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Biohackers Lab: Health Show for How to Live Your Best Life

Biohackers Lab: Health Show for How to Live Your Best Life

Author: Gary Kirwan

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Health show that explores how to biohack your health including your mind, body and gut so you can live the best life you can, customised to how your body works. This is biohacking your own ideal life. Your host, Gary Kirwan, talks with people all around the world who are helping to improve health in interesting ways. This may includes diet, supplements, exercise, mind training & gadgets. The ideas shared are meant to be actionable so you can start creating a better you starting today. For more information about Biohackers Lab please go to the website
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Urologist and male sexual health expert, Dr Judson Brandeis, is today’s guest interview.Judson discusses the issue most men are afraid to talk about, erectile dysfunction (ED).He explains all about what erectile dysfunction is and how we can recognise and test if we have a problem.We then find out about different types of erectile dysfunction, different treatment options  from medication to diet, exercise and supplements, plus, how GAINSWave shock wave therapy treatment can help fix the root of the problem.We also go into discussing prostate cancer and ED, nitric oxide supplements, night time and morning erections, low libido and testosterone, diabetes, penile shortening, P shots, as well as, how to maintain good penile health as a man gets older.Go to the show notes at for more links & highlights.Support the show.
Adjunct Professor, Biotech Entrepreneur and former Head of Research at Virta Health, Dr James McCarter (MD, PhD), is today’s guest interview.James is back with us today to debunk the top 12 common myths about the ketogenic diet for diabetics.He uses data from peer reviewed studies as well as Virta’s own data from following Type 2 diabetics to explain why these claims against low carb or ketogenic diet are not true.We then find out about what the reality is when it comes to sustainability, ketoacidosis, blood-sugar, cardiovascular disease and cholesterol, inflammation, thyroid hormones, as well as the effect on the kidneys, the liver, bones and muscle.We also go into discussing the new 2019 ADA guidelines and the effects of diabetic medication.Go to the show notes at for more links & highlights.Support the show.
Co-founder and CEO of Natural Stacks, Roy Krebs, is today’s guest interview.Roy shares with us the important things to consider and lookout for when buying high quality CBD oil in a poorly regulated market.He explains how to spot fakes and avoid tainted products that can result in unwanted side-effects.We then find out about the different extraction processes and boutique vs industrial grown hemp.We also go into discussing the importance of lab-testing, carrier oils, omega-3s, full-spectrum vs isolate oils, marijuana vs hemp, THC and the important questions we should be asking companies.Go to the show notes at for more links & highlights.Support the show.
A physician and expert in nutrition and in the role omega-3-fatty-acids have on our health, Dr. Artemis Simopoulos, M.D, is today’s guest interview.Artemis shares with us why maintaining a good balance of omega-6/omega-3 fatty acids is essential to our health and well-being.She explains the negative effects and symptoms that can result from an imbalance in the ratio.We then find out about how the introduction of vegetable oils and grain-based animal feeds has altered our food supply and in turn our fatty acid ratios.We also go into discussing the ideal ratio, how to test your ratio, what foods to avoid, foods high in omega-3, supplements, vegan/vegetarian diets, pregnancy and breastfeeding.Go to the show notes at for more links & highlights.Support the show.
Board Certified Internal Medicine Physician with a Hyperbaric Oxygen Medicine certification, Dr. Scott Sherr M.D, is today’s guest interview.Scott describes what HBOT (i.e.hyperbaric medicine or hyperbaric oxygen therapy) is and how it works.He teaches us about oxygen saturation and the benefits of hyperbaric chambers: decreased inflammation, reversing hypoxia, killing bugs and releasing stem cells.We then find out about oxidative stress and ways to protect yourself as well as important risk factors and contraindications to consider.We also go into discussing the limits of pulse oximetry, how different chamber types and pressures target different goals/conditions, enhancing the experience, intermittent hypoxia, using an integrative approach to medicine, cancer and more.Go to the show notes at for more links & highlights.Support the show.
