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Bigfoot Outlaw Radio has returned to Blog Talk! The Outlaws tackle the questions surrounding the mystery of bigfoot, as we share our knowledge from our many years of experience chasing down these creatures all over the United States. We'll also feature some of the best bigfooters in the field, and discuss some of their very own sasquatch experiences.
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HO HO HO, HAIRY CHRISTMAS! The Outlaws are back for a special holiday get together with all our Bigfootin' friends! That's right, THE OUTLAWS ARE STILL HERE! What better way to celebrate this holiday season than sittin' around with a bunch of good folks talkin' Boogers? That's "Bigfoot" to you and me. Join Bear, Shasta, Dan, Matt, Chad, and whatever other Outlaws we can rustle up for a good ol' roundtable discussion covering any topics we can come up with and then some we probably didn't. And don't forget to call in, cause we wanna hear what ya'll have to say on the subject too! You can also feel free to call in with your merry holiday wishes for everyone. It's gonna be a blast folks, and is long overdue! So throw another log on the fire, grab a night cap or two, and join us for another fun filled episode of Bigfoot Outlaw Radio!
It's been hotter than H-E-Double Hockey Sticks down here in the south. So hot the other day I seen a snake puttin on sunscreen. Anybody with an ounce of sense would stay out of these miserable conditions, but you know us Outlaws. Some of us have been smart enough to stay out of heat best we can, while others of our posse have been offering themselves up to the skeeters, ticks, poison ivy, and whatever other rash causing, blood suckin parasite they can find. So have they had any luck with Ol' Hairy or have they just been Baptizing themselves with sweat for nuthin? Better tune in to find out cause there just ain't no tellin' when we'll be back. So crank up the AC, grab yourself one of them there cold dranks, and tune in for another outrageous episode of Bigfoot Outlaw Radio!
This Thursday night at 8pm central, we will have on the program the latest, most recent booger sighting encounter, still fresher then hot cow manure, and it ain't Mr. Peeler from Mayberry RFD, North Carolina, who shook his walking stick at a booger trying to get aholt of his dawgs either. No it ain't! There has been one since then in the Indian Territory of Oklahoma by a person who never wanted to ever actually see one! This person swore they did not get into boogering to see one, she done it all for the people she has grown to know and love, but now have been cursed with the fever! "Don't look Ethel! Too late, she already been incensed! Slapped rite upside the head!" Not only did this person see it, her better half and a skeptic (her dawg trimmer and fishing buddy) saw it also, so this ain't a "one person only" sighting. Naw sir, and there was not a jug of corn likker in sight! Maybe some fruit preserves she has been recently canning, but she cannot say she has never seen one now. It is our own Maw Kettle, Shasta, along with Paw, Dan the Man! Join in as they both relate their latest adventure in Oklahoma, where Vicky is now a member of the crazy, lying, hoaxing, booger viewing Southern variety. It will be a treat to finally hear from a very sincere, totally honest, and loved member of this community relating of her adventure. You don't want to miss it!
Strange Tales from the Alabama Woods! This week we'll be talkin' with some of our fellow partners about the outing they just had this past weekend in good ole Bama! From the sounds of it they had one heck of a time, and had a few things happen as well. We're going to try to get a few of them on the line and see what they have to say about it. Should be an interestin' show with some interestin' folks. Heck, I think maybe even Ol' Bear will be here. Imagine that. So be sure to warm up the tubes and tune in for another, well, you know how we do!
We're still here! This week we'll be picking right back up where we left off with last week's show, discussing the different levels of a Bigfoot encounter. We covered lots of good ground last week, and now we're getting to the meat and taters! Our roundtable panel will discuss what we mean by "levels" why they occur, and what to expect. I'm sure we'll cover many other areas and aspects as well. Should be another great show that you don't want to miss. So throw the kids outside and put the dogs to bed, and join us for another great episode of... Bigfoot Outlaw Radio!
