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Biker Radio Rodcast is a podcast on motorcycling in India, celebrating its heroic riders, legendary mechanics and iconic builders through stories told by members of the community, one legend at a time.

Each episode cradles an interview with a rider, a ride report, an expert advisory and a road safety meme that conjure up the very popular Biker Radio Rodcast.

Winner of The Whickers award in the UK and with a BBC World Service audio documentary to boot, the RODcast (Radio On Demand) is a proven example in "narrowcasting", a 'community' domain expertise of Soundboard Media

68 Episodes
A father of two sons, a husband, a friend, he’s an architect, an artist, a photographer, a problem solver, a biker, a single malt lover, a catador, a carnivore, a motorsport junkie, a wild lifer, an admirer of big engines in small cars, slow cooking and  slow driving in a world that is rushing to get a speeding ticket. Please welcome our latest friend and guest on the Long Way Home , lights, camera, Mihir Misra. Soundboard : Navigation by Nikhil Balakrishna MyWay : Sailesh Sharma – Road trip to Sikkim Photo courtesy : Mihir Misra, Thar Motorsports #photography #photos #motorsports #Rallying #WRC #INRC #DessertStorm #Raiddehimalaya #Himalayanmotorsports #NorthernMotorsports #CougarMotorsports #Rajasthan #Ranthambore #Indianwildlife #tiger #picture #image #storytelling #camera #Museo Music : Kanji Bhajan Mooralala Marwada Kutch, Gujarat Sindhi Bhajan New Song by Mooralala Marwad Old Bhutia traditional dance by ladies of lachung dzumsa ScoopWhoop 20 Years Of Kishore Kumar SW Cafe Session VI Tu Maane Ya Na Maane - Wadali Brothers - Paigaam-e-Ishq..mp4 ZZ Top Sharp Dressed Man (Larkin Poe Cover) You can look but you can't touch- The Denny Moss Experiment --- Send in a voice message:
Biker Radio Rodcast  embarks on its 66th episode of the Long Way Home featuring an iconic café that has become a sanctuary for DIYers but is essentially an overgrown man cave that doubles up as a garage, a tattoo parlour, a rescue home for pets, a kitchen for the hungry, and a hangout for motorheads as country Midwest meets the dhaba slam bang in a meteoric flash over the Aravalis. A must do in Delhi’s NCR, the Throttle Shrottle Moto Café run by its maverick founder Saurav Priyadarshi is India’s fastest growing moto café brand with Gurgaon, Kolkata and Krabi already done. While the team celebrates their latest inclusion with The Leopard Trail South of Gurgaon, they are burning the midnight oil to launch Dehradun, Manali and Goa before you can say Throttle Shrottle Moto Café. Mucho gracias to Joshua John for an blinding #Soundboard and Vikram Chaudhary for a geologically spectacular #MyWay about the #Aravalis the #oldestmountain range in the world. To think that Saurav the restaurateur, entrepreneur, designer and dog whisperer never ever intended Throttle Shrottle to be a café… well think about that… Bon Appetite. --- Send in a voice message:
The vision of foreigners travelling around India on vintage Royal Enfield rentals from Karol Bagh is a story that has intrigued us for many reasons. Until then, most Indians took a train or a bus and the better heeled took a car or a van to go on a vacation because the motorcycle was considered unreliable perhaps even unfit for travel. Just like the Hippie movement of the early 70’s, India witnessed the rise of yet another subculture, this time of foreign tourists, back packers, Israeli army conscripts, free individual travelers and even groups from every continent who took our vintage workhorses across the length, breadth and also heights of the Indian subcontinent. India woke up to the 'Goras' on Dug Dugs. This popularized the category and fueled a cultural transition among the youth who then revolutionized the idea and thus was born motorcycling touring as a popular category that we know it as today. The man, who spotted the opportunity, with his army of mechanics, dispatch riders and plenty of elbow grease, created the concept of adventure motorcycling in India. A maverick entrepreneur, a devout Sikh, a friend, a foodie, a rider, an innovator, a believer, a rock you can lean on and a humanitarian with a heart of gold; please welcome the Maharaja of Adventure Touring on motorcycles in India, and the creator of motorcycle rentals, the pied piper of Naiwala in Delhi’s Karol Bagh, Inder Mohan Rana or as most of the world popularly knows him, we give you Lalli Singh. --- Send in a voice message:
The Motozeil Experience was a motorcycling utopia unheard of in India. A motorcycling experience zone which was a combination of an international motorcycle accessories store, a rental, an touring company, a restaurant, a brewery, a tattoo shop and a builder’s workshop spread across over 20000 square feet on the Golf Course Extension road in Gurgaon. And it was the figment of imagination of a dreamer who went from designing accessories and apparel for Royal Enfield to becoming an entrepreneur with a fearless ambition and one who was willing to challenge the odds. This is a story where Biswaroop Banerjee aka BB goes from Panniers to Paneer and if you want to know who moved his cheese, you’ve picked just the right story. --- Send in a voice message:
When passion, skill, ambition and failure come together in one melting pot, it churns a butter known locally as "noni makkhan" ... the creamy goodness of success. Co Founder and CEO Motoziel, a motorcycling experience zone well before its time; BB weaves a yarn that takes him from fashion tech thru motorcycles and down to Earth in farming. He’s a son, a father, a husband, a master, a founder, a designer, a leader, an entrepreneur, an optimist, a compassionate rehabilitator, a dog lover and now a gentleman farmer. Biswaroop Banerjee takes you thru the highs and lows of being 'BB' on episode 63 of the Biker Radio Rodcast --- Send in a voice message:
There are some who face life’s battles with a tankful of gas and then there are those, who don’t. Some use the ride to think things thru and some who do it to abandon thought itself… Sukesh Viswanath is a thinking man. A cinematographer, he’s good to go on land, in the air and underwater as well. Born to academicians, Sukesh is well read but his penchant for adventures keeps his wild side sprightly. From running around the jungles of the Nilgiris to riding thru hell and high mountain passes in the South American Andes, discover how life bends through his lens of sense as he captures his experience… Lights, camera, action… --- Send in a voice message:
You could be forgiven for assuming he missed the Aussie cricket team bus, because he’s tall, wiry, athletic and demonstratedly antipodean in every sense of the word but get a selfie as your jaw drops when he lashes out in the Terrai lingua franca. He might have two left feet but he sure can yap in chaste Hindi. And why not… Born Australian he's spent all his adult life here since he returned to Indian shores. His family has adopted India’s destitute children, given them a home and educated them at the Maxton Strong established Good Shepard Agricultural Mission at their farm in Banbasa, Uttarakhand bordering Nepal. An off road rally rider, a photographer, a tour operator, a disaster and rescue worker, and a ‘I can do it’ guy; speaking of India’s increasing global diversity, Clifton Shipway is that perfect vegemite sandwich for the ravenous soul. Bon appetite! --- Send in a voice message:
O Calcutta! …because some journeys take you inwards… A pioneer of the digital media in India, an advertising and media veteran, he’s a motorcycle rider, an excellent photographer, a whiskey lover, a music priest, a beard grower, an animal lover, a voracious reader, a movie buff, copybook TDH, a doting husband, crisis chef and a traveler in love with his wheels.… Biker Radio Rodcast is proud to present on the Long Way Home - Subhashish Sarkar aka Raju Music credits Jibonpurer pothik re bhai - André Rieu - My Way - Kolir Cycle - We Wish You a Merry - E's Jammy Jams - --- Send in a voice message:
Motorcycle rider, outdoors man, off road explorer, mountain goat, DIY specialist, electronics enthusiast, meticulous planner, social media distance err…and work from anywhere practitioner. On a fireside chat Jobin George, who’s made Zanskar almost his backyard, frequently riding among the inhospitable terrain, shares what seduced this hermit from Kerala to Manali. This year he was again part of the first civilians to ride a new road put together by the BRO from Padum in Zanskar to Leh, on the new access route through Zangla, Singila, Photoksar, Sirsila and Wanla. --- Send in a voice message:
Sometimes a square peg is exactly what you need in a round hole…especially if the whole thing needs to be rethought. Rohith Subramanian imaginatively christened @misfitmagellan, prefers to square up with the hole sellers and the nay sayers as he does over 50 countries on his motorcycle in less than 4 years, on a budget and a quest. While some of us charter courses, a core magnetic resonance within him guides this young explorer to find newer grounds, challenge popular boundaries and prove that being different is not the refuge of the quirky but the need of the day, when most of us are re-imagining life, our purpose and the round hole we’ve got ourselves into. --- Send in a voice message:
A traveler, artist, dreamer, entrepreneur, explorer, content creator, coffee lover and a very avant-garde human being, Rohith Subramanian celebrates everything life has to offer, from free wardrobes to sleeping in busses, from International travel to demonetization in a brothel and from the joys of riding through Patagonia to looking at death square in the face, down the barrel of a hand gun at the mercy of some kid in the wastelands of Argentina. With an unconventional education from “The Ashram School” in Chennai a cultural sanctuary governed by Latha Rajnikant, and an even more progressive set of parents who preferred to reward failure, it is no wonder that Rohit takes on life with the freshness of the morning mountain dew. Over 50 countries on a motorcycle even before turning 25, Rohith is widely travelled and is our youngest guest on The Long Way Home on the Biker Radio Rodcast. --- Send in a voice message:
"DAKAR", the toughest race in the world is "A challenge for those who go and a dream for those who stay behind." Courtesy of this great conviction and a modicum of madness peculiar to all great ideas, it attracts the world’s toughest challengers like moths to a flame where cars, trucks, quads and motorcycles compete for glory. Its toughest on a motor cycle and almost unwinnable if you are a privateer. Ashish Raorane is a privateer, rookie challenger and India's new prince of the fesh-fesh. On Episode 56, this is the story of #AR2DAKAR --- Send in a voice message:
This is the story of an unassuming champion who almost stumbled on the sport of, off-roading, at the age of 34 and made it his own, overcoming challenges of age, resources and then some. This is a story for that victor that lies hidden in your soul. A marine engineer by profession, the value of the time he spends on the high seas seldom equals what it takes to fuel this expensive cross country motorsport, but then there are some for whom the challenge itself is the reward. Presenting the new prince of India’s rally racing ambitions, from Pune, Maharashtra, Ashish Raorane. Mucho gracias to Binil Vargese of for the #soundboard and to senor Sukesh Vishwanath for the #MyWay from the #KTM Adventure Tour 2020 that he's on with Candida Louis. --- Send in a voice message:
Imagine you have an inspiration and it lodges itself deep in your subconscious. Sooner than you know it, that seed germinates and an idea is born, gradually taking over your mind until you are driven, to the point of obsession to, live it, love it and build it. This is the story of a little boy who stood gobsmacked in awe of a war ravaged vintage, Harley Davidson WLA 750, as it stood steady timelessly, waiting for its rider somewhere in Kingsway Camp, in Old Delhi. That #orgasmotron seeded a lust which took this DIY enthusiast from tinker, tailor, soldier, sailor, through, to one day taking molten metal and casting his dream into a rapturous 4 stroke V Twin that combined two Royal Enfield hearts, to beat as one Musket V Twin…and the rest is…well; you hear it. #ListenConnectRideOn --- Send in a voice message:
Imagine you have an inspiration and it lodges itself deep in your subconscious. Sooner than you know it, that seed germinates and an idea is born, gradually taking over your mind until you are driven, to the point of obsession to, live it, love it and build it. This is the story of a little boy who stood gobsmacked in awe of a war ravaged vintage, Harley Davidson WLA 750, as it stood steady timelessly, waiting for its rider somewhere in Kingsway Camp, in Old Delhi. That #orgasmotron seeded a lust which took this DIY enthusiast from tinker, tailor, soldier, sailor, through, to one day taking molten metal and casting his dream into a rapturous 4 stroke V Twin that combined two Royal Enfield hearts, to beat as one Musket V Twin…and the rest is…well you hear it. #ListenConnectRideOn --- Send in a voice message:
There’s a man behind every motor. One who toils hard, away from the arc lights and the smoke guns of the PR events. He’s never felicitated at an awards function nor will you find him at the launch of a new ride. He’s the Unknown Soldier, the man who has dirt and grease under his nails but is the brightest engineer in the stable, a true martyr in the war of glory. On our journey to the next fifty, we dedicate this episode for the first time to a legendary mechanic, Bharat Bhushan a.k.a. Pappu of John’s Automobiles, an institution in itself. Pappu joined the garage in 1974 and continued the legacy of John who passed away in 1978 to retain, grow and institutionalise one of Delhi’s iconic motorcycle garage. To Pappu, a legendary motorcycle mechanic of our times… --- Send in a voice message:
The Alchemist is back to refine our golden episode. On the 51st episode catch him reveal what goes on before rolling out a set of wheels from the factories. From Rajiv Bajaj, Sid Lall, Anand Mahindra to JRD, Adil has his take. Arguably the top Indian auto journalist, Adil wears the crown choosing a light head for balance. The concluding part of a twin episode, Ep 51 is double the fun. Giddyup ! --- Send in a voice message:
2020 is here and our golden milestone of episode 50 is out there with a guest who is the “Soné pe Suhaga”. Actually as his name camouflages, Adil Jal Darukhanawala is dynamite masquerading as Madeira. To know how, find the play button and that’s just half the story, because this a twin episode; truly "Soné pe suhaga"...(icing on the cake would be a poor translation) In other words we have a tri nitro toluene of an interview, just for you, in the opening episode of the New Year. Although it’s taken over 100000 hours of work to get to our 50th, all that midnight oil, the frantic networking, the phone calls, messages, mails, global tracking and all the shoveling has finally borne fruit. What was an idea once is 50 episodes old and here we are, where dreams feel real. Happy New EAR. #ListenConnectRideOn --- Send in a voice message:
When the memory of as unfulfilled promise made to an old soul brings tears to your eyes. Join us on the Long Way Home as Biker Radio Rodcast chats up the quintessential Jawa collector, Kaustubh Thengodkar in an emotional recollection of his story. The story of how this Pune resident fell in love with the machine he bought with his savings and couldn't help but keep collecting thereafter. His love for them and how his family agreed to share their space as the bikes became permanent fixtures in their living room. Keeping it real; this is why we love doing what we do… --- Send in a voice message:
Group Manager Marketing, Santhosh is rider in chief at the Royal Enfield rides experince. For a Bangalore boy who's just got back from the Everest Base Camp - Rongbuk, Shishupangma and Choyu in Tibet, never having visited Nandi Hills is a sickness self induced due to lack of altitude? Database designer, telematics engineer, petrol head and lock picker...numbers, information, speed and don't want to mess with him. --- Send in a voice message:
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It was really good to have you Vijay sir, thanks for sharing all those crazy stories. Really inspirational.

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Vikas Sarang

80s mein nurse's doctor pe pe full lattu hongi

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Spark Thug

I subscribe! after listening to Dr. Speed!!!

May 3rd
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