Australian dentist and holistic health advocate, Dr. Ron Ehrlich, is today’s guest interview. Ron shares with us his personal story of how he coped with a prostate cancer diagnosis. He explains what he believes are the five types of stresses that put a daily strain on our health. We then find out about the five pillars of health that can help us counteract these negative stress effects and help support our health and recovery ability. We also go into discussing balancing blood chemistry, vitamin D, sleep, meditation, PSA levels, reducing carbohydrate intake, fasting, dental health and mouth taping. Ron shares all this info in his book titled: "A Life Less Stressed: the five pillars of health and wellness" which is available on Amazon. Go to the show notes at for more links & highlights.Support the show.
Health coach, Leigh Ewin, is today’s guest interview. Leigh shares with us how cold exposure training, starting by using a cold shower, can benefit us. He explains what cold adaptation is and the best ways to incorporate cold showers into our routine. We then find out about the two components of the Wim Hof Method, what studies show about cold exposure benefits and the optimal temperatures at which we can begin to see these. We also go into discussing why we shiver, exercise, cycling hot saunas and cold exposure as well as safe ways to try dipping into a hole in the ice. Go to the show notes at for more links & highlights.Support the show.
Scientist, Dr Michael Lustgarten PhD, is today’s guest interview. Michael shares with us how our gut microbiome affects ageing. He explains what some of the main hallmarks of ageing are and how the health of our gut determines how well we age. We then find out what Michael does himself to live longer and healthier. We start looking about how a high-fiber diet can help and what the impacts of too much protein may be. We also go into discussing checking biomarkers, sarcopenia (muscle loss), intestinal permeability, insulin resistance, deep sleep, probiotic supplements, faecal transplants, the benefits of fat as we age, cellular ageing and mitochondria. Go to the show notes for episode 92 at for more links & highlights.Support the show.
Founder of the ENDMYOPIA website, Jake Steiner, is today’s guest interview. Jake shares with us how myopia can be reversed without the use of prescription lenses. He explains what causes myopia and why the use of prescription lenses actually exacerbates the problem due to lens-induced myopia. We then find out about pseudo myopia, astigmatism and ocular dominance as well as the two main factors impacting myopia, muscle spasm and eyeball shape. We also go into discussing screen addiction, diet, supplements, sun gazing, and tips on lifestyle changes. Go to the show notes for episode 91 at for more links & highlights.Support the show.
Nutritional scientist, Dr Chris Masterjohn, PhD, is today’s guest interview. Chris shares with us the best ways to start assessing your nutrient status and how he came up with a cheat sheet - Testing Nutritional Status: The Ultimate Cheat Sheet to help guide us in understanding the blood test numbers. He explains what current lab tests and RDA’s tell us and why they aren't always the best indicator of nutrient status for vitamins and minerals. We then find out about depletion/repletion studies and the problem with a general lack of data. We also go into discussing other key information in determining deficiencies such as diet, lifestyle, genetics and general signs and symptoms as well as tips on before and after testing, food vs supplements and low-carb/keto diets. Go to the show notes for episode 90 for episode 90 at for more links & highlights.Support the show.
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savewldlife 3

I really love your work Ivor! Being a RHN, I think your work in cardiovascular /arterial health is fantastic. Thank you for spreading the word that Insulin resistance and diabetes is "deadly" when it comes to heart and body health. I'm wondering how you feel about Arginine and Citrulline therapy for cardiovascular/arterial health. Thank you again.

Sep 19th

Colleen Lunt

which company is being used for the microbiome sequencing?

Jun 28th

Cliffy B.

Ep2. Great infos. The future is going to be a lot of filtering and shielding

Jun 8th

Cliffy B.

Ep. People also think the world is flat. Eliminate glyphatesteysyeysyetz.

May 27th

Bekki Boo

Keep up the amazing work! I absolutely love your podcasts and interesting guests... Becky

Feb 1st

Biohackers Lab

Bekki Boo Thanks for the kind words Bekki. Glad you're enjoying the podcasts :)

Mar 6th
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