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Bitch Sesh: A Real Housewives Breakdown
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Bitch Sesh: A Real Housewives Breakdown

Author: Earwolf & Casey Wilson, Danielle Schneider

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Casey Wilson and Danielle Schneider (Hotwives Of Las Vegas) LOVE the Real Housewives on Bravo, and they're sharing that excitement with you on Bitch Sesh! Listen in to hear the ladies dish on the season's wildest moments, answer to all your burning Housewives questions, drink Housewives-branded wine, and bring on some super special guests. Don't be tardy to the party!
24 Episodes
Never Before Scene (w/ Ziwe)

Never Before Scene (w/ Ziwe)


Casey and Danielle are joined by the iconic Ziwe who is officially now one name only and no one is more deserving of one name-ness! They discuss RHONY, Potomac and Bev Hills and Casey admits to a very strange email she’s sent. Danielle continues to try and pick up the pieces of after cartoon gate part TWO.
Casey and Danielle are a little late this week (okay it's already next week), but it's worth the wait as they have Sasha Morfaw of The Bravo Breakdown and she is giving us laughs, hot takes and straight up knowledge about housewives near and far. Coming straight to us from Sasha's presence at the Potomac virtual premiere (which Casey and Danielle were NOT invited to) they talk bird attacks, Gizelle's new (yet old) relationship, Sonja's bewilderment at her own fashion line and of course BRAVO BRAVO BRAVO. Plus, they ask the big question that every Real Housewives fan wrestles with, "Does Luann have a heart?" The answer is pending.
Sheer Madness

Sheer Madness


Casey and Danielle are back in the virtual nook, STILL RIDING HIGH from their two part vacation to Blue Stone Manor in the Berkshires. They are joined by the lovely and funny Marcos Luevanos who is just as invigorated by Leah as Casey is and even more invigorated by her Kimora Lee Simmons Baby Phat sweatshirt. They discuss Ramona's insipid 63rd birthday party for her BFFFFFF's and Marcos wonders if maybe - just maybe - Elyse is a ghost. IT'S POSSIBLE.  Casey also sits down with new Below Deck Med correspondent, the legend, Blair Beeken who weighs in on life on the high seas. AHOY.
Garcelle Beauvais

Garcelle Beauvais


Casey and Danielle got the interview of the 'tine as they sit down with actress, model, writer, producer, activist, podcasteaur, and now housewife of Beverly Hills, Garcelle Beauvais!! They talk her amazing career, her thoughts on Sutton's "fashions", and which Cuomo she wants in her vagina (spoiler, it's BOTH!!!).    They also discuss the email heard round the world and what it was actually like in the Maison de Girardi. Garcelle is as funny, gracious and open as we dreamed she'd be and it's not to be missed.
Danielle is joined by two SUPERSTAR bitch Sesh faves this week with brilliant guest co-host Akilah Green and the very buff and always hilarious Joel Kim Booster. They talk about the re-opening of Blue Stone Manner and the re-turn of Lu the demon plus the difficulties of rooting for someone when everyone is simply ...horrendous . Plus , they discuss why Teddi is the Elyse of Beverly Hills and what room of a restaurant they each would like to redecorate. No more driving lessons, lots more Kim Richards, and many more demands we make of Bravo. Enjoy!
Casey and Danielle reach new highs this week and plummet to new lows. In the highs department is FAN FAVORITE guest, the hilarious and gorgeous Ana Ortiz, whose take on Sutton from BH will knock your damn socks off. We introduce an upcoming Celebrity Book Club we hope you will all participate in, wherein the delightful and funny Chelsea Devantez will lead us in unpacking important seminal works such as Jessica Simpson's book, Open Book (and more). Low's include Danielle and Casey discussing the nether regions of intimate family members. It's...very uncomfortable and deeply unsettling. Like Sutton!
And We're Back...

And We're Back...


In this week's episode we most importantly want to thank our amazing listeners who raised over $45,500 in donations for the Justice for Breonna Taylor GoFundMe. You guys are amazing and wonderful.Less importantly, Casey and Danielle are trying to figure out when and if the housewives are ever coming back with new episodes so they can see what life is life A.T. (After Tinsley). But that doesn't stop them from digging into the past few episodes to discuss Dorinda's slow descent into madness/booze and Denise's liftoff into the crazy land of Aron, 5g and threesomes.   Plus they scroll through the Insta's of housewives past and present to find out how they've been using their time and platforms.
To Our Listeners.

To Our Listeners.


