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For those who have money… or want more of it!

Join Mindy Jensen and Scott Trench (from weekly for the BiggerPockets Money Podcast. Each week, financial experts Mindy and Scott interview unique and powerful thought leaders about how to earn more, keep more, spend smarter, and grow wealth.
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Ten years ago, Ramit Sethi released his groundbreaking book I Will Teach You to Be Rich. Now he’s back, with an all-new, updated version, delivered with the same authority and enthusiasm as the original. But wait, there’s more—MUCH more! Ramit has completely revamped this book. There’s over 100 brand new pages of content! Mindy and Scott talk to Ramit about his take on the FIRE movement, what "rich" means to him, and his opinion of real estate as an investment. When you’re looking for excuses to not get started repairing your finances and living your best life, you’ll find them everywhere. But when you’re ready to get your financial life in order and grow your wealth, Ramit's book will not only help you define the term "rich," but will also give you the tools to get there—without the guilt, without the B.S. It's just a six-week program that works. In This Episode We Cover: What rich means to Ramit Tips on how to be rich for people who are living paycheck to paycheck What a CEO strategy is His advice on cutting off spending What a tripod of stability is On his investment portfolio The concept of the one-year emergency fund The $3 question versus the $30,000 questions What people mostly do with their money Things to do to stay on track with your goals How to talk to your partner about money His favorite thing about FIRE What a hot to cool concept is On increasing his income and negotiating his raise The psychology of negotiation Negotiation role-play What a briefcase technique is The difference between the first and second editions of I Will Teach You to Be Rich Mistakes he made in his first book that needed to be updated Why he is not a fan of real estate investing Scott and Mindy’s real estate decision-making And SO much more! Links from the Show BiggerPockets Forums BiggerPockets Money Podcast 03: Cutting Your Grocery Bill in Half with Erin Chase from $5 Dinners BiggerPockets Money Podcast 04: Eliminating Over $30,000 in Debt Through Extreme Organization with Former State Trooper Rosemarie Groner Newsletter Signup - I Will Teach You To Be Rich The Jerry Springer Show Bogleheads forum Bogleheads Investing Advice and Info
Dawn Brenengen’s money story begins a bit differently than most. Dawn’s parents shared their finances with her. She knew what things cost, she knew her parents worked hard to pay off their mortgage, and she saw her mother writing checks to pay bills every month. She went to college and graduated with relatively little debt—around $21,000 in student loans and credit cards combined. After graduation, she stayed at her low-paying college job until her father suggested she get a real estate license. Dawn completed the work for the license and got a job making almost the same money, working for a builder and selling their new homes. But she was the assistant to the agents who were making the BIG BUCKS, and she knew that’s what she really wanted to be doing. At the time, real estate agents were eligible to take the test to open up their own brokerage simultaneously with the licensing test, so she did that. While working as an assistant, she laid the groundwork to strike out on her own, eventually ramping up her income to multiple six-figures—with virtually limitless potential. Here Dawn share her story of how hard work and determination paid off tenfold—and all in just four short years! In This Episode We Cover: Dawn's background with money How she grew up in a financially literate household The debts she accumulated during and after graduating college How she paid off her debts Is it possible to invest your student loan? What happened after she got her real estate license How she got serious about making money and building her financial position Having a goal to get a job where she was making a bulk of the commission Started her own brokerage business on 2010 People she recommend to hire out on starting a business How much time and money needed on starting a business The benefits of having a business partner Applying all the money she makes in terms of her wealth building philosophy Dawn's investment approach Private lending on her surplus cash What a private lending is Her annual spending and her income And SO much more! Links from the Show BiggerPockets Forums Mr money Mustache Frugality as a Muscle - Mr. Money Mustache BiggerPockets Money Podcast 26: Graduating College on Track for Financial Independence with Cody Berman
Like so many of our guests, Sarah P. did not grow up understanding how money works. She wasn’t bad with money, she just wasn’t very good with it. She learned about financial independence through Mr. Money Mustache and completely revamped her finances, incorporating frugality and minimalism with investing to completely fund her lifestyle. Her goal was security, and financial freedom made a lot of sense. Real estate was intriguing, and Google kept directing her to BiggerPockets. She started buying real estate, eventually accumulating 14 units in three states over the course of four years. Sarah cemented her success by having a large cash cushion to shield her from the surprises that real estate throws at you—a trait most successful real estate investors have. Making smart, money-conscious decisions allowed her to retire at the age of 30 from traditional work, so she can now spend time doing what she loves without regard to how much it pays. Sarah and her husband are truly living their best lives because passive real estate investments fund everything they do. In This Episode We Cover: Sarah's journey with money How she discovered Mr. Money Mustache Having security as her financial blueprint