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Birth Mother Matters in Adoption is Podcast geared for listeners interested in adoption. This podcast focuses on the role of the birth mother in the adoption
148 Episodes
Birth Mother Matters in Adoption Season 2, Episode 149: A Birth Mother's Journey- Tina's Story Tina, an amazing birth mother chose adoption for her babies.  She has open adoption with both adoptive families of her babies and feels very positive about her adoption choices.  TIna discusses the reasons she choose adoption and why she felt then and feels now that she made the very best choice for her children.  Listen.  Learn. Love.
Birth Mother Matters in Adoption Podcast Season 2 Episode148: International Adoption- Angie's Story Angie and her husband adopted three children from Russia.  The children were a sibling group of three; ages 7,9 and 10 when they were adopted.  Listen to her story. Learn about one mother's story about how she adopted her three children from Russia.  Understanding older child adoption, alongside sibling adoption, and with chidlren who spek another language.  This podcast teaches us so much about interntaional adoptions.   Don't miss it!
Birth Mother Matters in Adoption S2 Ep. 147:  Birth Mothers and a Birth Father AZ Pregnancy Help is dedicated to assisting birth mothers in their adoption journey through Building Arizona Families Adoption Agency. Adoption matters!
Birth Mother Matters in Adoption S2, Ep. 146 Abortion Updates & Adoption Impact So many states are introducing new bills regarding abortion.  These bills are geared to restrict abortion and save lives.  Listen and learn about what is happening around you, the less abortions had, the more possibilities for adoptions to occur!
Birth Mother Matters in Adoption, S2, Ep145: Adoption VS DCS Listen to a former Department of Child Safety worker to understand what happens when a birth mother has an adoption plan and DCS (Department of Child Safety), formally known as CPS (Child Protective Services) arrives at the hospital and tells the birth mother that the state is going to take custody if the birth mother does not complete her adoption plan and place her baby for adoption.  This is her opinion, her viewpoint and gives her stance. Disclaimer: The views, information, or opinions expressed during this podcast are solely those of the individuals involved.  Additionally, We have made every reasonable effort to present accurate information on our podcast, however, we are not liable for any inaccurate information as this information was obtained by a sole individual.
Birth  Mother Matters in Adoption, S2, Ep. 144  : What I Wish I Had Known... Take a look back with us as we walk down the road of 16 years of working in the adoption community.  Listen to the lessons we have been taught and how we have grown as adoption social workers.  Learn more about understanding birth parents and adoptive families.
Birth Mother Matters in Adoption (BMMIA) Podcast S2, Ep. 143: Reunification From the Adoptive Family's Perspective Our co-host, Kelly's Rourke-Scarry's adoptive parents open up about their thoughts, feelings and experiences when she reunited with her birth mother.   Listen to one family's experience with adoption reunification.  Learn about how their adult daughter reunfied with her birth mother and biolgical brothers.  Learn more about what adult adoption reunfication is really like and one family's journey. Birth Mother Matters in Adoption, giving adoption a voice.
Birth Mother Matters in Adoption Podcast Season 2 Episode 142: Reunification, My Story I was born in 1973 and placed for adoption prviately.  My adoption was a closed adoption.  I looked to find my birth mother and was sucessfully reunited in 2007.  Listen as I talk about what that was like, how it felt and what I have learned.  Adoption reunifications can be as different as snowflakes and adoptees or birth parents may have different reasons for wanting to reunify, but there is still one commonality: connection. Connection,  whether it be for learning more about your family medical history, to "find yourself", to learn about your heritage, to develop and have a relationship is still wanted to join.  Join me as we discuss my story which may educate others about what adoption reunifcation is really like.
