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Interviews from the field, at ground zero. Sasquatch sighting investigations. Just the facts.
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Join us tonight as we discuss an experience I had with Shane and Chris while in the PNW.  We will follow that up with an interview with a woman who had an all to close encounter with Bigfoot.  Spoiler alert, it didn't end well for one of the horses.



Gather around the campfire TONIGHT at 8pm EST, and join us in an immersive experience into the world of Bigfoot.  We'll bring you first hand sighting stories, with some research insight from an interview with the late Dr. Bindernagel.  The stories you hear are true, and the names haven't been changed to protect the innocent.  Put it this way, you won't want to have experienced some of the stories you are about to hear. We've revamped the format in a effort to bring you your not so average Bigfoot show.  We hope you enjoy, and as always, thanks for listening!  And remember, hike with your head up.... - Bigfoot Ground Zero -
Join me tonight as I interview David Ellis, of the Olympic Project.  David will introduce audio heard for the first time.  This is a compelling episode.  Do not miss it... Best, Dave
Join me tonight for an Alaska research update with Chris Spencer, and a full Class A event with Shane Corson of the Olympic Project.  It is going to be well worth your time.  Creepy sightings stories just in time for your camping season.  As always...thanks for listening! Best, Dave
Join me tonight for an interview with Stacey Hostetler, former co-host of the Bigfoot Tonight Show.  Stacey recounts the moment that changed his perception of the world...literally.  Tune in for a story you will definitely want to hear.  As always, thanks for listening! - Dave -
Join me tonight as I interview Chris Spencer, a solo researcher out of the great state of Washington.  He is also a hunter. He knows that the only way to track an animal's pattern is through patience and hard work.  Unlike most people, he doesn't hunt with his eyes, rather, he relies on his ears to tell him what's happening Chris has spent the last few years recording sound, casting footprints, and has had multiple hair raising experiences of his own.  Join me as we speak with Chris, and get insight into his research methodology.  Thanks for listening! Dave
Join me on Saturday, May 13th for a conversation with Gerald Mills.  Gerald is a field researcher who has spent many hours researching a pattern of bone piles, and predatory tooth markings that don't appear to resemble those of any known North American mammal.   Gerald operates in the remote forests of the state of Washington, where he methodically unravels the clues to each kill he uncovers.  Every crime scene leaves clues.  So, join us as we talk about where he's been, what he's discovered, and the ask the questions that remain unanswered! As always...thanks for listening! Best, Dave
Join me tonight as I speak with Jim out at the Sasquatch Outpost in Bailey, CO.  Jim has had a couple of experiences he shares with me, and talks about his obsession with the subject of Bigfoot.  Bailey has becomes a sighting confessional for Central Colorado.  Jim shares his stories about his own encounters, and the people who come to him to have their story heard.  Tune in, put your feet up, and enjoy!  As always, thanks for listening!. - Dave -
Hope you enjoy it.
BIGFOOT GROUND ZERO - Episode 19 / DAVID ELLIS with THE OLYMPIC PROJECT.   Join me tonight as I interview David Ellis of The Olympic Project.  The Olympic Project has attracted the attention of serious researchers because they steer away from conjecture, and rely on scientific observations in search of the elusive creature we know as Sasquatch. David will share his techniques, knowledge, and personal experiences.  I believe you will find this interview compelling.  Probably one of the most interesting guests to appear on the show in a long time.
Join me tonight at 8pm EST as we talk about what people could be seeing when Bigfoot seems to disappear, and how this could happen through explainable causes.  In this episode, I also take a few minutes to call out the Bigfoot community, and the types of folks who use the topic of Sasquatch to either make money, or to springboard their careers in the paranormal.  Karl and I will cover off on these things tonight, and I hope you will join us.  Chatroom opens about 15 minutes early.  As always...thanks for listening!
Are there similarities in human on human abduction cases and possible Bigfoot abduction cases?  Does a Department of Justice report on human on human abduction behavior and statistics give us any insight?  Will the information help us answer the unanswered questions surrounding the missing persons cases in and around our National Parks?  Perhaps. But the answers may lead to more questions.  Join us as we take a deeper dive into specific cases, how they appear to mimic human behavior, and a profile study of David Paulides.  What makes the man tick?