Her financial position before she discovered financial independence Being conscious of the purchases she makes and officially retiring at 30 What their annual spending looks like Other investments they have and creation of their real estate portfolio How she financed her first townhouse Total number of properties she owns The importance of having cash reserves Her recommendation to anyone who doesn't have a huge reserve Her total lifestyle expenses once her mortgage is eliminated Their healthcare plans And SO much more! Links from the Show Mr. Money Mustache BiggerPockets Webinars BiggerPockets Blog BiggerPockets Forums BiggerPockets Podcast BiggerPockets Business Podcast BiggerPockets Career Opportunities Personal Finance - Reddit Travelzoo Minimalism - Netflix Craigslist Financial 180 BiggerPockets Money Podcast 11: Financial Freedom in Less Than Five Years with Joel from FI 180 BiggerPockets Money Podcast 55: How to Quit Your Job and Travel the World with Millennial Revolution BiggerPockets Money Podcast 67: How Living An Intentional Life Led to Financial Freedom With Steven Donovan
J Scott is a successful real estate investor (to say the least). But he’s also a student of the markets—and his studies have shown him that we are teetering near the top of this current real estate cycle. In this week’s episode, J shares three reasons why he believes we’re at or near the peak based on past market cycles, and he details seven things investors should be doing to prepare for a softening market. His number one piece of advice? Educate yourself! J brings his A-game in this episode, just like he does with every other podcast he's featured on. And make sure to stick around until the very end of the show for a special BiggerPockets announcement you'll definitely want to hear! In This Episode We Cover: Reasons J believes a market crash is coming On the 33 case studies of what economic cycles look like Talking about the last 2 recessions J Scott's analogy with economy to the seasons Phases of the economic cycle and indicators he knows the market is on the peak What a yield curve and GDP is The reason why the price drops in the market How can someone who is considering jumping into the real estate market invest with confidence What might happen in the next recession of the market How does a newbie investor get affected by the potential of being on peak phase of the economic cycle What should people be doing now in preparation for the next phase The importance of building credit and paying your debt on time His recommendations for someone who is investing right now The biggest mistake he sees people make And SO much more! Links from the Show BiggerPockets Real Estate Podcast BiggerPockets Bookstore J Scott's Books on Amazon Using the Power of Goal-Setting to Fundamentally Alter Your Financial Path with J Scott (episode) BiggerPockets Forums Mint Credit Karma Annual Credit Report TransUnion Equifax Experian
Liz has always been a frugal gal and self-proclaimed personal finance nerd. Discovering The Wealthy Barber as a teen cemented her course down the financial independence path, even if there wasn’t a formal name for it at that time. And it’s a good thing for her family that she was so frugal - a botched surgery for her husband turned a routine procedure into a nightmare that involved a coma, a month in the hospital and years of recovery. Without her financial savvy, her family could have been financially ruined! Now, 7 years later, she has paid off her house and replenished her emergency fund using a Tiered Emergency fund that allows her maximum liquidity while also maximizing her earnings on those funds. Her unique plan combines online savings with CD ladders, savings bonds and money market funds. Liz explains just how important it is to her family to have the peace of mind a paid-off mortgage can provide, and how planning for unforeseen events is truly the best course of action.   In This Episode We Cover: Liz’s background story On being smart with money throughout her 20s and 30s What happened after her husband's surgery On her work and immediate debt consequences while working towards financial independence On having the mindset of saving for retirement, for college, and for an emergency fund Having various accounts: Flexible Spending Account, High-Deductible Health Plan, Health Savings Account, & Health Reimbursement Account Learning financial independence through the book "The Tightwad Gazette" How she cuts off their expenses and the free entertainment they did Paying off their house for financial security The importance of not depending on stocks Tiered emergency plan On the concept called college compact Her philosophy on paying his son's college Financial independence retirement elective And SO much more! Links from the Show Mad Fientist HSA - The Ultimate Retirement Account BiggerPockets Money Podcast 64: Scholarships and Other Ways to Pay for College with Zach Gautier Harvard Business Review - Case Study BiggerPockets Podcast
J Grayson grew up poor. But with food on the table every night, he didn’t realize it. Then his sister tragically passed away from brain cancer, financially ruining the family. J fell into a pattern: skipping school, drinking, and doing drugs. A few years of this and he realized he needed to make a change. J joined the military when he turned 18 and went to boot camp before his high school graduation ceremony. The military is where his poor money habits really took shape. Living on base means housing and food is covered, so he spent his income on anything he wanted—at one point having FIVE CARS despite only being able to drive one at a time. He stayed in the military for five years and knew enough to go to college when he got out. What the military didn’t cover, the Yellow Ribbon Program did, so he left college debt-free (at least in terms of student loans). However, J did manage to rack up $30,000 in random debt by the end of college. J eventually settled into a government job. By year