Birth Mother Matters in Adoption Podcast Season 2 Ep.141: Factors That Can Prevent Someone From Adopting    Not every person who wants to be an adoptive parent will be qualified or eligible to adopt.  The way eligibility is determined is through the adoption home study process.  Every state has their own individual requirements to be eligible to adopt.  In this podcast we are going to focus on the specificities of Arizona Adoption Home Studies  In the state of Arizona, adoption home studies are governed by the Arizona Revised Statutes.  The State of Arizona requires that your home study social worker spend at least 4 hours with you face-to-face during a minimum of 2 visits. At least 2 of these hours must be spent in your home.   During this process, adoptive parents may need to provide: Court Issued Marriage Licenses and Divorce DecreesPrevious Year’s Tax Return5 Letters of Reference (2 from family, 3 from friends)An AutobiographyCPS ClearanceFingerprint ClearanceAdoption EducationMarriage License – (if applicable) Divorce Decree(s) – (if applicable) Military Discharge(s) – (if applicable)More Factors that may influence the ability for someone to adopt:  Felony Conviction- Adoption is prohibited for any person who has been convicted of felony child abuse or neglect, drugs or alcohol abuse, or domestic violence.DishonestySignificant Medical and or Mental Health Issues that could impede the ability to parentListen to learn more
Birth Mother Matters in Adoption Podcast Season 2; Ep. 140: Sharing Fatherhood “It is not flesh and blood but the heart which makes us fathers and sons.”– Johann Friedrich von Schiller Birth fathers may be an important part of the adoption; whether they are directly or indirectly involved is their choice.  Birth fathers have their own feelings, thoughts and emotions regarding the adoption of their baby.  There are both similarities and differences in sharing fatherhood between the birth father and the adoptive father. The open adoption relationship between the birth father and adoptive father may be influenced by external and internal factors.  "Dad and I had the closest, most intimate relationship. We acted alike. We had the same interests ... he had so much love for me." – The late president Gerald Ford describing his relationship with his adoptive father.
Birth Mother Matters in Adoption Podcast Season 2 Ep. 139:  Sharing Motherhood Sharing motherhood between two women is something that can be extremely hard to conceptualize or accept.  When a woman chooses to make an adoption plan, she selflessly chooses to share her role as a mother with an adoptive mother.  This choice is an incredible one.  Sharing motherhood is an incredibly complicated concept; internal and external factors can influence a birth mother and an adoptive mother’s view or stance on their ability to share motherhood.  This podcast discusses both the internal and external factors that come into play and how a positive relationship can be established and maintained,
Birth Mother Matters in Adoption Podcast 138: Why Choosing Adoption for an Unplanned Pregnancy May Be Benefit A Birth Mother’s Other Biological Children Choosing adoption for an unplanned pregnancy is one thing when you do not have other children to consider, but another when you do. Choosing adoption in these cases may benefit your other children in ways you may not even realize. If you are pregnant and currently struggling to provide the necessary items for your children on a daily basis, bringing another child into your life could push you further behind finaicially and make it more difficult for you to provide the necessary items. This struggle could be both  financial but also could be emotional as well.  Adoption is a  choice and this podcast outlines the benefits for the other biological children in the home.
Birth Mother Matters in Adoption Season 2: 137:  Biological Grandparents Role in the Adoption Process What roles can Birth Grandparents play in an adoption plan? The “birth grandparents” are direct lineage to the adopted child, their medical history and social history matter to both the adoptee, the Aps and the birth parents.  They are more than just an extension of the BPs they can contribute the following: Be a source of support for the Birth Parentss, especially when discussing the adoption plan with family and friendsBe a voice of reason when or if the Birth Parents struggle with their adoption choiceSupport the Birth Parents in making choices regarding the adoption plan Assist in choosing an Adoptive FamilyWhat type of a PACACreating the Hospital PlanBe the Birth Parents’ Emergency contactCome to the hospital when the Birth Mother goes into labor, comfort and support. You can never have too many grandparents!
Birth Mother Matters in Adoption, Season 2,  Episode 136: Adoption Matters; 2020 A Year in Review Take a walk back with us as we review 2020 in the adoption world. Looking back at 2020, we discuss all the factors that played into successful and unsuccesfful adoption outcomes.  We look at the status of the Paul Peterson case.  We look at where the abortion laws stand today.  Follow us on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter: Azadoptpodcast Happy New Year!!!!!!
Birth Mother Matters in Adoption Season 2, Ep. 135: The CHRISTMAS EPISODE Remember to: Give yourself and your family grace regarding phone calls/skypes and facetime since COVID-19  has prevented so many families get together.Avoiding holiday parties and get togethers is the best idea for a newborn for many reasons- and COVID-19 adds another layer!Relish in the small things.Make little special memory holiday crafts (ornaments in honor of this year.)Newborns do not have memories of the holidays and can only see them through pictures- so take a lot!Having a newborn is a great excuse to do only the things you want to do. Most importantly make memories and document: pictures/videos/ journaling/etc…When cleaning or bringing in new items- use the old adage- in with new- out with the old.  (Remember to DONATE)If friends or family members ask for Christmas ideas- suggest things like donations to a college fund for new baby or a maybe a CD to be used towards college.
