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Big Brown Army is just that: a one man big army. Tune in weekly to hear DeCruz banter with his friends and go on long rants about the state of the mainstream media, politics, and sports.
103 Episodes
DeCruz and Jordi return after another long break to discuss the Week in Review. Important tidbits: DeCruz finally got the 'Rona, Jordi's kids hate wearing Halloween costumes, and some other unimportant things. 
DeCruz and Jordi return to another Week in Review to discuss COVID Vaccine Mandates, another Afghanistan update, and unconventional names for girls. 
Special thanks to Week in Review co-host for that great title. DeCruz and Jordi discuss the top domestic headlines for you... again. Karen Swallow Prior's great NYT op-ed on the Texas abortion ban.David French and Sarah Isgur break down the Texas abortion law and the Supreme Court decision that made heads explode. Email us at bigbrownarmy@gmail.comFind us on Twitter: @bigbrownarmy
After almost a year and a half, DeCruz, Ray, and Jordi are finally at the 100th Episode. It's been a long journey and we're grateful to all our listeners and fans. Even if you didn't give us a 5-star review on Apple Podcasts. 
Ray is back after listening to more episodes of the excellent podcast "The Rise and Fall of Mars Hill." Today we talk about Episode 5 and everything horrifying about Mars Hill and its relationship to women. 
Jordi and DeCruz return to the Big Brown Army for a Mid-Week Roundup to reflect on the continuing decline of America. Our leaders make terrible choices and innocent people pay for them. Rinse and repeat. 
Mars Hill Reflections

Mars Hill Reflections


Ray is back on the Big Brown Army after a long break and so is DeCruz. Today they reflect on the popular new podcast "The Rise and Fall of Mars Hill"You can find the podcast here:
Jordi and DeCruz are back for another Week In Review! Why is Mackenzie Bezos the luckiest woman in the world? Jordi has new pets...ones that were rescued from the jaws of a reptile. 
DeCruz has questions, you have questions, we all have questions for the hot button topic taking over school boards, legislative sessions, and churches in the US: Critical Race Theory. Thankfully, Bradly Mason joins us on this episode of Big Brown Army to discuss this area of academia and also to answer questions about race and racism in America. You can find out more on Bradly's work at: alsoacarpenter.comFind him on Twitter: @alsoacarpenter
DeCruz and Jordi are back for another Week In Review! Is this the episode that finally gets them canceled? Happy Independence Day, everybody! 
DeCruz and Jordi are back together for another Week in Review. What's special about this episode? DeCruz just tried a new version of Coke and he's NOT happy about it. 
New guest Reggie Thayil joins the Big Brown Army today to chat about his ministry and career combining Christian faith and psychology. Reggie teaches undergraduate psychology courses at TIU-Florida. He's also the host of his own podcast, I am Barabbas.You can learn more about Reggie at his website: Thayil Thoughts.
DeCruz and Jordi come back to talk about the week that was. To discuss everything from Al Jazeera to Al Roker. Not really Al Roker. 
Jordi and DeCruz get together to bring you the Mid-Week Roundup! Lots of things happening. First, India gets hit with the second wave of the COVID pandemic. Now, they're about to get LA Mayor Eric Garcetti, will the ordeals never cease? 
Another Israel-Palestine conflict, another ceasefire, how should Christians view these crises? Ashish Joy and Joash Thomas join DeCruz to talk about growing up Brown, Evangelical, and with pro-Israel attitudes. You can find (@storyfocus) Ashish Joy's podcast here: can find  (@joashpthomas)Joash Thomas's latest article for Religion Unplugged here. 
That's right! It's a Week in Review! Jordi and DeCruz are back and we're here to give you all the news that's fit to read.. or something like that. We discuss Israel-Palestine, the economy, and why our leaders lie to us. 
Ray and DeCruz are back to talk about Israel/Palestine and the CDC with their new mask guidelines.
Warren Mainard, a close friend of DeCruz, joins us on the Big Brown Army today. Warren is the Executive Director of Impact Players, an organization dedicated to inspiring men to be great husbands, fathers, and leaders. Warren also does the Impact Players Podcast and the sports podcast Duck & Dawg Show.
Ray and DeCruz address COVID realities around the globe and reflect on the break-up of one of the most prominent couples in the world. 
DeCruz, Jordi, and Ray get together to discuss Joe Biden's speech to a joint session of Congress. Also: Jordi shares about the loss of a dear member of the Big Brown Army family. 
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