two, he had discovered the concept of financial freedom. This week’s episode focuses on hacking—house hacking, GI bill hacking, per diem hacking—taking these benefits and using them in ways that are advantageous. If you’re a member of the military, a government employee, or even just an employee who travels regularly, this episode is for you! And if you know someone who fits that bill, share this episode with them. In This Episode We Cover: His background and money journey The reason he joined the military at 18 His experiences in the military and his poor financial decisions during that time What he did after he exited the military On using his 401(k) funds to pay off debt Starting a business while going to school What GI Bill hacking is Stumbled across Mr. Money Mustache and learned financial independence What his financial position looked like during his first year of employment How he learned about geoarbitrage Making money through house hacking How investing helped him On using a VA loan for his house On saving 100% of his income Going from zero to $100,000 in just three years How he and his girlfriend managed to live with zero expenses And SO much more! Links from the Show Mr. Money Mustache Mad Fientist Military Guide - The Military Guide To Financial Independence Become a Military Millionaire - Finances - Real Estate Investing BiggerPockets Podcast BiggerPockets Blog BiggerPockets Money BiggerPockets Money Podcast 64: Scholarships and Other Ways to Pay for College with Zach Gautier Frugalwoods BiggerPockets Money Podcast 10: Designing a Frugal But Luxurious FI Life by Age 32 with Liz Thames BiggerPockets Money Podcast 33: From Debt to Financial Freedom While Active Duty Military with Stuart Grazier BiggerPockets Money Podcast 22: How to Pay Off 6-Figure Student Loans While Pursuing Financial Independence with Travis Hornsby ChooseFI BiggerPockets Podcast 297: Mastering the Decision-Making Process with Business (and World Series of Poker) Champion Annie Duke
Steven Donovan graduated from high school and went to college—because that’s what you do. He graduated from college but got cold feet when it came time to get a “real job.” So, he bounced around random jobs with no plan and no focus. Despite his degree in finance and about $60,000 in student loan and credit card debt, he returned to the golf course that he’d been working at throughout high school and college. He also regularly played poker at a local casino, all while deferring and avoiding making any payments on his debt. Eventually he got his first "big boy job" at a bank; however, he still wasn't making much headway on his debt. In fact, he just kept adding to it. He ended up buying a Mercedes, quitting his job, and moving to Florida to be near his long-distance girlfriend. But Florida didn’t work out, so he moved back home. He went back to the golf course until he found another job at a bank, moved into the city, and sold the Mercedes—at a loss, of course. Once he got married, he began to tackle his debt. Slowly at first, bringing lunch one day a week, then two, and eliminating takeout coffee. He started "frugaling" his way out of debt, adopting a rock bottom budget in order to finally rid himself of the burden. Steven paid off his debt in five years, in fact, while house hacking a Chicago triplex and renting his wife’s house in Florida. They’re now debt-free, and they achieved it in a completely repeatable way, which is what makes this episode so great! In This Episode We Cover: Steven's money journey How he managed his personal money and student loan What his college lifestyle was like The evolution of his financial position between graduation and employment His experience purchasing things from Nike outlets and selling them on eBay The moment he figured out his goals How he purchased his Mercedes Benz and what happened after he purchased it His financial and job situation going into marriage The reason he and his wife have separate bank accounts and paid their own debts separately The importance of having a frugal mindset and a plan for everything How he got into house hacking Exactly how he paid off his debts How he started investing and building assets Biggest reasons people worked with him How important an unbiased third party is And SO much more! Links from the Show eBay BiggerPockets BiggerPockets Money Mr. Money Mustache Early Retirement Extreme Mad Fientist Waffles On Wednesday Make Your Own Free Mobile Expense Tracking App in 30 Minutes - Waffles On Wednesday
Paula Pant has seen it all and learned a thing or two... thousand. Today, we sit down and chat with her about, well, everything. Paula shares her habits, her take on journaling, and her morning routine. We delve into her fascinating backstory with money and her foresight to start investing in herself right out of college—when she was only making $21,000/year! Paula hasn't stopped since, and her choices have allowed her to lead a pretty spectacular life. For one thing, she discovered freelancing, and learned that it's possible to generate income outside a W-2 position. Freelancing led to entrepreneurship in the form of a marketing agency, which led to a six-figure income. But true happiness came when she stepped back from the agency to focus full time on her passion, her website, which she dubbed No topic is off limits in this candid chat with Paula. We even talk about her now-famous podcast episode where her guest, personal finance guru Suze Orman, had a lot of (not so great) things to say about the FIRE movement. In This Episode We Cover: The first thing she does to start her morning The notion of habit stacking Her stream of consciousness journal and gratitude journal Her approach to writing blog posts How habits impacted her success What productivity really is What fake frugality is How much your time is worth On outsourcing time Paula's background story How she discovered freelance The power of self-employment On living with roommates until she was 31—with a net worth of over $1 million dollars The advantage of freelancing as a writer Low lifestyle expenses Her six-figure content management business Her approach on portfolio design and assets management On retirement accounts  Properties she owns What happened after she wound down her content marketing business Assessing the reality of the current career track And SO much more! Links from the Show BiggerPockets Podcast 035: Quitting Your Job, Lifestyle Design, and Being a Traveling Landlord with Paula Pant Fincon Laura Vanderkam BiggerPockets Money Podcast 55: How to Quit Your Job and Travel the World with Millennial Revolution eHow Jemstep BiggerPockets Podcast Afford Anything - #153: WHY I HATE THE FIRE MOVEMENT, SAYS SUZE ORMAN Suze Orman Get Rich Slowly