This week we're gonna talk about Bigfoot. See, unlike some other shows out there, that's what our show is about. Bigfoot. We don't sit here and waste our breath talking about other folks, trying to smear their reputations, and attacking their credibility in the Bigfoot community. Nor do we waste our time, and our listeners time by muddying up our show with retaliations and responses to what a bunch of low life degenerates make up about us so they have something to talk about. One would assume if they knew anything about Bigfoot, then they would be spending their time discussing that subject instead of acting like a bunch of immature grade school bullies. So if you want to hear and talk about Bigfoot, by all means pull up a chair. If all you want to do is listen to the gossip and the trash, then go ahead and head for the curb with the rest of the garbage. There are plenty of other shows out there to quench your thirst for ignorance, lies, and BS.
Join our host Jim "Bear" Grant (yes that's his real name) and the rest of the Outlaws as we discuss and dissect a doozy of a topic, the many types, levels, and stages of Bigfoot encounters. We'll break it all down, take it apart, try to figure out what makes it tick, lose some pieces, put it back together, and have some parts left over at the end. All in true Outlaw fashion of course. Speaking of what makes it "tick," tis the season for ticks and other blood suckers to come out and look for a free meal. We encourage everyone to call in with their own tips and tricks at warding off these pesky devils while out in the woods. Should make for a great show, so be sure to tune in for another fantastic episode of Bigfoot Outlaw Radio! You're a daisy if you do!
Counting coup refers to the winning of prestige in battle by the Plains Indians of North America. Warriors won prestige by acts of bravery in the face of the enemy, and these acts could be recorded in various ways and retold as stories. Any blow struck against the enemy counted as a coup, but the most prestigious acts included touching an enemy warrior, with the hand or with a coup stick, then escaping unharmed. Bigfoot Outlaws Website: CLICK HERE
Join the Outlaws this week as we sit down with our good friend Randy. We'll be discussing anything and everything about the ol' Booger, as Randy has logged many years and many miles observing these amazing creatures. Many people are fascinated by the Native American views concerning Bigfoot, so this is certainly one of those shows you don't want to miss. Don't forget our new night and time, Thursdays at 8PM central, for another fantastic episode of Bigfoot Outlaw Radio!
Well folks it's been a year since the Outlaws hit the internet air waves, and we plan on making this next year even mo' betta! Join us on our new night and time, Thursday at 8 PM central, as we celebrate our anniversary with our friends and loyal listeners.
This Saturday at 10 PM central! We're following last week's great live outing show with another one! This week Bear will be joined by Alabama Bigfoot's own Mike "watch1" along with "kworley," his wife "ladytazz," and several others at an undisclosed location in the great state of Alabama! Rumor has it our good friends G.G and Leonard will be there too! They'll be trying to chase down those Bama Boogers and hopefully get one to yell at us. Either way it's sure to be a blast! We'll also have an important announcement to make, so be sure ya tune in for another great episode of Bigfoot Outlaw Radio!
SATURDAY at 10 PM central! The Outlaws dun did it again! This week we're doin a tewfer special! Tewfer the price of one! Not only will we have our Outlaw Chad Scott live in the field from Sulphur, Oklahoma, but we'll also have the main Outlaw himself, Bear live from the field in Alabama at the same time! That's right, two different extremely experienced fellas with their own unique styles, broadcasting live in the field from two different states at the same time! You can't beat that with a switch with Granny swingin! So crank up the speakers and recline back in the old La-Z-Boy, as the Outlaws break new ground once again! Often imitated but never duplicated, get ready for another great episode of Bigfoot Outlaw Radio! Squatch Rock Photo's CLICK HEREThe Legend Of Squatch Rock CLICK HERE
That's right, ya'll asked for it, so ya'll got it. Our Bigfoot Lawman returns this week to continue our conversation about his experiences, and the stories he's heard in his area about our hairy compadre. So get your questions ready and join us along with Officer "John Smith" for another fantastic episode of Bigfoot Outlaw Radio!
