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If dopamine was the currency, a drag race would be THE casino on overdrive. A place to claim everything that the mind craves for. Glory, fame, belief, power and above all an identity to match your swag. The Valley Run is India’s casino of ⁠Elite Octane⁠ where ⁠Rongom Tagore Mukerji⁠ plays Bugsy. He’s built the event from the ground up and today, in its 11th year, the Valley Run kicks off at the Aamby Valley airstrip to a delirious crowd of motorheads. Like a moth to a flame, TVR attracts racing enthusiasts from across the country who are more than eager to exhibit their proud builds and push the pedal to the metal to earn the glory of the Valley Run quarter mile. There is an artist of a different kind in Rongom, a quiet riot of adrenaline racing in his blood. So put on your headphones and GET SET GO! --- Send in a voice message:
Shardul shot into fame when he nonchalantly walked into the Red Bull Romaniacs, what can be considered as the toughest motorcycle race known to boyhood and into the category that’s reserved for none lesser than warriors – THE IRON CLASS. That’s the class where adrenaline becomes haemoglobin. If you win, you are Thor. If you complete the race, you are man. Shardul is the first boy from India to complete the race and that’s the nut he wears in his helmet. Below his soft spoken demeanor flows liquid lava, its energy tamable only by a power that is equally raging. Meet fear, vulnerability, threat, challenge and insecurity. That’s what he thrives on. That’s his automatic trigger, he hates them. No task is unsurmountable, bring it on and therefore I am.That in a crank case is Shardul Sharma aka Shas. --- Send in a voice message:
Another momentous milestone with a man whose enthusiasm for life is infectious. Anand Dharmaraj's quest and wanderlust outpace the adversities that are served an eager middle finger. The presiding deity of three enterprises; Indimotard Adventures, which is a curated international ride experience, Greasehouse Garage, which is somewhere between an ICU and a spa for Bengaluru's papmpered motorcycles and T.W.O. or Throttle wide open, India's first and only track riding school, Anand Dharmaraj gets his highs from motorcycles and fast lanes. This is an audio portrait of a person who has petrol in his veins, grease in his nails and grit in his gut. A son, a father, a husband, a teacher, a biker, a tech head, a motor head and certainly a comrade; Anand as his name suggests believes in the moment because nothing else matters. Anand Dharmaraj is a motorcycling legend of our times and a story we have been wanting to tell for a very long time. Served along with a gust of fresh mountain air from Kerala with Ouseph Chacko on MyWay and Thaikkundum Bridge melodies, this is the delectable Saadya to relish. Grab your headphones if you want to hear the papad crackle. Cheers --- Send in a voice message:
The Carberry is a 1000cc British V Twin designed in its days by Paul Carberry and Ian Drysdale, coupling two 500 cc Royal Enfield engines with a custom built crank and mounted to a Royal Enfield frame. A firestarter of a motorcycle, this rocket is being built to comply with BS6 norms in India by Dream Engine Manufacturers a pet project of Jaspreet Singh Bhatia, a greenhorn but with the 'junoon' that is the leitmotif of the 'never say die' biker. The IBW is a Kumbh Mela of motorcyling in this country and surprisingly, that's where BRR found him, as a true brother in arms. Time will tell what comes of this litre class project but the comitment to kick the can along the road against all odds is a story Biker Radio Rodcast has been dying to tell. All ears ? --- Send in a voice message:
Believe it or not, ace national rally car driver, Arjuna awardee, Gaurav Gill arrived on the rally circuit and took it by storm on a motorcycle. He beat the best sending seismic shocks across the country. But what still defines this lad is the hunger, to win; period. We met on the sidelines of the 2nd Outback festival in Leh and chatting up Gaurav sure added to the proverbial high. This podcast is also available in video premiering later this week. Let's GO...! --- Send in a voice message:
Life’s battles don’t always go to the faster or stronger man, but sooner or later the man who wins is the man who thinks, he can. This is the story of faith, of friendship, the highs and the abysmal lows. It is about looking at fact in the eye and learning to live with it. It is the story of the coming of age. The Long Way Home story with Gursaurabh Singh is carried forward from our 85th episode and culminates at this emotional 86th milestone even as the road beckons. We’ve got the story; do you have the time? --- Send in a voice message:
