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Author: John Emotions

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Bipolar Style™ talks about all kinds of things from a Bipolar perspective. We cover stuff like psych meds, mental health therapy, and peer support groups. We also share our daily struggles. You are not the only one.
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Johnny rants on the ethics of unlicensed, untrained entertainers offering advice to specific viewers and listeners, 'SWATting,' med shaming vs. clean shaming, protecting your brand, and the power of emotions in Captain Marvel.--- Send in a voice message:
Johnny responds to a concerned listener and talks about the concept of “Med Shaming,” and his pithy hashtag #PharmFree ... He also shares his thoughts on accepting situations so that we can find humor in most anything. Lastly, Johnny explains why the brief intermission from the “Newbies Guide to Bipolar” and his failed new-job adventure. Johnny's Twitter handle is @JohnEmotions Send emails to or join us via Slack at ... World Bipolar Day is March 30, 2019. Bipolar Style will podcast LIVE that day - mark your calendar!--- Send in a voice message:
Happy New Year 2019

Happy New Year 2019


Recorded December 31, 2018; John Emotions reflects on some of his major challenges and accomplishments of 2018 and previews 2019 with a surprise announcement about the future of Bipolar Style. We also talk about being a good guest and what to do if things get tough. #allinyourhead--- Send in a voice message:
John Emotions talks about killing off his ego, wrecking his own party and how things are evolving for him and the show. Be a guest on the show! Buy a tshirt for Christmas Send in a voice message:
Bryan shares about his recent divorce and separation from his kids. Bipolar Party is a peer-to-peer support group located at Send in a voice message:
John tries to demonstrate how a mental health peer support group works with the help of his friends at Bipolar Party. Becky ("That B-Word Show"), Bryan ("Bipolar Belief") and John share issues they've had this past week in trying to help their aging parents in various situations. Listeners are encouraged to join our conversation at Send in a voice message:
John recounts the highs and lows of starting a new mental health podcast one year into the ordeal ... tries to mention the new cat three times. Reminds everyone there is no right/wrong way and everything will be different in 200 years anyway. Meanwhile - Season 3 is all about YOU! Join us at to get ready!--- Send in a voice message:
Since the DSM (mental health diagnoses manual) was first published in 1968 until 1989 it listed homosexuality as a mental disorder. First, it was Sexual Orientation Disorder. Then it became Sexual Orientation Disturbance. Now, it's fully embraced in parades around the world each June. Why can't the Bipolar community engage the same tactics to have their "disorder" embraced in such a joyous way? What strategies and tactics can the Bipolar community borrow from the gay community to reduce our own stigma? Listen as John talks to a gentleman who is both gay and depressed.--- Send in a voice message:
In this special episode, I talk about the various way people manage their bipolar disorder aside from pills and therapy. Joining the discussion are Becky, from That B-Word podcast and Jim, from BipolarPod. Join the discussion at Send in a voice message:
Bipolar Style Episodes 23 and 24 are up ... on the NEW RSS feed! Not this one. I changed podcasting hosts to accommodate the new shows we're working on. Instead of deleting the shows in this feed you're subscribed to, I left them up for awhile. For all the new episodes, please subscribe to the other Bipolar Style in iTunes.--- Send in a voice message:
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