Jacqueline Burch got married and did what all newlyweds do, spent time with her husband. They continued down the road of "things you’re supposed to do"—had dinners out with friends, purchased a home, and had a baby! After her first son was born, she returned to work and he went to daycare. She knew she needed to invest for her future, but wasn’t quite sure how to do it. Aimlessly investing didn’t yield the results she wanted (shocker!) and upon realizing she was pregnant again, Jacqueline decided to get her finances in order. She and her husband cut all extraneous spending, paid off their outstanding debt, and even found a way to reduce childcare from $77/day for one child to $65/day for two. Jacqueline became an expert is optimizing her family’s finances —and a master at turning “we can’t afford that” into creative ways to accomplish anything. Her ingenuity includes teaching ski lessons as a way to afford skiing for her family of six, rehabbing a short sale house to live in, and continuing to live in a 932-square-foot house even after her fourth child was born. Jacqueline absolutely embodies the mantra "when you have the desire, you find a way, and when you don’t, you find an excuse.” This woman makes no excuses and always finds a way. If you are looking for a repeatable path to financial freedom, this is a can’t-miss episode. In This Episode We Cover: Jacqueline's journey with money On doing childcare, working full-time, and going to school Her mistake when she bought their first house How they started their FI journey How she discovered the concept of FIRE On budgeting the household expenses On increasing their savings from 11% to 35% after cutting off some of their expenses The benefits of being a ski instructor How she paid off her debts How she increased her savings rate Her money management saving strategy On doing private money lending Her life before and after working from home and leaving her job On childcare expenses On sending her four kids to a private school What retiring early looks like for them How she cuts her grocery bills On note investing The deal breakers for her when it comes to lending On the investment property she has On focusing on short- to medium-term investments as her investment philosophy How she plans the college education for her 4 sons And SO much more! Links from the Show Waffles on Wednesday BiggerPockets Money Podcast 07: How Breakfast Food Motivated Financial Freedom with Mr. and Mrs. Waffles on Wednesday Craigslist BiggerPockets Money Podcast 01: The Surprising (Scientific) Truth Behind What Makes You Successful with Mr. Money Mustache BiggerPockets Money Podcast 03: Cutting Your Grocery Bill in Half with Erin Chase from $5 Dinners BiggerPockets Money Podcast 20: The Simple Path to Wealth—Index Funds Explained with JL Collins
Zach Gautier oversees academic and college counseling at a Denver-area high school. He reached out to us, and proposed a show to share creative ways to fund college tuition—and blew us away with the depth of his knowledge! This episode is for anyone who has children who have not yet graduated from college. And if you know someone else who can benefit from this information, please share it with them, too! This show includes tips that apply to kids of every age, from elementary school to middle school to high school students. We cover multiple ways to reduce higher education costs, such as transfer credits, AP courses, and CLEP tests, along with early college programs and dual credit options.   We also discuss work-based scholarships and military options, as well as preparation for high school that starts in grade school. Zach shares his advice on taking the ACTs or SATs and also ways to decide which one to take (and whether to retake if you get a low score). This episode can help shave tens of thousands of dollars off your child’s college expenses! In This Episode We Cover: How Zach paid for college The CLEP test Systematic approach to transform college options The best financial choices that somebody can make Interventions that are very effective for your child to learn and figure out their love for school On helicopter parenting Things parents need to do when their children are pre-high school and high school age to save for college 529 plans as the biggest avenue that needs to be considered Brandon Turner's approach for his child college education 3 ways to fund college Dual credit program How much does SAT and ACT prep cost How to apply scholarships Two college batches when it comes their application review process His perspective on brand name college Things that people should be looking for in a school Ways to save money on college application process Other avenues to approach prior to entering college to get excess funding What is a loan and a grant And SO much more! Links from the Show Paychecks & Balances Khan Academy BiggerPockets Money Podcast 56: Change Your Personal Finances (& Your Millennial Money Mindset) with Paychecks & Balances Fastweb Cappex BigFuture - The College Board Scholly BiggerPockets Money Podcast 22: How to Pay Off 6-Figure Student Loans While Pursuing Financial Independence with Travis Hornsby BiggerPockets Forums
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Scott Bramlett