Birth Mother Matters in Adoption  S 2 Ep.134: Choosing CPS/DCS Over Adoption- P2 When making the choice to work with DCS, Birth Mothers may be given the opportunity to participate in services to rectify the issue that brought their baby into the state’s care and custody.   The Department of Child Safety Reunification Plan may include the following depending on the birth mother’s circumstances for the state’s involvement: treatment services to help the Birth Mother obtain and maintain a sober lifestyle that will allow/permit for a safe environment in which for the baby to reside.Random drug screeningRandom home visitsA stable and safe housing situationA safety monitorSupervised visits with her babyParenting Classes
When experiencing an unplanned pregnancy, sometimes there may not be a favorable option.  These two paths are quite different journeys and understandably can present a difficult decision. For some women, after delivering their baby they must choose between private adoption or placing their baby in the care and custody of  Department of Child Safety (in some states this entity is referred to as Child Protective Services.) In some instances, Birth Mothers make the decision to work with the Department of Child Safety (DCS), while other Birth Mother continue their private adoption plan. The reasons behind their choices may vary for each Birth Mother. Some of the topics we will be discussing over these two podcasts include the following: Why would a birth mother who has made an adoption plan, chose an adoptive family and has been in the adoption program for a good amount of time- choose DCS?What are the advantages and disadvantages of choosing DCS over an existing or non-existing adoption plan?What can be done to try to avoid the DCS intervention from disrupting the adoption plan?Why does DCS get involved when there is an adoption plan in place?Can DCS place with the adoptive family that was matched with the birth mother if she chooses DCS?
Birth Mother Matters in Adoption Season 2, 132: The Profile of a Birth Father Some interesting things that the public may not understand or be aware of regarding birth fathers: We see repeat birth fathers with different birth mothers at different times.Birth fathers can have access to many adoption services, but rarely engage: CounselingCommunication with the Adoptive ParentsDevelop an independent relationship with the adoptive familySign Adoption ConsentsDevelop a Post Adoption Communication Agreement with the adoptive familyBirth fathers can have a significant influence over whether a birth mother follows through in her adoption plan.Birth fathers need to feel a part of the process and treated with respect and may not have as much knowledge of how adoption works as a birth mother may.  Educating a birth father may increase his cooperation and support with the birth mother.Birth fathers may be reluctant/uncomfortable with the adoption process for the following reasons: Sometimes they fear it looks like a failure on their part to provide for their BM or childThey don’t know how to explain the process to friends and familyThey may have other children with other women who did not place their child for adoptionThey may fear that the BM may not stay with them after the adoption finalizesThey aren’t sure if they baby is theirs and they do not want to parent if the baby is not theirs.
Birth Mother Matters in Adoption Season 2, #131: Birth Mother Expenses Both adoptive parent and birth parents have many questions surrounding birth parent funding.  This podcast will address birth parent expenses and what an adoption agency or adoption attorney in the State of Arizona is allowed to disburse to a birth mother.  This podcast is geared to the laws for Arizona State only, however for those living in a state with alternative laws, this will give you insight into why, what, how, when and so forth; thereby offering an in depth understanding of the rules, regulations, and practices of birth parent expenses. First and foremost, birth parents pay zero fees for their adoption services. Ultimately, adoptive families are the funding source for birth parents, while the adoption agency may undergird the birth parents initial expenses. All birth parents may not financially qualify for financial assistance with their living expenses, but regardless they pay no fees.  The formula is calculated by our legal department and they determine how much funding the birth parents are allowed to receive. Living expenses need to be related to the pregnancy, which is why birth father’s expenses are not included.  The presumption is that he does not have the medical condition of pregnancy.
Birth Mother Matters in Adoption Season 2, 130: Being the Bearer of Bad Tidings Sometimes in the adoption world, we have to deliver bad news.   No one likes to be the bearer of bad news.  One of the reason is they are the ones to catch the brunt of the bad news, regardless of whether it is within their control or not.  The concerns of the deliverer of bad news really focus on: How to manage their own anxietyHow deliver the news without altering or impairing the news, while making sure they do the best they can and harm the recipient the least: TimingMethodSupportLocationWord precisionFollow-up Listen to one of our own at Building Arizona Families, Adoptive Parent Case Manager, Sarah discuss how she assists families when she has to deliver bas news and how she processes and prepares for it herself.  No one loves the messenger who brings bad news.--Sophocles
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