Well if this don't beat all. This week the Outlaws are steppin' over to the side of justice! We'll be joined this week by "John Smith," a law enforcement officer from Southwestern Oklahoma. When Officer "Smith" isn't out roundin' up the bad guys, he's keeping a close watch on the woods in his area. He's had some pretty interesting encounters and experiences of his own, both on and off duty. Now it's the Outlaws turn to get him on the witness stand, so he can tell us some of what he's seen and heard. It's not often a witness of this caliber comes along, and this is certainly a show NOBODY will want to miss. So be sure to tune in for another great episode of Bigfoot Outlaw Radio! Ya'll go ahead and skin this one Pilgrim, and we'll go get ya another!
What's big, hairy, and lurks through the Oklahoma woods at night? You guessed it, Bear is back in Oklahoma! And boy do we have a show planned for ya. This Saturday night The Outlaws will be live in the field stirring up trouble, and hopefully some of our big hairy friends as well. Valentine's Day is for lovers, but Saturday night is for Boogerin! So be sure to join us with Bear, Tammy, Dan, Shasta, and Rebel the Booger Dog (in training) live in the field for this Saturday night special! We'll be headin' out at 10 PM and stayin on air till Midnight central time, and you won't want to miss a minute of yet another great episode of Bigfoot Outlaw Radio!
Let it snow, let it snow, let it ice? The Outlaws in Oklahoma are frozen solid and ready to thaw out. What better way to do it than amongst our friends around a campfire. It's too frozen for a fire, so I guess you folks and the computer will have to do! We're only kiddin'! Be sure to join us this week as we sit around and complain about whatever we can on another great edition of Bigfoot Outlaw Radio!
Lucille Bear Emmert

Lucille Bear Emmert


Please join the Outlaws this week along with their guest and friend Lucille Bear Emmert. Lucille is a veteran investigator, photographer, Native American Folklorist and respected bigfoot tracker in Oklahoma. Being a tracker, she looks for certain signs, like hairs, tracks/prints, samples, limb formations and the infamous "ape house smell" to point the team in the right direction. She has worked with some of the best teams in the nation while utilizing her tracking skills finding this creature and has learned from the best. She applies her Native American Culture when it comes to hunting. She also loves to share stories about Native American Customs such as Deer Woman, Shape Shifters, Shadow People , Little People, Sun Dances, and the mystics behind pow wow's and tribal sweat lodges. In her younger days she proudly solo pow wow danced for the Governor of Oklahoma. Ya don't want to miss this one folks!!
Join the Outlaws again this coming Sunday night for Whatthehellwasthat Part II Live From The Field in Oklahoma. Many of you asked after our last show when were we going to do another so we decided to accommodate ya! We will be returning to the same area or possibly another location with our equipment in tow. Randy will be joining us again with Randy sharing some of his stories and adventures with our listeners. Some of our good friends will probably show up to join in, so everyone tune in for a wonderful time. Heat up the hot chocolate and grab an extra blanket and settle in for an adventure with the Outlaws!! Photo link that Randy was discussing: Building & Rake Photos CLICK HERE
The Outlaws have a great show lined up this week. Dan and Shasta will be out in the field somewhere down Skunk Road with their friends Randy, Christine and Kurt. Also joining Bear and the gang for some interesting discussion will be Alabama forums Mike McLain, Evelyn Daly and Victor Cundiff. Tune in folks and be a part of the excitement of a live from the field show with great friends joining in!!For the links to the shows recordings: Alabama Bigfoot Popular Recordings Click Here Dan & Shastas LBL & recent Recordings Click Here
Well Shasta and Dan have been hitting the woods pretty hard since Thanksgiving, and have got some interesting audio recorded for all of us to take a listen to. Could be coyotes, could be owls, or could be our hairy friends. Tune in this week and have a listen. Feel free to call in and tell us what ya think. Some of these are head scratchers for sure. Link to recordings: Shasta & Dans Recordings
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