting the goal that we set, and then the workout aspect making sure the workout supports the goal that you've set. And that's why I have MACROS101 that teaches you how to customize your nutrition towards your goal. And I have  Build Your Workouts which has helped to create how to customize a workout to be able to push you a little bit closer to your goal.
Today I have an extra special guest who is my coach and my business mentor onto the podcast, Mr. James Wedmore. I fell in love with how he presents business and how he speaks about business and how he coaches business. I joined his program, Business by Design. Throughout it, I went from being a solo entrepreneur, you know, coaching and helping people yes to now a multiple six-figure business with a team and we are able to serve and help so many more women because of that, and I have his coaching and mentorship really to thank for that. And so you can see why I am so excited to bring him on to the podcast today, because he has had such a transformational hand in my business and in my personal growth. And I'm just so excited for you to get introduced to him to hear his insights and thoughts.  Find show notes at Highlights: Take actions without being afraid of making mistakes. (9:18) Follow your bliss, your passion, do what you love.  (16:27) Law of duality. (23:04) To learn and to grow is to help each other grow. (29:06) It’s all about mind conditioning. (44:02, 49:23) Find that essence. (58:56) For every problem, there’s already a solution. (1:03:44) Takeaway: For every problem, there's already a solution. And the answer is through your questions. When you begin to ask outcome-oriented questions, you will find the answer. Life unfolds in infinite possibilities. Another thing is to combine impact with the power of asking outcome-oriented questions. And if you just let that guide you every day, you'd be amazed at where you'd be in a year from now. Have outcome-oriented questions that will guide your life in a completely new direction. 
Chrissy King comes on the podcast today to talk about something that can be an uncomfortable subject: race in the fitness industry. Chrissy addresses the lack of diversity in the mainstream fitness industry. She advocates that fitness should not only be for thin, white women, but should something that is accessible to all and supportive of all types of bodies.  After you listen to this eye-opening interview, you will have a desire to develop genuine relationships with people who are different than you. Find shownotes at
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