Liberty Shares is what you are looking for.

May 6th

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Doug Nordman, David pear

Apr 16th

Jason Mills

Money mustache and mad finatist

Apr 15th

Dujon Blondel

so stoked to listen to this. I'm happy that he mentioned the richest m in Babylon and think and grow rich! have a good day

Feb 28th

Ivan Terrero

I can relate to this episode

Feb 17th

Travis Lee

In general I love this show, so thank you! However, I thought it was in very poor taste and offensive when at the end of this show Catholic beliefs were laughed at and ridiculed. Despite your guest's sound relationship advice in regard to finances, she obviously doesn't understand Natural Family Planning or her Church's teachings on the matter. Her "joke" was in very poor taste.

Feb 15th

Mr Charles

I am enjoying the podcast but my only complaint is they need to figure out the audio. Sometimes Mindys mic is so low can barely hear her. the one episode I was listening to earlier I think it was 29 and the audio kept popping .I am listening to this while I'm driving and I have the volume turned up so high on my radio in the truck trying to hear everything that it deafans me when the GPS gives me directions

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This is awesome . Great episode

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thank you for a wonderful pod cast filled with information. I am grateful to hear this while working on my budget and financies!

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Jordan Thomas

This is a great show that can help anyone looking to learn more about personal finance, saving for real estate investing, or just becoming more efficient in any area of life

Nov 19th

Damien Thorne

Scott seems like a really thoughtful guy, and is an excellent host that brings out the best of the interview subjects. Mindy is terrible. If there is a way to steer the conversation toward her and her journey to fi she will find it. Sorry Scott. Find a new sidekick amd I'll continue to listen.

Oct 1st

Colin Coats

Damien Thorne if you actually listened to the podcasts, instead of being a prick, you might be in FI for yourself. Instead you choose to spend and hour of your life trying to find an issue with a podcast and leave a negative comment. Love you Mindy, keep it up.

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Mackal Smith insightful

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amazing show

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Amazing show, I love it! filled with valuable information and resources. I love Mindy and Scott yall are amazing, filling my head with knowledge and humor. No better way to start my day!!

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Colin Coats

Very powerful way to look at investing. Does JL Collins, have his own podcast?

Sep 7th


the girl is about as annoying as it gets

Jul 13th

Katie Wallace

Mindy Jensen I think you're great, Mindy!! love the podcast.

Dec 16th

Mindy Jensen

TheKing Sorry you don't enjoy this show, there is a real estate show and Choose FI is also a great money podcast.

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honestly the best podcast anyone could listen to.

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