Maverick creator and entrepreneur, he's a man for all seasons. always there for the pack both on and off the saddle. Son, father, husband, biker, scientist, founder, enterpreneur, inventor, explorer, foodie, friend and most loveably; a comedian at heart, we give you Gursaurabh Singh. --- Send in a voice message:
Chefs who are bankers who are foodies who are bikers ! The new face(s) of 'food for thunk' on the Indian horizon, we dig in with The Big Forkers duo of Shashank Jayakumar and Sid Mewara; fan boys of Anthony Bourdain's culinary ecapades who now have a TV show of their own on Discovery dropping Sep 11th 2023 called I should have STAYED HOME. "Take it all" says Sumeet Narang, President Probiking Bajaj Auto on the sidelines of the Triumph Speed 400 launch and Anita Krishnan sledges Ozzie food but delights on her Triumph 1200 GTX from Australia on MyWay. Stay calm and listen...connect...ride on... --- Send in a voice message:
In episodes 81 and 82, you’ve heard the first and the second part of the Maral Yazarloo trilogy that meanders through her childhood, her formative years and her epic ride around the world, travelling across continents. Her co-rider, Pankaj Trivedi had, due to medical reasons, drop out in South America leaving Maral to accomplish the rest of the ride by herself. We pick up the story right at the cusp of when, born in a new avatar our thoroughbred ice maiden takes on the frozen dessert landscape of the Antarctic and discovers a new meaning of the word ego. Road can teach what you are willing to unlearn... --- Send in a voice message:
Picking up from where we left it on episode 81, Maral Yazarloo is accomplished rider, world traveler, artist, business owner, animal lover, tattoo lover, a hopeless jewel junkie, beyond cure unless we’re talking manicure. Maral Yazarloo is a fashion designer and the owner of the House of Maral Yazarloo brand. She’s a wife a mother and a strong and opinionated woman, who always demands more from herself, And so she decided to go around the world on a motorcycle to all the continents barring the Arctic, leaving behind a successful career in retail and instead taking 18 months to make a therapeutic ride, soul searching, healing before finally acknowledging love and onwards to motherhood. In pursuit of happiness... --- Send in a voice message:
A 'chashme baddoor' daughter of Iran, a world traveler, who’s gone on a worldwide ride from India to Iran taking the Long Way Home across over 64 countries, spanning 18 months and even riding thru Africa and Europe all by herself, despite being 6 months pregnant riding a BMW 800 GS. She is a daughter, a sister, a mother and a a wife. She’s got an MBA and Phd. in marketing, she’s had a corporate career in retail, she’s a designer & owns her own fashion brand called MAYA, a tattoo lover, a biker, an artist and one who’ll never be a brand ambassador for St. Gobain mirrors, because they would instantly shatter... But looks aside, there is an honesty lurking in the wisdom that she’s gained over the years from being on the road and we’re delighted to start our season with this Iranian born but at heart & home; an Indian lady rider. Biker Radio Rodcast presents Dr. Maral Yazarloo Patrick. --- Send in a voice message:
A 'Bonafide Saint' albeit charged a sinner, Wg. Cdr. Retd.  Koka Rahul Rao is a son, a husband and a father. He's been a fighter pilot, a racer, a national level rallyist, a navigator, a mechanic, a dog lover, a farmer, a golfer, a chef and a bonsai specialist. Tall, dark and handsome, it would be unfair to fault him for his affinity for wine, women and song;  we bring to you the charmer who's re discovered motorcycling in his late 60s. This is also the story of a soldier’s run in with the state as he battles to protect his name and stature from being sullied as he prays for justice to be done. Freedom, a liberty extra special for a motorcyclist, becomes perhaps even more prized in the face of captivity. In Koka Rao's rediscovery of motorcycling, he has found a sanctuary, letting the road provide the much needed path for the journey inwards. #KTM390adventure #adventure #touring #advtouring #motorcycles #motorcyclling #IndianAirForce #biker #rider #bikersofinstagram --- Send in a voice message:
Starry, starry night Paint your palette blue and gray Look out on a summer's day With eyes that know the darkness in my soul... An associate creative director at Ogilvy Mumbai, the painter at heart who’s discovered a penchant for riding; Ganesh Shinde’s evocative story is that of a man who far from being born with a silver spoon in his mouth was dealt a wooden spoon instead like millions of others in our country. He’s a son, a husband, a friend, a painter, an artist, an explorer, a humanitarian, an eager cook, but primarily, and a truly gentle soul. This story actually is a tribute not only to his proud and courageous mother and father but the profound transformation that public social responsibility brings. Ganesh takes us from childhood through his first long road trip with a Himalayan in the Himalayas, overcoming heights that go just beyond altitude. This is the story of perseverance and a passion. Special recognition for; @CFI @CASPINDIA  @ helmets_for_india @niels_peter_jensen @ogilvyindia  #milesoncanvas #JindagiToAisehiChaltiRahegi  #motorcycles #art #painting #touring #bikersofinstagram #passion #selfdevelopment #faith #grow #gratitude  --- Send in a voice message:
One of India's senior travel and auto journalists who's spent over two decades exploring exotica across the Indian landscape and also all over the world. Rishad Mehta’s pieces featured across India's top magazines are insightful, well measured and delightfully original. He's also authored three travel books; Hot tea across India, Fast cars and fidgety feet and Long drive home. He is both a prolific reader as he is a tireless traveller. A son, a brother, a doting uncle, a traveler, a travel writer, an author, an auto journalist, a photographer, a scuba diver, a trekker, a biker, a telecom engineer, a chef, a foodie an explorer, a world war history buff and an animal lover. A member of the team that rode to the Everest Base Camp on the Tibetan side, Biker Radio Rodcast caught up with him while he was recoiling for a dash out to the Sangla valley towards the end of 2021 after a quick ride with adventurer and conservationist Clifton Shipway in the jungles around Banbasa. This episode is old school; like the 78 rpm audio static on a favourite vinyl #iykyk #motorcycles #travel #travelwriter #autojournalist #cars #author #oldschool #explorer #incredibleindia #bikersofinstagram #touring #adventuretravel #adventuretourer #adv #soundboardmedia #thefutureissound #listenconnectrideon --- Send in a voice message:
Yari hai imaan mera yaar meri zindagi... Friendships have defined the life of Bobbee Singh. He's valued each relationship and each of those relationships has helped Bobbee as he's made his way through his troubled years almost to a point of a self correcting being. Learning from every loss and building on them until he makes a success of it. The trilogy with Bobbee Singh of Old Delhi Motorcycles has been a first for us spanning across three episodes. A big thank you to Veeru Lamba, Vaibhav Nijowne, Bobby Chhaggar, Noreen Van Holstein, Priyanshu Chatterjee and Akbar Khan for your help and Joshua John for sharing the mutton keema...onkaur ;) It will not be incorrect to say that we've not had the most fun we've had in the last 4 years putting these episodes together. This one holds the nectar (if you're seeking it). Our advise is, get yourself a pair of headphones, get some solitude, kick back and #ListenConnectRideOn #chai #dogs #motorcycles #restoration #vintage #sidecar #revival #biker #restorer #cohen #bukowski #bobdylan #neebkaroribaba --- Send in a voice message:
Rebellion is an infliction. Wired to rebel even against one’s self, the only peace one can derive is the proximity to the answer … why rebel? Bobbee Singh of Old Delhi Motorcycles leads a life that is charged, intense, dramatic yet Spartan. Behind the liveries and the grandeur is a man living in his quiet riot at an ease he has winnowed. He’s an actor with the heart of the fall guy. A charmer with tales taller than flights of fancy, minds can seldom make. But friendships are one’s true wealth and Bobbee is richer than most of us. While he enjoys the circus he stages around him, every day of his life, he always falls back on his friends who have offered him anchorage, sanctuary and shelter from the sun. Joshua John, an ex-pastor, ride master, artist and consul at large joins in to ring in the platinum milestone celebrations of the Biker Radio Rodcast and host a great friend and a brother in arms. Befitting the legendary Jai and Veeru legacy, we celebrate “Yeh Dosti” #chai #dogs #motorcycles #vintage #restoration #heirloom #nostalgia #sidecar #revival #metalcraft #artist #designer #royalenfield #bobdylan #bukouski #leonardcohen #oldschool #olddelhimotorcycles #bobbeesingh #friends #soul #search #resilience #ListenConnectRideon #podcast #restorer #dogwhisperer #animallover #friend #human #biker #traveler #history #lover #bikkerradiorodcast #ListenConnectRideon #podcast #artist #vintage #incredibleindia #india --- Send in a voice message:
Our platinum episode features rare-earth restorer of vintage Royal Enfields, the one and only Bobbee Singh of Old Delhi Motorcycles. The side car revival man, he is India’s most sought after artist who can breathe new life to ever rare barn finds into motorcycle heirlooms. He stirs up nostalgia, celebrating the days when all good things in life, was for keeps; when metallurgy, design, form and function came together in an alchemy that vouched for life, for love and old school values. There is a languid charm about Bobbee’s life that borrows heavily from the impermanence around and seemingly, a gypsy blood rush, runs through his disposition with a flair and guile that is his own. Borrowing generously from geography, time and history, his creations are resplendent of grandeur, glory and celebration, choosing flourish over the ordinary yet celebrating the ordinary with a flourish. The paradox, that is Harbinder Singh aka Bobbee is arresting as his L’enfant terrible charm, swirls with the lust for good times gone by. Times that he’d rather recreate than be seduced by soulless nondescript mannequins. He bears the leitmotif of a maverick, an enigma and we’re so proud that he’s our platinum guest of honour on the Biker Radio Rodcast’s 75th episode. Caution: Strong language #love #chai #dogs #motorcycles #vintage #restoration #heirloom #nostalgia #sidecar #revival #metalcraft #artist #designer #royalenfield #bobdylan #bukouski #leonardcohen #oldschool #olddelhimotorcycles #bobbeesingh #friends #soul #search #resilience #redemption #play #of #opposites #desire #ego #psyche #character #me #I #us #friendship #family #forever #ListenConnectRideon #podcast #artist #human #biker #traveller #history #lover --- Send in a voice message:
It perhaps all started with the cave paintings. A canvas perhaps of one’s identity. The most prized portrayal of one’s achievements. As time went by the expression found its place as the mantel piece, or the framed photo with a celeb, the Hussain in the living room, but the Yamaha RX 100 in your bedroom? That is our guest, the enigmatic Parakram Hazarika! They say a bird in hand is worth two in bush but this man who has a weakness for the momo suffers a FOMO with his RX in bed and Jajabor and Enajori his go to town rides, in the basement. This is part two of the intriguing story from the exciting life of Parakram Hazarika. A romantic, a dog piper, a dogged foodie, a momo devourer, a PR mercenary with a marketing battle, a traveler, a biker a beardo and thank God another weirdo. Also featuring Col. Manoj Keshwar on #MyWay from #Zanskar. --- Send in a voice message:
Parakram Hazarika's is one of the coolest beards on the circuit, he’s a #foodie, a #pogonotrophe (thanks Shashi Tharoor), an ex PR and communications man Friday, a social media marketing specialist, ex customer experience lead at Harley Davidson with the key responsibility of the Harley Owners Group or H.O.G. a vibe he liked so much, he even likes hog in his momos. Inked, bald and bearded, in the guest seat chatting over a couple of brews is the super affable manager marketing at Suzuki Motorcycle India and biker, Parakram Hazarika on the Long Way Home.. #motorcycles #motorcycletales #meandmymotorcycle #storiesofmotorcycle #royalenfield #harleyownersgroup #ducatiscrambler #jajabor #enajori #soundboardmedia #thefutureissound #ListenConnectRideOn --- Send in a voice message:
56 Days, 17000 kms, 4 girls, 6 countries across #India, #Bangladesh, #Myanmar, #Laos #Thailand and #Cambodia. Jai Bharthi leads  from the front and that is a brutal sport as it takes a combination of thinking on our feet and calculated belligerence to make headway. There of course is always a price to pay and the scars you carry are for life but the stories your have can tell tales; some about you, some about the road but every one of them a valuable learning experience. Courtesy of Telangana Tourism, Incredible India,  Bajaj Dominar, the good offices of the Dir. General Tourism and a friendly member of parliament, the Jai Bharathi, Piya Bahadur, Shanthi Susan and Shilpa Balakrishnan quartet rode into the history books making themselves and the Bikernis proud. Jai Bharathi spoke with us in candid detail helping us sequence this challenging and on occasion gruesome tale. On episode 72, JB shares her story of her Road to Mekong…over a cup of tea on the Long Way Home. #UNESCO #GOUNESCO #MOWO #architect #design #travel #motorcycle #bikerni #IFRD #RoadToMekong #TelanganaTourism #IncredibleIndia #BajajDominar --- Send in a voice message:
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It was really good to have you Vijay sir, thanks for sharing all those crazy stories. Really inspirational.

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