BIGFOOT GROUND ZERO - Michael Merchant Interview Please join me tonight (Tuesday) at 8PM EST as I interview Michael Merchant, Maine's premier Sasquatch authority!   Michael has been tapped many times by local and national media to provide insight into the elusive creature we know as Bigfoot. His background in biology, combined with his keen sense of observation, make Michael an ideal researcher.   I hope to see you all there. If you have any questions, or would like to contact the show, email As always, thanks for listening!   SHOWTIME: July 7, 2015 at 8:00:00 PM EDT 90 minutes
On tonight's program, Todd will update us on what he's been doing since our last interview.  Todd has put together a unique, four stage research plan, and will review it with us.  Todd will also share his thoughts on some cutting edge technology that he will soon employ. During the intervidew, I asked for Todd's opinion on Les Stroud's research, his show, and what Todd's overall opinion is of how Les is approaching the subject.  Todd has served as a consultant of sorts for Les, and has had his ideas used for production on the show. As always, thanks for listening! Best, Dave
Tuesday nights episode of Bigfoot Ground Zero (8pm EST) will feature an interview with Chris Spencer.  Chris is a life long outdoorsman, and is no stranger to the woods.  As a hunter, Chris is intimately familiar with the sights and sounds of the forrest, especially in the state of Washington. Chris' research was born not only of a desire to find the existence of Sasquatch, but to prove to himself that the tracks that he and his father found when he was a boy were not hoaxed, or were of a mistaken identity.  During his recent time in the woods, Chris has had experiences, both audio and visual, that have spurned him on to further exploration. Join me tonight as I dive into the topic of research, and explore the Science Behind the Sighting. I look forward to seeing you there.  Chatroom opens 10 minutes before the program goes live. And as always....thanks for listening! - Dave -
Please join me tonight as I air an interview I conducted with Chris Spencer.  Chris is a new face in the Bigfoot community, but he has been doing some interesting work.  In addition to multiple experiences, Chris was a student of the late Professor Grover Krantz at Washington State University.  Chris has had multiple experiences, but he also sat through a lecure that Profressor Krantz conducted on the Patterson-Gimlin film.  The professor had some really unique insights into the film, and Chris will share them with us.  Please tune in for a great show! Best, Dave
Please join me tonight as we listen to a man describe multiple experiences he had over a number of years while hunting in California.  The encounters happened all within a small radius of one another, while he and his family hunted.   We'll listen to his theory as to why the encounters were non threatening, and we'll discuss his theory as to why these creatures did not appear to be bothered by human presence, and why this might be a bonifide bigfoot hotspot. Karl and I will also discuss the possibility of Sasquatch being able to see within varies ranges within the Infrared Spectrum, and how using game cameras might be successfully employ to photograph these elusive creatures.  As always, thanks for listening!  See you all tonight!
Please join me tonight as I bring you the interview I conducted  a few weeks ago in Whitehall NY.  Over the last 40 years, this area has become famous for Bigfoot sightings over the last 40 years.  Brian Gosselin had the sighting that put this small town on the Bigfoot map.   I was able to interview Brian from the spot of his sighting, and he later showed me three casts that, as far as evidence goes, were very compelling.  After show, I will post the video of these interviews.  Thanks again for listening!  Hope you had a great Thanksgiving. Best, Dave
Please join me on Friday night at 8pm EST for a compelling interview with Claudia Ackley.  Claudia had a sighting a few months back while hiking with some friends.  Claudia's account speaks to a smaller looking creater, with hairy features, dropping out of a tree, and running away on two lets.  Although the encounter was over in seconds, Claudia feels very strongly that she saw what appeared to be a baby Sasquatch. Similar sightings have been reported in the past, which makes me excited to bring this account to you.  Hopefully you will enjoy the program. If you have any feedback, hit me up on Bigfoot Ground Zero on FB, or directly at  And as always...thanks for listening! Best, Dave



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