Let’s honor the memory of Breonna Taylor on her birthday. She would be 27 years old on June 4th. Please DONATE to Breonna Taylor’s Go Fund Me, JUSTICE FOR BREONNA TAYLOR.   Casey will be matching donations up to $5,000.00 so whatever you donate will be doubled!    If you send photos of your receipt of payment to our email, the first 500 people to do so will be invited to a Live ZOOM Bitch Sesh. Email:   Let’s keep the pressure on Mayor Greg Fischer to ensure Breonna gets the justice she deserves. CALL (844) 298 2731 to demand the officers be fired, arrested and charged.    Spread the word on social media using these hashtags: #sayhername #justiceforbre #BirthdayforBreonna
Casey and Danielle are honored with the talent and humor of EMMY WINNER Dan Bucatinsky, whose knowledge and psychological case studies of the housewives are mind-blowing . Also he's been out to dinner with Lisa Rinna and Harry Hamlin, need we say more?!!! They discuss schadenfreude, Doctor(?) Daryl, Buca di Beppo Booths and Will Smith's Ex-Wife.   Plus Casey and Danielle talk about the slightly unnatural ways that are keeping them from losing their minds.
Danielle and Casey are joined by the beautiful and hilarious Akilah Green who was equally as enchanted by Atlanta’s magnificent Zoomunion and Dorit’s Buca Di Beppo venture. They discuss Bev Hills and Denise’s epic flex and RHONY’s hayride and corn maze from hell. Also WHEN WILL TINSLEY GET HER VOICE BACK? And why does Jax love LIT fitness SO much?? WE HAVE QUESTIONS!!   ALL PROCEEDS from Bitch Sesh’s new tee: GOODNIGHT FROM THE LOWER LEVEL go to NO KID HUNGRY. To purchase go to:
Yassir Lester

Yassir Lester


Casey and Danielle are back with the hilarious and very opinionated Yassir Lester, who shows us the housewives through new eyes and it ain’t pretty. He also deconstructs what Kyle’s attack on Dorit was truly about and savages the men of Vanderpump Rules . Plus Casey and Danielle perform a heartbreaking vignette from Real Housewives of New York that is sure to win alllll the awards.
Sonja Morgan

Sonja Morgan


VERY SPECIAL EPISODE: Casey and Danielle are in conversation with iconic mover and shaker, Sonja Tremont Morgan (or as the intern who helped arrange this calls her, Ms. Morgan.) Sonja speaks candidly from the spa retreat she has been accidentally quarantined in about Bethennys departure, the Lisa Vanderump/Brandi/Denise of it all and whether or not she thinks Harry Dubin would break shelter at home orders to have sex with her. She is a goddamn delight and we need her more than ever in these times.    Sonjas newest fashions can be found at   She is also very available at the day spa for cameo’s (and makes legendary ones.)
Joining Casey and Danielle is the Poet Laurette of Jersey City, Mr. Greg Bennett, who has turned a new leaf on Dorit and PK , and their mint-sharing, news cap wearing, money conning ways. They discuss Lu's awkward flirtations, Leah's vagina wings and the genius that is shoe repair location knowing Sonja Morgan.
Two worlds and two shows are finally coming together to form the crossover episode of our dreams. That's right, Bitch Sesh and Danny Pellegrino's Everything Iconic podcast have joined together for one special episode to talk about the rise of Denise Richards, the fall of Vanderpump Rules, a reconsideration of Leah's bucket hat , and the amazing entrance of one Garcelle Beauvais. A super-sized, super-packed episode that has everything except a ghostly voice-over from Lisa Vanderpump. Stay safe, stay home and goodnight from the lower level.
Casey and Danielle are fresh off Watch What Happens Live where they guested from their homes alongside living legend Sonja Morgan. Casey has also received an answer to a long forgotten piece of correspondence and they welcome the brilliance that is Paul Scheer (Black Monday! On Showtime!) for his very special plea for Bitch Sesh to start covering Summer House. June Diane stops by and fills everyone in on the odd multi tasking she is doing from her home during the quarantine! Consider donating to DINE11 - meals for those on the front lines which also supports local restaurants and small businesses. Stay safe stay healthy and stay home!
Danielle is joined in the virtual nook by the effervescent, always hilarious Bryan Safi to talk about the premiere of New York Fucking City, the city that never sleeps, or disappoints. In these dark, scary times, we have found a light, and her name is Leah and she is not afraid to fight a cop or start a terrible fashion line. Plus they discuss the rise of Raquel, we shall never doubt this not so dumb diva again.
Ruined Peaches

Ruined Peaches


Casey and Danielle chat from their respective remote nooks about astrology, if a housewife spitting on another housewife is even news worthy and the Potomac preview. Join them on instagram live following the NYC premiere on April 2nd at 7pmPST / 10pmEST and pretend you don’t notice Casey’s roots and Danielle’s pubes have grown out! Go to Casey’s instagram to watch!! @CaseyRoseWilson
Today’s episode is a love letter to all our home bound Alene’s, our Alenes out there whose essential jobs mean they have to work, the moms and dads at home with kids homeschooling and losing their minds, anyone living alone, anyone with compromised immunity, anyone who is sick, anyone scared, anyone panicked and anyone looking for a laugh and some relief from our garbage shows and from your garbage hosts! We hope this brings a small ray of comfort. Love you all. Stay safe!
Jax’s Last Hurrah

Jax’s Last Hurrah


Casey and Danielle are joined in the nook by the beautiful and beautifully opinionated, Skye (who has a one word name because she deserves it). They talk the devastation of Ken, JAX AND BRITTNEYS ENDLESS WEDDING and read a Corona Virus statement written by Joe Guidice. Stay safe!
Enjoy this Corona free LOVE IS BLIND VERY SPECIAL EPISODE. Casey is joined by the delightful Deanna Cheng and lovely Jarrett Wieselman from Netflix who has some insider info on this important national phenom - sweeping the world more than CV! Enough jokes about end of days- stay safe everyone!
Comments (23)

The Everyday Bombshell

I'm going to say it and I won't win any new friends but: the ladies of RHONY are boring, plain, lack style and don't seem to showcase their wealth in a fun way I can live vicariously through. I hate that this podcast spends so much time on them. I want to see off the wall fashion not cheap pantsuits, giant beautiful houses not moldy penthouses, and women with wigs I'd have to see up close to clock. I'd rather you followed one of the overseas Housewives instead, like Cheshire or even Melbourne (I know it's been cancelled but there are four seasons that were never covered by this show) Talk about money...those Cheshire women have it, and they argue about everything. It's glorious. Please let those moldy old RHONY ladies drink themselves to bed every night and focus on some other group. I'm so tired of fast fwding through those boring recaps about grannies with drinking problems.

Jun 30th

Michelle Middleton

this should be taken down. a horrible and mean-spirited episode. 👎👎

May 10th
Reply (1)

Erin Lovett

Sonja really is the BEST

Apr 30th

Beth Rhyan

greatest Bitch Sesh EvAAH!

Feb 7th

Mary Morlett

clicked so fast 😍🤓

Oct 1st

Sinead Armstrong

really shocked by Yasir and you guys mocking red heads and then pretending it was just fun. Replace everything he said with black kids. You would not go there. I laugh at EVERYTHING that was NASTY AS FUCK. Real school bully shit. NOT COOL.

Sep 26th

Sawyer Syd

Please no more waxing

Aug 10th

Kelly Pahl

Keep the EPISODES coming! Love Kristin and Vanessa as guests! Also the man who is so intouch with feelings and emotions (psycophant?)

Aug 3rd

Jennifer Tidwell

Hi, I actually used to work for Camille as a nanny and she was awful. Her assistant who passed away was named Scott and he was with her for 30 plus years. He was Kelsey's assistant first. She has another assistant as well.

Jun 12th

LaSherra Green

Ewww. Ill skip this one. Fuck Lena Dunham and whatever she has to say. 👎

Feb 7th

Jennifer Harkness

I've been listening to Bitchsesh since the start. blessed, love this podcast 👌

Dec 22nd

Eleanor Gluck

The best of the podcasts

Sep 24th

Melissa Horstmann

I could have listened to 8 hours of this. Loved it!

Jul 27th

Candi Logue

I really hope you ladies come to St. Louis on the next tour!

Jul 5th

Jaime Vasquez

Where's the GoFundMe for the The Lighthouse spinoff? The people need it.

May 17th

Yolanda Alejandre

soap opera money! omg so funny!

Apr 19th

Courtney Jones


Apr 13th

Lola Lopez

omfg Roxane Gay!!!!!!! I didn't think I could love this podcast more....and now this! 👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍

Mar 31st

Lindsey Widdows

Love Them! hilarious

Jan 19th

Heron Ramos

I cannot recommend this podcast more. You don't have to watch the show they're talking about to laugh your ass off! Comedy Queens for sure.

Nov 23rd
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